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Sony has a decent amount, actually, and they're pretty much the only one of the three that has pretty much all of their bases covered. Nintendo does okay as far as variety is concerned, but they could use a few more games. Microsoft is really the only one of the three that's severely lacking in variety, as they only really have a handful of exclusives that they actively promote (Halo, Gears of War, Fable, and Forza), aside from those you pretty much have to rely on 3rd parties if you like a certain genre. For instance, my favorite genre is platforming, but you don't really see any platforming games out of Microsoft. There's a couple of them out there, sure, but none that they actively promote. Meanwhile, I have several options for platformers from the other two, Nintendo has Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Kirby, and Sony has Little Big Planet and Sly Cooper (and probably more, but I can't really think of any others off the top of my head). Sony spends some time talking about other features for their console, sure, but so has Nintendo (especially recently, they've been pushing the Gamepad and Miiverse). The difference is that Nintendo and Sony also have plenty of exclusive 1st party titles to back up their consoles, Microsoft, not so much.
Bolt, I'm going off your claim that the multi-media aspect of the 360 makes it a multi-media device rather than a true gaming system - if you hold to that reasoning then I'm sorry but the PS3 (and now PS4) must fit into the same category because it's the same in those areas regardless of if it has a couple more exclusives than the 360. That leaves only Nintendo making a dedicated gaming console and even that is fading because people want more from their devices these days. This new focus is just part of the 'smart tech' push we've go going these days, consoles aren't immune and can't be really.

Sorry but it doesn't matter how many exclusives Microsoft has compared to Sony or Nintendo, or how well they cover the whole spectrum of gaming genres, they still put as much work into them and push them as much as the other companies do. Also really speaking these days, rightly or wrongly, exclusives are intended to be 'killer apps' that convince people to pick one console over the other - the majority of games a person will buy are 3rd party multi-platform offerings.