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    Default Poke stop and shop

    1. Follow all SPPF rules
    2. NO HACKS ALLOWED I will report and blacklist people with hacks
    3. Clones are accepted
    4. Use proper grammar please
    5. Be kind to others
    6. PM me do not VM me
    7. Do not ask for a pokemon then drop out of the trade
    8. Be specific on what you want in return and what you are trading
    9. Be patient if you aren't I will not hesitate to ignore you
    10. I will breed egg moves but will not breed natures

    Trade Ratio:
    1 event: 1 event or 1 shiny
    1EM: 1 EM or 1 DW
    1 DW: 1 DW or 1 EM
    1 shiny: 1 shiny or 1 event
    1 event: 2 DW or 2 EM
    1 shiny: 2 DW or 2 Em

        Spoiler:- White List:

        Spoiler:- Black list:

        Spoiler:- Offering:

        Spoiler:- Looking For:
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    Looking to complete my pokedex and get Hidden Ability pokemon don't have much to offer because I am returning after a long break from the series.
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