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Thread: Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 2) (721)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great Butler View Post
    This would have been better, in the end, without the Team Rocket stuff shoved into it. All they served to do was break up the flow of the action. If they weren't there, this would have been a much better conclusion.

    The biggest problem though, I think, is that the art and animation quality in this episode was terrible. Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Jessie, James, Meowth, Lewis... all of them looked completely off-model all the time. Considering the director for this episode was the one who directed one of the worst-looking episodes of late Sinnoh, DP175, it's not surprising.
    Team Rocket being included wasn't the problem. It's how they used them in the episodes. The first part they were good but in the second part, TRio and Dr.Zager hardly got any screen time and that was a huge disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaniac24 View Post
    Team Rocket being included wasn't the problem. It's how they used them in the episodes. The first part they were good but in the second part, TRio and Dr.Zager hardly got any screen time and that was a huge disappointment.
    The first part was good? Pfft. They were smirking like idiots, hiding behind rocks and whatnot. They had better actions in those filler episodes showing them wrestling wrecking rocks.

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    A great conclusion to this two parter. Apart from the thrilling action between the kami trio, I didn't expect the battle to end the way it did. I imagined that after TR was defeated, Tornadus and Thundurus would understand what Landorus was trying to reason with them earlier on in the battle, but I liked this ending much better with the conveying of thoughts. I also have to mention Ash's courage, which started a chain reaction for the others to instigate the resistance against TR. Finally, as mentioned by someone else, I liked how the legend was reinacted throughout the two parter. I thought that was cleverly done.

    Anyway, very nice episode, can't wait for the gym battle!
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    Wow TR were pretty much useless in this episode, they would've gotten away with their catch if only they had released Landorus or if Jessie & James had actually run interference on Ash & the gang thus preventing them from targeting the chopper. Of course that would actually require creative writing something the writers on Pokemon seem to fail at constantly. Only good thing about this episode was the battle between the Kami Trio.
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    amazing episode this is really where the series picks up
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    I enjoyed the dub version. I was fine with Landorus and Lilligant's dub voices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gliscor&yanmega View Post
    I enjoyed the dub version. I was fine with Landorus and Lilligant's dub voices.
    I agree. However, on the flip side, Dr. Zager sounded like the only member of Team Rocket whose dub voice wasn't completely off in these two episodes.

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    Considering how exciting and well-animated the previous episode was, this one was pretty disappointing. The animation seemed iffy pretty often.

    The battles just weren’t as exciting as they could have been. It was annoying how Thundurus and Tornadus would just stay still with shocked looks on their faces whenever Landarus used Hyper Beam. C’mon, they’re legendaries, they should be smart enough to dodge attacks. I just thought the battles could have been choreographed much better.

    And Team Rocket... Geez, we’ve been waiting episodes and episodes for this plan to come to fruition, but it took only a few minutes to defeat them. And it was so simple too: attack the helicopter? Well, duh! That was a letdown too, especially considering they seemed so much more adept in the railroad episodes.

    So, unfortunately, I just can’t say much for this episode. Loved part one, though.
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    Well, I'm finally nearly all caught up on new episodes after a 12-episode marathon (I just have ep 740 to go), so I can keep going on catching up on reviews. I've got to stop going ten weeks between episodes. I can't even keep straight what happened in what part of the Clubsplosion arc. But, back to this review...

    I wasn't that thrilled by the three pokemon's two-part episode, but I was just glad to see more of Team Rocket. The accelgor guy was great too. I'm hoping the upcoming Team Rocket arc with the pokemon in their alternate formes will be a lot better. It's already looking promising with the return of Giovanni. This two-parter wasn't that memorable, though.

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    Does anybody know where i can get this episode raw?
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    This episode was the one I missed earlier. Now that I was able to watch it, it was true that it wasn't as good as the first part, but the only good thing was that they all calmed down.

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    I enjoyed this episode. I loved seeing Team Rocket catch the three legends in cages and attempt to leave. I also loved seding Landorus in action.
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    I'm just going to assume that that piece of Revival Herb Louis did have wasn't quite enough to cure Lilligant, which was why he didn't use it on it in the first place.

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