Just finished watching the episode. Very interesting, and there were quite a few points that I would have expected those who have seen it to bring up. XD I guess I'm the only one who things little things are important. Anyway, Bad Points first:

1) The animation and drawing style of the episode. Indeed, the Roxanne Episodes Team is back. >.> And it looks like they are doing the next episode too. I mean, seriously. They should save the Best Animation for episodes like these.

2) Toshiko. Or whatever the HELL his name was. I hate him. He's just... such a wimp. I don't see how Eriko-hime could be interested in such a guy. And he's hardly handsome. And what dress sense! Someone get Harley here on the DOUBLE.

Now for the Good Points, and various things I noticed which were good:

1) Eriko! What a uptight little b*tch. I love her. <3 She's like... a female version of me. Obsessive. And delusional. And certainly what I've been looking for in a female character, aside from Roxanne. (Who's my Number One Princess.) Stuck up, jealous and willing to push others aside and grab the glory to make herself look good. AND she even managed to make Jynx look like a good Pokemon. Her gushing over her reminds me of Harley, in some ways.

2) Wow. Is this the first time in AG that Team Rocket have performed their motto *without* the Motto Music playing in the background? Because in this episode they did. (The music used was evil sounding background music. NOT a new Team Rocket Motto Theme. :P)

3) Speaking of the Motto Music... the old one was also played in this episode! Yay! It was played during Jessie's entrance and her appeal with Mewoth, which was awesome. "HELL-O EV-ER-YBODY!" (She so sounded Russian. It's the hat, dammit! The hat!) And interestingly, the Giovanni Ice Statue had him holding a rose. Very interesting. (I mean, it's sooooooooooooo obviously Blueshipping evidence!)

4) Toshiko dying violently. Oh, that didn't actually happen. A pity. ;_;

Oh, and Chimecho went back to because useless. Yey! >.>