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Thread: Mean With Envy (392)

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    This was one of the better episodes in the series. Erica and her jealousy is just hilarious and finally May has a rival we can are about! Erica and Joshua have a very cute relationship and it's funny that anyone could be jealous of the "know nothing" May. Snorunt was also pretty funny and so was Meowth's reaction to Persain.

    I wish we could have had Erica as the series long rival instead if Drew. Drew always felt like a Gary copy and wasn't nearly as fun a character as Gary.
    Someone once told me that Misty's cameos in Advanced Generation help make it easier knowing that she is no longer a series regular. They couldn't have been more wrong. After she leaves behind Togepi she returns to her gym more alone than ever AND ON TOP OF THAT, her last cameo was in 2005. 2005!?!?!? ITS BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE ONE OF THE CAST WHO STARTED THE SHOW WAS ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW!?!?

    Why do we even watch Pokemon anymore

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    Whatever happened to that one lady with the Persian?
    I thought for sure Meowth was going to end up battling it at some point.

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    I cackled at Team Rocket hiding behind a cardboard cut-out of bushes at the start, and seeing Erica getting jealous because May was talking to Joshua was funny. I liked seeing Jynx again and Erica's appeal with it was cool. I totally howled when Jessie and Meowth did their appeal and Meowth carved an ice sculpture of him and Giovanni. That was art.

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    I'm goad that Meowth is getting some screen time in the contest.
    Love the rivalry between May and Erika.
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