We're walking in the moonlit sky, the people far below are sleeping as we fly.

It soon comes around before you know it. Its Chriiiiisttmmasss!!!
Now I know there are a lot of good boys and girls out there and here at Fizzy Bubbles we have been checking our lists not once, but twice.
We have gifts for everyone to enjoy at this special time of year so go ahead and open them!

My gift to you is to introduce you to our Fizzy Bubbles Bakery, welcome! Here we’ve been hard at work cooking up some classic Christmas Treats for you all to enjoy this festive season. There is a limited number of treats however so you may choose TWO of the range to take home and eat. Would you like to look at our menu?

Christmas Delights Menu

Traditional Rum-Infused Christmas Pudding
(Raises one Pokemon by 3 Levels)
Gingerbread Men
(Raises all Contest Stats of one Pokemon by +20)
Egg Nog Cupcakes
(Raises I.Q of one Pokemon by 5)
Chocolate Orange Dome Cake
(Allows one Pokemon to relearn 4 moves)
Brandy Mince Pies
(Allows one Pokemon to learn 2 New Egg/MT Moves)
White Chocolate Yule Log
(Teaches Blizzard to one Pokemon)

As an added gift for being such a valued customer we gift you all with these :
Chocolate Coins (worth 5,000 coins when cashed in).

~Bon Appetite~

In the immortal words of Shakin Stevens
"Snow is falling, all around me,
People splaying, having fun,
'Tis the season, of love and understanding,
Merry Christmas Everyone"