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Thread: Series Animal Crossing

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    Default Series Animal Crossing

    I feel like I should get the new one, but it isn't too high on my list of priorities.

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    A thread for Animal Crossing already exists. This link leads to it:

    Join Ash and Pikachu as they travel to the Tenno Region, a region known for its advanced space program. Along their way towards the Tenno League and becoming a Pokémon Master they'll encounter new Pokémon, new enemies, such as the evil Team Planetary, and, of course, a certain trio of Team Rocket members, along with friends new and old.
    Check it out!

    Also, for news, reviews, info on my custom games Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the basis of Cosmic Quest, a Special Episode, and features like a Tenno Region Pokédex listing all of my custom Pokémon, complete with pictures, visit the Pokémon Cosmic Quest Official Website.

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