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    Default John's shop of Events and Shinies

    Hey my name is John I understand I don't have a lot of pokemon atm thats why i made this I don't hack or Rng but i have a cloner. Im looking for Events and Shinies. i can train your pokemon to a desired level.

    Current status:OPEN

        Spoiler:- Rules:

        Spoiler:- Whitelist:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

        Spoiler:- Pending Trades:

        Spoiler:- Offering:

        Spoiler:- Wants:

        Spoiler:- Don't want:
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    Only looking for English,legit, non-nicknamed Pokemon(if they are an event it is fine to be in a different language)

    Will trade for shinies AND Events PM ME

    Come to my shop!

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