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    Default Registration Thread

    To become a member of Fizzy Bubbles you will first need to make a Registration Post providing certain details. These details include your Home Board, your name, your Starter Pokémon (chosen according to the Rules), it's level and gender, along with any miscellaneous details you wish to provide about yourself and/or your Pokémon:

    * Home Board in the "Title" box

    * Name: (your trainer name if you have one. If not, your Serebii username is good enough)
    * Starter Pokémon, gender, Level 5 and Nickname: (If any you don't need one if you don't want one)
    * Misc: (anything about you etc)

    An example would be like this:
    Title Box: Serebii
    Reply Box:
    Name: Arnie
    Starter Pokemon: Lotad (Bob), Male, Lv.5
    Misc Info: Lotad and I like to travel, making as many friends as possible.

    After you have done this a Mod will check to ensure you've posted correctly and send you a Registration Test. At this point your signup post cannot be edited, even if it's only to fix a minor typo. Upon passing the test you will be added to the FB Usergroup and notified via PM, after which you may post in the Starter Pack Thread picking up one pack of your choice. Once you have chosen your Starter Pack you will be able to repost your details into the Members List forum. Once this is completed you are good to go and will be able to begin adventuring in the zones. Be sure to update your Member Profile regularly to add any Pokémon and/or Items you obtain during your adventures. Most importantly, check and recheck all of the shop and zone rules BEFORE posting to ensure you are doing so properly. While the Registration Test will cover most of the rules, it's still always best to double-check before posting.

    Please DO NOT post signatures when you apply.
    If you do post a signature or post your details incorrectly, you will be skipped until your Registration Post has been edited.

    If you do not reply to the Registration Test within one month of it being sent to you, your registration post will be removed from the thread and you will need to reapply if you still wish to join. Some people apply but never respond so we will delete inactive posts in order to avoid clutter.

    You cannot sign up with a new username if you are a current FB member or have at any time in the past had an FB account. This is considered a "Double", or "Secondary" Account, and will be banned if we discover the deception. If you are an inactive member, PM us and we will return your details to the main FB forum. Full details are in the Rules Thread so please read them.

    As there have been some major rule changes recently our registration test is being revised to reflect those changes. If you've not received one yet but are sure you've posted correctly, please give us another few days to sort it out.
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