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After hearing the man’s request for a battle, you immediately accept, hoping to teach that Donphan a lesson. You both retreat backwards to prepare room for the fight; as you do so, many trainers not participating in the other battles taking place wander over, eager to watch. It looks like you have a crowd on your hands! Apollo seems pumped watching everyone line up, then readies himself by letting off a battle cry. “Alright, Apollo. Our first battle in Cortoza, let’s make it a good one,” you call out encouragingly. Zaire signals that he’s ready from across the field, and before you know it, the battle begins!

Following your commands, Apollo dashes off using Agility. He covers the distance to the Donphan quickly, and begins to zoom around the elephant, kicking up Sand that Attacks the Pokémon’s eyes. With lowered accuracy coming into play, Zaire decides to make his first move. “Donphan, get away from the Combusken with a Rollout! Keep it up with a Scary Face. Show him who’s the real boss around here.” Despite the sand clogging his eyes, the ground type manages to clip Apollo’s side as he rolls away, causing a minimal amount of damage. Not wasting any more time, the elephant rights himself and contorts his face into a rictus, scaring Apollo slightly and lowering the fire type’s speed. Shuddering off the attack, Apollo retaliates by sending out little orbs of flame in a Will-O-Wisp, burning the Donphan in places where the orbs meet. Enraged, the burned Pokémon charges forward towards Apollo with a Horn Attack, but misses altogether as the sand within his eyes takes its toll. “No, Donphan. Don’t attack unless I tell you to!” Zaire calls from the sideline, clearly embarrassed by his Pokémon’s negligence. You can’t help but smile inside at the unfortunate event. The battle’s still beginning; anything can happen…

What will you do next?
Not a bad Rollout, Charm thought to himself as he witnessed the Donphan managing to scrape Apollo despite having sand in his eyes. He was rather disappointed that Apollo actually got scared by the Donphan's Scary Face, but he guesses it's to be expected due to the Pokemon's size.

"Go for it," Charm tries to encourage his Pokemon. The Combusken answers the call, releasing several blue flames with his Will-O-Wisp, succesfully leaving burns on the Donphan. "Atta boy!" The Donphan lashes out in anger with a Horn Attack, and embarrassingly misses. “No, Donphan. Don’t attack unless I tell you to!” Zaire calls out. Charm lets out a smile at their mistake and contemplates his next orders.

"Let's start dishing out some real damage. Hidden Power (Grass), aim those orbs at his burn spots for extra pain! Then Swords Dance up to boost your attack. Finally, Bounce up to dodge an attack and pounce right on top of him! If he doesn't attack you at that time, use Fire Punch instead!"