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Open Plain


More trainers begin to gather around the Combusken and Donphan as the battle continues to wear on. Both opponents look ready to collapse at any second, quivering slightly from each individual injury. You watch the crowd grow steadily and realize how embarrassing it would be to lose here in front of everyone. Shaking your head to clear such thoughts, you shout forth what you hope to be the final commands to finish off this battle, lacing your words with confidence in order to encourage Apollo. The Combusken turns his head and nods in acknowledgement, a glint of light sparkling in his eye. Your eyes shift to the Donphan as the elephant listens to his trainer’s commands; over the dull roar of the crowd, you aren’t able to hear Zaire’s voice. Crossing your fingers, you watch as the next round commences.

Sending a bellowing roar into the air, the Donphan rushes forward in a reckless, life-risking Double-Edge, but his move is interrupted a few yards away from Apollo. The fire-type Mirrors the elephant’s last Move, channeling his energy into the earth which results in another ground-shaking Bulldoze. The Donphan trips over himself and topples forward as he’s not able to stop his momentum in time. Apollo jumps backwards quickly, but he is nicked in the side from the unsteady behemoth. Meanwhile, the rumbling in the ground fades altogether. Taking advantage of the close quarters, Apollo utilizes more of his Hidden Power in the form of grass-green orbs of energy that spiral towards the downed elephant. The spheres of power collide into his side, but the Donphan does his best to regain his feet following the barrage. Rushing forward as fast as his body will allow, the elephant Pokémon unleashes his pent-up Frustration and smashes into the Combusken as the fire-type uses a Flamethrower at close range. Smoke fills the air and clouds the two Pokémon, causing you to cough as you strain to watch what happens next. As the clouds clear away, you gaze on in amazement as both Apollo and Donphan stand a few feet apart in a deadlock, each of them trying their hardest not to lose consciousness. 1 second ticks by, 2 seconds tick by, 3 seconds tick by… and then the elephant crashes to the ground from a combination of pain and energy loss. Level Up for Apollo!

Cheering loudly, you rush forward to congratulate Apollo on a job well done as shouts and claps ring through the mountain air. The Combusken staggers forward as you come near, dropping down onto one knee. Zaire runs over as well to return his downed Donphan to a Poké Ball. “Nice battle,” he says, extending his hand for you to shake. “I’ll definitely be challenging you to a rematch sometime soon. Your Combusken is really awe—”. Zaire’s compliment fades away as a low rumbling sound fills the air. Rocks that are scattered about begin to bounce this way and that as the earth starts to shake yet again! Your eyes look around for any possible cause of the earthquake, but no other Pokémon battles are occurring, and Donphan had returned to his Poké Ball.

A shout fills the air. “The volcano’s erupting!” Wheeling in shock, you peer up at the towering Mt. Fumi. Through the wisps of clouds that surround the volcano’s peak, you can just make out a glint of fiery lava leaking over the edge. Fear rattles through you at this sight, leaving you speechless. The Open Plain is situated on a plateau that extends outward from the volcano's side; caverns dot the side of the mountain, the only sign of refuge on the wide-open stretch of land. Apollo caws slightly to you and tries his best to stand, staggering forward into your arms as the rumbling continues. The lava begins to trickle down the side of the mountain, continuing to gush out from the crater. Rocks large and small lose grip on the side of the volcano, rattling towards the ground below! Trainers shout in fear and begin to run toward the shelter of the caves; some sprint down the winding trail angling away from the mountain.

What will you do?
Apollo nods as Charm gives his final orders, the trainer then looks to the other side, but he's unable to hear Zaire's orders due to the loud roar of the crowd that suddenly increased in number. We'd better not mess up now, he thinks to himself, holding back any nervous feelings.

Before Charm can get his mind set again, Donphan starts rushing forward wildly in a Double-Edge. "Now's your chance!" Apollo acts quick, mirroring Donphan's previous Bulldoze and tripping the ground elephant as he rattles the ground. Donphan tumbles forward and still smacks into Apollo's side before the Combusken leaps away. Apollo then follows up with another Hidden Power (Grass). The green orbs fly into Donphan's side for some awesome super-effective damage as the ground-type does his best to stand back up. With the onslaught over, Donphan slams into the Young Fowl Pokemon, fueled by his Frustration, right as Apollo spews up a Flamethrower in close quarters. The opponents become surrounded by smoke as a worried-looking Charm stares in silence, praying that his Pokemon is okay. The smoke clears out as the two Pokemon stare each other down for a couple seconds, until Donphan collapses to the ground.

A huge grin meets Charm's mouth as the crowd of onlookers cheer wildly. He rushes to Apollo and drops down on one knee, congratulating the Combusken while making sure his dear friend is not seriously injured. On the other side, Zaire recalls back his fallen Donphan and walks over to Charm. “Nice battle,” he comments, the two trainers clasp each other's hand on the job well done from both sides. “I’ll definitely be challenging you to a rematch sometime soon. Your Combusken is really awe—”. His sentence is cut short when a loud rumbling sound is heard. Rocks start shaking about as Charm looks around to see if another Earth-shaking attack is being done by anyone. No battles are currently occuring and Donphan is resting in Zaire's Pokeball, so what could be happening?

“The volcano’s erupting!” someone shouts. Charm immediately looks at the top of Mt. Fumi. Smoke is pouring out of the tip and Charm can see some lava leaking down down the side of the mountain. Rocks are sliding down the mountainside from all places as everyone panics and runs to find refuge. "Com-bus-ken," Apollo caws, alerting Charm to do something as the Combusken tries to stand, but falling into his trainer's arms as the chaos ensues. Charm sees some people running towards the various trails while others run to the caves for shelter. "... This is not good," Charm merely says. "Apollo, back into your Pokeball. It's the safest place for you to be right now," he clicks his Pokeball, recalling the tired Apollo for his much needed rest. He then sprints off towards the direction of the nearest cave, not certain whether he'll even survive after the eruption.