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You and your Kabutops surely got the riddle alright, but it seems that you need to find a pearl for the riddle to be turly solved, and in the wasteland around here, no pearls were going to be found. You decide to walk off in a random direction, the direction your gut says will bring you to the right place.

Walking through the forest, with your Kabutops helping out of course with the foilage, you here some noises nearby. It sounds like a kid shouting at the something, like he was being attacked or something. You can't clearly hear his words though, and you wonder if he is okay. Moving through the foilage as best as you can, you wander slowly towards the voice, and you can begin to hear snippets of the conversation. "Lost to a..." "Stupid...." "You were..." Again, not quite sure what is going on, but it doesn't sound like the kid is in danger, but that he is yelling at something or at himself. You continue to pust past the dense plant life that seems bent on keeping you from the kid.

When you see the kid in a small clearing, he is standing in front of a Clamperl, who has its shell shut and is shivering, probably in fear. "You godamn stupid Clamperl! You were supposed to be the best Pokemon in the world! Shell Smash DeepSeaTooth Clamperl! The best!" He kicks the shell of the Clamperl, and despite the wieght difference, he doesn't seem to be in too much pain from hitting the shell. "And look what I got. A Pokemon that quite simply just dies to everything! A Ferroseed, a Munchlax, a Chinchou, a Stunky. Easy Pokemon to beat, and you lost to each and every one of them!" He delivers another kick to the shell. Having none of this, your Kabutops runs out and confronts the kid, who screams at the sudden sight of a Pokemon with scythes for hands. You sigh and walk out with him, and the kid glares at you. "This is your chance Clamperl, prove that you can beat the Kabutops and you can stay with me!" "Clammmmmm....." Even though the trainer was abusing it, it seems like it doesn't want to disobey its trainer and gets ready to fight.

What will you do?

After making the decision to head in this direction, Bill and Shelly were wondering around this forest trying to find a needle in a haystack...or in this case a pearl in a forest. Well, if all else fails they could always head down toward the beach and find a random Clamperl to use its pearl but what if the riddle called for a specific pearl in this forest? He'd wasted that much time for nothing. As Shelly led the way through the forest taking care of the various vines, bushes and other plant life in the way, Bill's eyes kept to the ground surrounding them, just in case they do happen to run into the pearl. However, as the duo traversed the forest, they started hearing something, it sounded like...well a voice, but it was a bit hard to make out.

Shelly looked back at her trainer to see if they should check it out. Bill nodded in agreement and after pinpointing the general direction that it was coming from, they started to approach the voice. As they got closer, the voice belonged to a kid, yelling. Was he or she in trouble? The two started to increase their speed towards the voice until they were close enough to hear some words. "Lost to a..." "Stupid...." "You were..." What the? Is this kid just ranting? At who though?

They slowed down until they found the source of the voice. It was indeed a kid, male, and...wait...is that a Clamperl? In the middle of the forest? Well, it was obviously the kid's, and it was obviously the 'who' that he was ranting to. Although, he was kicking the Clamperl as he was talking about losing to several other Pokemon. The way he was treating his Clamperl really got under Bill's skin, but it seemed Shelly was even angrier. After one last kick to the poor Bivalve Pokemon, Shelly rushed towards the trainer. Needless to say the trainer was not expecting anything of the sort and his ear-piercing scream definitely supported that.

Bill walked out, "Hold up, Shelly." The Kabutops did so, though it was still obviously angry at the other trainer. The other trainer just looked at Bill then at the Rock/Water typed Pokemon. The trainer just challenged Bill out of the blue, promising to keep the Clamperl. The Clamperl, despite being abused not two minutes ago, was ready to fight against Shelly for whatever reason.

"No," Bill said. "I'm not about to become part of your little personal issues." The trainer turned to his Pokemon and said, "Stand down, Shelly." They do need a pearl but there's more Clamperls in the sea. Bill headed back towards the woods.