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Mt. Infernus
Scenic Walkway
Dark Searchman

Sarkahn struggles through the sand, and seems to have finally have enough of this. It is readily apparent that he can't climb out of the whirlpool, as he can't manuveur himself like that, but maybe he could get it so he could dig under it? He begins to dig through the whirlpool, but the spinning sands make it more difficult the usual, and since he has the cross the whirlpool to reach the Dugtrio, he finds himself wading through the sand, taking longer than usual to move through the soil. Amethyst also seems to have become a natural digger, and maybe this is to adapt to Revanant's battle style, but she easily digs her way through the soil, not being stuck in a mess of sand like Sarkahn.

But this may have been a grave mistake. You admit it was a risky strategy, but you never realized that Earthquake wasn't the only move that was fatal towards diggers. "You think you can move in the earth, and match my Pokemon? Well, let me tell you this, you have made a grave mistake. Your Pokemon shall feel my rage, as I send it through the land! Dugtrio, show them the power of your MAGNITUDE!!!" Yes, that move. Dugtrio learns it at Level 15. You completely forgot about it. Dugtrio goes into the ground, and suddenly it begins to shake and crack apart. This is a strong magnitude, and before you know it, the ground cracks apart in two places, causing Amethyst and Sarkahn to shoot out of the ground. After the effects of the quake are felt, I get a text on my phone that a MAGNITUDE 8 earthquake was felt in the area, and that all trainers should be advised. It was too late for Amethyst though, as being underground meant she felt the effects even more than usual, and it was enough to knock her out cold. Revanant laughs to himself as he sees the fainted snake. "This is what happens when ameteurs get the idea to make art! People end up getting hurt!"

Sarkahn looks to be pretty injured as well, as the Magnitude also did a lot of damage to him as well. But, he was out of the Sand Tomb, and that was a plus. He leaps forwards at the Dugtrio, ready to make him pay for the fallen teamate, and Crunches onto Dugtrio's head, making it scream in pain. The Dugtrio uses the same strategy that get Sarkahn off of its head, by Scratching it off, but it forgot about Sarkahn's ROUGH SKIN, making it take more damage as the giant beast lets go of its grip on the Pokemon. And where is the Krokorok? Well, the Magnitude was a double-edged sword, as it seems that Krokorok simply couldn't take the hit, it was too much for him, and fainted as well. So, things might acutally be even at the moment!

"You Durddigon looks mean and nasty, but it won't be able to touch me! Don't get cocky kid, because the battle has really started now!" Revanant says as he recalls his fallen Krokorok into its Pokeball, putting it back into his pocket.

    Spoiler:- Numbers:

Dugtrio is looking to be tired at the moment, having to expend his energy like this in only a few rounds worth of battle. Sarkahn is fresh though, and his attacks will come a little bit faster because of the pride of avenging a fallen ally. This is still anyone's match, so who will win this!?

What will you do?
Despite his trying to take out his frustration by Digging through the Sand Tomb, he has difficulty getting through the softer soil than Amethyst does. Hyrem just prayed that Revenant's Pokemon didn't have a ground-shaking move that would provide no escape for them while they were still underground. Then he hears these harsh words: "You think you can move in the earth, and match my Pokemon? Well, let me tell you this, you have made a grave mistake. Your Pokemon shall feel my rage, as I send it through the land! Dugtrio, show them the power of your MAGNITUDE!!!"

"What!?" his heart sinks as he shouts in surprise. So they did have a move like that. While Magnitude wasn't as consistent as the dreaded Earthquake was, it had the potential to rival its sister attack, though how much power it actually put out was random. Hyrem's heart sinks further as the ground underneath him shook with a tremor that would register an 8.0 on the Richter scale. His Pokemon were obviously caught up in the attack, as he heard roaring and hissing of pain before the ground splits open, and the two reptiles are popped out of the ground. Sarkhan was able to land on his feet, but Amethyst is confirmed unconscious as she plops to the ground headfirst, the rest of her body following after her, resulting in a pile of coils. "Oh no, Amy!" Hyrem rushed over to where his Fang Snake lay crumpled as Sarkhan looked towards her. "Amy! Amy, are you OK?" he asked softly as he searched for her head. "Seeee..." he could hear a weak hiss at the same time he could feel her forked tongue tickle his hand before her head slowly emerged from the pile of coils. She's gonna kill me for this later, I know it, the thought creeped to the back of his mind, while Amethyst figured she only had herself to blame for encouraging Hyrem to let her take such a risk. At least now she knew not to use Dig to chase down a tasty Dugtrio!

Meanwhile, the Carver of Skulls looked at the scene and laughed. "This is what happens when amateurs get the idea to make art!" he jeered. "People end up getting hurt!" Hyrem was jolted back into the situation by his words, and as he looked up he could also see Krokorok out cold! That smug jerk didn't care that his own Pokemon had fallen in battle as well; in fact, Hyrem had the sneaking suspicion that he had Dugtrio take out his own teammate in the process, as if the Desert Croc was dead weight at that point! Sarkhan's blood started to boil along with Hyrem's, though he only cared about the fact he had the chance at a KO taken away from him. As a Dragon-type, he felt he deserved the chance to take out his opponent himself; at least he could still have the pleasure of knocking a few Dugtrio heads together, plus he'd be avenging Amethyst in the process! Oh, and did I mention Hyrem's blood started boiling? "You're one to talk, Revenant," he said bitterly, clenching his fist in anger. "What you call 'art' is what's really causing the pain and suffering around here! Enough of it that this Larvesta had to call me for help! Though I doubt you'd be sensitive to that, not after everything you've done. Just now, you had Dugtrio use an attack that took out Krokorok too! And you're not even batting an eye at that? Didn't look like you asked Krokorok whether or not he was fine with that! What if he still wanted to battle for you? You know what? Forget it. I've had it. I've had it with you. There's no way you're going to listen to me other than Sarkhan kicking Dugtrio's butt anyway, so let's do this!" He then pumps his fist in Revenant's direction before saying, "We're not going to let ourselves lose to the likes of you now!"

"Druuuuuudd!" Sarkhan adds his roar before rushing in and Crunching down on one of Dugtrio's heads with his powerful jaws. Dugtrio manages to Scratch Sarkhan off of its head like before, but that meant Scratching against Sarkhan's Rough Skin and suffering even more damage. Dugtrio also looked pretty tired, likely due to the Magnitude draining a good amount of energy from it, but Sarkhan looked like he could still take a beating and dish some of it out! Even so, Revenant still has a smirk on his face as he takes Krokorok back into its Pokeball. "Your Druddigon looks mean and nasty, but it won't be able to touch me! Don't get cocky kid, because the battle has really started now!"

"I was going to say the same to you!" retorted Hyrem. "You think Sarkhan looks scary now, just wait until he gets going!" He then turns to his Pokemon. "Amethyst, you did a great job, and you deserve some rest now," he said before returning his Seviper to her Luxury Ball where she'd be extra comfortable. "Here, Sarkhan, take this," he said to his Druddigon as he took out and opened a bottle of Fresh Water (1/10) and held it up to Sarkhan's face. "It was meant for Amethyst before. This way, she can still fight along with you." Sarkhan takes the bottle and looks at it seriously, planning on drinking it in his partner's honor. "All right then, let's show them just how much a Dragon can Rage! Then go ahead and do whatever you can to get your Revenge! Keep Amethyst in mind, there's no way she'll forgive us if we blow this one!"

"Drud!" grunts Sarkhan as he pumps his fist against his chest, ready to prove to the measly moles just how big of a mistake it was to cross a dragon like him.