The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a special place of magic and mystery. It is said this island was created by witches many centuries ago and that powerful magic still emanates from deep within the island itself. Stories abound of a race of magical beings who lived in harmony for many centuries before a great war erupted between good and evil forces which eventuated in the almost complete annihilation of all life in the vicinity. Those who survived are said to have exhausted the remainder of their magic casting regenerative spells upon the land before leaving Astoria to allow the island to rejuvenate itself. Now, centuries later, life has returned to the island. All but one area has flourished, Pokémon have returned, and humans have once again set foot upon its shores. The amazing regenerative powers of this island have led many an adventurer to enter the forest in hopes of unlocking the mysteries within, but few have ever returned. What has become of them is anyone's guess, but of those who have come back all appear to have sworn some kind of secret oath to never reveal anything of what they have learned. This air of secrecy has only served to make people more curious, however, and as a result tourism has flourished in recent years. People are now arriving by the dozen on a daily basis to inject this once tranquil forest with new and vibrant life. Whether the forest is welcoming of this change is another matter, though time will surely tell...

The Island
The Island of Astoria contains several areas of interest. Some are more difficult to find than others, but all are worth taking the time to explore - except, perhaps, for the Dead Forest, but even this area contains a perk or two if you're game enough to poke around. Regardless of the area in which you choose to travel, chances are you'll come across one of the many mysterious sites on the island. Whether or not you're a believer in witchcraft, wizardry, voodoo, and magical spells, the mysterious wonders found on this island will surely test your beliefs.

Island Ports: Several bustling ports have sprouted up in Astoria. The more popular the island becomes, the more entry points are needed which has done wonders for the tourism industry. Currently there are seven ports, two in the north of the land, as well as one each in the south, east, north-east, south-east, and north-west. Each location offers a bar or hotel where you may lodge for the night before venturing off into the unknown wilderness.

Shaman River: A long, winding river which gently snakes its way throughout Astoria making it a popular shipping lane as it passes through most of the islands regions.

The Lakes: Many freshwater lakes are scattered around the island, providing essential drinking water. Wild Pokémon encounters are higher near one of the lakes than anywhere else in Astoria.

Forest Lodge: Forest Lodge, a major hotel chain, has set up a number of sites on the island for weary travellers to rest their tired bones after a long day's travel. Comfortable accommodation is offered at budget prices, and if you're a little low on cash you're always welcome to work for your board.

Nature's Resort: A luxury resort situated in a secluded cove built for those who are more interested in vacationing than exploring. Spread across several hectares of forest the coastal side of the resort offers underwater suites for those wanting to see ocean life up close and personal, while those who prefer to stay on land can reside in one of the resort's many huts designed to accommodate individuals or families. Tennis courts and swimming pools dot the resort, while many choose to spend their time out on the perfectly manicured golf course.

The Divine Woodland
The Divine Woodland makes up a good 90% of the Enchanted Forest. Normally a very peaceful place where grass, bug and flying Pokémon thrive, the recent boom in tourism has caused the Pokémon who live here to be more cautious of the humans who have begun to invade their natural habitat. There are rumours of strange and magical happenings in this forest and on special nights, under the light of the full moon, who knows what you may encounter...

Diamond Lake: The largest freshwater lake in the region, Diamond Lake has become a hotspot for those who enjoy water sports. Take a ferry ride, hire a canoe or jet ski, or enjoy a picnic on the shore. A great place for everyone, including families, you're sure to find something to keep you occupied.

Magus Falls: A lush green area with a large waterfall that overlooks much of the Divine Woodland. You may try riding the rapids to reach the river below but most choose to take the safer option of strolling along one of the forest trails. Very scenic, your chances of running into wild Pokémon here are high as they flock to the area for access to the nearby freshwater lake. A nice spot for a picnic, or just to pass some time.

Celebi's Shrine: A shrine dedicated to the Legendary Pokémon, Celebi. Under the right conditions, you may be lucky enough to be granted a quest.

Augur's Temple: An old, abandoned temple. Unidentified symbols line its walls, floors, and ceilings which has attracted the attention of scholars worldwide. Island natives whisper of ancient secrets laying dormant within, but none dare enter its hallowed halls.

The Labyrinth: Spreading across the boundary of the Divine Woodland and the Dead Forest, the Labyrinth covers approximately 20 hectares of land and is home to some of the most powerful Pokémon in the land. It is recommended you steer clear of the dark side of the Labyrinth at all costs.

Eyrie Peak
Named after the odd shape of the mountain which from a distance resembles an eagle's head, Mt.Eyrie was feared by many ancient tribes who once dwelled in the forest. Because no humans ever set foot upon the mountain, Eyrie Peak has become a haven for bird Pokémon who have made it their nesting ground. Because of this, the recent influx of tourists in the vicinity have their sights set upon this area, specifically in the hope of finding some of the rarer Pokémon in the land. Be warned, the Pokémon nesting here are likely to be fierce and will protect their babies at all costs.

Adventure Path: Bustling with bird’s nests, this long and jagged path seems to spiral up and around the mountain leading to Eyrie Peak. Several caverns cluster the trail, all inhabited by flying types.

Posy Field: An area of mountainside filled with many apricorn trees, berry plants, rare herbs and flowers. The strong scents have attracted many bug Pokémon who like to feed on the vast range of delicious nectars in the vicinity.

Mystery Shrine: A shrine dedicated to an unidentified flying Pokémon. Legend has it this Pokémon is one of the most powerful in the land. Leave an offering and you may be granted a quest.

Plume Mesa Ruins: Located three quarters of the way up the Plume Mesa is a village carved into the rock. You'll need a flying Pokémon to reach this amazing site where you'll be free to explore to your hearts content. Many couples are drawn here as this site is said to be a romantic spot to watch the sun set.

Eyrie Summit: Overlooking the entirety of Astoria, the peak of Mt. Eyrie is known to have perilous wind currents stronger than a full blown tornado. Due to these hazardous conditions, it is unwise to travel to such an altitude without a powerful and weighty Pokémon. Trainers travel to the summit in hopes of fighting the rare and powerful flying types, but not one has returned victorious.

Garden of Iris
This large garden floats high above the rest of the Enchanted Forest. The ground is made up entirely of clouds which magically both supports any amount of weight and can grow many beautiful flowers and trees. It is hidden from view so it is mostly untouched by man. The only way to reach it is to climb up an elusive rainbow that stretches from the ground to the clouds.

Rainbow Pool: An enchanted pool where no matter what the weather, a beautiful rainbow is always present. Trainers and Pokémon alike visit this pool believing that to drink its water brings good luck.

Cloud Arena: A magical arena whose surface transforms to fit the specifications of the battle about to take place.

Lord's Castle: A beautiful castle home to the royal family. Show them kindness and you may be rewarded.

Unknown Shrine: A shrine dedicated to an unknown person. So badly damaged there is no way to tell if this statue is male or female, scholars are drawn to the area hoping to find clues to its origins.

Baron's Keep: A dark castle upon a storm cloud. An incessant storm rages around this castle, the thunder and lightning making it a perilous journey for anyone but particularly for flying types. Rumour has it the Baron's Keep is hiding a dark secret of the royal family.
- Sub-Area:
- Anvil of Storms: An anvil where legendary weapons and armour are made, thunder sounding out with each hammer blow.

The Mystic Jungle
Once home to many ancient Astorian clans, its amazing structures have now been completely overrun by thick jungle foliage. Normally a very peaceful place where grass, bug and flying Pokémon thrive, the magical temples of the old kingdom have brought upon strange occurrences to those passing through. Should you find yourself in the incredibly fruitful rainforest, who knows what you may encounter.

Forgotten Ruins: Now completely overrun by deep foliage, they’ve made a suitable home for countless grass types. However, stories have spread of the intricate sanctuaries filled with great riches that lie beyond the vegetation. Riddles were a popularity of the ancients, be sure you’re intelligent enough.

The Monkey-Forts: If you're eager for some uncultivated antics and unruly mayhem, a cluster of treehouses bridge themselves across the lower canopy of the bustling tropics. Although their primary residents are unknown, the monkey forts are now home to a plentiful of insane primate Pokémon. Although this has become a hotspot for tourists, one should steer clear if they're not impressed by poo-flinging chimps...

Shaman's Temple: This temple contains many mystical and magical artefacts. The Shamans are great healers and have the ability to perform amazing feats. Very private, the Shaman's may not welcome visitors, but will always lend a hand to those in need.

The Catacombs: A vast maze of catacombs lined with the skeletal remains of humans and Pokémon alike. Better bring something with Flash if you're going to wander these labyrinthine halls.

Waterfall Valley: Several waterfalls spill into this valley, the refreshing misty spray a welcome relief after trekking through the unforgiving jungle. A beautiful sight to behold, many come here for the view alone, although there is rumoured to be great treasure hidden somewhere in this region.

The Lost Tribes
The Enchanted Forest is rumoured to be home to some of the most ancient tribes in the land. These tribes have shunned modern society and adapted to the forest so well they've become a part of it, blending into the woods with chameleon-like ease making themselves nigh on impossible to find. There are some who will pay good money for guides to lead them deep into unexplored land, however, as rumours spread of these tribes having access to ancient riches, miracle medicines, and extremely rare Pokémon. Most are simply curious, however, wondering what it must be like to live in seclusion, so explore the forest in the hope of stumbling upon one of these ancient tribesmen.

Intado's Village: The Intado, the only living tribe inside of the Enchanted Forest willing to mingle with modern-day man, are not ones to be messed with, but if you enter happily they will treat you with respect. With their primitive Pokéballs and fast knowledge of the forest you'll always be granted with amazing battles if you enter their local tribal tournament.

Mozan's Temple: The ruins of an ancient moss-covered temple. The roots of ancient trees grow over the structure itself making it a magnificent site to behold. Built upon sacred ground this temple holds many amazing secrets just waiting to be found. Rumour has it the nearby battle arena was the site of many ancient battles held in reverence to the ancient gods which has begun to attract modern-day trainers eager for a friendly battle.

The Wicca: A nature-loving peaceful people who worship Pokémon, the Wicca would never dream of using Pokémon to battle. An encounter with this tribe could prove to be the best or worst experience of your life depending, of course, upon your views of their beliefs.

The Korowai: The Korowai quite literally live in the treetops, their homes built in and around the trunks of some of the tallest trees in the forest. You'll need the agility of a Liepard to find this tribe, but if you are lucky enough to track them down you may be in for a nice surprise...

Cymerian Fortress: Hidden in the darkest corner of the forest, the morale of this tribe couldn't be any different to that of the Intado. Going anywhere near their highly fortified village will be perceived as an act of war. Breaching the village isn't tolerated but treasures beyond imagination are said to be lying around. Speared corpses found on the outskirts are sure to make you wonder if the riches are worth risking.

Dead Forest
Avoided like the plague, the Dead Forest stands out as being the most dangerous segment of the Island. Cursed by the malevolent Witchdoctors of the past, it was said they turned this once thriving paradise into a barren swamp. Deadly bugs and poisonous predators are known to inhabit this marshy area and poison seeps through the trees harming anyone or anything that touches them. Cast under the great shadow of Mt. Eyrie, only the brave dare enter this jagged terrain and not so many return.

Toxic Marsh: Inhabited by countless bugs, the filth spewing from this marshy area is almost as disgusting as the rancid stench festering it. Covered by a thick blanket of fog, the marsh is almost impossible to navigate through. However, should you find yourself to the witchdoctor's old temple, the mysterious rewards are certain to make your venture less regrettable.

The Burial Ground: A mile wide graveyard stricken with sludgy soil and poisonous shrubbery. Humans and Pokémon alike have been laid to rest here. However, the odd toxins found in this soil often are alleged to bring the corpses back from the dead.

The Pool of Illusion: A seemingly motionless, tranquil pool with ink black water. Crafted long ago by a group of malevolent witchdoctors, its purposes are still unknown. Rumour has it that if you stare deep into its ink black depths, grave consequences will occur.

The Sinkhole: Located in the very centre of the Dead Forest is a mile wide opening. Many modern scientists classify the area as a sinkhole, however the tribes once native to this region described of a colossal bog monster which gobbled many of their natives. Should you stride too far into the sludgy morass, you’ll quickly be swallowed. Who knows what awaits from there...

The Labyrinth: Spreading across the boundary of the Divine Woodland and the Dead Forest, the Labyrinth covers approximately 20 hectares of land and is home to some of the most powerful Pokémon in the land. The dark side of the Labyrinth is full of danger, and who know what else...