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    Flame Mistress: Your ambitions for a mighty dragon or phoenix thoroughly smashed to pieces and buried by the dex, you and Flare decide that having a dark type handy would be rather useful, and with the thought of a Honchkrow or Mandibuzz on your mind, the two of you head into the rocky road. Taking note that both birds are mostly nocturnal, and the likely chance you'll bump into an annoyed Pidgey instead, you shrug before scaling the pathway, seeking some shelter until night came. Hours pass, and after a tiring climb you eventually find a cavern to recuperate in. Taking a breather, you sit down on some nearby boulders while looking out at the scene before you, smiling to yourself as you behold the beauty that lies to your eyes. Hundreds of birds of all shapes and sizes drifting and soaring in the sky, and not a single one of which is the birds you're looking for. As you rub your eyes, Flare gives you a poke to garner your attention as you look to the direction they're pointing in to find yourself face to beak with a rugged Skarmory, the steel type staring at you with some curiosity as you try hard not to scare it and yourself, just before it breaks eye contact to motion you to what lies behind its nest, a continuing tunnel too small for it, and then points a wing outside, as it gives a groggy squawk. The sleepy and rather powerful Armor Bird either wants you to leave via your entrance or to the cave it can't enter, and preferably with some degree of haste before it loses out on beauty sleep.

    What will you do?
    Just as expected, there were, naturally, no traces of the nocturnal bird Pokémon Charlotte had hoped for in the first place when she first entered the path. It was still in the daytime, after all.*

    Then a new thought came across her mind - to find shelter until the night.*

    Doing that meant that the two of them would have a better chance of the nocturnal Bird Pokémon they were looking for, and with that they started scaling the rocky road (though Flare had no idea that Charlotte had that idea in her head and stopped to stare in awe at the flocks of birds that flew past them).

    After a few hours of climbing, Charlotte and Flare reached a small yet comfortable cavern to stretch their exhausted legs in. Charlotte took a seat on a nearby boulder, and Flare clambered up her knees and settled on Charlotte's laps, and together they looked on at the scenery before them, smiling to themselves dreamily.*

    Charlotte looked up into the skies, and saw hundreds, if not maybe even thousands of bird Pokémon of all shapes and sizes soaring and gliding in the air, every one of them dancing dark spots against the darkening sky, but not one of them resembled the Dark/Flying-Type Pokémon Charlotte had been hoping for.*

    However, Charlotte was soon interrupted from her thoughts when she found herself face to beak with a rugged-looking Skarmory, who was staring at her with some degree of curiosity. It then squawked, albeit in a groggy way, and pointed her steel-clad wing at the entrance of the cave, ordering them to leave. *

    Charlotte turned to look at Flare with a shrug, only to realise that Flare wasn't sitting on her lap anymore, but instead staring at the Skarmory with the exact same curious look that it had looked at Charlotte with. Before she could do anything to stop her, Flare shot out a small ball of fire at the Skarmory with Ember.*

    "No!" Charlotte yelled, but it was too late. Charlotte quickly covered her eyes, afraid to look at the (most probably furious) face of the Skarmory. *
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