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    Default Jak's Astoria Update #01

    As you can see there have been some changes to Astoria. Uhhhhh, Dark Searchman, and I are all updators. Together we've split up those who have been previously updated, and those who have not. My goal is to get updates posted once a week on Thursdays or Fridays. So the sooner you reply, the more often you'll be updated. I'll use a mixture of quick, rapid-fire type updates and something with a little more meat to it depending on where you are, and hopefully you'll end up with a good story. Please remember to use size 1 font and lime green text color. Also please remember to link your stats in your replies unless it's in your sig.

    The Island
    ~Island Ports~

    Mon1010: Not only were you looking for a nice stroll through town, but instead you found yourself getting immersed in a theft. A Teddiursa, carrying a jar, knocked you and your dream-eating friend over as it escaped its pursuers. After getting up and dusting yourself off, you and Shaana approached the two tired men.

    "Excuse me. Did you say something about a thief?" you asked.

    The two men slowly stand up. "Why didn't you go after it?" one man asked a little impatiently. He was still a little out of breath. "That Teddiursa just made off with our last jar of Rawst Berry Balm. It's an effective cure for burns that both humans and Pokemon can use."

    "This is another in a series of thefts from our shop," the other man explained. "Why just last week a Meowth broke in and stole a jar," he looked from you to the other man. "I don't know what's going on, but my guess is there is a Pokemon in the woods by the Forest Lodge to the west of here burning the forest dwellers. At least, the thieves seem to be heading west when they run out."

    "It would be great if something could be done about that. We're unable to go out there ourselves; both of us can't leave the shop. It's bad enough Eric is going to have to make a trip now to Intado's Village to get more Balm to replace what was lost." He pointed to Eric. "Yes, he's Eric, my business partner and brother. I'm Frank Johnson. We run Johnson & Johnson's Pharmacy a little ways down the road."

    "Hey Frank, we should get back to the shop before anyone else rips us off," Eric said turning away. "Plus I have to get ready for my journey to the Village."

    Frank looked back at you. "If you know anyone who could help catch that thief, we'd really appreciate it. I'll be back at the shop." Frank turned and joined Eric walking away.

    While deciding what your next step will be, you're shocked to hear a woman yelling with a panicked voice, "Stop that Teddiursa! We've just been robbed!"

    You quickly spun around to see another Teddiursa run away, holding what looked like a tub of Moo Moo Ice Cream heading west. It seems this port city is getting picked apart by a pack of Pick-Uppers.

    What will you do?


    ~The Lakes~

    TutorX: In your haste to get out of town to have your first adventure, you find yourself lost by a lake surrounded by trees. It doesn't bother you much though. It was what you always wanted, to be on a journey by yourself. At this point, you take a red and white sphere out and click it open. With a click and flash of white light, a little white and green Pokemon appears in front of you ready for adventure. Zoomer, your Ralts, notices how nervous you become as you look around. You notice the lake in front of you, clear and blue. Surrounding the lake, mostly, are trees of varying heights and species. Straight ahead and to your right you see a small path.

    You approach the lake now as you continue to take in the scenery and get on your knees to drink some of the water. The water is cool as it fills your cupped hands. It refreshes you, making you realize that the sprint out of town took a lot of energy out of you. Zoomer walks over beside you and watches you. He decides to stick his hand in the water like you, but pulls it out quickly. It must be too cold for Zoomer. You giggle at Ralts' reaction, and then you hear some rustling in the woods off to your left. Out of the woods you see a pink and white creature walk towards the lake. It bends down to drink some water, and you see the yellow flower on its head.

    You watch the Deerling for another moment as it drinks peacefully. All of a sudden, the wind picks up, and a gust of wind blows something puffy out of the woods. The Jumpluff looks like it's out of control as it rides the wind. As if seeing it all happen in slow motion, the Jumpluff collides with the Deerling and knocks it into the lake. The Deerling splashes about, thrashing its legs and crying out loud. The water can't be too deep where it is, but it's obvious the deer is panicked. The Deerling's floundering seems to have attracted some more company, as you see a spiky white dorsal fin breach the surface of the lake and begin to swim towards the commotion. As it gets closer to the Deerling, more and more of it surfaces until you can make out that it's a Blue-Striped Basculin. The Basculin appears very interested in that Deerling, perhaps it's hungry. It seems like things are starting to get intense.

    What will you do?


    The Divine Woodland
    ~Magus Falls~

    uhhhhh: After looking around the area, you decide the Falls is a great place to take some photos. You aim your camera at the base of the waterfall, but you decide that it won't be a great shot. Looking around again, you settle on a spot with a rock on the shore of the river a little ways downstream from the Falls. Again, you decide this shot isn't worth your time. Looking some more you spot a tree with beautiful foilage, but you decide against it because it's too far away. You see some mist coming off the Falls, but it's too close to you. The flower bush you see next is too leafy. You turn yourself around so much you wind up looking upside-down looking for the waterfall.

    All the while, Gaspard is frolicking about having a great time, even snickering at you. After a few hours of no great inspiration, you put your camera away and wonder if you should move on to a different location. All of a sudden you hear a deep, loud buzzing noise. You look over and see a very large bug. After Dex'ing it you realize this Yanmega is much larger than the normal Ogre Darner. Struck with inspiration, you think what a great photo this would make, but Gaspard is having none of it! Gaspard convinces you that the Yanmega is most likely hungry and running is the best course of action.

    You and Gaspard turn and hightail it out of there, and the Yanmega gives chase. It lets out a loud, "YANNNN!" as it buzzes after you. All of a sudden, the Yanmega's wings glow white, and it fires off a Sonicboom at you. The wave of energy flies over your head and off to the right. It collides with a tree, and you see that an attack from such a large Pokemon completely obliterates the tree. You are both able to dodge the large chunks of tree that fly your way with ease. Looking back at the Yanmega, you find yourself still itching with inspriation.

    What wil you do?


    Eyrie Peak
    ~Adventure Path~

    Celebii151: Approaching Adventure Path, you pause for a moment to take in the sights. Before you is Eyrie Peak and all its splendor casting its shadow on you. Behind you, you can see some of the trees in the surrounding forest. It’s a beautiful day, although, it’s a touch on the warm side. There is not a cloud in the sky, so the shade is refreshing after your hike to the Path.

    You decide, on this trip, to let your newly acquired Poochyena out to stretch her legs. Happy to see her master, Valerius hops into your arms and gives you an appreciative kiss on the cheek. Looking around at all of this open space, she leaps from your arms and begins to run around playfully. For a little while you watch her being the happy puppy bursting with energy that she is. The thought of playing fetch with her crosses your mind, but it is instantly interrupted when Valerius trips on a rock. Eager for revenge on the rock, she fires off a stream of spinning yellow stars on it. Being a rock, the Swift attack did not much else other than appease Valerius.

    Just as you both decide to continue your journey, a small brown bunny pops out of a nearby bush. The fluffy-eared bunny hops over to Valerius and inspects her, all the while, giggling bashfully. Once it determines you don’t mean it any harm, the Buneary bats its eyes at Valerius and blows her a kiss. Little pink hearts emanate from Buneary’s mouth and surround Valerius. They all spin for a bit before dissipating, and from the look on Valerius’ face (heart-shaped eyes and tongue hanging out), she’s pretty attracted to the Buneary. Buneary giggles once more before hopping off.

    Valerius shakes off the attraction effects and immediately begins to chase Buneary. The bunny leads the Bite Pokémon down a nearby hill and into a wooded area. You, of course, also chase Valerius into the wooded area. Dodging trees along the way, you manage to catch up with Valerius, who is still pursuing Buneary. At some point you both cross through a large gap in a fence, as if it was an unfinished portion. When you finally convince Valerius to stop running, you look around. The clear blue skies are now only poking through the green, leafy ceiling of the woods.

    You’ve managed to leave openness of the path and enter the woods due to chasing a Buneary, who seems to have disappeared from Valerius’ view. What will you do?

    myahoo: As you seek to aim to new heights while journeying along Adventure Path, you fall flat off the side of the cliff. Looking up at the cliff where you fell, you realize that path is now inaccessible.

    You reach over to a bluish-purple spot on your leg and scream in pain once your hand makes contact. Wildfire gets your attention by nudging you. He shows you a branch that you possibly could use as a crutch, but the branch may be a bit further away than you'd like. Searching the immediate area yields a large rock, the same rock that broke your fall and possibly your leg or ankle you surmise. Using the rock, you are able to get back on your feet, putting your weight on your good leg.

    Judging by the time of day, you decide that it may be best to find somewhere to get your leg looked at; but you also see storm clouds gathering in your area. The large grey clouds above are signaling to you that a particularly heavy storm will begin in the near future. You begin to hear thunder rumbling in the distance. You start looking around for some form of shelter, also asking Wildfire to help look.

    You hobble over to that branch Wildfire found for you, and with a little finesse you are able to claim it as your own to help you walk. You turn your attention back to the mountain and begin walking along your new path, all the while, keeping an eye on the path to avoid further tumbles. The wind begins to pick up a little indicating the impending storm is getting closer. The thunder now gets a little louder. You try your best to hasten your search but make sure you don't injure yourself further.

    All of a sudden you hear Wildfire squeal out. You look to him, and he's pointing towards the mountain. You make out an opening and instantly change your course heading for the cave. Finding the cave was perfect timing as you start to feel raindrops sporadically hitting you and dotting the ground. You just enter the cave protecting you from the rain that's falling steadier now and peer inside. You don't find any unsuspecting Pokemon in the cave, so you decide to move a little further in. As you move in, the cave gets darker; the lack of light outside due to the storm doesn't help matters.

    Sufficiently inside, you find a flat rock you can rest on. After a few moments, you hear what sounds like chirping coming from further in the cave. The chirps sound a little frantic, almost panicky. It sounds like you and Wildfire are not alone. Due to the storm outside, which is now pouring rain and blustery winds with some rumbles of thunder, you are pretty much stuck inside to ride it out.

    What will you do?


    The Mystic Jungle
    ~Waterfall Valley~

    myrrh: After enjoying the view from atop the waterfall, you decide it's now time to get down. The thought of catching a new Pokemon or finding something as equally valuable. You are faced with two different paths. To the left, you see a crudely made path that leads to a system of caves. To the right, the great chance of death, or something just as bad. Your thoughts of self-preservation dictate that you should go left.

    You and Volts begin walking to the left, to the nearby cave. Still as hyper as ever, Volts continues to lead the way and enters the cave first. You cautiously follow. As you enter the cave, the light begins to fade. Most of the sound, aside from the occasional dripping of water, is drowned out by the rushing sound of the falls on the outside of the cave. You lose your footing on the wet cave floor, but you manage to stay standing. Although you can't see Volts too easily in the darkening cave, you can hear him making noise as he explores the cave.

    Eventually the two of you come to what appears to be a fork in the cave. From what you can make out with the little light available to you, the path to the right seems to show signs of light. The path to the left seems to go further into the mountain.

    Given another choice of paths, which will you choose?


    The Lost Tribes
    ~The Wicca~

    Golden Mew: On a whim, you decided to change your trip to research your dissertation from a colder climate to this tropical one thanks to some stories you heard at a pub in town. Now as you walk through the Enchanted Forest in search of the Wicca, you wonder if you made the right choice choosing this heat over cooler temperatures. Even in a forest that's keeps you consistently covered in shade, you were feeling quite uncomfortable from the heat and humidity. Mangrove seemed happy; she loves this climate. After a few hours of walking, you stop and rest. You take a sandwich and a cool bottle of water out of your bag before you sit on it to stay clean.

    While you nourish yourself, you think about why you chose to study the Wicca Tribe. You were amazed by their culture, how they don't use Pokemon to battle, instead they were at peace with each other. It was something you had never imagined was possible in the world. Luckily you were able to find some bits of information from the locals and even some of your professors. You were told they live in the western area of the forest, which is the exact direction you went when you entered the forest.

    Once you finished your sandwich, you decide it was time to return to your search. You signal to Mangrove to follow and ask her to keep an eye open for anything out of the ordinary. Roughly another hour more of walking, and Mangrove nibbling on nearby leaves, you come to a clearing. You see a crudely made fence, which runs from your right many yards to your left also many yards. You don't see much on the other side of the fence, mostly an open field with a small portion of the forest included and the same style of fence on the far end. Deciding someone had built this fence, you go left looking, hoping you find out who built the fence.

    No sooner than you finish that thought, you see what looks like a point starting to get larger and triangular. As you get closer to it, you realize you're looking at a pair of tee pees. With your focus on the tee pees, you forget about what's in front of you and walk into a fence post. All of a sudden you hear something grunting in front of you. You look and see a bull, a few yards in front of you, dragging a hoof on the ground, getting ready to charge. The Tauros moos loudly, as if he's giving a warning.

    That Tauros, about to charge, appears to be a threat, but he's behind a fence. Should you run away? You also found some tee pees. They could be worth checking out. What will you do?
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