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    All right, I'm back in this! Nerubi and Thorndrop, your adventures are now officially placed on hold until I hear from you guys. Should you post a reply to your current update, I'd be happy to update you again, but for now, your slots go to some other players. And with that, I hereby welcome Kaisap112 and Marion Ette to my group! Since I have heard from InnerFlame, I will continue to repost her update, and hopefully she will reply soon!

    Dead Forest

    The Burial Ground

    Marion Ette

    Dead Forest was definitely a name meant to attract the wrong crowd of Pokemon, and at its Burial Ground, rumors had surfaced of corpses buried in this very graveyard coming back to life. So far, no concrete evidence has surfaced to prove these stories true, but there are too many eyewitness accounts to claim such a bizarre event impossible. As a result, your professor had contacted you to conduct an investigation into the Burial Ground as part of your field research, and you were not one to refuse such an opportunity.

    You came into Dead Forest with your Crobat, Sangre, and he felt right at home here. On your way to the Burial Grounds, he took immense pleasure in taking down a couple of Rattata, a Nidorina, and a Dustox, draining the Rattata and Nidorina of every drop of their blood and completely devouring the Dustox; you could still see scales of Dustox wing around his face and decided to wipe them off and stash them in a small container so they could be used as samples for your fellow associates’ research.

    As you arrive, you take necessary precautions for two different aspects: the harsh environment and the sacred grounds of those buried here. You take your time to study the surroundings and the gravesites when you are interrupted by a raspy voice, “Ah, so you have come here to seek answers.”

    You turn to find an elderly woman in a mysterious purple cloak with a stubby cane standing before you. Sangre is wary of her and takes a battle stance, but the old lady ignores your Crobat and continues, “You wish to discover the truth about this land.”

    “Oh yes, it is a wondrous place.” A second elderly woman appears with another purple cloak, this one wearing a red necklace. “The land here is very special and contains a truly mystical property indeed… One need only dig to witness the magic. But be warned!” The first one joins in on this chilling phrase: “Dig too deep, and you may find yourself becoming part of the mystery!!” Their cackles reverberate throughout the graveyard, and before you can ask the old women any questions, they vanish in an instant, their creepy cackles taking their sweet time to fade away.

    Well, that was disturbing. In any case, Sangre relaxes, and you are assured you are once again alone, free to explore the area and do whatever research you wanted to do here.

    What will Marion do?

    ((Thanks for taking me on, DS! I look forward to my awesome new adventure~))

    Sangre appears to be a perfect fit for the Dead Forest environment, and finds hunting particularly lucrative. In a span of mere minutes, he drains blood from some Rattata and Nidoran, but seems to especially relish a delightful Dustox meal, which he consumes whole with surprising speed and efficiency. The gusto with which Sangre devours this poor, ill-fated creature makes Marion happy that she returned Severus to his original owner the day before they left for their journey. She had wondered why Sangre seemed to get along so well with the Dustox she was babysitting... Originally, she thought it had to do with them sharing the same dual-type. Now, Marion realizes that there may have been a more sinister explanation for Sangre's overly friendly attitude towards the moth-like Pokemon. Then again, Marion knew that Sangre was not the type to be manipulative or attempt to gather a meal through befriending a potential victim; hunting, to him, was an impersonal act meant simply to obtain sustenance, and his direct, aggressive approach marked him as the type who avoided mind games in general. Perhaps he made a particular effort to befriend the Dustox in order to diminish the urge to eat him. Fortunately for Marion, this devoured Dustox was no friend of hers or Sangre's. After muttering a quick prayer to Giratina for the souls of those who have been consumed for her Pokemon's sustenance, she is able to take samples of Dustox wing scales from his face to return to the professors in the chemical department for analysis. "San... let's, uh, let's not tell Keith and Severus that you enjoy eating Dustox, okay?" Sangre nods in agreement, and the pair continue on.

    Marion is about to bend down and collect a small sample of dirt from the perimeter of the gravesite when she hears the voice of an old woman with a purple cloak and stubby cane. Turning around to face her, Marion notes that she doesn't look particularly undead, but Marion knows better than to make assumptions based on looks alone. The old woman seems to know her intentions already; perhaps this was a direct result of Marion's getup. After all, she did look the part of the scientist, complete with vial full of bloody scale samples, so it would make sense that the woman would assume she was here for answers. Sangre immediately enters an aggressive stance, ready to defend his trainer at the slightest provocation. After all, she DID take him to a magical place full of delicious blood-carriers, crunch-crunch bugs and an amazingly poisonous atmosphere. He had to repay her somehow.

    A second woman appears, with a red necklace accentuating her purple- wait. That description sounds terribly familiar... In fact, there were two Pokemon in Marion's mind with very similar "outfits" of sorts, and she couldn't help but wonder if these "women" were actually Pokemon. Granted, one can never assume based on appearances, and there was no real data to support such an assumption, but deep within Marion's gut, the feeling that the two were somehow related simply refused to relent. She listens to the two women describe the place as "magical," with the instructions to dig in order to see the magic... However, they issue a word of warning that if she digs too deep, she may become "part of the mystery." Before Marion has the opportunity to ask for any clarification, however, the pair disappear in an instant, though the cackles echo through the graveyard for some time. A normal person would be terribly frightened by such visions; Marion, however, has received warnings and death-threats from apparitions so frequently over the course of her life that she regards it with a strangely upbeat politeness. "Okay, thanks! I like your cloaks, by the way! Purple's my favorite color!" She says, waving and smiling in the direction of the cackles. Sangre simply shakes his head at his trainer's reaction.

    Marion turns to Sangre, motioning for him to lean in close as she whispers to him. "Obviously, being alert is important here, but I want you to be especially on-guard for sound-based attacks and illusions. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Misdreavus/Mismagius line is somehow involved with what we just saw, so I want you to be prepared in the event that they decide to start moaning and screeching and whatnot. Of course, I could be wrong... I guess it's just best to be prepared for anything." Sangre nods in response, as he flaps around Marion's head, listening and looking for anything odd.

    "We'll start slow. I didn't exactly bring tools to excavate, but taking some samples of the soil might be a good place to start in terms of unearthing this mystery..." Marion bends down, and begins taking progressively larger samples of soil from various areas of the gravesite, placing the dirt in well-sealed vials for later inspection. As she does this, both trainer and Pokemon remain alert for any potential "magic" that decides to spring up around them.
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