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What can I say other than "I'm sorry" for making you all wait so long? Anyway, here you go. Cele appears to be back, so I'll repost your last update in case you need it.

The Island
~The Lakes~

TutorX: Success! Things seem to be working as you planned. You manage to trap that wily Qwilfish to a tree. Always resourceful, though, the Balloon is not completely defenseless as it fires off volleys of Pin Missiles.

The first wave speedily flies through the air heading in Zoomer's direction. Before you can react, it pelts your Ralts for some damage, which knocks him back about a yard. The second wave flies straight up in the air causing some leaves to fall off the tree Qwilfish is affixed to. As you react and order Zoomer to Teleport away, the third wave strikes him for more damage. Just in time, however, Zoomer avoids the fourth wave of the barrage of missiles. The missiles explode on the beach causing sand to scatter about. You and the injured boy aren't affected due to your make-shift shield from your bag. The last wave flies out over the lake and out of sight.

Zoomer reappears standing on the tied up Qwilfish. It struggles under weight a bit; but since it's bound to the tree, it can't shake Zoomer off. You and the boy watch from the sidelines and you see your Ralts falter a little. You check out the little boy to make sure his injury isn't getting any worse. You turn your attention back to the battle to see Zoomer's horn flashing its familiar signaling pattern. Next he fires a beam straight down striking the Balloon Pokemon at close range causing more damage than it usually would. Qwilfish, in response, begins to flail about successfully knocking Zoomer off. Next you notice something strange happening. A faint purple cloud eminates from Zoomer and slowly floats over to Qwilfish and dissipates shortly after. Zoomer winces and falls to one knee. He looks to be in pain.

You stand there momentarily confused. "Oh cool!" the boy yells out. "I think that was Ralts' Synchronize. Your Ralts may be poisoned from that Qwilfish's Poison Point ability." He thinks for a moment. "Too bad Qwilfish is a Poison type and can't be poisoned."

Focusing back on the battle, you see that Qwilfish has had enough of being tied to the tree. In an effort to free itself, Qwilfish fires water directly at the tree. The force from the water shot at the tree seems to be as strong as a gun, which pushes it away from the tree, barely, stretching the grass that binds it. Just as soon as Qwilfish finishes launching the Water Gun at the tree, it begins to launch missiles of pins. The combination of the stretched grass and the Pin Missiles is enough to tear through Qwilfish's binds, and the angry Balloon Pokemon is free. Its victory is shortlived, however, as a flashing beam from Zoomer's signaling horn slams it back into the same tree using up the rest of its Bug Energy. Once again, like before, Zoomer winces in pain from the poison streaming through its body.

What will you do?

"Zoomer you have gas powers?" Niles asked as the other boy explained that Zoomer's ability was activated. Zoomer is about to cry out in response, but cringes from the poison. Niles growls at his friend getting hurt. Suddenly the Qwilfish starting squirting water at the tree, the grass bindings start too loosen, but then it stopped. Niles smiled and started taunting the Qwilfish at its failed attempt to escape. It then let out another barrage of pins breaking through the netting. Niles frowned, but then Zoomer slammed the Qwilfish with another Signal beam.

"Good job, Zoomer!" Niles cheered, but Zoomer cringed again. Niles growled at the Qwilfish, this was all ITS fault! "Zoomer use Confusion to knock it into the tree. Then use a metronome, as it is recovering followed up by another Metronome!" Niles yelled angrily, while grinding his teeth. He just wanted this thing destroyed.