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Dead Forest

Toxic Marsh

Missingno. Master

Was this trash-talking girl and her trash-spewing Garbodor really giving you a run for their money? Dang, it sure looked like it, what with Gemini taking tons of damage and paralysis locking him up so he couldn’t respond to it, but at least all these attacks were starting to take a toll on Teddie’s energy. You decide to start playing a little more defensively so you could stand up to Teddie’s attacks and tire him out. Teddie begins the round, confident Gemini won’t be able to do anything other than sit there, so he takes the moment to Stockpile some more muck into his body. And indeed, Gemini sits there unable to do anything; despite his best efforts to get a Smokescreen going, the paralysis seems unwilling to let him prove his worth. It just didn’t trust him at the time. Now that Teddie had some more bulk to him, he jumps up again, though not as high as before, and his Body came crashing into Gemini again, Slamming the chances of you winning further into the ground while your Weezing found himself again paralyzed, unable to dodge the attack at all. But he does get off a Screech attack which hits Teddie close up and seriously lower his Defense. Now he was getting somewhere. But Teddie would quash that with a Psychic attack which, to your horror, lifted Gemini up then tossed him into a nearby tree, forcing him to grimace in pain from all the damage he was taking. Still, he would try to end the round on a somewhat positive note by attempting another Rock Tomb. But oh, not again, that paralysis was about to cost you the battle!

“SALLY!!” You suddenly hear a voice explode from behind your opponent, and you look past her to see an overweight man storming onto the scene, with the typical redneck style clothing of a large T-shirt and jeans, with a cap to match. “Dagnabit, daughter, what’d I tell you ‘bout usin’ Teddie to battle everybody ‘t crosses by our place wrong!?”

Sally was quickly losing the fire she had throughout the battle. “Only in dire need of emergency…” she says quietly.

“That’s darn right!! And now look, you’ve plumb worn out Teddie tryin’ to shake yer britches like one a them Aipom does! Y’all know we need you and him to be at yer top in case somethin’ bad happens; you’re the best battler of us, even me and ma, so we gots ta count on ya to come through if’n we need it!”

“Sorry, pa…”

“Now get yer butt on down into the house, supper’s gonna be ready in ten. An’ please… fer me… behave while yer cousin’s here,” he finished before turning to you. “Boy, I’m sorry fer my daughter’s bein’ brash an’ all, she tends to think she’s the best around these parts—which she might be—so she likes to flaunt that in front of total strangers, ‘specially if’n they got Poison-types like your Weezin’ thar. I’d like to make it up to ya, so yer welcome ta come stay with us for supper, if ya want. We can even help get your Weezin’ back ta full gas ‘n everything!”

What will Keith do?
Keith was starting to sweat now- his strategy may have been sound, but rare was the case of paralysis that was accommodating to one's strategy. This was no exception. Screech was the only move Gemini had been able to fire off, the paralysis fouled up his efforts to get a SmokeScreen going, as well as his Rock Tomb. Things were indeed looking dire- until an overweight man who quickly reveals himself to be Sally's father arrived on the scene, that is, yelling at his daughter for her over-eagerness to use her Garbodor in battle. It seemed as though Sally was the best trainer in her family, so her Pokemon needed to be in top shape all the time in case of an emergency. At that point, the man turned to face Keith, apologized for his daughter's actions, and invited him to supper.

"It's OK," Keith replied to the apology. "I didn't mind at all. And I'd be happy to stay for supper. Gemini, how about you?"

"Weezing," Gemini's heads groaned simultaneously, though they nodded all the same. The Weezing seemed to be having a little trouble rising back into the air, presumably due to the Garbodor's Smack Down, though Keith suspected the paralysis and general battle injuries were at least partly to blame.

"All right, Gemini, how about you take a rest in your Poke Ball for now?" Keith suggested. "You battled great, you deserve a rest."

"Weezing weez," replied Gemini, nodding again as Keith withdrew his Weezing to its Poke Ball.

"As I was saying, I'd be glad to join you for supper," Keith said to the man.