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Eyrie Peak
~Adventure Path~

Charminions: Judging by the sounds of the song sung by Nidoran and her compatriot, help was on its way. You act quickly, hoping to finish her off before the help arrives. Osage begins things by approaching Nidoran to attack her. Instead of a frontal assault with his claws like a usual slash, he speedily waves his claws around until they become faint and finally strikes her knocking her off her feet. You hear a howl suddenly coming from Nidoran’s partner in song, and the sound is awfully close. With only one opponent, thus far, Pigkey takes this opportunity to show Nidoran exactly what she thought of being confused for most of this battle. She gathers mega force in her fist and closes in to strike. Pigkey punches Nidoran knocking her back even further.

At this point, Nidoran is starting to struggle to get back to her feet. Osage and Pigkey both watch her and begin to prepare their next attacks, all the while forgetting about their guest. Out of some bushes behind you all, a canine Pokémon approaches. The dark furred Bite Pokémon surveys the scene, while Pigkey charges her fist with electricity. The Mightyena now pounces at Pigkey when it realizes its friend is in danger. At the last moment, Pigkey realizes this, and she’s able to get out of the way placing it and Nidoran between Pigkey and her. With her fist still charging, she charges Mightyena, having a second opponent to deal with, attempting to deliver a thundrous punch. Osage fires a beam filled with ice energy, which Nidoran barely dodges. The beam hits Mightyena on its side, at the same time Pigkey’s Thunderpunch hits. This causes an explosion of ice and electric energy which knocks both Mightyena and Pigkey back a few yards. Pigkey’s fist is left glowing a light blue, presumably with residual energy from the attack collision.

Nidoran, meanwhile, dives at Osage weakly scratching and biting him; a good sign that she doesn’t have much left in her to continue the fight. Mightyena gets back on its feet and quickly charges and fires a couple balls of shadowy energy at Pigkey and Osage. Pigkey immediately dodges the attack.

What will you do?
Charm does his best to finish off the Nidoran before another foe arrives. Enacting his orders, Osage leaps in before swerving to the side and slamming into the Nidoran (F) with a Faint Attack. The blow leaves its mark, but at that moment a Howl is heard from a not-so-far distance.

"Oh ****," Charm cursed. "We gotta hurry!" Pigkey follows up on this, charging energy into her fist before delivering a Mega Punch at the weakened Poison Pin Pokemon who falls back from the strike.

The Nidoran staggerishly rises up once again as the duo Pokemon ready themselves for their next orders. Upon the crackling of Pigkey's lightning fist, a rather large Hyena of a dark nature pops into the scene, blocking Pigkey's way. "Well this is unpleasant," Charm remarks. "Now we have this guy to worry about."

Osage and Pigkey move on with their orders anyway, the Sneasel releasing his bolting beam of ice energy, which the beaten Nidoran somehow dodges, but still moving on and dealing a nice blow on the Mightyena right as Pigkey delivers a mighty Thunder Punch to the same dark canine. An explosion of electricity and ice occurs from the blasts as Mightyena and Pigkey both take some damage from it. The Mankey's hand is also glowing a dull blue for some reason, perhaps from the ice energy.

Nidoran uses this chance to feebly Scratch and Bite Osage while the healthier Mightyena gets back up and fires off several Shadow Balls at Pigkey and Osage, but fortunately missing Pigkey.

Charm takes a short moment to examine the situation. "... there's no flipping way we're going to take on a second opponent, Viola's Trunphan is getting sicker by the minute. Pigkey, Fury Swipes at Mightyena's eyes to blind him as much as you can. Osage, I want you to deliver a double Ice Punch at Nidoran before dealing a Crush Claw at the same target. Then Pigkey, a double Thunder Punch at Nidoran to compliment Osage's Ice Punches. We're gonna make a run for it as soon as I try to catch that Nidoran.