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Eyrie Peak

Posy Field

Jolteonjak & Son_of_Shadows – {@SoS: Well, Livewire wanted Steven back so he could mess with him more, that’s what fueled his determination! =P
@Jolteonjak: I’m going to rule that your using those items was done in between combats this time, but be careful with using items in the future, or they might count as moves and keep you from using attacks.
Oh, and since neither of you specified which Beedrill you wanted to target with your attacks I just RNG’d the targets. In the future, please specify if you want to target a specific Beedrill unless you’re using an attack that hits multiple targets. Thanks! =)}

The mission to diffuse a Beedrill war was successful as you had taken out the invading queen, but there were prisoners of war, one of them being Steven, Joshua’s Munna, and possibly Chad’s Numel, along with a Karrablast and Teddiursa each of you had met earlier. The Teddiursa, by the way, was wailing up a storm; she didn’t want to end up as “honey” for the hungry Weedle of this hive! You two needed to save this damsel in distress, along with the other Pokemon that were in danger. But first things first! Chad felt the need to heal up his Pokemon, so he tosses Wooper a Pecha Berry and an Oran Berry while he gave Heracross a Lemonade to drink. Heracross loved getting full health again, plus a fourth of his energy back, while Wooper was also relieved to have full health back AND not be sick from the poison (throwing up is not a good experience, kids!). Wait, what?

Heh, wow, those must’ve been some particularly potent berries Chad fed his Wooper because he’s evolving! The axolotl’s frills were disappearing, and he changed from one amphibian to another, one much more suited for land mainly because he grew arms and a stronger tail. A Quagsire! The other Pokemon all look on in awe at this event. Aegis especially was impressed; two evolutions, one after the other? Hardly a commonplace event!

Oh yeah, Numel was missing! Chad sends Heracross off to search for his missing comrade while the rest of the team set off to chase the Beedrill down. Joshua calls on Bishop to help out, though he’d need to watch on his energy. The Hoothoot is able to fly within attacking distance and Slash the Air to create a vacuum wave that hits the Beedrill holding the crying Teddiursa for some damage. Quagsire also gets in on the action by using the rest of his Psychic energy to fire another Psybeam at the Beedrill, and it hits the one holding Karrablast on its back causing it to cry out in pain, though it still maintains its hold on its captive. Quagsire tries again with a Scald attack, making sure not to hit one of the victims in the process, and he hits the Beedrill holding Steven right in the back of its head. The Beedrill are in full retreat mode now so none of them attack, but they started to gain some distance as you continued to give chase to them.

Aegis holds his chest as he tries to keep up with you; that crack in his shell was pretty nasty though nothing a stay at a Pokemon Center couldn’t fix. Livewire also had some trouble; he wasn’t going to be able to keep jumping to stay with the group. By the way, you found yourself back in the field, and just in front of the Beedrill was a brown and blue Numel that looked pretty beat up but still somehow able to stand and face a whole swarm coming at him.

What will Chad and Joshua do?

Joshua whooped as Chad's Wooper evolved to help combat the fleeing Beedrills. But despite their barrage, they were still getting away. But they would not escape with Steven, that, he was determined to make sure at the very least. As for the Teddiursa and Karrablast, well, ultimately they were taking second place for now. And then they spotted another Shiny Pokémon - two in one day? Whatever next? It was staring down a horde of Beedrill like a hardened badass, and Joshua could tell from Chad's expression that it was probably his. So they both had an owned Pokémon in need and a wild Pokémon in need. This was really getting silly now. Could they manage to save all four Pokémon and get out of this alive? Joshua wasn't entirely sure, but he wasn't about to take it lying down.

"Chad, I'll leave Numel to you. I'm getting my Munna back by hook or by crook." He zapped the Stunfisk back into his Pokéball and did some swift manoeuvring with his Pokédex to rotate his party. He was back now after all, and just in time. The team needed its ace pilot to chase down these Beedrill. Joshua threw the new Pokéball, and in a flash of light, a small, blue bird-like Pokémon with clouds for wings appeared. Cloudy the Swablu, fresh off a stay with a trainer named Marion. "Cloudy, use your Agility to chase down the Beedrill carrying Steven! Once you catch up, hit him with Acrobatics as hard as you can! Bishop, do your best to help Cloudy out - if you can catch the Beedrill carrying Karrablast, then get him with a close-range Air Slash!"

Dividing the load was their best bet. Joshua would deal with these two Beedrill. Hopefully Chad could handle saving his Numel... Then again... "Chad - take control of Aegis if you need to. He'll be happy to help." The Wartortle nodded, ready to fight alongside the other trainer. He knew he just wasn't fast enough to keep up with the Beedrill without being able to fly, after all. If he could protect another Pokémon on the ground, then he would do his part.