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Welcome aboard to Takkupanda and Trainer Andy; also welcome back to Uhhhhh.

Uhhhhh: After witnessing an innocent tree get destroyed by the Yanmega's attack, you decide this chase is quickly becoming futile. Plus the urge to photograph it overcomes you. As you give your orders, you decide to hurriedly snap some photos before it takes any extensive damage; maybe some action shots containing Gaspard would be nice too. Gaspard acknowledges your orders and skids to a halt. He immediately turns and runs at Yanmega, the hand on his tail becoming a fist. He uses some energy to set the fist on fire, and he leaps into the air swinging his tail around to punch the Ogre Darner. He manages to land a fiery uppercut to Yanmega's chin, but the giant insect is not burned and frankly not too damaged. Without missing a beat, Yanmega headbutts Gaspard, knocking him back a few yards.

Gaspard quickly gets back to his feet and runs back to the insect. Along the way, he's plotting some nasty revenge for Yanmega. Meanwhile, you are aiming your lens at Yanmega and start taking some photos. With his plans finalized, Gaspard begins to glow a grey, stony color tapping into something hidden deep within. The rocky color leaves his body in the form of little orbs of power rotating around the Aipom. Following the details of his plans, Gaspard launches the orbs at a time when Yanmega seems to be distracted by your photography. Yanmega catches on, though, and counters the attack with one strong flap of its wings, releasing numerous speedy stars. They swiftly fly through the air and collide with the Hidden Power resulting in no damage taken by either side.

"YAAANNN YYYYYAAAANNNN!" Yanmega becomes outraged that you're putting up a fight and even taking pictures. It rapidly flaps its giant wings creating a blade of air to blast at you and Gaspard. The wind from its wing flapping is already enough to knock you off your feet and the camera out of your hands, but your real problem is the blade of air that's quickly cutting through the wind heading your way. Maybe snapping some photos of an ancient Pokemon was going too far.

What will you do?
"YAAANNN YYYYYAAAANNNN!" the Yanmega got mad even more as Connor continued to take pictures and Gaspard actually being capable of taking it on in a fight. It then unleashed an Air Cutter towards the two and it quickly swept Connor off his feet. "Waaaah!" he cried out as he fell with a thud, his camera knocked off from his hands. "Aipopom!" Gaspard called out to him. The photographer didn't have time to react though as another blade of air was heading towards his direction, threatening to badly injure him. "Humphrey!" as soon as the young photographer called out his name, a shiny Boldore popped out from one of his Pokeballs and stood between Connor and the blade of air, with the intention of taking the hit for him. Connor then intended on getting his camera back afterwards to take more photos of the Yanmega. No way was the Ogre Darner Pokemon getting away from this.

Meanwhile, Gaspard, upon seeing one of his teammates protecting Connor from the hit, then focused on the giant Yanmega. Without waiting for orders he Worked himself Up as he prepared for yet another Fire Punch against the giant bug, intent on getting back against it for attempting to attack his partner.