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Thread: Astoria - The Enchanted Forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Searchman View Post
    Magus Falls


    While adventuring with Larxene was important, saving someone's life unfortunately required other Pokemon to pull off in this case, so you reluctantly pull out your Staryu, Hardcore, and your Happiny, Trucy. Hardcore had the difficult part: brave the spore cloud and get the victim out of it. Its ability to spin its way through the cloud, however, meant that it wasn't affected by the spores, so it was able to make its way safely toward the person and quickly Teleport both of them back out of it as soon as Hardcore touched the person, revealed once they were out to be a middle-aged man. As Trucy was already busy casting Aromatherapy when Hardcore went in, the preparation was complete, and she let loose a puff of green powder for the man to inhale while Quinn did all the necessary first aid treatments. You set your focus back on the spore cloud and finally gave Larxene an order in an attempt to clear away the spores. She spins and spins until the dust on the trail is picked up and swirled all around her until a gust of Sand was brought forth and sent down the trail, Storming its way through and rendering the spores inert until the path ahead was clear and the entrance to the forest was revealed.

    "Are you alright, sir? Can you talk?" the ranger asks the man who was still coughing but appeared to be safe now that he was breathing in fresh air. "Ellie... Ellie..." he said hoarsely before continuing to breathe. "It's okay now, help is on its way." It would take about fifteen minutes for a jeep to drive to their location and whisk the man away, which was enough time for the man to explain why he was there in the first place. The man was named Thomas, and he and his daughter, Ellie, had come here to look at the waterfall when they were attacked by Grass Pokemon. They both ran out as fast as they could when the spore attacks were used, but they both took different paths, Thomas being caught in the cloud and Ellie somehow able to avoid the attacks altogether. He claimed that she was still somewhere in the forest, and there was no telling if she was safe or not, but the jeep wasn't here yet, meaning Thomas's own safety would not be guaranteed should you leave him...

    What will Shadow do?
    The team had thankfully pulled through for the emergency scenario, but the core problem still remained. There was no telling what the wild Pokemon were doing or up to, and clearly Sector Shadow weren't the only ones having unfortunate encounters. Quinn managed to get the victim, Thomas, to give them a brief on what had happened. Shadow could empathise; he'd already had several cases of his teammates being stolen away under his watch. It was clear that they had to begin searching for Ellie as soon as possible, but the jeep not arriving yet meant that he couldn't be escorted to safety. Shadow paused. There wasn't a lot of information to go on, but considering the situation, Thomas couldn't really be faulted. It didn't seem likely that Thomas was lying; Shadow did run away from a horde of Grass-types alone. How likely was it that Thomas would be attacked if they left him there? It didn't seem high, but it wasn't a chance they could take considering how injured Thomas was. Raising their respective PokeBalls, Shadow returned Hardcore and Trucy back into their orbs before turning to the ranger.

    "Quinn, maybe we should bring Thomas along," suggested Shadow. "We can't guarantee his safety if we leave him alone, and he can at least help pinpoint us to where Ellie was last seen. We can protect him far better if we're around him." Looking at Larxene, he placed a palm on her shoulder, rubbing it gently as a sign of assurance.
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    Default Jak's Astoria Adventure #17

    OOC: Here are the remainders of the updates I was supposed to include last time. Also, a bit of housekeeping to be done. The reposts will be posted at the end. Going to chat with GS/DS to see who hasn't been taken yet. I think there are a few who haven't been taken yet. Now it's back to business.

    The Divine Woodland
    ~Magus Falls~

    Uhhhhh: After a short walk back to Cecilia’s cabin, she welcomes you inside through her large wooden door. You and your Pokémon walk in followed by Cecilia and Aggron.

    There’s a fireplace against the far right wall in the living area adorned with couches, chairs, ottomans, and rugs. There’s a dining area as you walk in with a small table and a large flat rock, which you presume is where she and Aggron eat. Cecilia motions you over to the living area, so you oblige. You can’t help but notice all of the photos on her walls.

    The photos all seem to be of Pokémon and flowers. One such photo is of a couple of Pichu and a Pikachu. Another photo has a Beedrill and a Weedle in its arms like it was being swaddled plus there were some Combee scattered about. There was a photo of meadow of dandelions and marigolds with a couple Sunflora as well. Amongst all of the photos you notice a common theme.

    “I thought you’d notice my photo collection,” she comments from the kitchen as she prepares a snack for you all. “How do you like them? They were all donated to me by various travelers who come through these parts.” She walks into the living area and places a tray on a coffee table. On the tray is a big glass of MooMoo Milk with a plate of cookies for you and a bowl of Oran Berries for your Pokémon. She walks over to your side. “This one was given to me by a young girl passing through with her Electabuzz. She really liked the Electabuzz baseball team by the looks of her shirt and cap.”

    “Please have a seat and relax,” she sits on a big chair and watches Gaspard enjoying the berries. “Most people around here wouldn’t hesitate in charging money for helping travelers out, especially with that giant Yanmega around. I don’t think it’s right to take advantage of people like that. Sure some have given me money, but what I truly value most are those photos. They all have a story to tell. You may have noticed something in common with all of those pictures. I happen to really like the color yellow, so I think most of my visitors try to find me something yellow I don’t have yet.”

    Cecilia looks out the window. “You know, I’ve heard rumors of a specially colored Mothim in the area. Its golden wings contrasted by the patches of blue. Why it’s the very beacon of day. Sun-colored wings with patches of the clear blue sky.” Cecilia chuckles to herself. “I used to go exploring this forest with my Aggron, who was a Lairon at the time. I saw this Mothim once in the forest, but I didn’t my camera with me. As soon as he saw me, he flew off, away from the bunch of Watmel flowers he was enjoying smelling. I wonder if that flower is his favorite.”

    She sighs, “I’m too old now to go exploring the forest. Sure Aggron would carry me around, but I couldn’t do that to him. Plus the field of Watmel flowers is on the other side of a lake, not too far from the waterfalls you were at. Do you think that would be an adventure you would take on?”

    What will you do?


    Eyrie Peak
    ~Adventure Path~

    Myahoo: With the battle of Pidove against Wildfire waging on, you and Chloe both wondered why the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon attacked all of a sudden. He was busy creating some razor-sharp winds that he wanted to slice Wildfire with. Fortunately, for Wildfire, he was able to use his extrasensory powers to knock the Pidove in the head and make him forget what he was doing.

    Pidove became frustrated at that, and he decided to try a similar approach. He didn’t take as long to launch an attack though. His wings glowed, as blades of air cut through the air aimed at Wildfire. The air blades struck your Cyndaquil, and they were more powerful than they normally were. The critical damage must have been fueled by its anger. Wildfire, though, didn’t let that stop him. He lit his fire, and his eyes glowed summoning the power of nature to aid him. This power caused a Rock Slide to fall from the ceiling, all around the cave. Rocks fell in the pond, on the battlefield, and a few of them struck Pidove. This caused him to fall to the ground.

    “Maybe you shouldn’t do that again,” Chloe remarked. She held Wings closer to her, as she looked at the ceiling of the cave.

    Pidove, breathing heavily, began to growl at Wildfire. It sounded more like an angry coo though. Either way, the growling still caused a quickly charging Wildfire to shake his head as his attack power dropped a little. The Cyndaquil was able to attack Pidove, and the tackle knocked the Pidove against one of the rocks on the ground from the earlier Rock Slide.

    Since he was on the ground, Pidove started to roost a little, hoping to get some health back from that Rock Slide.

    You’re getting there. What will you do?


    The Mystic Jungle
    ~Forgotten Ruins~

    Allishinca: You and Pluto stand in the snowy windy chamber protected only by the heat of the torches. Luckily for you both, the torches throw a considerable amount of heat. Beheeyem the Guardian is nowhere to be seen as you work out the riddle he presented to you.

    You step forward and all of a sudden, "The answer to the riddle is... Torkoal." Pluto looks at you dumbfounded for uttering such a guess. *SNAP* Beheeyem appears once again observing Pluto’s expression.

    It approaches the Sableye, “Do you think that’s the answer, friend?” It looks at you. “You didn’t even take the time to confer with your partner. Do you remember what I said if you got a question wrong?” Only a minute passes, but it feels like ages. “Luckily for you, it’s correct!”

    Beheeyem doesn’t waste any time revealing the path onward. “Perhaps the cold and wind was a great motivator?” it thinks out loud. “Perhaps I should just give out the next riddle here. Nah!”

    Before you could even move, a strong wind blows past all of you. The wind manages to extinguish the torches. In the momentary chaos caused by the sudden blackout, you could swear something was watching you, something other than Beheeyem. Before anymore thought is given to it, the torches light up once again. At least the heat came back. “Terribly sorry for that,” Beheeyem apologized with a bow. “That’s how it’s done right?” Beheeyem makes towards the exit. “Perhaps it’s time to vacate the premises. I’d hate to think how cold it would get if I weren’t here to relight the torches.”

    Once your preparations are complete, you and Pluto also exit the chamber. “Now that’s unusual, the torches are already lit. Even before you or I entered the hallway. Please go on ahead. I’ll stay here and check out the torches for a possible malfunction.” As you both move on, you continue to notice more of the torches are lit. Suddenly, you hear those clicking sounds you once heard before, but this time they come from further down the hall.

    As you continue down the hall you get the sensation you are walking downhill. You and Pluto stop and stare down the hall, and the hall appears to be level. Something seems to be unusual here. You also notice the walls changing from the white polished look of the previous chambers and hallways to the rocky walls of a cave. You see the opening just ahead and keep walking. As you enter the room, it looks just you may have thought it would. If you weren’t in a temple, you would swear you just walked into a cavern in a large cave system. The room is at least similar to the other rooms you’ve been in; at least there were two torches in the middle of the room.

    “Didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, did you?” Beheeyem snaps into view. “I didn’t think so. Curious.” The Guardian thinks for a moment. “I wonder if…,” its thoughts trail. “I don’t remember what I was going to say. Please, come in.”

    “Ok, now let’s get to business. You’re almost there. Did I ever tell you how many rooms there were? 719 is a number that’s coming to my mind for some reason. But that’s not true. There are really only 5 here. That means we’re almost done. Then you get a prize. I’ll give you a riddle, and never mind, you know what to do already. Here goes:

    Am I selfless? Am I brave?
    Am I strong? Am I a crazed
    one for fighting for my friends
    until the very end
    despite any danger I face?
    No matter how many scars,
    while I fly I can carry a car.

    What will you do?



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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    The Enchanted Forest
    The Divine Woodland
    The Labyrinth: Spreading across the boundary of the Divine Woodland and the Dead Forest, the Labyrinth covers approximately 20 hectares of land and is home to some of the most powerful Pokémon in the land. It is recommended you steer clear of the dark side of the Labyrinth at all costs.
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    Blaze's Base

    Blaze was at his Secret Base, preparing his bags for what he figured would be a long adventure into a place of secrets, wonder, and mystery. According to the travel brochure he picked up in town, jet skis as well. Blaze remembered telling Remilia about that, and her reaction to it. 'Jet skis? If you want to sell a forest where few return, you don't give them recreation. That ruins the whole mood.' Blaze remembered chuckling about that before, but now that he had already set his travel plans, a ball of fear lodged itself in his stomach. 'Where I'm going isn't one of the places that's full of people and recreational activities, I'm going someplace where they for some reason tell you not to go to the Dark Side. I should be fine, I've dealt with worse situations before, but it makes me wonder if I've got this place wrong somehow.'

    After finishing packing his bags, Blaze opened up his Pokedex and quickly scrolled through his Pokemon to decide who he was going to bring with him. This was a little bit more difficult than in the past, since he had twenty-seven Pokemon to pick from rather than the somewhat smaller numbers he housed before, but he instantly made a few choices. First of all was his Misdreavus, Patchoulli, since he knew that she would be very interested scouring the forest for magical artifacts, if there was any left. Remilia insisted that Patchoulli create an immortality potion, although Blaze never knew if Patchoulli agreed to this or not. Blaze continued to flip through, and realized that Patchoulli was a very low level Pokemon, and that he should bring a Pokemon with a bit more power in case things got hairy. The first one to come to mind was Hades, because of the fact that he was somehow Level 39 (Blaze was convinced this was a glitch in the system, because he didn't remember making him that high of a level), but Hades demeanor towards Blaze was an issue and he passed on that. Blaze decided on Marche, because that was his best friend and the one that had been with him for all of these years as a comrade and partner, and if there was anyone suited to take on evil things that lurked in the dark, it was Marche. Blaze still had some slots to fill, so he decided to look for a few members of his team he didn't know. Bora was the first one that came to mind, as he didn't know anything about the Starly that he had traded for, so he was in. In that note, he also choose to bring along McFreezey, his Snorunt, and Miko, his Geodude, as he didn't feel too close to either of them. But the last slot was still unfilled and he didn't know who to choose...

    "Hey, you weren't forgetting me on this big adventure of yours, were you?" A kind, but sharp voice rang out behind him, and he knew exactly who was talking to him. "Hey, Remilia. You want to come as well? Won't that be a problem if you aren't a Woobat?" She walked closer to me before looking at my bags on my bed. "What? Is it really that weird? Do you think people are going to have that big of an issue with it?" Remilia was looking a bit ticked. "Well, there is the wings and all..." Remilia pouted before she turned around. All of a sudden, her wings were gone. "I can take care of that really easily." She said smugly. "Well...umm..." Blaze couldn't think of a good response to this. It was true that right now, she would seem like any other ordinary girl, except for the red eyes and the light blue hair. "What about going out in the sun? I know that you would be fine in your Woobat form, but what about otherwise?" "I had a solution for that before, Blaze. I would carry a parasol around with me. I know its a fashion trend right now, I've seen at least two other girls do it." Blaze figured that was true, but Remilia wasn't done yet. "You just don't want me to go, do you? It's okay when other people come over here and see me here, but if I got out its a problem?" Blaze couldn't tell if Remilia was mad (although he figured that she was) or just confused on why exactly she couldn't go. 'Come to think of it, I really can't think of a reason why she wouldn't be able to either. As long as no one saw he change back into a Woobat, there shouldn't be anyone who would know the truth about her.' Blaze looked at her again, before smiling and nodding his head. "Alright, I think we can handle it. You just have to make sure you don't do any transformations in front of people. While we are in Astoria, you are just Remilia; the cute girl who is on an adventure with the one she loves." Remilia blushed slightly before smiling at me. "I'm cute?" "Of course you are." I got up and leaned into a kiss, just like that first night it has happened. Well, except for the fact that she kissed me. "Hey, I'm still not used to that!" Remilia walked away briskly before turning back around. "I'll get my bags packed, so we can leave as soon as we can!"


    They had gotten off the boat off of a port that was nearby the Labyrinth, and as far as Blaze could tell, no one knew that there was anything up with Remilia. He saw a couple looks in their direction, but they weren't hostile or confused, they were just curious. 'I have to admit, I'd be pretty curious too. She looks like a real lady with that dainty parasol. I wonder if I just look like a young boyfriend.' He chuckled a bit at this, causing Remilia to look over at him. "What's so funny?" If anything gave her away as someone who was not necessarily a lady, it was her voice. Her words were like daggers, instead of being soft-spoken. "Oh nothing, I was thinking about how you look like a real lady with that parasol." "Look like a real lady? You know very well I am one. I wasn't the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for show." "I still can't believe it myself personally. You were that rich?" Remilia laughed a bit, a fine clear laugh that was as every bit great for Blaze's heart as it was dangerous. "Yeah, I was. I lost it all but I got something much better out of the deal." She looked over and winked at Bkaze, and that made him laugh himself. "So how far is this Labyrinth anyways Blaze? I don't want to be a massive bother about things, but if this is going to involve a lot of walking..." Remilia was silently pleading for it to be just further ahead. After all, it was a Labyrinth, so it was going to involve a lot of walking, so Blaze could understand where she was coming from. "It's probably a ways Remilia, sorry. If Bora was a Staraptor, I would have him fly us over there, even if it was only one at a time. I know its a inconvenience to have to walk all the way there considering where we are going, but my hands were a bit tied." Remilia spun her parasol around, something Blaze would soon learn to be associated with annoyance. "Well, if we get lost, I'm draining you for vitality first."

    'This is it...the entrance of the Labyrinth.' Blaze thought as he looked ahead, or at least tried to, to get a feel of how big the place was. In truth, Blaze had no idea. It seemed to go on for a nearly endless amount of length and width. "Wow, it seems to go on forever, doesn't it? Isn't it like the length of like 20 football fields? Are you sure we are going to be okay with this?" Remilia asked timidly. Blaze was pretty scared himself, this seemed like some kind of monumental task and he wasn't sure he was ready for it. "Do we have anyone with really good memories? We could possibly have someone keep track of what directions we took." Remilia tilted her head down as she began to think. "Ideally...I would have brought Sakuya around. But Patchoulli's got a really good memory, she remembers pretty much everything from our library to reproduce books from scratch. So we should be safe with her around, but what worries me is getting to the end of the labyrinth. What's at the end of it?" Blaze pulled out the travel brochure from his bag and opened it up, looking for any hints about what could be at the end of the labyrinth. All he saw was that people should stay out of the dark side of the labyrinth. "It doesn't say much really, other than to stay out of the dark part of it. Maybe its the Bog of Eternal Stench." "The what? What about Eternal Stench?" Blaze laughed for a bit as Remilia panicked about what horrors could be waiting for her. "Don't worry, its from a movie. One that is ironically called Labyrinth. I'll make sure to watch it with you sometime." "Don't joke around like that! I don't want to throw away good clothes." Blaze laughed again while Remilia's parasol spun slowly.

    Blaze took out a Pokeball from his belt, throwing it into the air, where it released a Misdreavus that floated down towards Remilia. Blaze nimbly caught the Pokeball with his hand before putting it back on his belt, while the Misdreavus turned around and looked at the Labyrinth in front of her. "A labyrinth? Are you actually planning on going in there? I assume that you want my help with that, am I right?" Blaze didn't know what to make of Patchoulli. She seemed to be pretty laid back normally and not at all what he figured she would be like. For someone who ran an entire library, he figured she'd be super strict, and most of the time she wasn't. Then there were times like this where she was quite clearly in a bad mood and Blaze could almost feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up from the enmity. "Uhhh...yeah we are. Remilia pointed out that you have a very good memory, so I wanted to ask if you could remember what directions we took in the labyrinth, so we don't end up getting lost." Patchoulli looked down for a moment, pondering the question, before looking back at Remilia. "Remilia, you suggested this? If that is so, then I'll be happy to help. But I do hope I get something in the end for my troubles." Blaze got the gist of it. "This entire island was rumored to be blessed by witches who wanted it to come back to life. I'm sure if we look for something, we should find an object with some magical power in it for you." Patchoulli turned around, thinking, before a small smile broke out on her face. "You are a little more cat-like that I thought you were. I'll be looking forward to investigating whatever we find in here."

    Patchoulli took her position over Remilia's head as we walked up to the entrance of the Labyrinth. 'I'm gonna have to ask what Patchoulli meant by that at some point. But for now, let's just focus on conquering this Labyrinth and not falling into potential oubliettes.' Blaze looked at Remilia who nodded back at him, and they both walked into the Labyrinth, a familiar song going through Blaze's head...

    You remind me of the babe
    What babe?
    The babe with the power
    What power?
    The power of voodoo
    Who do?
    You do
    Do what?
    Remind me of the babe!

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