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    Whale Island
    The Hydro-Electric Zone

    A tourist magnet, Whale Island is a large region of land that was formed from volcanic activity a millennia ago. There is a strange abundance of electrical energy present on this island which, rather than posing a problem, has complemented the island entirely. The entire area is a haven for water Pokémon with even the mountain craters filled to the brim, the abundance of water sports and holiday travel locations ensuring the time you spend here is never dull. Cities and townships are located all across the island, with resorts, inns, and travel lodges in ample supply. The Hydra River is the main waterway, starting up in the north-west area of the island and down through the Central Plains where the great Hydro-Electric Dam has been constructed, before leading down to the south-eastern corner of the island and back out to sea. Whether it's action water sports you're after, or just lazing on a nice stretch of beach somewhere, you'll definitely find the place you're looking for on the famous Whale Island.

    Central Plains
    Mostly fertile farmland there's not much here for your average tourist or trainer although a few areas of interest do attract the more adventurous trainers. Electric Pokémon thrive out here and are often found roaming the fields. Better beware though, they're not all that fond of trainers getting too close to their young so take a wrong step and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lightning bolt that hasn't come from the sky.


    Crater Lake: Atop an extinct volcano, its crater is now a freshwater lake and home to many wild Pokémon. A travel lodge awaits weary visitors who have trekked up the mountainside, where they can rest their weary bones and have a bite to eat. Some say ancient Pokémon reside way down deep inside the throat of the volcano but nobody has been able to verify these stories.

    "Chim-Chimchar...", the fiery ape looked in awe at the fields, but mostly the volcano in front of him. "I know, feels just like home doesn't it?" Olli happily nodded still hypnotized by the warmth and aura of the volcano. Looking at the top volcano, Rob started to feel a little tired just thinking about climbing all the way up the volcano, but he knew that wasn't going to stop Olli from demanding him to reach the top as soon as possible, especially since he had been waiting to see the top of the volcano since they started planning their adventure back home. "We are close to getting to our first destination aren't we?" Olli nodded once again enthusiastically and jumping with joy.

    "I know buddy," Rob then knelt next to Olli and started to pet his companion, "But we are not in a rush to get there, we have to enjoy the view and all that as we go, wouldn't it be better to see everything and explore along the way?" Chimchar then gave somewhat of an annoyed yet understanding chirp. "Hey we aren't here just to train, we are here to explore and meet new friends as well, just remember that we can have just a little fun too," Rob said jokingly. The ape once again responded, "Chim..." getting a little impatient now. "Okay, okay, let's start climbing to the top." Before Rob could finish the sentence Chimchar started to run up the slope, with his trainer now running behind him towards the Crater Lake, "Wait up Olli!"
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