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Kakatua Lagoon

Balmund: Eager to hear a groovy ballad about the lake you were currently waist deep in, you offer up some snacks to the odd hippie folk. “Is that a Roasted Ham?” chubby nomad utters, his head peaking curiously over the others – eyes welling up with excitement. The girl rolls her eyes. “Moku, we only eat Soy and Beans, remember?” Moku’s head droops back down in a mixture of disappointment and humiliation. The leader of the funky bunch grins, signalling the others as he starts to strum a melody on his banjo. The gentle oaf’s drumming comes into play, with the pretty girl’s flute rounding off the musical trifecta. It was very relaxing; you’d have to remember to pay them when you got a chance.

♫ She hid away, just out of touch.
The men from up above, she didn’t like so much,
With their gnarly nets, traps and hooks,
And yellow submarines wherever she looks

Floundering from the coast and into the sand,
She found a lagoon, far in... Land?
Free from nasty folk, apart from loving pairs
She’ll steal away the men, into her watery laiiiiiir ♫

The hippie starts strumming a wicked banjo solo as the other players stop. You find yourself obliged to clap whilst Orcharist and Sothe aren’t so polite. In spite of this, the trio bow sporting wide-eyed grins, “So that my friend, is the legend of Laguna Lake”

“Uh, Chong, this is Kakatua Lagoon”, Moku remarks.

“Oh right, yeah...” An awkward silence fills the air, part of you wondering what the heck the three of them were on, but the silence is quickly broken by a motion in the waters. Suddenly you spot a stream of thick bubbles rise up from the depths of the lagoon, bursting violently on the surface. This is enough to strike your Pokémon’s attention, whilst the travelling nomad’s eyes widen as they spin their heads in unison. “Oh man, it’s the mermaid from the song! We didn’t mean what we said!” The three duck into their kayak, cowering as the bubbles got louder. Maybe this was something you should check out...
'What a great tune,' Balmund thought as the trio started playing. It was a shame they weren't into roasted, honey-glazed ham, but Balmund would try to remember to pay them pack properly afterwards. Meanwhile he listened to the tale of the shy and elusive mermaid, who found a safe haven from greedy hunters on Kakatua Lagoon and was said to steal men into her watery lair. As many stories, they all had a part of supersticion and a part of truth to them, and Balmund wondered just what bits were which. That didn't matter much to him though, as his mind was blown into daydreaming land as the leader of the group, Chong, started his wicked banjo solo. A standing ovation was the least he could do in the end as the trio bowed with wide-eyed grins, though Balmund's Pokémon didn't seem to share the same feeling; Sothe looking rather indifferent whereas Chris just wasn't into praising a good performance, she always expected the best for her by default.

Things suddenly had a turn for the unexpected though as a thick stream of bubbles rises and bursts violently from the depths of the lagoon and into the surface. Fear seems to strike the nomads as they comically apologize while shaking their heads in unison, cowering into their kayaks as the bubbles got louder. Balmund wasn't sure if it could be the legendary mermaid, but whatever it was, if it meant harm he would have to do something about it, and the first thing would be to try and calm down both the threat as well the panicked hippies.

"Sothe, let out your Sweet Scent as you sing a Grasswhistle," he quickly turned to his Sceptile.

"Chris, Coil up and be prepared to use your Poison Fang on my mark," he then instructed. He didn't want to harm a creature until he was sure it meant a threat to him and his Pokémon, but it was best to be ready for such an occasion as he stood by and cautiously observed.