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::Rainbow Reef::

xXKratosAurionXx: Staring straight into the face of danger, you go all in on your instincts and decide to firmly hold your ground against the ferocious predator; a decision which you transmit to your partner as you try to calm her down. You knew that if something went wrong, either of you could come out with life-threathening injuries. Despite your heart bertraying your thoughts, you try your best to look fearless and assertive. You practically hold your breath as the enormous Sharpedo comes within your hand's reach until it suddenly sways off course, now slowly circling around you from up close as it carefully observed you. Surely, a thrilling experience to be so near such an umpredictable monster, and at the same time, quite an enthralling one as you locked eyes with it, both feeding off each other's energy as you engaged in what felt like several eternal seconds of silent conversation. Observing the massive shark, you notice a wide array of scars scattered all over its rough skin. It surely must've held a long life, and if anything, one could be certain it wasn't lacking any in life experiences. And then... it was gone; the Sharpedo finally swimming away and vanishing off into the deep blue as subtly as it had come.

Had it acknowledged you or did it left because of some other reason? You could only but wonder, but what mattered now was that you were safe from danger... or were you? You just couldn't be given a moments rest as once again it is Brunhilde that warns you of possible danger approaching. Turning to the opposite end from which Sharpedo had left, and looking beyond the rainbow field of coral and into the void of the horizon, you notice the undistinguishable silouette of what could be a very large Pokémon, if not something else altogether. Nothing that you could instantly identify. How mysterious... the question was, would you even want to find out?

What will you do?

As the Sharpedo continued to circle around our Trainer and his faithful companion, he realized his instincts must have been on the right track. Hetried to keep his mind calm, and his body perfectly still as he let the SHarpedo inspect him and grant him passage into his underwater domain. The deep sea warmaster, clearly a veteran of the eternal battle for survival, as evidenced by his countless scards, eventually swam away, seemingly satisfied with the information he had managed to gather from the visito who had entered his reign, deep below the waves. Sighing in relief, he was certain the danger had passed, and he was finally fre to explore to his hert's content the mysteries of the deep. However, the Fates had other plans for our young explorer. Just as he readied hmself to desend further into the endless basin of the kingdom of azure, he realized Brunhilde was calling to him. "What is it , my dear? The danger has passed.", he declared in an attempt to calm her down. However, what his eyes gazed upon next was something far greater than he could ever had imagined.


His eyes were fixed upon this great shadow that seemingly materialized from the horizon and slowly approached the explorer, who stood there, seemingly frozen, floating, and left to the tide's whims. His mind drifted away, as he tapped into his memories, trying to figure what exactly had appeared from the deeper ends of the azure divide. His mind continued to speed through his memories and throught the countless books he had read and explored during his time at the Academy. "The Temple of the Sea? The Ruins of the Undella? The Drifting Castle of Azure...? " His mind continued to drift across the seemingly endless stream of pages he had memorized... And no solution to be found. No sense could he make out of this shadow as it continued to drift on his direction. He knew this feeling. The feeling of his blood flowing, his cold heart thawing, and adrenaline entering the bloodstream... It was all how he could have imagined it... And even better. This was his chance. He was prepared to unravel the mystery that had appeared before him, this could allow him to carve his name into the annals of Fendelian History. Adventure was what he craved, and his partner, certain of his intent, stood there, frim and prepared alongside him, ready to follow him to the depths in order to shed light upon the mysteries of the past. The flames of passion had been lit, and they propelled our heroes towards the unknown,. Not a shed of fear. Not a moment of hesitation. Not a single afterthought passed through their minds as they marched on towards the unknown shadow, perhaps the answer to an ancient mystery, perhaps a piece of a puzzle far greater than he could have ever imagined. His eyes shining in expectation, he continued to swim, ever firm and resolute, towards whatever may lie ahead...