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Crater Lake

Itzatrap: The Blitzle’s hooves barely miss you by inches as you reel into the corner of the stable. As quick as it had leaped from its pen the foal was now cantering toward the exit, veering past the haystacks and boxes at breakneck speed. Thinking almost instinctively you brandish another Pokéball which cracks open on a mesh of hoof prints revealing the Keane the Scyther. Without a second to lose you toss the lasso to the Mantis who manages to wrap it around his scythe without cutting it – sending him in hot pursuit of the zebra. Keane’s wings flicker to blurs as he picks up off the ground, taking chase with a piercing buzz. Despite the significant head start, the bug proves to be the right Pokémon for the job as he zooms toward the stable doors at mach speed. He acrobatically arcs over the haystacks in his way, quickly closing the distance much to Bolt’s chagrin. The two were nearing the bright daylight of the corral when Keane slowed down to take aim, the foal letting off a bolt of lightning which missed by inches. The tangles of rope suddenly shot forward, your heart racing as the noose flew ahead of the Blitzle who was still at top speed. In the blink of an eye, the lasso slung around the zebra’s nuzzle and slipped down to its neck. It hadn’t decelerated, now galloping faster than ever in hopes of shaking the mantis free.

The two broke out into the corral and you see this as your queue to call on Olli to finish the job. Catching up - albeit with a painful stitch - a quick switcheroo lands Keane back in his Pokéball and Olli hanging onto the lasso with great difficulty. The monkey meets eyes with his foe and lets off a Leer, which manages to startle the Blitzle out of its aggressive kicking but isn’t nearly enough to tame it. Digging his feet into the loamy soil, Olli follows up quickly with a Nasty Plot which boosts his brainpower. The zebra neighs again, kicking its hind legs and giving the chimp a boot to the face! Olli squeals in a mixture of pain and rage, the Stomp causing a hoof shaped bruised underneath his eye. This act of rebellion is enough to coax him into attack, bursting into Flames and Wheeling forward. Fires scorching the arid pasture, the Chimchar finally closes into the foal ramming into his saddle and knocking him off balance. Showing he’s still got fight left in him yet, Bolt finishes with a Shock Wave – the outburst of energy knocking Olli off his feet as he struggles to get a hold back on the zebra’s lasso. What will you do?
Keane maneuvers through the field of boxes and hay that block his path magnificently, with Rob grinning, watching his Pokémon catch up with the Pokémon with electrifying energy. An electric energy attack misses Keane by a few inches, "Thank god," he sighed in relief, "his weakness to electric attacks might have caused problems." His relief was short lived though as he looked at Keane try to control the wild horse.

"It's now or never Olli!" Both trainer and Pokémon entered the corral, and the ape seemed more than ready as he took the lasso. The trainer recalled the flying manthis back in its home after a job well done, speaking to his Pokéball, "Thank you for your help Keane, you were wonderful." It was now up to Olli to finish the job, starting out by Leering at the Blitzle, settling down the horse a little, not nearly enough for it to be tamed. Olli continued by thinking of a Nasty Plot to help out during the battle, only it left Olli wide open to get Stomped in the face, leaving the marks of the attack right on his face, taking physical damage and damaging his pride as well.

Turning into a ball of fire, the fiery ape rolled towards the rowdy zebra, knocking it off balance, but also triggering a retaliation as it sends waves of electric energy with Shockwave towards Olli, knocking him off his feet, trying to get the zebra under control.

"Hang in there Olli! Start by provoking the zebra by Taunting it! Then engulf it in a Fire Spin to trap it, and if manages to get out, try another Fire Spin! If it stays in the first Fire Spin, start thinking of the Nasty Plot to help you gain more power while it is trapped!"