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    Cascade Waterfall

    Kaisap: Ditto on the Writer’s Block front :/ I usually just power through what I’ve got to write though, even if it does look really poor when I read it back.

    You clap your ears as the owl’s screeching reverberates through the canopy of leaves, Skitty’s hairs standing on end as she attempts to block out the racket. Much to your chagrin it doesn’t look to go on its own, the Hoothoot’s Uproar keeping up whilst the bird was on a roll. You clasp your hands around your mouth this time, yelling up another set of orders which you could only hope hadn’t been drowned out. Kitty, who’d buried her head in her paws in efforts to siphon out all noise quickly springs into action on hearing your voice – her eyes smouldering with loathing as she glared at the fluttering foe. Drawing in breath the kitten suddenly expels a flurry of embers which Incinerate the Hoothoot and the surrounding branches to boot. Luckily it’d rained a few hours ago stopping the canopy from catching fire, but the owl looked truly scorched as her uproar died off into a splutter courtesy of the billowing smoke – leaving behind a ringing in your ears. With its feathers still smouldering the owl roosts on the nearest branch it can find, throwing off another Confusion knocking Kitty back as she wields her tail into counterbalance. Not landing status Kitty rounds off the skirmish with an Attract, wagging her tail seductively and sending a playful wink toward the bird. Your gamble seems to pay off as the male barn owl is overcome with infatuation. The little bird flails suspended in mid air, staring lovesick at the cat who licked her lips ready to make the next move. With the Hoothoot left a sitting duck victory was almost in reach, what will you do?
    There was nothing short of bright flames of loathing shining in Kitty’s eyes as she heard Noriko’s commands and turned her attention to Hoothoot. Said flames seemed to materialize into a powerful Incinerate: a burning attack flew right at Hoothoot, stopping the Uproar in its tracks, leaving only smoke and a sore throat behind. Noriko had a sudden start with the notion of plenty of wood and fire in the same location, but apparently the wood was moist enough to not spread fire. Maybe it had been raining recently? Quick to get out of Kitty’s reach, Hoothoot flew toward a nearby tree branch, attacking Kitty with Confusion.

    While the attack once again failed to produce confusion in Kitty, it didn’t even manage to throw the feline off balance, her tail acting as a wonderful balancing device. It was time to put Noriko’s plan into action as the Skitty wagged her tail and winked in the most charming and loving manner, creating a load of little hearts that hit Hoothoot right to the face. Maybe it was pure luck or female intuition but Noriko’s plan payed off: the male Hoothoot stared at Kitty from mid-air, fluttering his wings and making very lovey-dovey sounds.

    Noriko looked at Kitty. The little feline had on her face the most predatory look Noriko had ever seen. Hoothoot seemed to be too infatuated to even notice the dangerous licking of lips and tensing that was usually followed by a pounce for the yarn…or the kill. Victory was too close to let go of now!

    “We’ve got this in the bag, Kitty! Use Tackle and Incinerate once more!” After watching the battle unfold, Noriko decided to take her chances and threw a Pokéball [4/5] at Hoothoot with one hand while crossing her fingers with the other.
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