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The Lighthouse

Deadlion – Diplomacy is taught throughout life to be the best policy in all situations, so despite Skarmory’s eagerness, this is what you try. “Hello there?” You call, now seperated from Chainsaw, who growls threateningly under her breath, tense. At first, the Woobat seems content to ignore you, its little wings flapping in a constant effort to keep afloat. You frown at this, and check your Pokedex.
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‘The heart-shaped mark left on a body after a woobat has been attached to it is said to bring good fortune.’
“Huh,” You say, puzzled. “A Woobat isn’t supposed to be in a lighthouse like this. Maybe it got stuck in here from the forest... Or a cave.” You add, really left at a blank. But at least it isn’t like seeing an Absol – this Pokemon could give you good fortune, even if it tries to take a swoop or a chomp at you!

You’re a little at a loss of how to proceed next, with the Woobat strangely inhabiting the Lighthouse, between you and an essentially broken lift. There’s a short time where you do nothing, and then the Woobat lights up in a violet aura. This aura reaches the skeletons. They crackle and knock together, clumsily coming to life before your eyes, their empty sockets locking onto the only other targets in the room aside from the Woobat: you. Not even Chainsaw. You.

In a flurry of motion, they clumsily make for an attack. What do you do?

"Chainsaw! Attack the Woobat with Peck!" Suchiru shouted the order before she had time to think. The Woobat seemed to be controlling the skeletons, so if Chainsaw took the little bat out, then hopefully, the skeletons would stop moving around, and do what bones were supposed to do. Nothing. She hoped that Chainsaw would understand what she wanted her to do...

Bringing her focus in on the matter at hand, Suchiru backed away a little from the advancing skeletons, and tried to dredge up knowledge from some badly filmed martial-arts tutorial video that she'd watched a few years back. She got herself into what might have been a defensive stance, and watched her enemy's advance, preparing to try to hold her own, at least until her bird had stopped the source of the attack. At least, she hoped it was the source, otherwise she knew a certain human and pokemon that would be getting a proper battering.