The Black Swan

Takeo – You finish your tea and place it back onto the table, and then start to laugh. Zachary clears his throat, regarding you coldly as you laugh away. “Oh, come on now, you could tell a story better than that, couldn’t you?” You mock the teller, going on, “Oh, I haven’t had a good laugh in a while. Look at that, tears of joy!”
The host sneers, and you try to contain yourself, explaining that you do believe his story. Your rudeness, however, has been too much, but your expression hardens. “As to why you yourself have the ship in your possession must tie in with this, no?”

“It does. In fact, it’s perfect.” Zachary states, expression vicious. You realise that you should have kept your mouth shut. This man has saved your life, and you’re on his land, and now you’re acting superior to him. This is clearly a person who values his authority. “I don’t have to do anything to save you. And with the spirit satisfied with dealing with you, it won’t worry about me.”

You switch your gaze to the one across from you. Questioning the stranger about whether or not he’s afraid of fate, you find that he looks uncomfortable. If he had mastered any kind of pokerface, it was failing now. He doesn’t get a chance to speak before his master does, “Maybe it will come after him, maybe it won’t. But he wasn’t the one to break anything, or almost start a fire. You disturbed the peace. He stalled their progress at finishing you... But I doubt he’s the target. Either way. I’m sure we’ll find out. Or you will find out.”

Zachary doesn’t like you anymore. Your ‘fate’ has apparently been decided. You have no support here, unless you can think of a way to regain it. What do you do?

The Lighthouse

Deadlion – You enter the lift to examine it, and frown at the sight. Skarmory is a steel type and naturally one tough cookie, but you think that with her limited skills at the moment, she won’t be capable of making the hole big enough to try and clamber through. Upon leaving, you notice that Chainsaw still looks eager despite her tiredness. Unfortunately, you are not.

“Come on, I’ll need your help to get down again.” You tell her, and the bird ***** her head, dropping low for you to clamber on. The way down should be easier for you, but you’re a bit flustered after fighting that Woobat and unsure of what else you might face. Understandably, Chainsaw struggles more with going down than up these steps – the ride down to the exit is a bumpy, stop-starty one! You laugh, though, partially from catharsis. Eventually reaching the door at the bottom, you vow that when you’re stronger – the both of you – you will challenge the mysteries of this abandoned lighthouse, and it’s enduring beacon, one day in your future...