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The Black Swan

Missingno. Master: Lily trusts your judgement despite her worry for her teammate, and you withdraw her from the scene. Aside from overcoming obstacles, this is decidedly an adventure for yourself and Myrtle alone to conquer, so personal is it to the pair of you.

When you carry on through to the next room, the pair of you are so in awe that you can hardly speak. The ‘monstrous Tetris block’ Missingno is hovering before you (which is a good thing, by the way, because if your Pokedex had caught it you would have learned it weighed well over 3000 lbs). You’ve made the assumption that it’s not happy, despite its lack of a real face and the fact that vocal communications for the Pokemon are as scrambled as its body.

You show the being nothing but the utmost respect, and Myrtle is just the same, even daring to float slightly forward, though she can’t bring herself to go any further. Missingno listens as you confess what an honour it is to be in its presence, and how Myrtle hasn’t seen any semblance of her old life for so long. It tilts forward slightly, as if it might be nodding.... And then more clones appear.

This catches you by surprise, for you don’t know what this means. Missingno makes no sound as the room around you begins to flicker, and you hear odd sounds, like an off-key music track playing around you, or the cries of Pokemon and even people that you can’t see. They certainly don’t sound like you, in any case.

“What’s happening?!” You ask, watching as objects shift dangerously around the room. One moves with such speed that it breaks through the wall and out into what should be ocean. However, there is no ocean there – the Black Swan is no longer in its proper place, but surrounded for miles around, by nothing but darkness. Looking back, Missingno. has gone.

What do you do?
As Keith and Myrtle respectfully addressed Missingno., the mysterious and mythological Pokemon tilted forward ever so slightly, as though nodding, and then, quite suddenly, more clones appeared.

Keith blinked. "Wh-wha?" he muttered in surprise as the very room began flickering. Odd sounds began reaching Keith's ears- off-key music tracks, the cries of invisible people and Pokemon... "What's happening?!" Keith asked, halfway between morbid curiosity and blind panic. As he asked, a number of objects started moving around the room. One of them actually flew out the wall and into the ocean- no, wait, make that total darkness. The ocean that should have been outside was no longer there, and it seemed as though the ancient pirate ship was now surrounded by total darkness. Keith turned to look at Missingno., but it had vanished. Keith therefore turned to the next best source of answers in the room- Myrtle.

"I... I can-not say what that was a-bout," Myrtle said quietly.

"But... what just happened?" Keith asked. "I mean, the clones, the-the-the moving of all this stuff, and we now seem to be in the middle of nowhere... Is this normal for, you know-"

"For my kind," Myrtle finished Keith's sentence. "This sort of thing is not un-heard of. Mis-sing-no. are cap-a-ble of lear-ning Psy-chic and Te-le-port, af-ter all, which could ea-si-ly ac-count for the mo-ving ob-jects, our ap-par-ent re-lo-ca-tion, and that one's sud-den dis-ap-pear-ence. Mis-sing-no. are cap-a-ble of ma-ny strange and won-der-ful pow-ers. That ha-ving been said, I can-not say for sure why this is hap-pen-ing to us. My best guess would be that we are be-ing tes-ted, but a-gain, I am not cer-tain."

"Tested," repeated Keith. "Well, that would be great if I had any idea what to do... OK, why don't we start by trying to get an idea of where we are?"

"You want me to use Flash to see what is out-side?" asked Myrtle.

"Feeling any better?" Keith asked.

"Not so much," Myrtle muttered grudgingly.

"Didn't think so," said Keith. "Luckily, you're not the only light source on the team," he added as he threw another Poke Ball into the air. "Helena, come out!" he added as the ball split open, unleashing a second Shuppet into the air.

"Where are we?" Helena asked, smiling slightly as she glanced around the decrepit ship. "What is it, Keith?"

"Helena, see the hole in the wall?" asked Keith. "See all the darkness outside? I'd like you to see if you can brighten things up out there a little bit with Flash, OK?"

"Cer-tain-ly!" Helena smiled. She started to float towards the hole when she noticed Myrtle. "Big sis-ter, you are not well," Helena added, concern in her voice. "What is it?"

"It is noth-ing, He-le-na," replied Myrtle. "Please do as Keith has asked."

Keith blinked in surprise. This was the first time he could ever recall Myrtle actually referring to him by name. Helena also looked somewhat surprised, but did not question it, instead opting to move towards the hole, preparing to use Flash. Hopefully, they would be able to see something that could clue them in as to their present location. If this didn't yield any results, Keith wasn't sure what his next step would be. All he knew was, he would think of something.