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Thread: Whale Island - The Hydro-Electric Zone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric Blue Eye View Post
    .:Raine's Wildlife Park:.


    With the desire to watch wild Pokémon in their natural habitat, you venture to Whale Island's famous 'Raine's Wildlife Park'.

    The surrounding woodlands block off most of the sun as a gentle breeze rolls in, greeting you by lightly kissing you on your cheek. There is little to no activity around and the dirt road is a straight forward one, with no quick turns or breaks to wander off the path.

    As you continue, you step on a wrinkled piece of paper, the words 'Raine's Wildlife Park' on the front page. You instantly pick it up and find that the semi dirty pamphlet holds information for those looking to learn more before their tour begins.

    You open the booklet with a few scuffled pictures of Pokémon, barely able to identify any of them due to the damaged paper. Even the paragraphs are too scratched up to make any sense of them. The only photo capable of being seen is one of the front of the park, and the words below that read '...Raine's Wildlife Park' is dedicated in providing a joyful journey to anyone wanting to witness how Pokémon live when we leave them in nature, we hope that which you see here changes your way of thinking.'

    You soon step out of the woods and are startled to find before you a scene you didn't quite expect. You place the photo from the pamphlet in front of you and compare it with the structure before you, on closer exception the current state of the park looks worn down, shabby and looks like the place has been nonoperational for quite some time...the grass is unkept and many of the windows are either broken or boarded up, even the ticket stalls are all closed off.

    Whatever happened here, must have happened a long time ago, this becomes even more apparent once you see the large number of vines that have all but covered most of the building.

    Shifting your attention towards the entrance, you find that a pair of large gates which you suspect to be the way inside, are completely blocked off by a chain and master lock.

    What you were hoping for doesn't seem to exist here anymore, but you have to wonder, what has become of the wild Pokémon that once lived here? Could they still be here? You gotta figure, why close off the gate if there wasn't anything beyond it's boarders to protect...or was it closed off to protect others from what's inside...
    - Well this is unexpected...

    Raine's Wildlife Park should, by all accounts, be completely different from the rundown, neglected structure that stood before him. To call this a disappointment would be a colossal understatement. How was he supposed to enjoy the local wildlife if the one place nearby dedicated to preserving it had been abandoned?

    What a spectacular waste of time...

    Gale Windsor, inexperienced as he acknowledged himself to be, was for the most a level-headed young man. He knew when to give up and when to keep going, and always tried his best to avoid acting on instinct... but that was on every other occasion when he was trying to be a "Trainer". Right now, he really just wanted to have some fun. And no key and lock were going to stop him!

    Nobody's going to care if I peek inside. With any luck, the wild specimens will still be inside, even if just a handful of them... And who knows? Maybe there's a story behind the Wildlife Park being closed down. Yeah... no way I'm turning back!

    He approached the main gate with understandable apprehension. It could be that the facility simply wasn't making enough money to cover maintenance costs and had to be shut down... but there was also the possibility that something inside the park had gone awry. He kept telling himself he was nothing but a birdkeeper, never had a battle in his life and wouldn't know how to fight his way out of a paper bag... so what should he do if things got dangerous?

    Heck, none of my birds are even strong enough to break these chains, nor skilled enough to pick the lock... I do have someone with me that's been my lifesaver ever sine we met. Why he puts up with my incompetence is still beyond me... should I keep relying on him all the time? But honestly... do I even have a choice?

    Dejected that he always had to resort to the same Pokemon to get anything relevant done in his travels, Gale whispered an apology for bothering him yet again and tossed the Safari Ball in his hand to the floor. With a powerful flash of light, a massive Goodra materialized, and greeted the Violet-native with the warmest smile Gale had ever seen anyone wear. He'd really been blessed to run into this gem of a Pokemon.

    - H-hey Rhadamanthys... yeah, I kinda... need your help. Again. I'm so sorry!

    The Goodra looked at him, puzzled. Why did his Trainer always apologize so much? He loved helping out, didn't Gale know that by now?

    - You see, I need to get inside. And there's this heavy gate here, with a lock on it... the rest of the gang can't do anything about it. Maybe you could muscle your way through? Y'know, break down the door with a Body Slam or a Power Whip?...

    Rhadamanthys looked at the locked gate and turned to Gale inquisitively. The silver-haired man had no trouble picking up Goodra's hesitation...

    - Yeah. It's illegal. Still... could you?

    The Gooey Pokemon tilted his head slightly, intrigued by his usually-righteous Trainer's shift in behavior, but quickly nodded happily in agreement. There had to be a good reason for Gale to be breaking rules, and he was excited to find out what the motive was!

    As Rhadamanthys approached the gate and prepared to force it open with his boundless power, Gale found himself lost in thought.

    And to think this was the same Pokemon whose blind rage destroyed my entire team when he was under the Rift's control... He's not just the strongest creature I've ever seen, Rhadamanthys has a heart of gold too. To think there are humans out there who can turn even someone like him into a deadly weapon... I'm just glad I could rescue him. Though if that foreigner Kamui hadn't stepped in, I'd probably be dead at this point. I really do have to learn my way around. I can't keep depending on others to do my work for me! I need to be stronger, for Rhadamanthys' and everyone else's sake!

    He'd try his best to get his mind off troubles and enjoy his impromptu, forbidden trip across the closed Wildlife Park - provided Rhadamanthys could get him inside, that was. But once the trip was done, he promised himself he'd work harder than ever not just at bird catching, but at actual fighting... even if the very thought of battling made his stomach turn.

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    [Please reply in Deepskyblue]

    .:Laguna Lake:.

    Lt. BLEU: (Pokémon declared 1/6: Chinchou)

    Your request for a lab coat goes fundamentally unheard, but your interest in her research doesn’t.

    “Please then, allow me to show you something.” Ruby leads on, with you and your Chinchou tailing right along behind her, stopping only when she reaches a directory which had a map of the whole lake and it’s surroundings.

    “You wanted to look into my research correct? Why don’t you take a look at this first.” She motions you to approach the screen, noticing that its a special sort of screen that allows you to scroll through an abundance of info on the lake and the lake’s history. You flicker you finger, and swipe right, until you land on a particular article, the header in bold letters reads: ‘Laguna Lake’s Last Chance?’. The date is also noted to be more then 20 years old and a picture that accompanies it, of a lake much different from what you see here today.

    “Lake Laguna, has been a natural preserve for Pokémon and people alike. People have come from all walks of life to enjoy the sprawling beauty of the lake and it’s inhabitants making it their home...but for serval years now, the water has grown dirty, the creatures that once lived in harmony have become incredibly ill and there’s a question whether it’s humanity’s fault for not taking care of what beauty nature brings to life.”

    Below, you notice a few more pictures: plants withering from terrible conditions, a number of Pokémon having gotten sick from living in and drinking the lake’s water and of an almost empty local. The lake even looks much darker and dirtier then the blue sparkle it has now.

    The lake has suffered from a number of pollutants and has been impaired by algae, including a number of other contaminants. There is but one single hope that might bring Whale Isle’s once famous lake back to it’s former glory, today – 12, FEB, 20XX a press conference was held in front of this very lake by a scientist meeting with the lake committee, promising to fix all the problems the lake has been burdened with as of late. Whether she can bring light to this dark abyss, only time will tell.

    At the near bottom of the page is left but one more photo, a picture of the women that brought back the beauty of the lake. You do a double take, looking at the photo then back at the Scientist. Ruby Halle had certainly a resemblance to the women in the picture but considering the date, it couldn't have been her. Unless of course she was a time traveler or somehow had found the Fountain of Youth.

    “My mother was the leading expert on restoring this lake back to the way it was. Now you see why I was collecting my sample earlier, this lake,” she paused before looking towards the expanding body of water, “It’s what connects her to me, and now there are rumors of the lake having healing properties. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, you know.”

    After a brief moment of silence Ruby turns to you, with a look of someone that just had a wonderful idea. “This is your first time here, isn’t it? I was going to make my usual rounds around the lake, it would be fun to show you around and you can help me with my research like I asked you before, you can even take a look at the system my late mother created.” She pauses before going into a little more detail, “It’s a system that helps clean and maintain the water in it’s natural state. There’s three total, so, I’ll let you pick the first location.” She then walks back to the touch screen directory, pushes a few buttons and brings up the map once again.

    You look at it, noting the three areas she was speaking of earlier.

    The first is a part of the lake that is nicknamed appropriately ‘Wetlands’. From what you can tell it’s covered with many plants, including water lilies and lily pads. The second location is called ‘Duck Park’ and is on the far right, where a small inland is covered in trees, the only way over is by a single bridge connecting it with the mainland. The third location is called ‘Lotus’, the name is exactly what you see on the picture where a number of lotus plants are dotting the water. There was also a number of other facility around, such as the Lake’s Office, a Boathouse and a Storage House. Finally, a statue of the Lady of the Lake – Laguna, seats at the end of the lake as it’s guardian.

    “So, have you decided where you wanted to go?”

    .:Crater Lake:.

    Connor: (Pokémon declared 1/6: Breloom)

    Your body virtually moves on it’s own and despite the obvious distrust your Pokémon may have of you, it seems clear as day that the two of you are on the same train of thought, as you both jump into action without even a second of hesitation.

    The trail is a steep and dusty path to take. It winds down like an endless serpent’s body hunting for it’s prey to an almost impossible to see destination, as a thin layer of fog still obscures your line of vision slightly. You try to slow down, concerned with the harsh turns but forget all about safety when you are reminded that someone is in direr need of help and quickly speed up your pace for a quick descent.

    Firmly on ground level, you notice right away the deafening silence, even more eerily, the stillness of the air.

    The surrounding tree’s are almost motionless and their leaves look suspended in time with no wind blowing anywhere. Whatever your thoughts might be at this moment, they are soon brought back by yet another sudden scream! It rings louder and more desperate to you this time, which means you might be closing in on the source.

    Both of you follow the sound to an open clearing. Your eyes soon fall on a young blonde women, wearing what looks to be a bright orange Ranger Uniform. She’s on the floor, kicking the ground to distance herself from a dark cloaked individual in front of her. Her right arm is bleeding profusely, which she’s holding with her left hand. Her skin is pale as snow, which might be a sign she’s lost too much blood already.

    She’s too preoccupied by what she’s staring at to notice you. In fact, it isn’t until the cloaked individual, whose body is completely covered from head to toe in what looks to be a dark trench coat, dark pants and black combat boots; looks up with a mask of their own, that resembles a mixture of different Pokémon’s faces woven together- that the women looks back, a bit relieved that someone heard her cry for help.

    “Well, looky what we have here. The prominent hero finally shows up! And just in a nick of time too! To save your damsel in distress! Have you come to play with me as well?” the individual says, their voice sounding almost robotic, staticky and if you weren’t mistaken a tad echoey before they start to chuckle an eerie laugh.

    Hero? He must be mistaking you for someone else...though, with your flashy costume and mask you can see how they could have arrived at that conclusion.

    It’s said that when two highly skilled fighters are sizing up their foe, all they need to see is a single stance of their opponent to envision what their next move will be. If that were true, you can easily read your opponent preparing to go for a dash attack; aiming to give you a quick jab to the right of your ribs!

    The cloaked person rushes at you, clearly intent on testing exactly what you got as a fighter!

    Meanwhile, it seems your Breloom catches a glance of something shimmering on the cloak freak’s person, it’s sharp and stained with a red substance...before your sidekick can do anything about it, a Sludge Bomb is hurdled from one of the many trees surrounding him! Both of you only have a second to react!

    How do you respond?

    .:Pirate’s Cove:.

    Ex-Admiral Insane: (Pokémon declared 4/6: Wailord, Dusclops, Zubat and Tynamo)

    The weather was not your friend, the picturesque scene from moments ago was all but forgotten by the violent riptides and increasing harsh winds. Some darkened clouds begin to swirl together, blocking the sun entirely and as luck would have it, it starts to rain and suddenly it’s pouring!!!

    You have Pearl use Whirlpool, matching her own swirling water against the oceans. Her’s are going in the opposite direction and soon the two swirling waters collide, causing them to disappear almost instantly! She does this a few more times, with water spinning out of her mouth, clearing a path for her to swim across. Allowing your group to get closer to the edge of the island.

    While at the same time, Dusclops and Tynamo try working together to save the girl that looks to be swimming much slower then she had been previously. The strength of the tide is definitely pushing them to their limit, with her and her Pokémon growing increasingly more tired with each passing second.

    Dusclops floats out into the air, trying to maintain as steady as possible for Annabel to pull the rope ahead, trying to get close enough for the girl to grab hold of.

    The girl catches on to your plan and uses her left hand to grasp the Escape Rope you cleverly thought to use. She clings onto the rope beginning to climb onto it with her partner holding on tightly right behind. Her expression is one of gratitude and Dusclops seems even relieved that he no longer foresees the shadow of death upon them, until...

    While climbing on to the rope, the rope snaps! And the girl screams, holding on to her Pokémon partner, Clauncher, as they both begin a free fall back to the rushing water!

    Annabel acts on her own and pushes the young girl and her Pokémon on to the giant Wailord, while Dusclops’ expression quickly changes. His single eye no longer calm, instead it’s angry and beady, looking around frantically as if searching for something in the water!

    The weather couldn’t have cut the rope clean as it did...which meant that someone or something cut the rope on purpose, but who? And how can anyone see with the weather as it is?

    That’s when Pearl gives a loud groan as if she were in pain and begins flailing uncontrollably, nearly tossing everyone over board.

    You don’t understand, at least not right away but you check your Wailord from all sides and find she’s being Bitten by two Carvanhas on both sides of her fins! And as if things couldn’t get any worse, your Dusclops spots the one responsible for cutting your rope earlier...

    A single sharp fin emerges from the depths before jumping out of the water where a clearly pissed off Sharpedo shows it’s ugly mug! It’s angry that you helped it’s prey get away but looks like it’s giddy pink that you’d be so willing to allow a Wailord to enter their territory.

    To say you’re in between a rock and a hard place would be putting it mildly...and it doesn’t look like the Sharpedo or its cohorts are going to allow their next meal to escape so easily this time.

    What will you do?

    .:Suicune’s Effigy:.

    Coolz: (Pokémon declared 2/6: Treecko and Vanillite)

    Looking at the skillfully crafted statue reminds you of a time long passed. A time...when you were much younger and your mind was vastly more innocent. What you feel taking in the masterpiece is whatever you make of it. Reminded of a pervious journey with people with malice intent. Questions of whether these individuals still existed or have changed brings questions to your mind. Those thoughts soon interrupted by another question-

    “Magnificent, isn’t it?” a deep and raspy voice speaks loudly to you, catching you by surprise.

    The voice came from a much older gentlemen standing a few feet from you, looking quite intently at the statue.

    Had he always been standing there?

    He wore a comfy looking - though somewhat discolored green coat over a buttoned up white shirt, with brown over sized slacks and matching slippers. His clothes looked old with some tattered holes in them. His hair was practically snow white, from what you could see of it anyway, as he had a matching cap covering his head and you notice he was maintaining his balance with a cane. The helm artfully crafted in an image of a Swanna head. With all the wrinkles on his face and patches on his skin, you estimate him to be in his late to mid seventies.

    When he speaks again, he doesn’t look at you directly, still in awe of the presence of the statue... “I used to want to meet this Pokémon. I had chased many leads in my youth, any clue or sighting, even a whisper or a rumor – I was there in a heartbeat. I never got close enough to cornering it...though, there was just that one time.” The man paused, this time looking at you straight in the eye, the color of his eyes a piercing shade of icy light blue – on an even closer inspection, you notice his pupils are almost pure white.

    You can feel his gaze, but soon come to the conclusion, this man was blind! What’s more, you notice a puff of blue feathers sticking out behind the elderly man’s leg, accompanied with a yellow beak on the front. Was this Pokémon, the old man’s aid?

    “Piplup?” The Penguin peeked it’s head out, looking at you and your partners Treecko and Vanillite cautiously.

    “I saw it once. For a brief moment, before I lost my sight. The way it moved, it may be a Water Type but the sheer level of elegance, it’s beautiful appearance and it’s running grace, why, I’d say it could be an Ice Type if it wanted to! Haha!” The old man chuckles, he’s laughter a cheerful one, reminiscent of a time long forgotten. Still, there’s a hint of sadness mixed in there as well...

    “Those were the days...” He sighs heavily, before looking up at the statue. Even though he was blind as a Zubat, you could feel the old man was truly envisioning the cold piece of marble in front of him, “but those days are also over.” He says to you with an even heavier heart.

    He places his hand on the cool stone, silent for a moment and closes his eyes as if saying a silent pray - one contained in his heart before he slowly moves away from it. “Lets get going darling.” He speaks softly to his Pokémon Piplup, who makes sure the elderly man doesn’t trail off the path leading towards a small town nearby.

    “If you want to hear more of my story, why not come visit me at my cottage? It has been a long time since I’ve entertained any guests. I’m sure if your a fan of Suicune like I am, you’ll enjoy hearing my encounter with it.” He waves to you before departing.

    The old man seemed kind, though somewhat odd...this did present a somewhat unique opportunity. Would you be willing to take up the old man’s offer to learn more of the Pokémon behind the statue? Or do you decide, to look for something else to do?

    .:Raine’s Wildlife Park:.

    MarbleZone: (Pokémon declared 1/6: Goodra)

    Goodra takes a running start, using it’s whole Body to try to pack enough of a punch to Slam down the gate. The gooey Pokémon makes use of it’s natural slim to make itself slide faster, giving a stronger impact then normal. The gate budges slightly, one of it’s hinges coming loose in the process, but it still wasn’t enough to give a proper opening. Prepared for this, Goodra takes a step back before striking with yet another move- a Powerful Whip that packs enough gusto to not only allow you entry inside but knocks one of the doors on it’s sides completely!

    The door slams onto the ground, with a big *thud* and a cloud of dust that follows soon after. Nervously, as if you’ve done something wrong, you look around you to see if anybody saw or heard what you had just done. Soon reminded that the vicinity was clearly devoid of anyone around.

    Goodra smiles back at you, hoping it’s done exactly what you’ve asked of it. And while thankful for it’s assistance, you wonder if it might’ve gone a tad overboard...

    You step in, nervously. Quite unsure as to the reasons for the parks closure. As you pass the large gates with your Pokémon partner next to you, you feel a rush of adrenaline course through your veins. This isn’t something your personality would normally allow you to do, but, having come so far already, what’s the harm of a breaking the rules a tiny bit?

    You pass through some rotating stalls, ticketless of course. And find a few scattered pamphlets laying around the ground. Deciding to pick one up, in hopes the guide can inform you in what the park was once like. You press on, opening up the booklet and notice a few areas of interest.

    You’re standing in the front of the parking, where a gigantic rotating sphere with multiple rings spin in different directions. The mechanism is probably one you’ve seen around before and find the working contraption odd at first, considering that everything was meant to be abandoned- even the electricity that once ran the place but on closer exception you take note of the ‘Solar Friendly’ sign which might have put you’re mind at ease.

    Further up are a few strategically placed Gift Shops, in hopes to entice those that pass by on their way in and out of the park. Passed that, in the middle was set to be the grand unveiling of a special kind of ride that the park had planned before it’s closure. A virtual ride that took people on a wild ride through a prehistoric adventure- Aerodactyl’s Chase! On the left, down a set of escalators are a bunch of Restaurants scattered about, including a water ride, featured as one of the few aquatic themed locals- Mantine’s Flight! Next to it, is an aquatic museum which you have to go through before reaching the famous Wailord’s Marine Show stage!

    On the far end, on the right side of the virtual ride is the parks number one attraction- Raine’s Wildlife Experience! Dubbing as a natural preserve and covering 1/3’d of the park, the park would take its patrons on a Safari-style Tram, visiting many of the facilities of Pokémon rescued throughout the world! If a Pokémon found a trainer worthy, the trainer would then have the opportunity to battle with it to see if it could be taken home with them. Only one Pokémon, per trainer, per visit was allowed however.

    With so many choices, it’s up to you to decide where you would like to explore first. Of course, many of the parks areas might be drastically different from what the descriptions of the venues used to be.

    As you think of your options, Goodra soon points to something you have failed to notice you had been standing on all this time. Graffitied on the cement floor, in big red bold letters seemed to be a warning: “When the lives of Pokémon are out weighed by profit or for the entertainment of people, only one thing remains. Pain.”

    And who knows, you might even uncover the mystery behind the closure of the park yet...

    Where would you like to go?

    .:Hydro-Electric Dam:.

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