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**Flame Mistress: The Big Wheel is large, larger than you would have ever expected it to be. And it appears that the ticket booth is unmanned. You and Flare walk up to it, to see if perhaps there is someone in there. Instead there is a sign plastered against the front of the booth, that reads ‘Big Wheel is free and automated, *just enter and ride will start’. Well that sounds easy, doesn’t it? Too bad you don’t know the true horror behind the Big Wheel. You and Flare walk over and sit in a seat. The carriage door closes and the ride starts. It slowly starts, and picks up momentum… and doesn’t stop. The speed that it is going at is far beyond what is safe, and it only keeps increasing. You sit in your seat screaming, louder and louder until your vision fades.

**“Is she alive?”

**You slowly open your eyes to find yourself staring at a very gaunt looking down at you. “I do believe that she is,” he says to a… Vulpix?

**“She must have ridden the Big Wheel,” says the fire type. “When will people ever learn that riding creepy rides really will never end well. Well girl, I am Volcanus, fire type extraordinaire, and that man over there is Festus.”

**You take a couple of second to look around at your surroundings, which appeared to be a dank cave with a small fire in it. Then it hits you, where is Flare? Your vulpix is missing, who knows where she ended up.

**What will you do?
Riding the Wheel certainly hadn't been a very good idea at all. One second, Charlotte was sitting inside her carriage as the Wheel started to move, and the next, she was screaming her lungs out, clutching her dear Flare for comfort with one hand and hanging on to her seat for dear life, as it sped up without showing any signs of slowing down. The last thing Charlotte remembered before blacking out was finally letting go of her seat and banging her head... somewhere...

...Then Charlotte suddenly found herself in a damp, gloomy cave, its only light source being the small fire in the middle of the cave. A man and a Vulpix were talking to one another, while they were looking down at her. Charlotte almost hugged the Vulpix, but then quickly realised that the Vulpix wasn't Flare, let alone female; the Vulpix introduced himself as Volcanus, a "Fire-Type Extraordinaire, and the man as Festus.*

Speaking of Flare, Charlotte noticed that Flare was nowhere to be seen; Volcanus and Festus were still talking to each other about the Big Wheel, but the girl wasn't paying any attention to their conversation. She needed to find Flare soon, and fast - without Flare, well, she didn't even want to think about it...

"Um, excuse me," Charlotte spoke up, albeit a little bit nervously - after all, for all she knew, they could be murderers or rapists, and she didn't trust strangers easily. "Have you two seen a female Vulpix anywhere, perhaps? She... she's wearing a red neckerchief, and, well, um, she's my Pokémon, you see..." Charlotte trailed off, unable to continue. The thoughts of losing Flare forever was plaguing her mind enough already.*