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Mantine Mania: A water-based ride with a twist, not only do you ride through what used to be the serene decorative gardens, there is a waterfall drop and even an underwater segment. Pokémon are rumoured to live in the water and the various surroundings, but if you plan on leaving the ride be wary of getting lost in the now-jungle-like gardens as it could prove to be a very dangerous trek.

"Nav?" TA said with a gulp as he looked at the huge water ride in front of him. "Remind me why we decided to come here again?"

"Treecko," Nav replied with a shudder. "Treecko, Tree."

At least TA wasn't the only one who was scared. He had come here on a dare, and wasn't particularly excited about his fun-filled amusement vacation. After striking every ride but the "Mantine Mania", mostly due to his fear of ghosts and Nav's ability to fight water types, he was left with only one option. Looking at the ride, though, he was starting to have second thoughts.

"There's no way this thing passed Fizzy Bubbles' national safety standards." TA paused. "Then again, I guess there's a reason the park got shut down. Nav, do you think this is a good idea?"

Nav gulped, but nodded. "Treecko."

"Alright then." TA took a deep breath as the trainer and Pokemon stepped towards the ride.