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    uhhhhh- The Drifloon puffs up angrily as Connor delivers his speech, which seems to make the Drifloon quite impatient; even worse, Connor's decision seems to imply even more wasted time to the Drifloon, who waves his balloony appendages with rage. The Drifloon looks as if it is about to pop with fury, and indeed, when it exhales, its airy, high-pitched scream nearly shatters the mirrors around it; WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL YOU AND SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL THE MOMENT IT POPS IF YOU DON'T- The Drifloon squeaks as it runs out of air; it narrows its eyes at Connor, its energy expended from the vicious exhale of angry words. It reinflates a bit, before exhaling in a tiny voice, I miss having lungs... The Drifloon suddenly seems a bit sad. Connor wonders what it means by this latest burst of speech. Could the Drifloon be implying that it used to be human...?

    As if on cue, a sickening pop echoes through the House of Mirrors; Connor's purple balloon begins falling down to earth, deflating as it goes, but it stops its descent at Connor's eye level; the rubber morphs into one of the most horrific faces Connor has ever seen, as it floats towards Connor with bulging, rubber eyes; it looks like saliva is dripping from the rip in the rubbery material, as if the balloon has suddenly acquired a mouth. Connor can hear the demonic thing laughing in his head... The Drifloon, acting quickly, uses Gust to blow the balloon away from Connor, though the evil thing is far from defeated. It gets up with an infuriated expression in its rubber face, looking ready to murder the little balloon Pokemon. The Drifloon motions to Connor and Gaspard, as if urging them to join in the fight; for the first time, Connor and Gaspard can sense nervousness in the little creature.

    How will the pair respond?
    "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL YOU AND SUCK OUT YOUR SOUL THE MOMENT IT POPS IF YOU DON'T-" the Drifloon screams at Connor before squeaking due to the lack of air. Connor and Gaspard were shocked at the violent outburst and both had to cover their ears, its scream a bit too high-pitched for them. The Drifloon reinflated itself before speaking again, "I miss having lungs," the Drifloon said with a sad expression on its face. Connor seemed to be a bit confused at what the balloon had said, "Lungs? Was this Drifloon... human before?" Connor thought. "Hey, Drifloon, mind if I ask something? Were you-"


    A sickening pop was heard throughout the room and Connor and Gaspard looked up to see the balloon from earlier slowly falling down to the ground. It then stopped at Connor's eye level and morphed into a very horrific face, with eyes bulging out and a mouth with what seemed to be saliva, dripping out of it. Connor could have sworn he could hear the balloon laugh in his head. The photographer froze in terror, not knowing what to do next as the evil balloon was very close to literally sucking the life out of him. Suddenly, a Gust blew away the balloon from Connor and the windy feeling snapped Connor back to his senses. The demonic balloon looked angry at this and seemed to want to murder the Drifloon. Drifloon then motioned both Connor and Gaspard to help it fight against the thing. Connor nodded at the Drifloon's request, whatever doubts about the balloon Pokemon has now faded. "Gaspard, you know what to do. Two Pursuits and a Fire Punch!" he ordered Gaspard who quickly sprung into action against the demonic balloon.

    After giving Gaspard orders to attack, Connor thought of the recent events. The image of the balloon killing Connor while the balloon transformed itself into a Drifloon... The Drifloon who seemed to know what was going on... the Drifloon saddened about something in its past life... and the evil balloon in front of them now who seemed to be after Connor. All these events suddenly make sense as the photographer put two and two together. His eyes widened and shook his head at the absurdity of the thought that just came. "No way, that's crazy! But it's the only thing I can think of right now that makes sense and if that's true, then that Drifloon from the image from earlier... it wasn't this Drifloon. It was a balloon that turned into a Drifloon. And that Drifloon was... me. I'M the Drifloon in that image. I got that image all wrong!" if his theory was true, then the Drifloon with them now was most likely an unfortunate victim of a different balloon which it resides in now. "Hey... is this what you're trying to prevent? To not have me end up... like you did?" he asked the Drifloon with a somber tone yet his voice failed to hide the fear he has inside him.
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