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Itzatrap- Deceptively cute and childish with its bright colors and cartoon smiles, many visitors to the Haunted Theme Park mistakenly assume that Mantine Mania is the "safer" option amidst the cursed, corrupted mechanical marvels that fill the Phantom Isle. Rob, however, is under no such delusion; keeping the park's gristly past in mind, the young man who now approaches Mantine Mania is fully aware that this former kiddie ride is capable nowadays of just as many thrills and chills as the other Theme Park attractions. Rob thinks to himself that he is surrounded by the smell of mystery as he travels through the Park... Perhaps the true mystery is what mystery actually smells like. Is it the soft, playful scent of popcorn that drifts from empty, long-abandoned stands? Is it the oddly crisp scent of the abnormally cool air that suffocates the Summer breeze as it attempts to breathe warmth into the Park? Is it the faint, yet distinct tinny smell that just blew past Rob's nostrils, which reminds him quite disturbingly of blood? Whatever it is, there is certainly an indistinguishable, yet ominous something in the air here that sends chills down Rob's spine. Not wanting to be alone in such a place, Rob calls out Judis, who seems overly enthusiastic about the spooky atmosphere in which she finds herself. Perhaps it is the darkness within her typing that draws her to this place. Either way, she is happy to be exploring Mantine Mania, though seems slightly indignant at the fact that she cannot go out exploring on her own. Like a rebellious child, she is reigned in by her trainer with the half-joking statement that Rob may need her for "protection." Certainly, in a place like this, one can never be too safe.

The Mantine Mania lobby is full of dust and smells faintly of mold, clearly having been abandoned for a long time. Beneath the dirt and graffiti, old signs hint at the popularity of the ride in its heyday, and the joy of land and sea adventures for both children and trainers alike. Three different "breeds" of Mantine car are featured, advertised fairly equally in the lobby, with the benefits of each clearly being played up. One Mantine boasts the ability to "fly" above the forest and lakes fabricated for the ride, with clear top and bottom to give the wonderous illusion of flying through the air. Another Mantine, which "surfs" along the river, is advertised as being a wonderful option for more adventurous children, with flume-like plunges to really get one's heart going. Finally, there is a Mantine car shaped like a little submarine, which "dives" beneath the water to give the rider an up-close and personal look at the marine Pokemon which inhabit the undersea world of Mantine River. All three options sound enticing when reading their descriptions, though Rob can't help but wonder how the "scenic, Pokemon-filled" forest and "beautiful blue depths" of the river have changed since the ride's abandonment...

As Rob and Judis consider their options, the faint sound of rustling echoes from behind the pair. The two turn around, and see nothing... Was it just their imagination? Certainly, rustling could be caused by a number of things, including harmless breezes. Exploring the lobby might be a good option if the pair is curious about that strange little sound, or they may decide to continue into the Mantine Mania ride and ignore the noise. After all, what could be more thrilling than the very ride itself?

What will Rob and Judis do?
(Thanks again for updating me! Forgot Judis is in the Daycare so I'll unfortunately recall her from the end of the update. =( I'll let you out again Judis!)

"What's this?" the young trainer asked himself as he saw the different types of Mantine's, all of which demanded to be riden by the trainer and his companion. "Flying Mantine...hmmm." Rob quickly imagined the flying Mantine stop in the middle of the ride, and then plummet. "I don't think we would make if it broke down. Don't want to get stuck there with no way out, or if it comes crashing down." In his younger years, while visiting his family, he went to a carnival. He could not wait to try out every single ride, that is until he got to the Ferrathorn Wheel. The traumatizing event left him stranded for hours, which as child multiplied to days for him. He never got over getting in machines that took him up in the air...

"Surfing Mantine..." No visions of doom came upon this one, until he thought to himself, "Guess I can swim should something go wrong...unless it is filled with dangerous man-eating Pokémon..." "Diving Mantine.." "I could also swim..." While all options definitely seemed like fun, albeit a little scary (A lot in the flying Mantine's case), he could not help to think worst possible scenarios for the old rides that looks like they weren't that well maintained anymore. He then remembered his ground type friend. "I don't think I should take her just yet, especially to a water ride." There was an anxious look on the Sandile as she waited for Rob to make a decision, looking into her eyes, which were desperate to have an adventure with her trainer. A faint sound of rustling echoes was then heard by both Rob and Judis, which alarmed the trainer quite a bit as he turned around to take a look. Judis on the other hand seemed thrilled that there were signs of something possibly being there.

The trainer grabbed her Pokéball, and under protest, she got absorbed by the Pokéball, which he then clipped to his belt. "Sorry girl, I'll let you out again soon." he said, still keeping a nervous eye aroubd as he then grabbed another Pokéball and pressed the opening mechanism. A light emerged from inside the ball, which took the shape of a quadruped, with white fur and black tail and something that looked like a horn on the side of her head. "Absol!" the young creature growled, quite excited that she is in such an amazing place, at least for her. "Melantha, I think we should go back to the lobby to see what that noise I heard was, be alert for anything suspicious, okay?" She nodded in agreement as he continued, "After all, if there is nothing, we can come back after we check it out right?" She nodded once again, "Let's go then!" He said, trying to sound as excited as Melantha appeared to be as they started to investigate the origin of the mysterious sound.