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Phantom Isle
The Haunted Theme Park

The Park
Fortune Teller's Tent: Situated in the shadows cast by the majestic circus tent is a much smaller tent which once housed a mystical woman who was said to have powers beyond that of a regular human, being able to see not only into the past, but also into the future. She passed away not too long before the closure of the theme park but nobody thought anything of it, since she was getting on in years. Today, there is still a light coming from her tent, so could it be she still lingers in the theme park, waiting for her next customer?

"Geez, Blaze, we're lost," Eric announced to his Growlithe companion. They had been wandering throughout the massive theme park for hours now, looking for the Fortune Teller's Tent. Ever since he had arrived at Phantom Isle, Eric had been adamant about the possibility of having his very own fortune revealed. He wondered constantly what it would be like to know the future, eagerly awaiting for this trip to the mysterious fortune teller. Rumors had popped up in the past few years saying that the mystic who read the fortunes had passed on, but equally convincing stories had also stated that the attraction was still in business. Either way, lights could be seen from the tent at night, and Eric was bent on unearthing the mystery that plagued this portion of the park. But he had to find it first...

Sighing in exasperation, Eric spun around after hitting another dead-end road, all the while looking for any sort of sign to point him in the right direction. Blaze kept at his heels, sniffing the ground for any unusual oddities. Despite the electric lights emanating off the many attractions of the park, Eric had to admit that this section of Phantom Isle was pretty creepy. Heck, all of it was creepy. Spirits and ghosts were known to inhabit the area, although Eric had not run into anything ethereal... yet.

At the next intersection in the road, Eric did a double take. There, right across the street, next to a massive circus big-top, stood a tiny, dingy tent. Patches of different pieces of cloth were wound together to form the structure, giving it a unique flair. Over the entrance to the tent hung a small sign: "FORTUNE TELLER -- DELVE INTO THE MYSTERIES OF THE BEYOND." He had just passed by this intersection a few minutes ago, and could have sworn that the tent hadn't been there. The hair on his arms rose slightly as a weird, sinking sensation blossomed in his stomach: fear.

Gulping down a sudden fit of nerves, Eric called Blaze over. They had finally found it, and, although he was a little excited, he couldn't help but hold the feeling that something wasn't right here. Suddenly tense, Eric took a few steps and pushed the tent's cloth door aside...