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gmoyes- Alex realizes that there might be more to the glitched Slowpoke he's fighting against than meets the eye... Still, until proven otherwise, it was best to assume that this Slowpoke would operate by the rules of the game. As such, Alex orders himself to THUNDERBOLT the creature as soon as he is able. Unsurprisingly, Alex's speed surpasses the Slowpoke's, and he goes first. The Thunderbolt animation shows up on the screen, and based on the sound of the hit, it was super-effective as planned. The Slowpoke's HP, though it takes a while to drain, goes down, down, down... CRITICAL HIT! shows up on the screen before the SUPER-EFFECTIVE announcement, and it appears that it was exactly the bit of luck that Alex and Red needed. The Slowpoke faints without a hitch. Alex can't help but feel that the game gave him quite the stroke of luck... The pair are told that they defeated the Youngster, who appears on the screen with that same intense glare as before.

"He chose a world that doesn't want him anymore," the Youngster says in response to his defeat.

The screen fades and returns them to the shrubbery maze right in front of the Youngster they had recently defeated. Red decides that he doesn't want to hear what this creepy Youngster has to say after the battle, and immediately activates Pidgey and Flies back to Lavender Town. The moment the pair return to the eerie little town, they find themselves running as fast as they can out of it... The music has become completely unbearable, complete with horrific screeching and hints of whispers echoing through the music. For the sake of their sanity, the two bolt out of Lavender town; the moment they step into the neighboring Route 8 the start menu flares up on the screen. "Here we go... I hope this gets us out of here," Red's text box says as he closes out of the menu, and the screen flashes in a familiar way to indicate that a wild Pokemon has appeared. When Mew manifests, however, despite it looking like the same old pixilated pink cat that so many Pokefans adored, its aura feels strangely... real to Alex.

"A wild MEW appeared," the text beneath Mew announces. Mew's level manifests as ???, giving Red a bit of a pause. Even so, he still calls out his trusted Porygon, hoping that they might run into the same bit of luck as before.

The options, once again, are FIGHT, PKMN, ITEM and RUN. Your attacks are the same as before. Before you choose, however, a text box appears...

"Who are you?"

At first, Alex thinks this might be Red, but a text box saying, "Um, I'm not sure... I guess I'm RED in this world," appears beneath it. Could it be that Mew is speaking...?

"You aren't RED. Where is RED? Where did he go?"

Red does not respond right away. He seems to be waiting for his trusty Porygon to weigh in on the situation.

How will Alex react?

Alex was stunned that the Thunderbolt managed to hit it for a critical hit one shot knock out. That was way too easy. What was the point of overleveling it if he was going knock it out in one blow anyway? Well whatever happened, they managed to get this step of the plan done. The Slowpoke fell and its trainer came up for his losing speech.

"He chose a world that doesn't want him anymore."

Uh, what? That certainly wasn’t right. But then the battle field disappeared and Red immediately opened up the menu to get Freedom to fly them back to Lavender Town. Alex was glad, the sooner this was over with, the better.

When the duo touched down in the creepy town, Red immediately covered his ears while Alex wished he could do so himself. The eerie music turned into a chaos of screeches and voices. They sprinted/floated out of the town as fast as they could. As they took their first few steps back onto Route 8, a menu popped up. Red stated that this was it and Alex shared the sediment. The trainer closed the menu and a battle was started. Alex was relieved as the pink cat-like pokemon took its place for the battle. Alex was confused for a moment because the opponent’s stat bar listed its level as a bunch of question marks. But it didn’t really matter, all they had to do was throw a Masterball at it and-

“Who are you?”

Alex inwardly frowned. He didn’t say that and Red knew who this was. It must have been the Mew. Red introducing himself confirmed it. This was more than a simple game construct. But the psychic type’s response was odd. It said that he wasn’t Red. The trainer didn’t have a response so Alex put one in himself. “THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE RED YOU KNEW. I AM ACTUALLY A HUMAN. WE ARE BOTH TRAPPED IN HERE AND YOU WERE THE FIRST THING WE THOUGHT OF THAT COULD GET US OUT HERE. PLEASE MEW, WE NEED YOUR HELP. WE DON’T BELONG HERE. IF YOU CAN’T AT LEAST POINT US IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.”

Alex kept the cursor close to the bag button, but didn’t hit it yet. Trying to cram it into a pokeball wouldn’t make it help them. It would be better to sort this out without conflict.