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The Park
Kiddie Arenas: Sixteen kiddie battle arenas are scattered throughout the park, each devoted to a specific Pokémon type. They're not very big as these were simply a testing ground for children under ten to practice their battle skills with rented Pokémon, though these days they're a little more treacherous.
Phantom Isle, no longer as welcoming as it once was. Purportedly the most haunted area in all of Fizzytopia. And here they were, a 22-year-old Pokemon Trainer and his Gastly, simultaneously roaring in eerily similar laughter.

"OK, OK, and then the next day," the Gastly was saying to his trainer in perfect English, "The first mate goes up to the captain, right? And this time, he says, 'Captain, twenty enemy ships on the horizon!' And, and the captain says, he says, 'Bring me my brown pants.' HA!" At the punch line, both Keith and his Gastly exploded with laughter.

"I gotta remember that one," Keith laughed. "Where do you come up with these jokes, Chuck?"

"I've spent eight years aimlessly wandering the spirit world before being reincarnated as a Gastly," Chuck grinned. "You tend to pick up a thing or two in there."

"Heh. Well, here we are," said Keith. "Phantom Isle. Where do you want to go first, Chuck?"

"Hmm," Chuck murmured, apparently thinking. "Well, there are supposed to be kiddy battling arenas here, are there not? Reported to be a tad more treacherous than they used to be?"

"I've heard that, yeah," nodded Keith. "I'm guessing you're up for a battle?"

"Well, not quite yet," admitted the Gastly. "Having said that, I couldn't help but notice that lovely little yellow disc in your backpack," he added.

"And you want me to teach you Thunderbolt," Keith grinned.

"Were you saving it for someone?" asked Chuck.

"Truth be told, I knew I would use it on someone, just couldn't decide on who. If it'll help you get ready for battle, then I don't see why not." As he said this, he dug the TM Thunderbolt out of his backpack and placed it on Chuck's forehead. The Gastly absorbed the disc into his body and instantly learned how to use Thunderbolt.

"Mm, yes, this is perfect," grinned Chuck. "Now I'm ready."

"As am I, so let's go," replied Keith as the duo headed off for the arenas.