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Thread: Phantom Isle - The Haunted Theme Park

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
    ~Please reply in Slategray~

    The Hotel

    Entertainment Room
    Electric Blue Eye:
    The Gastly emerged itself from its shaded slumber and the two of you converse abruptly. Your Pokémon questions you on where you were before his eyes fall on the machines. ’While we’re both here,’ you thought, ‘we might as well play some games,’ wanting to take your mind of off your situation and let the morning sun awake you on a new day.

    You insert the coins steadily, one each for starters. You, as the living human trainer, were to play the Game of Death, while you’re partner James, a Ghost-typed Gastly, was to play the Game of Life. Giratina himself couldn’t have made a more ironic choice on this matter but perhaps that was the point of your decision; to invoke a sense of surprise and fun.

    Instantly, the screens buzz alive with activity and make a few bleeping sounds. The screen’s logo, a sword in a cracked skull, appeared atop the company logo ‘Darrlow Enterpises’ in white colours on a blank background. The words and logo faded and an 8-bit scratching music played a melancholic organ in a thunderstorm. Melancholic for you though; your Gastly was given a chirpy choir during a spring festival. The menu opened up for both of you and you see a pixelated colosseum of some sort adorning the background. You were given the choice of playing with three characters:

    1. The Psychic Type Gallade: Good Attack, Bad Defence
    Moves: Psycho Cut, Slash, Feint
    Super: Close Combat

    2. The Ghost Type Aegislash: Good Defence, Bad Speed
    Moves: Shadow Claw, Sacred Sword, Block
    Super: King’s Shield

    3.The Dark Type Bisharp: Good Speed, Bad Attack
    Moves: Night Slash, Metal Claw, Protect
    Super: Guillotine

    Either you or James decides to speak first on the matter and it becomes quickly apparent that the two of you are not given the same choice. James’ screen on the Game of Life provides him instead with the that of three other players to choose from:

    1. The Grass Type Chesnaught: Good Defence, Bad Attack
    Moves: Wood Hammer, Hammer Arm, Protect
    Super: Spiky Shield

    2. The Fire Type Blaziken: Good Speed, Bad Defence
    Moves: Fire Punch, Hi-Jump Kick, Feint
    Super: Blaze Kick

    3.The Water Type Samurott: Good Attack, Bad Speed
    Moves: Aqua Tail, Mega Horn, Block
    Super: Razor Shell

    The two of you puzzle momentarily when making your choice, perhaps exchanging information or deciding to keep it quiet from the other. Or perhaps, with your dishonest background you would opt to deceive your Pokémon. Either way, you both make your choice and are given another option of which game mode you would like to play.

    1. Arena – Pit yourself against the computer players with increasing difficulty. Aim to reach the Final Boss and place your name on the high-score board.

    2. Survival – Pit yourself against low-tiered mobs of creepers. More and more will join the fight and it is your job to stay alive as long as possible. Aim to survive the longest and place your final time on the scoreboard.

    3. Combat – Face another player on a different console and fight to the death. Best out of 5 matches wins the cup.

    There was a fourth option to play co-operatively on ‘Arena’ and ‘Survival’ but it appeared to be unavailable until the option was unlocked somehow. Nevertheless, you have been given the choice of three Pokémon gladiators and three types of Game Mode. All free to pick in any combination, but once you’d make a decision, the game was set and you would be unable to revert your choice or get your credit back. Obviously, you can’t let a machine take your money just like that, so you knew you would have to be careful about making the right choice the first time.

    What do you want to do?

    "Maybe I should have gone with the Game of Life, man are those Pokémon tempting to play as, but Protect and Spiky Shield? Isn't that a tad redundant?" Ethan commented on one of his Gastly's options.

    "We can switch if you want...if you're too scared to play a simple game with the word ‘Death’ in the title! Muwahaha!"

    "Not scared...besides should you really be making light of death?"

    "I'm technically alive aren't I? In a way, you could say I even cheated death or...death cheated me..." James almost sounded sad for a moment before looking back at Ethan with a smile, "...but anyways, tell me, You are going for the Ghost Type, aren't you? Haha!" James laughed, teasing his trainer to see if he would stick with his preferred type.

    The two weren't similar in fighting style at all, while this was all just a bunch of pixelated images Ethan's experience as a trainer had taught him that he preferred working with Pokémon that excelled in Strength and Speed but he also enjoyed thinking on his feet and there was one Pokémon among those listed that intrigued him enough to give it a try. James on the other hand was more about indirect approaches such as using tricks to immobilize or slowly drain his foes of energy before striking them down, but his options all seemed to be more focused on raw power then anything else. Both of their preferences seemed to effect their choices somewhat slightly; Ethan decided to go with Aegislash, the Royal Sword Pokémon and James picked Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon hoping to speed through the game as quickly as possible. However as they went on to decide which Mode they wanted to fight in, both strayed from fighting each other right off the bat.

    "As much as I'd want to battle you in an all or nothing fight, maybe it'd be wise to test the limits of the game?" Ethan suggested, "After each of us have gotten a feel for the game, we'll see whose the better battler!"

    "You're on!" James agreed.

    Ethan wanted to know what the final boss in the game would be like, would each version feature a different boss at the end? So even though he initially wanted to go with Story Mode as his choice he felt that if they could figure out how to unlock the co-op mode, he'd prefer it if he could fight alongside his Starter and find out together.

    In the end they both choose to go with Survival Mode.

    "Joy sticks ready..." Ethan said, "Go!"

    "First one to get KO'd buys dinner!" James declared.

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