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    Default The Glacier Islands - The Arctic Zone

    The Glacier Islands
    The Arctic Zone

    A chain of islands made up of enormous glaciers set deep in the Southern Ocean. The weather is extremely harsh and if you're not careful you could freeze to death in an instant. It's so cold that even with increases of a few degrees, temperatures will generally remain below the melting point of ice (0°C or 32°F). A relentless and unwelcoming terrain, people rarely ever set foot here before the discovery of precious metal ores buried deep within the ice. Since then, as the mining industry has grown, so too have people's general interest in the region. This influx of people has resulted in the discovery of areas nobody previously knew existed as well as Pokémon that are rarely seen in warmer climates. These discoveries have led to stories of strange and wonderful places, and as word spreads more and more people are visiting the Glacier Islands. Perhaps the most surprising, and as yet unfounded, story about these glaciers are the rumoured reports of a secret area where a mysterious and very strong Pokémon resides, sleeping deep within the ice. Whether there is any truth to it or not, this rumour has attracted Pokémon trainers who now roam the Glacier Islands in search of this mystery area.

    The Polar Region
    Once covered by an ice sheet the polar ice caps are made up of many icebergs and glaciers, some more habitable than others. Icy islands, frozen forests, chilly caverns, and much more are providing people with plenty of reason to explore. Recently, a number of settlements have risen as those who wish to explore the area more thoroughly have set up for long-term stays.

    Alpha Station: A research base set up on a large iceberg near the main mining colony, Alpha Station is the largest of the research stations in the polar region. Data collected from the other research centres in the region are sent here for examination.

    The Icy Wastelands: A dry region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation. No sand here, only ice and snow for miles and miles. Not the most ideal place for a holiday but whatever floats your boat. Some Pokémon roam these plains but for the most part take the surroundings into their personalities; cold, harsh and deadly...

    The Settlements: The native Eskimo's have settlements all over the Glacier Islands so it's quite possible you'll stumble across one of them during your travels. Some locals are more tourist friendly than others, so don't always be expecting a friendly smile from the Glacier Island natives.

    Terror Mountain: Sitting in the centre of the Glacier Islands is an iceberg of monolithic proportions known only as Terror Mountain. Taller than the highest of the Arctic Alps, many rumours abound of a ghost town set somewhere within its icy ranges but due to the avalanches common to this mountain no one has ever returned to verify its existence.

    Snowstorm Isle: A large glacier, once a calm and passive island, is now constantly ravaged by snowstorms which keeps most travellers at bay. Many wonder why the sudden change in weather conditions, but few dare brave the raging blizzards in an effort to find out. Sometimes, if you listen hard enough, the roars of a creature can be heard. Is it only the wind, or is something else out here?

    The Southern Ocean
    The Southern Ocean is cold, harsh, and unforgiving. Below freezing temperatures make these waters a haven for some Pokémon while keeping most at bay. These waters are said to hide many secrets, some of them ancient, with few people brave enough to explore their depths. Pokémon activists are often found scouring the seas to stop poachers intent of catching and killing some of the rarer species, including whales, which are a protected species in this region. If you're daring enough to challenge these seas, you may encounter more than you'd bargained for.

    Epsilon Station: An underwater research facility you'll need a Pokémon with Dive if you're wanting to visit here. Mainly used to study the marine life, it may be worth your while to visit if you intend to try exploring the vast southern seas.

    Glacial Palace: A palace carved from a large iceberg. Despite having been deserted now for hundreds of years, the ice had never melted. People flock here intrigued by the meaning behind this place, asking questions that may never be answered.

    Banshee Island: A mysterious island permanently shrouded in a thick fog. Due to the low visibility in the area sailors steer clear of it at all costs. When the water is perfectly still, with not a single wavelet lapping at the side of your boat, a piercing wail can be heard emanating from deep within the fog sending a chill up the spine of even the most seasoned sailors.

    The Abyss: A seemingly bottomless chasm protected by a thick layer of ice. You'll need some special equipment before even attempting to explore its unfathomable depths.

    Magnetic Island: A lone glacier, one that continuously sails around the Glacier Islands, never leaving it's course. Mysterious....

    Crystal City
    Crystal City is a technologically advanced area located in the central area of the Glacier Islands where many trainers find refuge from the harsh surrounding environment. Despite the fact it is surrounded by minus zero temperatures, its advanced technology ensures the climate never falls below 10°C (50°F) within the city limits. It has many attractions including Pokémon battle arenas, Pokémon shops and a hotel for weary travellers.

    Beta Station: A research base where adventurous trainers can obtain a quest or two from the researchers stationed here.

    Ice Hotel: Carved out of the glacial ice itself, even the decor is sculpted from ice. Surprisingly warm inside, this fancy luxury igloo is definitely a place to stay for at least one night for the experience alone.

    Residential Area: The residential area of Crystal City, the homes here are a mixture of natural and man-made materials. Most residents are happy to chat with sightseer's, and will often offer advice in regards to the hazards as well as rumoured stories about the Glacier Islands.

    Ice Arenas: An area of Crystal City devoted to Icy Pokémon Battles. Tournaments are frequently held here.

    Crystal Port: The drop-off point for the city's supplies, some of the more curious wild Pokémon can be found here looking for a feed from the sailors and cityfolk who are passing through. More friendly than the majority of the wild Pokémon in this region some even find their way onto the boats owned by the locals, most of whom don't mind the invasion.

    The Arctic Alps
    A beautiful snow-capped mountain range. Far more dangerous than it looks, the Arctic Alps are a challenging area to travel. Avalanches and storms are common, and the Pokémon fierce. The Delta and Zeta research centres can be found somewhere in these ranges, their locations kept secret causing many to wonder what kind of research is so important that it needs to be kept hidden. Hmm...

    Frozen Temple: An old, seemingly forgotten temple. Icy winds whistle through its corridors sending a shiver up the spine of those brave enough to enter its hallowed halls.

    Tranquil Lake: Within the Arctic Alps lies a peaceful, quiet lake covered by a thin layer of ice. Tranquil Lake is heavily surrounded by enormous trees which keep is secluded. It is rumoured that within the lake lies ancient creatures who haven't seen the world for centuries.

    Pine Wood: The eerily silent Pine Wood has pristine snow conditions which attracts many trainers and tourists alike. The most charming feature of these woods is often considered to be its enormous pine trees; it truly gives this wood the feeling of peace and purity. This place is perfect for young rookies to adventure... Or is it?

    Forest Lodge: A hotel located near to a hot spring. Spend a night or a week, Forest Lodge is a comfortable rest stop for those weary from travelling.

    Ski Resort: A ski resort located near to the top of one of the tallest mountains. You'll find more tourists than trainers here, but there is a Pokémon Centre if you're wanting to make use of its facilities.

    Snowy Oasis
    An oasis in the icy tundra of the Glacier Islands is a large glacier that for some unknown reason is spared the same extremely harsh weather conditions as the rest of the polar region. Being far more habitable than the rest of the region, people flock here as it is a wonderfully pleasant area to explore. Snow is common here and while the mountains are nowhere near as tall as the Arctic Alps they've certainly attracted a lot of attention from developers who have already built two ski resorts. Snowstorms are rare in this area, but those that do occur are fiercer than most.

    Oaktree Port: A small but busy port area with a few warehouses and a couple of rows of storage sheds. Sometimes wild Pokémon can be found scrounging for food.

    Eta Station: A research base dedicated to gathering and studying samples taken from the local terrain as well as its wildlife. It's not uncommon for trainers to be recruited to perform various tasks for the researchers stationed here.

    Aspen and Pine Resorts: These two ski resorts, each named after the trees that surround their respective locations, are situated on the pristine white slopes of two of the tallest mountains in the area. A prospective third location, Cedar Resort, is in the planning stages, but there is much opposition to the idea from locals and resort staff alike.

    Snowflake Village: A pretty little village started by early explorers who fell in love with the local climate and wildlife. The recent influx in mining and tourism has seen the village grow in recent years. Whether you're passing through or planning to stay a while, the local tavern offers cheap rates to suit your needs.

    Frosty Cavern: A gaping cavern located on the mountainside, the entrance concealed by a plantation of fir trees making it hard to find unless you're looking for it. The plentiful stalagmites and stalactites that form this place causing the entrance to resemble the mouth of a monster's ferocious roar; not unlike the sound that occasionally reverberates throughout its icy halls to send a chill up the spine of those who hear it.

    The Glacier Mines
    Set just east of the island chain is a huge glacier, so large that it sits sealed to the ocean floor. Enter at your own risk but be sure to bring something warm as it'll get way below freezing as you move further down into the winding tunnels of the icy caverns. Some trek here hoping to find a nice stone to make into jewellery, but others have an ulterior motive as somewhere deep down in the deepest depths of the Glacier Mines is a special area where some extinct as well as new species of Pokémon reside. Searching for them will be hazardous enough, but even then there's no guarantee you'll find them.

    Gamma Station: A research base dedicated to studying ores dug up from the ice, Gamma Station isn't the most interesting of places to visit unless you're really into Geology.

    Orion Mine: This mine is by far the largest of the three Glacier Island mines with tunnels forking off in so many directions it'll be surprising if you don't get lost. It is not advised for trainers to enter this mine at all, let alone by themselves, although many do due to the abundance of Ice Pokémon who have settled in to make these icy tunnels home.

    Corvus Mine: This mine is only half the size of it's neighbour, the Orion Mine, and has far less twists and turns making it much easier to navigate. The miners certainly won't stop curious trainers from looking around, but don't expect them to welcome you with open arms as they have a dim view of people trekking through the tunnels alone and unsupervised.

    Hydra Mine: The newest of the icy mines, this mine is by far the deepest as the miners have been ordered to dig as deep as they possibly can. Not too interesting for trainers unless what they're looking for is really, really old.

    The Abandoned Mine: The original mine shaft, this mine has long since been abandoned. Stories abound of unexplained accidents and a terrible tragedy that led to this mine being boarded up and sealed permanently several years ago.
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