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Thread: The Glacier Islands - The Arctic Zone

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    Crystal City

    Ice Arenas

    Arc_Angel ~ After having braved the less than favourable conditions of the Glacier Islands to reach the more welcoming temperatures of the technologically advanced oasis of Crystal City you find yourself drawn to the ice arenas where the thought of a good battle brings a tingle of warmth to your partially frozen skin. Eve appears eager as well and so the two of you venture inside the large battle complex in search of a challenge.

    The moment you walk through the doors you realise this place is more than just a couple of battle arenas, it's a fully fledged multi-level battledome complete with main centre arena, stadium seating for several thousand spectators, and surrounded by another six smaller arenas. On the level above the arenas an indoor burgundy carpeted walkway surrounds the entire complex, its glass walls allowing the perfect view of every arena so people are able to roam around and see multiple battles in progress simultaneously.

    The lobby is bustling with trainers and after looking around for a short time realise this is because sign ups for the annual Glacier Cup Tournament are taking place today. Trainers are watching clips of battles from last year's tournament on screens located throughout the room, poring over their team stats on one of the dozens of computers available for trainers to use, or watching one of the friendly battles in progress on arenas two and five that appear to be hyping up the crowd in preparation of the impending tournament.

    An announcement plays over the intercom to say that places are filling faster than usual due to the increasing popularity of the tournament, so if you're planning on entering please sign up soon. You also hear a couple of trainers talking about volunteering for one of the friendly exhibition matches, one of them quite adamant about not doing so because they'd prefer to keep their team secret for as long as possible, believing that for people to watch him battle now would be a way of helping them to probe for his weaknesses.

    This tournament appears to be larger than you'd anticipated, but at the same time that's hardly putting you off as it's been a while since you've last been involved with anything like this. The idea of warming up with an exhibition match is interesting as well, but you've also just arrived after a long trip to reach Crystal City and wouldn't say no to a nice warm meal, bath, and bed to be nice and rested for tomorrow. Weighing up your options you mull over what you'd like to do first...
    Stacey took a moment to stop and catch her breath as she entered the Ice Arena's, it had been a long journey here and waking in snow was not as easy as it looked. Her eyes widened at the size of the place, it was enormous with multiple arenas placed on differing levels. There was a central large arena that had glass viewing walls all around, they certainly had planned for grand tournaments to be held here that was for sure. She felt her heart pump with excitement at the thought of a battle, it had been such a long time since she had competed and Eve was keen to try it herself. She wasn't the only one here today, in fact, many trainers and spectators were almost filling the lobby to capacity; there must be something big happening today. After looking around she noticed a sign indicating that the Annual Glacier Cup Tournament was commencing today. She saw Eve looking at the screens set up recalling the previous battles with wide eyes. Stacey walked over the nearest glass wall to see a friendly battle underway getting the gathered crowds pumped up and excited, it was working on her too.

    She tilts her head the sound of an announcement letting the crowd know that sign-ups were filling up faster than expected and to not miss out on the chance to enter. Some trainers were talking about entering friendly tournaments as a warm up and some trainers were suspicious about revealing their teams and strategies too early. Sitting down in a chair whilst she thought over her options Stacey felt her limbs ache, perhaps it would be a good idea to rest up a little first before jumping head long into a large tournament. However, Eve looked so excited at the thought of a battle, and this may be the only time she was here; she couldn't miss the opportunity to sign up. Rubbing her legs, a little first, she then stood up and approached Eve who as gushing over a victorious Pokémon in the arena below and placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "Shall we see if there are any spots left for us to enter still?" Eve squealed happily and nodded enthusiastically before taking Stacey's hand and pulling her over to the queue of people waiting to sign up making Stacey laugh. This would be fun she could feel it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    The Glacier Mines
    Set just east of the island chain is a huge glacier, so large that it sits sealed to the ocean floor. Enter at your own risk but be sure to bring something warm as it'll get way below freezing as you move further down into the winding tunnels of the icy caverns. Some trek here hoping to find a nice stone to make into jewellery, but others have an ulterior motive as somewhere deep down in the deepest depths of the Glacier Mines is a special area where some extinct as well as new species of Pokémon reside. Searching for them will be hazardous enough, but even then there's no guarantee you'll find them.
    Gamma Station: A research base dedicated to studying ores dug up from the ice, Gamma Station isn't the most interesting of places to visit unless you're really into Geology.
    Hydra Mine: The newest of the icy mines, this mine is by far the deepest as the miners have been ordered to dig as deep as they possibly can. Not too interesting for trainers unless what they're looking for is really, really old.
    Hours into Alicia’s lonely trek across the unnamed glacier, and Alicia’s shivering had not ceased. The climate here was relentless. Even each small breeze felt like a blade across her face. She was glad that she had feeling there at all, because her nose had gone numb long ago, and every so often she rubbed it with her glove to stave off frostbite.

    Thank Arceus she had the foresight to buy full winter gear before her expedition here. The snow goggles were the only reason she wasn’t blind by now. The thermal underwear was one of many reasons she wasn't dead. And the mamoswine fur-lined coat— she sighed as she buried her face in it, yet again. It wasn’t soft but it was warm.

    To her Froslass she said, “How much further?”

    Liesel was a placid creature, prone to floating perpetually a step behind instead of beside her, as she’d have liked. The Froslass brought a pale sash-like arm to her mouth, squinting.

    “Not long now, dear Trainer.”

    “Sweet. Reckon we’ll find one of your sisters soon?”

    “You mean Snorunt? Hmm… I doubt it. My clan preferred the mountains for good reason. Our mountain. There was mineral water there, and Zubat.”

    “Zubat,” Alicia repeated.

    “We hunted them. Didn’t you know? My father was the strongest Glalie around; on a good day, he’d bring in five,” Liesel said proudly. “He was going to teach me. And Mitty and Raina and Zari. Even though he wasn’t supposed to; we had rules, you see. That is to say, no leaking clan secrets to outsiders. But it was just Ice Shard! One can hardly call that a ‘clan secret’.”

    “Mitty and... the Smoochum and Spheal and Seel!” Alicia realised. They had been present in the Silverton Ranges, back when she was a silly newbie with a Ralts and grand ideas of waltzing into Articuno’s lair. In her dreams she’d befriend it somehow, and they would fly into the sunset with the wind in her hair. Sen would be a Gardevoir then a Gallade then a Gardevoir again; at the time, she could never decide which. “Do you miss them?”

    Liesel took her time to respond. “Sometimes. I won’t lie to you, dear Trainer. I miss them very much. But with you, I have seen the breadth and range of the world. And you tell me what I’ve seen is but a small part! If I were to go back home, I could not sleep, for the knowledge that in Arceus’s grand plan my mountain was no more than a Durant’s nest. You’ve ruined me,” she said, laughing softly.

    Alicia looked at her, hesitant. “...And your dad? Did he teach you Ice Shard in the end?”

    “No, no he didn’t. This was just before I met you. But no matter,” Liesel hastened to add, seeing the look on her trainer’s face, “I have new friends now; a new family. You keep good company, dear Trainer.”

    How the Froslass had learned her trainer’s character so well she could detect the fledgling guilt in Alicia’s chest, Alicia would never know. But she was glad for it. Empathy was a precious quality to have, in a Pokémon. That was one small part of why she prized Sen’s — her Gallade’s — companionship so much.

    “I knew what it meant when I chose to leave with you,” Liesel said.

    “You’re too good for me, Liese.”

    Time passed quickly when one was wrapped in conversation. Soon enough, they had arrived. Alicia drank in the sight of the building not one hundred meters away with relish, the cold momentarily forgotten.

    “Hydra Mine, you said? That’s an odd shape for a mine.”

    “We’ll get there, don’t worry,” Alicia said. “I thought we might head to Gamma Station first, to see if they need any help with anything over at the mine before I make the trip.”

    “And how much further would that be?” Liesel asked mildly. “I think you should rest, Alicia.”

    Liesel only ever called her ‘Alicia’ when she was in motherly mode. Caught between rolling her eyes and smiling, she decided to put on her straightest face. “I— don’t actually know. I’m okay though. Now let’s see who’s unlucky enough to be stuck at Gamma Station,” she said, and marched bravely on.

    Because she was okay. What kind of trainer would she be if she wasn’t fit enough to take her Pokémon out to see the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    The Glacier Islands

    Crystal City

    Crystal Port

    jolteonjak ~ Finally arriving in Crystal City's Port after having worked your way here aboard a cargo vessel you venture onto the docks, stopping to take a deep breath while gazing around the area. You feel the sun shining down upon you though it makes hardly any difference in this frigid arctic air. The cries of Wingull and Pelipper can be heard all around, some circling overhead waiting for a chance to steal their favourite treats from one of the many stalls on the docks selling freshly caught seafood while the more daring risk being crushed in the crowd to scavenge for titbits dropped by careless merchants and customers.

    Locating a sign containing a map you take a few minutes to examine it so you have a better idea of the area and what types of places there are available to visit. It appears there is a tavern for the thirsty, weary traveller, a cafe for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, a five star seafood restaurant, a couple of tourist shops, and a museum, as the majority of the area is taken up by fresh seafood stalls, public and private wharves, and several rows of drab-looking warehouses.

    While you're mulling over where to go you notice something from the corner of your eye and divert your gaze to the Wingull flying in low and quite erratically toward the dock. There is clearly something wrong with the Seagull Pokémon and for a moment you can't help but wonder if it's even going to make it to land but it finally struggles in, landing with a thud on the dock beside one of the fisherman's stalls. Judging from its size the Wingull appears to be quite young, and when thinking about it you don't ever recall having before seen one this small. One of its wings lays motionless on the ground while the baby bird struggles to walk, clearly exhausted from its flight when all of a sudden the fisherman whose stall it’s landed beside yells out.

    "Shoo you pesky bird! Get out of here I do not fish for you!" He then kicks out, striking the bird in the chest and sending it reeling off the dock to land with a splash and a weak "Squuaaawk!" into the frigid arctic sea...
    Wow. I think it’s safe to say my RP’ing has improved since my intro post. I think I’m gonna use a different Pokémon or two in this adventure, mostly since my Cyndaquil evolved. I understand if you want to update people without active adventures over me.

    Chad took a moment to enjoy the scenery. Unlike some other people he knew, Chad quite enjoyed colder weather. But that didn’t stop him from being prepared for this chilly weather. Cyndaquil, however, didn’t seem to share his affinity for the cold. Chad watched his Fire Mouse Pokémon for a moment. He lit his back flames, but they didn’t stay ablaze for long. They’d light and extinguish sporadically. “What’s the matter bud?” he asked concerned.

    “Quil,” Cyndaquil weakly replied. He shivered in the cold air.

    Chad took out his Fire Ball and aimed it at Cyndaquil, “Return Cyndaquil. Hopefully your Pokeball will warm you up. I’ll get you to a Pokémon Center soon.”

    Chad began to walk towards the center of town and found a sign which had a map on it. He scanned over the map looking for some where to relax a bit and maybe even have a meal before exploring the city more. “Let’s see,” Chad thought out loud. “I don’t think I’ll be eating any seafood any time soon,” Chad said with a grimace. “Oh look, a café! Maybe they’ll have that new tea I wanted to try.” Chad plotted his course to the café, when he spotted something strange out of the corner of his eye.

    There was a small bird Pokémon flying towards the docks. It seemed to be struggling to fly correctly. Chad watched intently to see if it would make it at least to the docks, let alone wherever it was going. Finally the Pokémon flew over land, but it crash landed in a nearby seafood stall.

    Chad ran over to check on it and make sure it wasn’t hurt too badly. “Poor thing,” Chad murmured. He took out his Pokedex to see what he was looking at:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokedex
    Wingull, the Seagull Pokémon. Wingull has the habit of carrying prey and valuables in its beak and hiding them in all sorts of locations. This Pokémon rides the winds and flies as if it were skating across the sky. It makes a nest on sheer cliffs at the sea’s edge.
    The Wingull was very small in size. Chad had never seen one so small. It struggled to its feet. One of its wings seemed to be damaged, perhaps broken due to lack of mobility. Suddenly a man appeared, and he angrily yelled out at the Wingull. “Shoo you pesky bird! Get out of here I do not fish for you!" Chad thought he must have owned the stall. He also kicked at Wingull.

    Wingull was hit in the chest, and the force of the kick sent the Seagull Pokémon flying through the air. Wingull cried out in pain as it fell into the cold sea. Chad jumped to his feet surprised. “What’s wrong with you? Why on earth would you do that?” he yelled at the man. “Can’t you see this Pokémon was hurt, probably pretty badly?” It dawned on him also, “It’s very young!”

    Chad ran out of the stall to the dock. He reached for a Pokeball and tossed it towards the water. “Poliwhirl, get in the water and help that Wingull out!” The blue Tadpole Pokémon appeared, and he immediately jumped into the water to retrieve the injured Wingull from the water. “Hurry, we’ll rush to a Pokémon Center afterwards!”


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