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    The Lost Cities of Talas
    The Archaeology Zone

    Long since buried beneath the desert sands, the lost city of Sobek was discovered after a ferocious sandstorm uncovered part of an ancient abode. When archaeologists heard of the discovery they flocked from all over the world to examine the area, eventually unearthing several more vicinities in which the ruined remains of ancient civilisations have been laying undisturbed for thousands of years. Portions of the strange writings and hieroglyphs discovered in these lost cities have been translated, fuelling speculation that the entire island of Talas is somehow tied in with the heavens. Items, carvings, texts, as well as some rather unsettling discoveries and mysterious events have helped to cement these theories in the minds of some, while others dismiss them as fantasy. Each of the cities are believed to be connected to the others somehow, but there are still missing pieces of a much larger puzzle to be found, leading scholars to believe that there are more cities that have yet to be discovered. Talas has now become a popular archaeological site which attracts scientists, scholars, tourists, and trainers from across the globe.

    The Lost City of Sobek
    The first of the lost cities to have been unearthed, Sobek is the most extensively examined of the five known ancient civilisations. Despite the fact it's surrounded by desert, a thick, healthy layer of the greenest of grass has grown since Sobek was first uncovered. The dig site is extensive, and even though it is believed this city was the main agricultural centre of Ancient Talas, some of its areas raise questions as to what kind of rituals the people who once dwelt here may have performed. Here you will find many places of interest such as the Pokémon Centre, Research Lab and tourist stalls, as well as several interesting excavation sites to explore.

    Farity's Pond: A large freshwater pond in the centre of the city. How it has miraculously filled with water is still a mystery, some saying Farity herself has imbued it with life. A statue of the Goddess rises from its centre, a Feraligatr, Croconaw, and Totodile protectively surrounding their mistress. The fresh, cool water attracts many wild Pokémon, while people visiting or working in the area like to submerge themselves to cool off under the harsh, desert sun.
    A young boy trudges through the streets of the lost city as he wipes off some sweat off of his forehead. "Still hot as always... When I came here, I didn't expect it to be THIS hot"

    "Well what did you expect from a desert?" exclaimed telepathically by the Ralts.

    "Sorry! I was just looking for places to catch some Pokemon. The problems don't stop there though, we're running out of water as well. I knew I should have brought a bigger jug in a desert." replied the boy with an indifferent tone.

    The trainer decides to keep walking towards the site of the supposed, pond of a goddess. His faithful partner decides to catch up to its trainer.


    The sun is beating down the travelers. They look significantly tired and pale. Their movement starting to slow down as sweats run down their faces. Not a single wind blew, but every time it DID blow. It blew warm and dry air, only making people unaccustomed to the desert even more uncomfortable. The duo exchange glances as a mirage-like view appears.

    "Is that the pond I see?!" shouted the trainer. "Oh boy! We're so close to having a fun adventures, I can feel it! Come on! First one there is a rotten egg!"

    Tourists stare at the two as they reach the pond.

    "What are you guys looking at? I'm just having a nice conversation and game with my Pokemon, anything wrong with that?"

    The tourists looked away with that response. "He must be loco," whispered one of them.
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