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As the trainers in the room gathered over the sign-up sheet, it is only after some minutes that you finally get your hand on the pen, writing “Alex Morgan” on the paper. After you came more trainers, and after ten minutes, the crowd finally settled, turning to Dr. Foster for further guidance.

“Excellent.” She quickly exclaimed, seeming to be rather pleased as she picked the inscription sheet. “I’ll be back in a moment, just need to hand this out to the right people. And don’t worry; no pokemon is going to appear now, cross my heart!”

As she giggles for a second, she leaves the room with a fast pace, and you continue your tour around the exposition. Various fossils of Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep and many more were displayed, a small text explaining their traits, and a picture created by a computer. Another ten minutes pass, and Dr. Foster arrives, smiling as usual. “Oh God, Bob didn’t do any mistakes now. The Tournament will begin shortly. If you could please follow me, I’ll show you the Battlefield.”

As she exits the room again, you and all the trainers interested in participating in the “show” and some who weren’t trainers followed her, curious about what was going to happen. Walking down a wide hall, at the end is an entrance to a very large elevator. You were one of the firsts to enter it, although Dr. Foster asked for the remaining one’s patience, as she would get back to the main floor as quickly as possible. As the doors closed, the elevator started to descend quickly, and five seconds later you found yourselves on a large balcony. As you rush off the elevator, Dr. Foster ascends again, and while the others get to the underground level, you examine your locations. Below the balcony was a large battlefield, similar to those found on regular gyms and leagues. The battleground was of a simple concrete, nothing out of the ordinary. A few seconds later, the remaining trainers arrived, and Dr. Foster continues.

“As you have cleverly deducted, this will be the tournament’s location. For now, that is, but I’ll get to that later.” As she says that, you notice that the underground level didn’t only have the battlefield, as on the far end of the balcony there was a door; still, you didn’t find it too interesting, your mind focused on her words. On the battlefield level, stairs connected it and the upper level where you were standing. “For the first round, you will have to fight another trainer. Your names have been entered on a Random Sequence Generator, and the match-ups have been done. To start our tournament, we have…”

Turning to you, she continues with a smile “Our friend Alex here, and …Jaq…Jaqen, am I pronouncing this right?” The crowd sees a hand sticking out, a teen seeming to be excited. Passing his hand through his black short hair, his dark eyes meet yours quickly enough. All in all, he appeared a dark tall fellow – you even wander who you hadn’t seen him before, as he appeared to be quite the stand-out guy. “Indeed you did, Doctor. Jaqen, from a far away town, in the land of Braavos – hence the foreign name. Pleased to be of acquaintance” he greeted courteously. “Such a fine gentleman!” she giggled. “Very well then! Please go down those stairs, and start the match. It will be a 1vs1 pokemon battle. Whoever KOs the other pokemon wins. We have some complicated machinery here in the labs, but we do our battles simple!”

As you get down the stairs, the remaining trainers and the Doctor decide to observe the battle from above. Jaqen is first to release his pokemon, an Accelgor materializing in front of him. “Good luck!” he smiled. “Shall we have some fun?”

When Dr. Foster announced the first match-up, he looked around for this Jacen and gave a nod towards his first opponent. Of course as luck would have it, he would be in the first match. Jacen's apperance did sort of looked familiar. Maybe he ran into him the few times he had been at the bar. He wasn't familiar with the Braavos region, he himself came from Mauville in Hoenn. Though just looking at guy, he could tell this would be a tough match and as they got to the arena his choice of pokemon showed that.

His opponent had an Accelgor, a bug type who was know for its speed. His own choice would have to be important. While Bronsor had ancient power to combat the bug type, it was neutral to bug whereas Theta resisted it though didn't have super effective attacks. But it's electric attacks would mess with the pokemon's speed which would be useful to be able to defeat it. "Ok then, Theta let's go."

The magnet pokemon gave a chirp in reply and took its place on the battlefield. "Theta, start off with a Metal Sound and then follow up with Flash Cannon. Then use Thunder Wave." As the steel type bobed a nod, Alex had a flashback to his first battle here at Fizzy Bubbles. It was against a trainer named Charm and even with a type disadvantage, it was a close fight. The same stratagy applied here, lower its defences, attack it, paralize it. That would be a perminate stratagy for his starter.