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Thread: The Lost Cities of Talas - The Archaeology Zone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    The Sphinx: – Please reply in Dark Orange

    Missingno. Master: With the exhaustion of Croagunk still fresh in your mind you ignore your Shuppet's feelings and ante up once more, using the special continuation option the booming voice had given you. Walking over to lopsided room you spot a new puzzle, this time quickly working out the answer, withdrawing your Weedle, Hermoine, to be sure. With a confirmation drawing of the Long Tail Pokémon, you lock in your answer to the alter as the tomb once again hummed with activity.

    Like the first time you visited the room the altar platform begins to separate from the ground, hoisting you up to the noisy sound of metal chains clanging against the steel; the ancient mechanisms once again forced into action. Unlike last time, however, you stand confidently in the center awaiting the next challenge.

    As the platform finishes its descent, the floor clicks into place with a new level; this time very different from the last. You notice that this level is the same shape as the last one, but in much better condition. Gone are all the pillars that had fallen on the last and replaced with …. well nothing. The room is empty, aside from lots of giant vines hanging down from the large ceiling. Across the other side of the room you see a door and as you begin to walk towards it you hear a screeching noise that sends shivers down even your spine.

    Looking up through the masses of vines you notice a flash of purple. Staying perfectly still and attempting to spot the owner of the noise you can't see anything, the dense sea of green blocking your view. Moving forwards a step heralds another flash, this time closer as another deafening screech pierces the room. Looking back you see another square similar to the one you stood in while facing Absol. Taking the hint you slowly back up to the box, still cautiously looking up at whatever it was sending you the warning shots.

    As soon as both feet are in the battle box, however, your question is answered as an Aipom drops from the sky, thumping its chest before settling down for a battle.

    What will you do?
    As Keith gave his answer with confidence, the tomb began to react to it. Hermione looked down at the now-moving platform with great interest and curiosity, and then up at the new level the platform moved Keith and his Pokemon to. This room was rather empty, however, save for a mass of large vines hanging down from the ceiling. And then, quite suddenly, a flash of purple, accompanied by a screeching noise.

    "What was that?!" Keith exclaimed as he took a step forward- this triggered another flash and another screech. Looking behind him, Keith spotted a square, a box similar to the one in which he stood during the previous battle. "Ah," he nodded, taking the hint. He backed up until he was standing in the box, at which point the source of the screeches and purple flashes revealed itself- a purple simian Pokemon with a hand on the end of its tail. And it looked ready for battle.

    "An Aipom!" Keith exclaimed as he held out his Pokedex.

    "Aipom, the Long Tail Pokemon," droned the device. "Due to overusing the handlike appendage at the end of its tail, its real hands have gotten clumsy. Its tail is powerful enough to support its weight and hoist it up onto a tree branch."

    "Hah!" Myrtle laughed. "I can take this lit-tle mon-key."

    "Myrtle, most of your moves are Ghost-type," Keith argued. "And Aipom is a Normal-type. Now I'm thinking this could be Hermione's first battle-"

    "Now you list-en to me, Meat Sack," Myrtle muttered, moving in very close to his face so that despite the quietness with which she uttered these words, he caught every syllable. "You will al-low me to bat-tle. I think I am more than ca-pa-ble of ta-king on an Ai-pom. Or need I re-mind you how I han-dled those Se-vi-per?"

    "That was different, you had backup-" Keith started.

    "Did I say I was fi-nished?" Myrtle interrupted. "Now, you will let me bat-tle, right now, or we are go-ing to have a prob-lem, un-der-stand?"

    "Fine, fine," Keith sighed, rolling his eyes. "But if we lose, understand that you will have no grounds whatsoever to blame it on me."

    "We will not lose if you do not f*** up like you did when com-man-ding Mal-foy," the Shuppet snapped as she floated forward to face her Aipom adversary. "Now, I know this is hard for you, but try to use some com-mon sense here."

    Keith sighed and exchanged looks with the Weedle on his shoulder. "All right, then," he said, ready to begin. "Myrtle, go! Blind it with Flash, then use your Water Gun attack, and follow up with Knock Off!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    The Moon Temple: – Please reply in Dark Orange

    OkkiMew: Confused to exactly what was going on you begin to follow the mysterious man through the lonely tunnel, a set of footsteps clacking in a transfixing rhythm as you stroll down the echoed hallway, the cold sending a shiver down your spine.

    Disturbed by the thoughts you had in your dream and the sights you had just seen you feel inquisitive, running up beside the trainer and ask him a few question. A few seconds tick by without a sound as you share a concerned look with Max, asking vaguely for any specifics that he could give you. Again no reply. Snorting with annoyance under your breath you begin to continue to walk, finding it difficult to walk in pace with his brisk step, tripping over yourself once as he continues without a break in his stride.

    Getting more frustrated at his rudeness you notice a large stone door ahead of you, marveling in its presence as it appears to be filled with drawing and artifacts once lost from civilisation. Each crevis holds a different thing; notable items including a hollowed out skull, shining green pebble-like diamonds and a decorative sword precariously placed above an archway way out of reach. Looking towards your new companion you begin to ask a few questions, this time hoping he would answer.

    None come as you turn round to him, an expressionless face on your mysterious saviour as he silently taps his foot to the ground. Asking him again, you notice that no answer comes, clenching your fists into a ball before finally losing it, shouting for him to answer your questions before putting a hand on his shoulder.

    You hand, however, falls through and you find yourself at an impasse of disbelief as you stare at his body massing around your hand. Withdrawing it super quick you stare at your hand then back to him, slowly moving your hand out to touch him once more as you see it go through him once more. Max jumps from your grasp as he attempts to nudge against the Umbreon, phasing through to the other side as he jumps backwards with alarm. You yourself move back a few steps you find yourself watching the trainer; his hand touching a smooth portion of the rock as he makes a crescent shape, then a full circular shape before plunging his hand into a hole, pulling a lever before disappearing.

    Looking behind you the back again you're shocked at the whole ordeal, wondering if the whole thing was a mirage or a dream, but a quick pinch assures you it's not; the old saying of pain being an indication of a non-lucid state ringing true. With no option to turn back and face the hellish creature the man “saved” you from, though you now question what the hell that actually was, you reason with Max that the only way is forward.

    Attempting to remember the man's actions, you too follow his instructions, making a crescent and full circle shape before reaching into the hole to your right, shifting your entire body as the rusted lever is far more difficult to move due to ageing, managing to click it out of place with a large grunt before a ton of spiders crawl out in a panic, causing you to jump back and shake your hand in disgust. As you do, however, the doors begins to crumble with life, its aching mechanisms working to full effect as the two sides split in the middle, a few rocks tumbling down from the sides of the tunnel. Watching in amazement as the doors open, you find yourself staring into a dark abyss; a single flame burning on your side while an unlit torch sits on the other in a pedestal. Taking kudos from the movies you take the unlit torch and set it against the fire, the top burning with an impressive brightness as you hold it into the darkness, penetrating a bit but not a massive ammount.

    Moving in you wander down the corridor, Max at high alert in case any enemies are ahead, though you do not suspect anyone to have been down here in a very long time looking at the condition. Moving through a narrow corridor you spot several beautiful drawings on the walls, showing the evolution of man. Some show several hunting wild Mamoswine for food and clothing while others show battles between man and Tauros. Others are more sombre, showing a wild Sabre Toothed Luxray standing over a human, his sadness expressed on the piece with simplistic brush strokes.

    Moving on you come to the end of the tunnel and to a dead end. Above a small hole appears in the cave roof, shining small cracks of moonlight down onto the floor. With no sign of Pokémon interference at all you wonder why no wild Pokémon had settled in such an opportunistic place, but ignore it as you see a large cave painting of what looks like two sides, each filled with drawings of people with sticks and animals point at each other, this painting having outlines of Pokémon you think you identify, including Aggron and Houndoom.

    As you move closer to see the detail of the work a light shines in from above, the moonlight finally aligned as a small circle of white light begins creeping up the painting. As it reaches the middle, you notice the faint outline of a hand, measuring yours up by eye and noticing it's a near match.

    What will you do?
    Thanks for picking me and my old adventure up! I can't wait get into it!

    After Okiku asked her questions, still confused of the very strange situation, the mysterious man gave her the silent treatment. Not wanting to disturbing him much or perhaps it wasn't the time to talk, the trainer and her friend Max simply lifted an eyebrow at the lack of reaction. After awhile with still no answers, she asked the questions again, to be treated in the same way as the first time. She mumbled something under her breath, disdained of being ignored, but unable to say much as he was hard to follow, especially with the girl's lack of physical endurance and the habit of her feet of randomly landing on its sides on uneven terrain and fall, which happened once on the way.

    Her concerns temporarily lifted away from her shoulders though as she payed attention to what is standing in her way: a beautiful door filled with ancient carvings and surrounded by countless and varied artifacts she would bet they were at least more than hundred years old, if not thousands.

    "Whoa..." she marvelled the room and looked at her saviour, "What is this place?"

    The man only wore a face void of expression, again with no words coming out between his lips.

    "Uhhhh... hello? ...I-I mean," she nervously laugh, "I know we're still in the Moon Temple, but I mean, what was this room used for? Do you know?"

    As he stayed quiet again, Okiku became quite impatient and at the end of her rope. She understood how some people doesn't like to talk much, like herself, but one thing that tick's the young woman off is being ignored, especially since it takes some courage for her to speak up.

    "Hey! Listen!" she yelled, "Are you even listening to me!?"

    Without thinking, she tried to push his shoulder to get his attention... only for her hand actually went through him.

    "What the!?" she immediately backed her hand away. "He's... missing collision?"

    She slowly moved her hand to him again, and the same happened: it slipped right through his body.

    "...100% repro rate? Are we in a buggy game or something?"

    Max jumped out of Okiku's arms and decided to try it himself, but on the man's Umbreon: he goes straight to it to give it a small Tackle, but ends up slamming a wall on the other side then quickly backed away to his trainer's side, utterly confused.

    "Whaaaat the FORK is goin' on!?" Okiku exclaimed as she stepped back from the untouchable man.

    Of course the guy didn't react. Instead, he touched a smooth portion of the rock by making a crescent shape then a full circular shape, then stick his hand into a hole, pulled what seemed to be a lever... then vanished.

    "...Ok, that's definitely creepy," Okiku blinked, not believing her eyes. Wondering if perhaps she's still dreaming (and sleeping because of the song sang by that Jigglypuff earlier), she decided to try the good old trick of pinching herself on the arm. She over did it though: she winced in pain.

    "...Welp, no dream, no crazy video game..." she looked behind her. "...And no way I'm getting back to those other creepers back there. Whatcha think?"

    Max responded by a bark, fully in agreement.

    "Ok, let's see, what did that ghost, or whatever he was, did..."

    She tried to mirror the man's movements earlier, but it was a bit hard for her to get through the lever part, as it felt a bit rusted. With a bit of a struggle though, Okiku managed to click it into place... for only a bunch of spiders crawl on her arm and out of hole.

    "Gah!" she yelped, backing out a bit and vigorously shaking her hand in disgust, "...Good thing I don't got aragn..." she tried to pronounce the word correctly, "arachnophobia, like my sister."

    The doors started to open slowly, revealing a very dark corridor. A small flame stands on her left, while a single, unlit torch sits on the other side.

    "Heh, how convenient, just like in the movies," Okiku chuckled. "How does a small flame burns in a secret part of a long-lost civilization's temple anyway? ...Bah, I think I've been reading too much TV Tropes," she shrugged, "better just roll with it."

    She takes the torch and, with the help of the small flame, lit it. Proving to be a great source of light, the young woman started walking through the corridor, while Max took the opportunity to go in front of her to keep an eye and ear on any dangers that could happen. His trainer though was very distracted by the many prehistoric-looking drawings scribbled on the walls, which she tried to decipher.

    "Seems to be the changes throughout a tribe or something," she thought aloud, excited of her discovery. "Here they're hunting Mamoswines... there fighting Tauros, perhaps part of some adulthood ritual or something... And that weird-looking Luxray looks sad towards that guy. Could it be its deceased trainer...?"

    As the two continued through the corridor, they encounter a dead end. A few cracks let some moonlight into the area, slightly lighting another drawing.

    "Looks like a war of some kind, with Pokémon like... Aggron and Houndoom I think, helping out in it..."

    As she got closer to the painter to observe it better, she noticed that one of the moon rays gave a small round spot on the wall on the painting, moving right in the middle of it. As she moved her torch slightly, she also spotted a hand-shaped marking right where the moonlight is, which seems to be just the size of Okiku's hand.

    "Well, seems we arrived at the right moment," she puts a hand on her hip. "We could just get out of there by trying to break through the cracks on the ceiling, but not only there's good chances the debris will squash us to death, but we'll walk away from the opportunity to discover something even more awesome than what we've seen so far... and we can't let that slip away, can we?"

    Max barked and wagged his tail, sharing his trainer's taste for adventure.

    "Alright, better do it now while the timing's right. Dunno what it'll do, but... here goes nothing...!"

    Slowly and carefully, Okiku placed her hand perfectly within the hand outline on the wall, while the moonlight shone directly on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    Club Basement – Please reply in Dark Orange

    Meetan: Still shaking from the narrow dodge of the object just moments earlier, you begin to feel your heart pounding with anticipation as you see the Granbull's mouth burn a blood red, looking round the room for any objects to help the Ivysaur in battle. Giving your orders to the flower Pokémon you leave the battlezone for a few seconds, turning behind you to investigate some boxes for anything interesting.

    Ripping open the cardboard top you find yourself looking at a large box of counterfeit Plates. Though you don't know they're counterfeit at the start, searching through to find a Meadow Plate for Ivysaur makes you throw out a couple from the top, the red “Fire Plate” smashing into pieces beside you with minimal effort as you curse your luck, turning back to the battle.

    “Hey you! Those are the bosses things! Stop that!” the crook cries, his face burning red as he sees you destroy valuable assets with frivolous abandon.

    Though you had not cared for his opinion now you simply shrug it off with a wicked smile, taking even more pleasure by turning to the next box and tear off another top to find out what's inside. The battle distracts you for a few seconds as you feel the heat of the Flamethrower coming from Granbull, looking around with surprise to see Ivysaur taking the brunt of the damage. Shocked you return to its side as its confidence shrinks away further as it seemingly failed to produce the Protect by sheer unluckiness, the Granbull taking full advantage of the misfortune to deliver such a powerful blow.

    Running back to the pre-opened box this time you find yourself looking at large content of drugs, the value of which you have no idea but looking at the sheer mass you assume it to be a lot. Noticing the pattern of each box to be containing some sort of criminal activity you're even more shocked to find out just how many there are in the basement, the floor crawling with cardboard boxes worth surely billions of Pokédollars.

    A loud wail alerts your attention as you turn back to see Granbull hitting Ivysaur with a Lowkick, however what shocks you more is the crook on the other side sprint over and also give the Pokémon a kick. You rush back as he returns to his position, a sick grin portrayed on his face as he willingly acknowledges what he's done. With Ivysaur returning to its feet, the grass-type looks pissed off, but very weak.

    What will you do?
    Alice was hesitant to take her eyes away from the battle, lest the Granbull do something nasty while she wasn't paying attention, or the trainer do the same thing. However, she took the risk, and it was beneficial. The first boxes she rooted through, much to her enemy's chagrin, were full of fire plates. They were convincing counterfeits, but counterfeits all the same, and Alice figured this out by how easily they smashed into pieces every time one was carelessly dropped onto the floor.

    The next cardboard containers were filled with so many illegal drugs that it made her head spin just staring down at the packets. It was no wonder that poor boy hadn't wanted to be caught. These were powerful crooks, and while she wondered if she was in over her head, there was no way she was surrendering her team to these people.

    "Ivysaur!" The girl gasped, dashing back to the 'arena', mouth hanging open in shock and disgust over the man's sick actions. Alice was torn. Ivysaur was on its last legs, as it were, but the Pokemon was furious, too. Would it truly forgive her or itself if she called it back, or did it want to go down doing its best? There was a delay as she contemplated the hard decision, before extremely, extremely reluctantly deciding to carry on. Her team would have done the same, and this Ivysaur had payback to give.

    "Ivysaur, use Flash! Bring back the Leech Seed you used, too, and then use Venoshock!" Alice called. Hopefully enough of Granbull's health had been trained by the seed to give Ivysaur some of its vitality back. And on top of that, the toxins should have been in the canine's stream for a while. With any luck, the attacks would help to balance the field. Even if they only won by a close margin, that would be enough.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    Port Pearl: – Please reply in Dark Orange

    kaisap112: Introducing yourself and your companions to the bald-clay lookalike you immediately register your interest for the special tournament he's hosting. His smile widens as he reaches into his pocket, pulling out an electronic device that looks a little similar to a Pokédex, but with far more buttons, pressing several as a loud crank is heard, the boat entry system unlocking with a zap; the walkway to the large cruise ship dropping like an old drawbridge. As he grabs your hand and leads you up the walkway you look back, worried that your Pokémon's over-active imagination will cause them to attempt to dive into the water but they do not, following you instinctively, bounding forward to chase each other onto the deck.

    Now on board you wander along the side of the cruise ship, noticing how high up you are compared to the rest of the trainers on Port Pearl's shores, each one looking up at you and smiling, a few younger ones waving while some of the older ones are so caught up in the heat of battle further down Port Pearl they fail to notice anything. Smiling you turn to see the man on the phone, deciding to leave him be while he organises what he wants. You move along the side and inspect the life boats, each sturdily held on with strong and thick pieces of rope.

    “This ship's got more life-rafts than you can shake a stick at” a voice says behind you, confident and strong in the ships ability “my ol' lady will never sink but if she did I'm more than well equipped to save all me passengers”

    You turn to see the gentleman you saw earlier accompanied with another, a man who also looks in his late 40's but more muscular and well toned, rough but friendly in a white and blacked striped top.

    “Captain Gavin Harding” he announces, tipping a white beret-styled hat towards you.

    Introducing yourself you notice that both are eager to show you around, pointing out the marvels of the ship with enthusiastic voices, proud of their work to make this the biggest annual cruise festival ever. You're given a guided tour of the ship before being shown to a room, small but nothing more than bed, bin and desk, but comfy enough.

    “You're out honorary guest for the cruise festival” the owner says, the captain nodding with approval.

    “I know this quarter ain’t the best we've got but it's the only one left after the sales” the Captain continues, a hint of embarrassment about the room condition in his voice. Palming it off and saying it's more than adequate you thank both men for the free stay on the festival.

    “Everyone else boards in a few hours then the festival can open and you can register for the tournament” the owner says with pride “why don't you and your Pokémon get some kip”

    Agreeing to their plans you sit on the bed, Skitty curled up in your lap purring away. They leave and close the thick metal door behind you as you lay your head on the pilow...


    “Lass?” The gruff voice awakens you from your sleep as you see Gavin standing at the door. “The last people are boardin'. I thought you'd want to see”

    You sit upright and stretch, nodding to Gavin as he closes the door to wait outside. Looking around you feel like it hasn't been that long, but noting the comfort of the sleep how good it was to catch a nap. Kitty walks a figure of eight around your feet, nudging you with her head as you stroke it, her tail raising in delight as your hand runs down her back. After a minute of getting your bearings back you pick up Skitty, moving outside to see Gavin leant against a wall. He smiles as you exit, ushering away another sailor as you approach.

    “Good sleep lassy?” he asks, you nodding in conformation as Skitty mews to agree with him, sending him into a hearty bellow. He extends a hand outwards, showing you to some stairs next to your room. Obliging and taking them you appear in a large glass room filled with radars, gadgets, buttons, whirring lights and wheels. Judging this must be to control centre you see a balcony with the owner standing on it, a microphone in his hand.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen” he announces, the large boom boxes and individual room speakers blasting out the signal of the powerfully regal man “Welcome to the 10th annual Cruise Festival!”

    The crowd cheer at the statement as you walk towards a window beside the balcony, content to look at the passengers from the glass without getting in the owners way, noticing the entire deck is brimmed with people; spectators and trainers alike. Looking to your right you see the Port, what was once a busy place now deserted, almost no-one in sight aside from those setting up their boats, those who couldn't get tickets and decided to revel in the party atmosphere by joining up to create a fleet.

    “There are three tournaments on today before a night of celebrations. Today we're offering a special prize to the winner of each discipline, though you may only register for one, the mystery prize of a rare Pokémon will be revealed to the winner; I can assure you for this year we've pulled out all the stops.” he continues as the crowd erupt with cheer, dying down to excited chatter of speculations, “please consult your nearest helper, found in the pink 'Cruise Fest' shirts”

    The crowd roar for the third time before settling as the owner heads inside, noticing you before shaking your hand.

    “Noriko! Good to see you again, I hope you slept well. My Captain and I need to have a little chat about today's course, top secret you see. I'm sure one of Gavin's assistants can direct you to a helper to register for the tournament.” he announces.

    Gavin looks at the owner sternly, nodding in agreement but looking slightly anxious. One of his members of staff ushers you back down the stairs and you follow him to a small desk inside the ship, right before the dock and towards a helper. She curtsies without saying a word and scurries off back to to control room, leaving you to deal with a helper.

    “Hi there” the woman says, her enthusiasm coming through and catching you by surprise “today we have three competitions; the first of which is a water race. This takes place in the sea and has lots of excitement”

    A small screen hangs from the ceiling as she flicks a switch, a movie plays detailing the event. You see a Sharpedo excelling itself with a Hydro Pump, its fins the guiding for the move before front-flipping underwater; touching a painted rock before setting off for the other side, closely followed by a Blastoise and Huntail closely behind. It looks like the Sharpedo is going to win until the Blastoise turns round, its cannons facing the rock as it propels itself with a Hydro Cannon as the crowd awww in amazement as the Blastoise wins by a close call; the Sharpedo coming second and a Golduck coming third.

    “On the middle deck we have a track and field, including some of the sports associated. The Pokémon compete in a hurdles race. ” she says, once again going to the screen, this time flicking the switch to another side. On this screen you see a Dodrio jump over a hurdle, a Jolteon just beside it as Dodrio's legs manage to make ground on the Jolteon, despite the latter being faster it needs to jump off on all fours. The Dodrio sprints round the track, pulling away further and further as it gets faster round the track, setting a new PokéCruise Record as it crosses the line, the crowd waving flags from the spectator stands on the ferry.

    “On the bottom deck we have the mixed martial arts. We usually recommend this to boys first as they love their fighting.” the woman concludes, flicking the TV onto the last side as you see a small 8 sided ring with cages fills the screen alongside a film with some powerful looking Pokémon; Hitmonchan fights a Hitmonlee as blows are exchanged, the crowd cheering with every hit as they look even, a High-jump Kick knocking the Hitmonchan against the wall until it counters with a quick one-two jab of Fire Punch and Ice Punch.

    “So what would you like to sign up for?” the woman asks.

    What will you do?
    Noriko stared in wonder as the man who looked like Clay whipped out a remote that looked like a Pokédex (so many look-alikes!). Pressing some of the many buttons, he caused a drawbridge-like entryway to the cruiser to appear. Before Noriko got a word in about any of this, the man grabbed her by the hand and started walking her to the cruiser. The size was still astounding, further amplified when Noriko looked at the Port – a crowd of people were present to see the ship off, from small children to the elderly. Some of the small children were waving happily at the passengers while the older ones had their eyes and attention on a Pokémon battle down the port. Noriko smiled a little, waving back at the children. Taking note that the man was busy talking into his phone (perhaps organizing something?), she decided to have a look around the cruiser.

    Nearby where some lifeboats and just as Noriko was about to ask, there was a voice: “This ship's got more life-rafts than you can shake a stick at. My ol' lady will never sink but if she did I'm more than well equipped to save all me passengers.” Noriko turned around to come face-to-face with the owner, accompanied by a middle-aged man. He looked quite strong and capable. Noriko had to gather all her self-control not to make any sarcastic comments containing this cruiser and the infamous S.S. Anne. “Captain Gavin Harding,” said the new person, tipping his white hat. Noriko bowed politely. “Nice to meet you, Captain; I’m Noriko, a Pokémon trainer.”

    The owner of the cruiser and Captain Harding were more than eager to introduce the fine points of the ship to their guest. After spending quite a while listening to details about the cabins, controls, engine room, passengers and so forth, Noriko was lead to a simple cabin on the ship: she saw a bed, a desk and a bin for trash. Not exactly a luxury cabin, but if she could sleep comfortably Noriko wasn’t about to complain. She was more interested in all the upcoming activities, since the owner and the captain weren’t very subtle about how proud they were of this cruise festival. Biggest and greatest one of the year, apparently!

    “You're out honorary guest for the cruise festival. I know this quarter ain’t the best we've got but it's the only one left after the sales.” The captain nodded at the owner’s words. “Oh, this is more than fine for me, don’t worry about it,” Noriko said, waving her hand a bit. The two men seemed happy with her response. “Everyone else boards in a few hours then the festival can open and you can register for the tournament” the owner said, pride clear in his voice, “why don't you and your Pokémon get some kip?” Almost asking what the heck a kip was, Noriko understood he meant “some rest”. Once the men left the cabin, Noriko stretched herself out on the bed, falling asleep on the comfy pillow…


    Noriko woke up to someone talking to her from the cabin door. “Lass?” The captain? What could he want? “The last people are boardin'. I thought you'd want to see.” Noriko bolted out of the bed, managing to nod before the captain closed the door. She stretched, getting out of bed as Kitty started to happily circle a small eight-figure around her feet. Noriko laughed a bit, stroking her partner’s back and watching the little feline purr with happiness. Placing Kitty on top of her head, as usual, Noriko headed out of the room and to Gavin, the captain, who was waiting near a wall. He was talking with a sailor, but ushered him away at the sight of his guest of honor. “Good sleep lassy?” Kitty meowed before Noriko got a word in. With a hearty laugh, Gavin showed his guests up a staircase and into a room covered in gadgets, buttons, levers and the like. Seeing the glass walls, Noriko made the conclusion that this was the control centre.

    A small distance away was the owner of the ship, speaking into a microphone. There was apparently an announcement taking place. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the 10th annual Cruise Festival!” Not wanting to get in the way, Noriko walked to the window of a wall, amazed at the number of people cheering and applauding outside. She also saw the Port, almost out of view because some boats creating a fleet for them; more were still being set up, but it looked like people who hadn’t gotten tickets themselves were trying to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

    The owner continued his speech. “There are three tournaments on today before a night of celebrations. Today we're offering a special prize to the winner of each discipline, though you may only register for one, the mystery prize of a rare Pokémon will be revealed to the winner; I can assure you, for this year we've pulled out all the stops. Please consult your nearest helper, found in the pink 'Cruise Fest' shirts.” The audience quieted down after the man ended his announcement, but the chattering and guessing, which began in the audience the moment a prize was mentioned, continued. The owner turned around, saw Noriko and headed at her. “Noriko! Good to see you again, I hope you slept well,” he said while shaking her hand once more. “My Captain and I need to have a little chat about today's course, top secret you see. I'm sure one of Gavin's assistants can direct you to a helper to register for the tournament.” “You read my mind there, sir. I’d love to join in on the tournament!” Noriko smiled. A tournament with a prize? Of course she was dying to enter! Gavin nodded aside them anxiously, and one of his assistants ushered Noriko downstairs and to what looked like a helpdesk. The woman curtsied to her without a word before speed-walking to the control room. Noriko was left with a cheery young woman behind the desk.

    “Hi there” said the woman with enough enthusiasm and excitement to make Noriko fall over, after giving her a heart-attack with the way she startled her, “today we have three competitions; the first of which is a water race. This takes place in the sea and has lots of excitement!” “I’m sure.” Noriko was a bit overwhelmed by the girl, but directed her attention to the screen that appeared from the ceiling. On it played a movie of the event: Water-Pokémon were racing in water, propelling themselves forward with attacks like Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon. A Blastoise went right past a Sharpedo in an exciting race, with a Golduck coming in third. Noriko wasn’t sure how well Minori could handle such a speed-heavy event. The movie changed.

    “On the middle deck we have a track and field, including some of the sports associated. The Pokémon compete in a hurdles race. ” A Doduo beat a Jolteon in an incredibly fast race, one which Noriko feared none of her Pokémon could properly take part in. Kitty seemed excited, her paws moving up and down in a running-like motion. She also meowed loudly at the bright lights and applause the Doduo received for beating a PokéCruise Record.

    “On the bottom deck we have the mixed martial arts. We usually recommend this to boys first as they love their fighting.” The introduction ended with a movie of a Hitmonchan fighting against a Hitmonlee in what looked like a cage; Hitmonlee’s High-jump Kick threw the Hitmonchan against a wall, only for the Hitmonchan to counter-attack with Fire Punch and Ice Punch. Noriko thought about her recent addition to the team, a Makuhita named Shinobu, but the little thing was young, inexperienced and could barely throw a punch of any kind yet. “So what would you like to sign up for?” The helper smiled in a friendly manner, but Noriko was busy weighing her options. After a minute, she fingered a Pokéball on her belt. “I’d like to sign up for the water race. I have Seel who’d probably love to show what he’s got.” She hoped this wouldn’t be a bad choice and bite her in the butt later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    Laos River: – Please reply in Dark Orange

    Thrain: With your stubborn Growlithe deciding to watch the battle you return to his side, allowing the fire-pup to stay if it promises to be quiet and to leave at the first sign of danger. Worried about the dangerous looking men's attitude you wonder what type of Pokémon they would have, and wonder what is going on. Taking a crouch beside your adoring Pokémon you watch as the battle begins, moving a branch slightly so you can see better, noticing that an audience made up of similarly dressed people rings round the two fighting.

    Both trainers begin the battle in the same fashion, performing a battle routine of exactly the same stances and moves, the battle dance a custom among this particular group as they unclasp the Pokéballs from their belts before bringing it back, clicking the button at the same time as the two Pokémon are released in unison.

    On the side of the smaller male, a large Ursaring is released, which bellows its battle cry through the forest, causing a few small birds to caw and fly out of the trees in panic. On the other side, an Ursaring also stands, but no sound erupts from its mouth as it stays still.

    With both trainers giving their battle orders, both Pokémon begin the battle by advancing their moves, Bulking Up and Honing their Claws as they swagger back and forth, preparing each other and seizing each other up. The audience begin to murmur as they do, expecting the battle to go this way in the opening round, setting up for an all-out brawl in the second.

    With both Pokémon completed and returned to their trainers for orders the smaller male trainer begins first, using his Ursarings Strength to topple the opponent, throwing it in a judo-flip to land it on its back before swiftly Night Slashing and Low Kicking, causing the grounded bear to wince as the attack hits its ribs. The audience murmurs louder still, wondering if the grounded Ursaring could come back but as the now confident looking dominating Ursaring looks down on its opponent it gets a Mega Kick to the face, the upkick working perfectly as it reverses the situation, causing the recipient to stumble as the downed Ursaring gets back to its feet.

    With both Pokémon standing on two feet and the smaller male's Pokémon dazed, the larger Ursaring charges up a Focus Punch, landing the powerful attack in the stomach of its opponent, causing the bear to reel back, clearly winded by the blow to the midsection. Stumbling around, the winded Ursaring tries a Fire Punch, swinging for the fences with the haymaker but the other Ursaring catches it, spinning the wounded Ursaring round before using a Submission read naked choke not a move Ursaring can use normally.

    Within a few seconds the smaller Ursaring taps before falling unconscious, but with no hesitation the larger one continues before twisting, snapping the smaller ones neck. Leaving the body limp on the floor Ursaring stands up but again with no sounds is recalled to its Pokéball. The forest is silenced as the audience take in what has happened, but you feel like you want to throw up.

    Deciding that this would be a good time to leave you issue the command to you Growlithe, pointing in another direction before leaving, trying to quickly escape from the nightmare you saw before you. As you do, however, you hear a large SNAP as you step on a very large branch. Questioning how you didn't see it before you look behind you to see that everyone has noticed you.

    A surreal second or two passes as you stare back at each other in confusion but as the larger male collects himself from winning the battle he spots you, yelling to his boys as he realises you've seen the fight.

    “GET HIM”

    With this a flurry of action explodes through the forest, you turn on your heels and run as fast as you can, the group begin to chase but as they're on their knees you feel yourself with an upper hand. With Growlithe running beside you, you peg it through the forest and into a clearing, a large stretch of tree-less woodland before another section of heavy trees. Noticing that if you make it across the plain-land and into the woods you'll be able to get away you quickly sprint towards the tree-line, hoping to outspring the larger fatter members of the audience you just saw.

    Vroom. Vroom.

    The loud sounds of engines pierces your ears as you curse your luck, keeping running but looking over your shoulder to see every member on a motorbike, chasing you down. With the trees being your only solution you find yourself in a race, a mere half a football field to go. You begin counting down like John Madden as your feet race as fast as they can.

    40....30.....20.....10.... thunk

    A large object forces you to the ground before you know it, the heavy force sending you off balance and crashing onto the woodland floor, autumn leaves being kicked up and sprayed as you skid, the momentum from your run carrying you forward a few yards. Looking back you see a Seviper Wrapped around your body, its large fangs poised at your neck as you stop dead-still.

    The bikes come closer as you tell Growlithe to stop growling at them, knowing any threat and the Seviper's fangs could easily puncture your throat. As you lie still staring up at the snake you see the largest male approach you, standing over you, the leader of the pack given first rights.

    “Your Pokémon. Give them me.” he says in a low grumbling voice, gesturing towards the Pokéballs on your Pokébelt.

    What will you do?

    Blaze and Eric continued to look on as the group of ruffians prepared for battle. The two men in the center of all the commotion executed a series of grunts and gestures in what appeared to be a tribal dance before they each pulled out a Poké Ball. In unison, the thugs called out two Ursaring. The smaller man's Pokémon let out a guttural roar at the sight of its opponent, while the other Ursaring stood in silence, preparing for the battle ahead. At the sight of the angry bear, Eric tensed, cursing himself for not leaving sooner. Aside from the Ursaring's roar, the rest of the group were all deadly silent, focusing on the battle ahead; any movement would most definitely attract attention. Reluctantly, Eric held his ground, but once again whispered a caution to Blaze as the battle began.

    When both trainers finished relaying their orders, the two Ursaring sprang into action, each trying to intimidate the other with their attacks. They swaggered forward and bulked themselves up, honing their claws in order to increase attack power. Both Pokémon were determined to win, no matter what the cost. A sense of unease slipped into Eric's mind as he watched the first few seconds of the fight. No damage had been inflicted yet, but he could tell that this would be a fierce battle.

    Once finished, the two bears retreated backwards. With the formalities out of the way, the real action would begin. The smaller thug's Pokémon charged forward and seemed to gain the upper hand right off the bat, violently knocking over the other Ursaring into the dirt. Showing absolutely no mercy, he followed up with several other fierce attacks upon the downed Pokémon, slashing and clawing into its sides. The crowd began to chatter wildly in excitement as further damage was done. It appeared that the battle would be over quickly, until the weakened Ursaring retaliated with a vicious upkick that smashed into its opponent with a sickening crunch. Regaining its feet, the bear focused energy into its fist with a follow-up punch. Confused and dazed from the sudden turn of events, the Ursaring flung out a fiery punch in retaliation, but the attack failed as the other other Ursaring caught it. Spinning around its dazed competitor in an advanced submission technique, the larger male's Ursaring slowly began to squeeze the life out of the bear that had only, seconds before, been winning the match.

    Realizing the inevitable, the Ursaring caught in the chokehold tapped the ground, signaling its defeat. But the other Ursaring either didn't see this motion, or didn't care, for it twisted the bear's neck with all its might, severing the head from the body in one smooth motion. All noise was silenced within the clearing as the victor was withdrawn to its Poké Ball.

    Bile rose within Eric's throat as he witnessed the grisly end to the match. Blaze, too, whined quietly upon seeing the large Ursaring kill the other as if it didn't have a care in the world. Whatever sort of sect Blaze had stumbled upon, Eric was now absolutely positive it was one group he did not want to mess with. How could they justify killing one another's Pokémon? It's terrible! Throwing caution to the wind, Eric motioned to Blaze and made a break for it through the trees. About five steps into their retreat, SNAP!, a sharp crack echoed into the air as Eric stepped upon a rotten twig.

    All heads in the clearing immediately looked for the source of the noise, finally finding Eric and Blaze a few feet underneath the trees ringing the clearing. Time seemed to stretch into infinity as they stared at Eric with livid expressions upon their faces. Apparently, that fight was something they wanted no one to witness. "GET HIM!" the larger male shouted.

    Adrenaline rushed into Eric's veins as he swiveled and ran through the trees as fast as he could. He just couldn't imagine what he would do if they caught up to him. "Blaze, faster, faster, faster," he grunted to his companion through quick, short breaths. Branches stung the pair as they sprinted into another clearing, much larger than the other. "Look, Blaze, if we can just make it to the other side, we should be able to lose them," he said, gesturing toward the far boundary of the clearing, where taller trees would most definitely hide them form view. Suddenly, the rumbling of engines filled the air! A heavy weight sank within Eric's stomach as he turned to find the group following close behind on motorcycles. "Crap, Blaze, we've got to hurry." The Growlithe let loose a strangled bark of understanding.

    The trees gradually drew nearer, but so do the noises of the motorbikes. Not daring to look back for fear of what he would see, Eric crossed his fingers and hoped with all of his might that they would make under the safety of the dense forest... until a heavy weight crashed into his back, sending him sprawling into the tall grass. Looking down, Eric yelped with fright as he found a Seviper coiled around his legs. The snake Pokémon slithered closer toward Eric's neck, poised to strike at any second. Blaze barked a warning at both the snake and the motorbikes as they drew closer, but stopped at Eric's insistence. The only way we'll be able to get out of this is compliance. These thugs don't seem very intelligent, so we'll just have to outwit them, he thought silently to himself, shuddering at the same time as the Seviper tightened its grip on his legs.

    Eric tried his best to ignore the growing fear within him as the largest of the men slipped off his motorbike and ambled over. Blaze, unsure of what to do, let out another low rumble. He tried to edge closer to Eric, but stopped immediately when the Seviper opened its mouth wide, the fangs glimmering underneath the afternoon sun. Finally stopping at Eric's side, the gigantic man loomed over him with an angry scowl on his face. "Your Pokémon. Give them me," he uttered in broken English, gesturing toward the Poké Balls hanging upon Eric's belt.

    Eric's mind raced to think of an appropriate response. I can't just hand my Pokémon over.. But who's gonna stop him from taking them forcefully? I'm vastly outnumbered and in the clutches of a Seviper, who could very well snap my neck off in seconds. There's just... no way out. He continued this mental conversation with himself for a few more seconds before finally deciding once again that compliance would be the only thing that could possibly save him from this situation. Moving slowly to not provoke the snake, Eric slid his hands to his waist, where he unclasped his belt. "H-H-Here," he stuttered, offering the man the belt. "I-I-I don't want any trouble. I was just walking through the jungle minding my own business. Please, please don't hurt me." Eric hoped that by acting small and pitiful, the men would begin to underestimate him. I might as well try anything I can. I'm going to need any help I can get if this comes to a fight.

    Eric glanced over towards Blaze, hoping that the fire-pup wouldn't attempt anything rash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treepandaone View Post
    Emporium Hotel: – Please reply in Dark Orange

    Marion Ette: With a hop and a skip you move over the skeletal remains having convinced Jack that you were not the killer, all too aware that the accusations of murder and death were not uncommon around you nor was the sight of death itself, in fact you almost revelled in it. Jack however, is clearly not as he tip-toes past the body and into the elevator, shuddering with discontent as he becomes free from the pooling blood and skeleton. Striking up conversation and pressing the button you notice that it doesn't work, stuck on the same floor while the button refuses to light, despite Jack tapping it several times more just to make sure.

    “Ah yes, how rude of me. This here is Kay.” he explains, the Arcanine exhibiting a serious demeanour as he does so, bowing its head for just a second. “I got him from my parents as my first Pokémon. I believe he was hatched by the world renowned Pokémon Breeder Kevin Brown when I was just 9 so of course I was more than happy to take him in. We've been best friends ever since”

    Jack continues stroking his fire-dog's head as it seems his troubles melt away, but one quick look back to the opened-elevator doors and he stops, the sight of the blood once more reminding him of the predicament. Looking around of an emergency telephone or alarm you find nothing on the panel, instructing Ninetales to Nasty Plot in preparation, noting that this could be perfect ambush territory. Turning once more to the panel you note that there are only a few buttons, each allocated to the floors but nothing else; no emergency, no alarm, no door open/close button. Not even a weight warning.

    You wonder why it's not working for a few seconds before asking Jack, who still seems to be hammering on the buttons in an attempt to get it to work. He stops as you ask the question, giving up his man-like approach of hitting things until they worked to step back and actually think about it. Stroking his chin he begins to wonder about what Charles actually did, shaking his head as he replied,

    “I don't actually remember Charles touching a button you know” he says, chewing on his bottom lip in deep thought. “We got in the elevator, Charles was nice to Kay and then we arrived at my room. I don't even remember him moving beyond that”

    He scratched his head with puzzlement before seemingly thinking of a plan, like a light bulb had gone off in his head. Reaching for the inside of his jacket you spot he has a lot of Luxury Balls as he pulls out one, releasing a Rotom into the air as it buzzes with excitement.

    “This is R. I met him when I went to the Old Chateau in Sinnoh. They do wonderful deserts there.” he says as the Rotom buzzes in agreement, flitting about the place. “I needed a room for the night and had heard rumours that the Chateau was the best in Eterna. I wasn't wrong”

    He continues as he returns the luxury ball back to the inside of his jacket, closing it up once more, before trying the button once more, but with no results. Grunting he turns to his Rotom, having thought of a way to get it working.

    “R, see if you can go inside this elevator and get it working. We'd like the ground floor please”

    The Rotom buzzes with acknowledgement, disappearing into the console with a flash. Jack nods as he turns back, explaining his plan.

    “Rotom can possess electronics. I'm sure that he can get us -”

    He's cut short as the light turns a dark red, the numbered display flashing before settling on 'INTRUDER', the doors slamming shut. Jack tries to open the doors but fails, his strength not enough to open the heavy steel doors an inch as they appear locked down. Giving up on that he returns to the console, pressing every button as he appears fidgety in the close-quartered enclosed space.

    “R?! R are you alright?” he says, tapping on the console with worry as you see his visible distress.

    A few seconds of silence fills the air as he waits for a reply, but none comes. Suddenly a hissing noise appears and the smell of gas hits your nostrils, causing you to recoil a bit. Filling the small elevator quickly Jack turns round to face you, unable to quite comprehend what is happening. It seems like it's up to you to get the two of you out of the elevator before the gas does damage.

    What will you do?
    ((Sorry for the long delay! I'm really excited to finally be able to continue my adventure~))

    Jack introduces the regal canine beside him as Kay, who bows briefly to Marion in acknowledgement. The ghost-type trainer gives the Arcanine a respectful bow of her own, delighted to meet such a beautiful Pokemon. Jack explains that Kay was a gift from his parents when he was only a boy, and the Pokemon was likely hatched by the famous Kevin Brown. Marion nods knowingly at the mention of that name, having come across it briefly in her research. "So, he's your starter Pokemon, huh? I imagine you two must have a really strong bond..." Marion pats Aislyn as she says this; though the fiery fox was not her starter, she was the very first Pokemon that the trainer had captured herself, which was a special position in its own right. The pair of trainers are lost in their respective reveries for a few moments, petting their warm and cuddly companions, before Jack is quickly snapped out of his daze by the blood still seeping in through the door, reminding him of the urgency of his task; not only did they need to escape the elevator, but they needed to inform personnel of the murder that had occurred right on their very floor! Marion also reminds herself that the murderer may still be seeking victims, and Aislyn wastes no time following her orders to think up some nasty plots for any serial killers that may try to sneak up on Jack or Marion.

    Jack resorts to the (often surprisingly useful) technique of hitting buttons until they work in order to free everyone from the elevator. This time, however, the method yields no meaningful results. When Jack finally pulls back from the control panel, he makes an important recollection; when Charles was in the elevator, he never did seem to press any buttons. He simply lavished Kay with attention, much as he did with Aislyn when Marion was in the elevator, and the elevator seemed to operate on its own. Thinking back to her own ride in the elevator with Charles, she had noticed the very same thing... There was a control panel, to be sure, but it did not light up or seem to require buttons being pressed. It was almost as if someone outside the elevator was controlling its movement... Marion grimaces.

    "Well, I suppose we could try to call the front desk, if our Xtranceivers will work in here..." Of course, Marion was not thrilled at the prospect of speaking to that receptionist again, especially after her insulting treatment of Marion, and subsequent painful punishment as a result. Marion could not quite put a finger on which aspect of that interaction made her more uneasy. Fortunately for Marion, Jake seems to have a plan of his own, involving a member of his Pokemon team. Marion looks on with curiosity as Jack removes a luxury ball from his belt, and calls out an energetic, spritely Rotom named R. Marion could barely contain her excitement. A Rotom! "You have a Rotom? Oh, awesome! I love Rotom!" Marion, despite her previous attempts at appearing calm and refined, was now unabashedly impressed with the adorable electric-ghost type. Jack recounts his capture of R in the Old Chateau, where they supposedly serve wonderful desserts. He had apparently thoroughly enjoyed his stay there, and... and... wait. No, something wasn't right about this story. Wasn't the Old Chateau abandoned? Haunted? For a man who balked at the very sight of a corpse, Marion was surprised that he would enjoy his stay in a thoroughly deserted old house where spirits supposedly roamed the halls... The ghostly trainer had to wonder if this man was really all he seemed to be, but decides not to let on her suspicions. Besides, he had been kind to her so far, despite originally accusing her of murder. Of course, he was not above suspicion himself, but Marion would like to think that at least one person at this hotel was on her side. She also noticed that Jack's two Pokemon, Kay and R, were both named after letters... Marion wondered briefly if Jack's team of six were all named after letters and spelled out a word when placed together, but ultimately guessed that she was thinking too much about Jack's name choices.

    "The Old Chateau... They're famous for their gateau, aren't they? I have always wanted to try it! I heard they closed years ago, though... is that true?" Marion tilts her head, surprisingly convincing in her feigned ignorance. Perhaps she had been hanging around that deceptive Banette of hers for too long... Probably best to change the subject. "Rotom is one of my favorites. I actually have one myself, but he is a new addition and needs a little training before I initiate him into my main team of six." Marion motions toward the row of Pokeballs on her belt with a smile. In reality, the reason she had not brought Gadget the Rotom with her was because he would be an absolute terror in a hotel like the Emporium. His limitless supply of energy and hyperactivity paired with his mow form essentially equated to massive amounts of damage, and at the Emporium, the price was quite literally one that Marion could not pay. Images of the hyper lawnmower mowing down priceless works of art had flashed before Marion's eyes in the instant before Marion decided that her electric ghost was better left at home, mowing the Hidden Mansion gardens down with undeniable vigor.

    Knowing her own Rotom's ability to possess mechanical objects prepared Marion for the plan that Jack was about to explain. Though Gadget was very much tied to his lawnmower form and refused to leave it, it seemed as if R was more than happy to possess whatever his trainer asked him to. In this case, the hotel elevator was the target of Rotom's possession, and the static-laden Pokemon eagerly carries out his orders. At first, the plan seems like a great one, until the Rotom is identified as an INTRUDER and the doors slam shut. Jack immediately runs to the panel in an panicked state, trying everything he can to make contact with R and reassure himself that he did not send his Pokemon into a potential death trap. Marion turns to Aislyn, concocting a plan of her own involving Aislyn's limited psychokinetic abilities. Certainly, the fire fox was no psychic type, but she did have some training in psychic-type moves, and her ability to channel psychic power was better than any other Pokemon Marion had.

    "August, please use your Extrasensory abilities to locate R, and try to gently lead him out of the elevator if you can." Before Marion can give Aislyn further orders, however, a noxious gas begins pouring into the elevator, potentially poisoning herself and poor Jack, who is still stuck on trying to get his Rotom out of the system, not fully comprehending the danger she was in. Immediately covering her mouth with her sleeve, Marion reaches for the single Friend Ball on her belt, and calls out the Pokemon best suited for such a toxic situation; in a flash of light, a batlike creature materializes, with agile, leathery wings and intimidating yellow eyes. The Crobat lets out a low, deep sound, as if showing his recognition of the dire situation that his trainer is in. Of course, Marion did not want to cause any damage to the hotel, given her lack of coin to pay for any of it, but if the choice was taking out loans or dying, there really wasn't much of a choice at all...

    "Sangre, I need you to use all the strength you have and Giga Impact that elevator door into opening. Also, if you could use your Gust to direct the gas out of the elevator once you have used your Giga Impact on the door, that would be a huge help."

    Sangre nods solemnly, concentrating hard in order to build the energy required for his assault on the door. If any attack could physically break the elevator door down, it had to be Sangre's Giga Impact. Though the Crobat was lithe and lacked the weight of other creatures, his intense focus on the impact more than made up for his lack of bulk. Marion could only hope that the Crobat's training would pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    The Lost Cities of Talas
    The Archaeology Zone

    Long since buried beneath the desert sands, the lost city of Sobek was discovered after a ferocious sandstorm uncovered part of an ancient abode. When archaeologists heard of the discovery they flocked from all over the world to examine the area, eventually unearthing several more vicinities in which the ruined remains of ancient civilisations have been laying undisturbed for thousands of years. Portions of the strange writings and hieroglyphs discovered in these lost cities have been translated, fuelling speculation that the entire island of Talas is somehow tied in with the heavens. Items, carvings, texts, as well as some rather unsettling discoveries and mysterious events have helped to cement these theories in the minds of some, while others dismiss them as fantasy. Each of the cities are believed to be connected to the others somehow, but there are still missing pieces of a much larger puzzle to be found, leading scholars to believe that there are more cities that have yet to be discovered. Talas has now become a popular archaeological site which attracts scientists, scholars, tourists, and trainers from across the globe.

    The Lost City of Sobek
    The first of the lost cities to have been unearthed, Sobek is the most extensively examined of the five known ancient civilisations. Despite the fact it's surrounded by desert, a thick, healthy layer of the greenest of grass has grown since Sobek was first uncovered. The dig site is extensive, and even though it is believed this city was the main agricultural centre of Ancient Talas, some of its areas raise questions as to what kind of rituals the people who once dwelt here may have performed. Here you will find many places of interest such as the Pokémon Centre, Research Lab and tourist stalls, as well as several interesting excavation sites to explore.

    Farity's Pond: A large freshwater pond in the centre of the city. How it has miraculously filled with water is still a mystery, some saying Farity herself has imbued it with life. A statue of the Goddess rises from its centre, a Feraligatr, Croconaw, and Totodile protectively surrounding their mistress. The fresh, cool water attracts many wild Pokémon, while people visiting or working in the area like to submerge themselves to cool off under the harsh, desert sun.
    For a place supposed to be a desert, The Lost City of Sobek was remarkably green and lively. The insistence from the locals in calling the city "Lost" to this day was baffling, to put it mildly, but Levin knew people were intrinsically proud of their roots.

    Still, lush or not, it was unbearably hot. The residents, of course, seemed to mind it a lot less than him... Spotting a large pond nearby - at the very center of town, to be precise -, Levin rushed over to wash his face and cool off. Not the only one with the same intention, a number of people were already camped near the water, several families with their children, some others even bathing inside. But, as usual, it wasn't the commotion nor the people that caught his eye. In the middle of the lake was a statue representing a woman - the Goddess Farity, as a local had told him earlier -, surrounded by three particular Pokemon: Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr. A smile formed on his lips; if those particular Pokemon were who the woman kept as pets, no wonder people thought she was a Goddess. I could look pretty omnipotent too if I had three of these at my beck and call.

    Alongside the Saffron-native was one of his best friends - Bud the Ivysaur. The Grass-Type had been through a lot since joining his ranks, and his personality had changed considerably as he grew older. At first crushed by a self-imposed sense of duty, stemming from the record-setting amount of Candies he'd costed Levin, Bud finally realized how much his Trainer cared for him during their journey to the Kalos Invitational Event. It was then that he understood how Levin never demanded anything of him, and only wanted him to be happy alongside him. Once that realization set it, Bud let go of all his stress and started looking at life a whole lot differently.

    - I think we should take a moment to ourselves, breaks have been rare enough as it is these past months... Why don't you go ahead and swim for a bit? The pond's pretty shallow and I'm sure you could use some water by now... Go on, have some fun!

    The now-easygoing Bud slowly approached the water, eyeing the fearsome statues for a while before finally diving in. As the Ivysaur happily played in the the lake, taking the opportunity to nurture the flower on his back, Levin took a coin from his Coin Case and hurled it into the pond, making it land right next to one of the crocodile statues.

    For luck... Who knows, right?

    ((I know there are people waiting to be picked up before me, but I'll wait however long it takes. Don't feel pressured by this Intro! I've been wanting to adventure here for a good while now, so please pick me up when it's convenient.))
    Last edited by MarbleZone; 6th August 2014 at 7:58 PM. Reason: A year and a half later, Bud is now a confident Ivysaur. ^^

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