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    Let me explain a little: This story was inspired by a little songwriting I did some time ago. It was all just meaningless brain vomit at the time, but when I looked back, they all sort of connected.
    The title I used is from a Modest Mouse song, which gave me a huge amount of inspiration as I wrote the songs. Let me make it clear that the title is the only thing from that song that I took.
    There is brief, strong language used in this story.


    I'm not a murderer.

    Sure, they died. Sure, I could've helped. I could've done more. But that's my own fault, I guess. That doesn't make me evil, right? Just because you could've done something, but you didn't, that doesn't make you a criminal. You're only judged on what you do, not what you don't do. That's what I've learned, anyway.

    No, I'm not a murderer. Am I?

    I watched it all from my window in space. It all just sort of...folded inwards. And I just watched as they folded in with it. I knew it was going to happen. And yet I said nothing.

    I'm a murderer, aren't I?

    I built those people just to watch them die. I'm just a factory worker, a simple soul factory worker that never hurt anyone. I never killed anybody. I never stabbed a man or shot a woman for her purse. No, I'm a good person!


    All I did was revive people. I mended their wounds. I reattached limbs and supplied spare organs. Sure, corporations got greedy. Sure, the businiessmen and their fancy suits came in and bought out all of the spare hearts and kidneys.

    Sure, we built people. Why does that make me the bad guy? Why do I have to wade through the fires of h ell? Why did they get to die while I get to suffer up here in space?

    Project Re-Colonization. A bunch of bullsh it if I've ever seen it. Haven't we taken enough?

    Do I really have to suffer like this?

    Yes. I'm A Murderer. And I will suffer.

    I guess this is what I get for playing God.
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