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    Default SPPf: Trainer Andy

    Trainer Information:

    Name: Andy
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: June 7th

    Physical Description: A young male in his early 20s, of average height and build. He certainly wouldn't stand out in any crowd, and that's the way he likes it. Andy has short hair that can't quite decide whether it's dark blond, or light brown, and deep blue eyes. He has a small scar next to his left eye that he can't remember how he got, but it gives him an uneasy feeling every time he thinks about it.

    Biography: Andy is a bit of a late starter in regards to the world of Pokemon. A quiet child, and then an awkward teenager, Andy entered adulthood originally with no interest whatsoever in being a trainer, even though the majority of his few friends had already left on their own journies.
    That changed the day he was attacked by a pack of berserk Mankeys whilst out taking a walk. Backed into a corner, with no chance of escape, Andy prepared himself for the worst before Sheldon jumped into the fray and rescued him, taking quite a lot of damage in the process.
    Tending to the Turtwig's injuries afterwards the two began to bond, and once he had fully recovered Andy decided to start a journey with Sheldon, to become stronger (Although in actual fact, Sheldon just kept following Andy to make sure he didn't get get into any more trouble).


    Backpack Contents:
    1 x Pokédex
    3 x Pokeball
    5 x Potions
    2 x Heart Scale
    1 x Very Hot Cross Bun (Teaches Crossfire)

    Bank Balance:
    0 x Rare Candy

    Coin Balance:
    11000 coins
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