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    Default POKIMAN! (Rated PG)

    By MJC CartoGuy
    © 2004~2005 by MJC CartoGuy (Well, it's not really copyrighted, but you get the idea.)

    It's a new and original comedy fan fiction featuring the talking Pippi from "POKETTO MONSUTAA", rated PG for some viloence and some "SHUT UP"-like insults, but there are no curse words in this story. Currently, this chapter has around 20 chapters, with no sign of ending. For those of you who have just begun to read this, do not be intimidated by the large quanity of chapters. Take your time when you read each chapter. They're not going anywhere.

    Also, this title comes from the ever-popular mis-pronountiation of "Pokemon". If somebody else has already come up with this title, let me know. Unless I posted the first chapter of my series first, I'll change my story. Also, I'm going to use only the Japanese and original names of the characters, so I'm only going to say who everybody is about once in a while. Besides that, all the Pokemon talk. And one more thing. Since I don't know any of Pippi's attacks, I'm just gonna have to pick some from Clefairy's moveset.

    One Final Note: I don't own Pokemon, 4Kids, Tv-Tokyo, Game Freak, yadah yadah yadah, you get my point, and I don't think anyone thought I owned any of that anyway. But still...


    Okay! Now that all that's over with, here comes the story!!!

    Chapter 1- "POKIMAN!"

    Once upon a time, there was a little brown and beige bird Pokemon named Poppo (Pidgey) who was flying freely into the sky. It was a beautiful day, and it would have been more beautiful had it not been for what happened next.

    An ice beam shot up into the sky, and it hit the Poppo dead on. "AAAUGH!" he shouted as he fell down to Earth. (Well, he was already on Planet Earth actually, but still...)

    "EYAHAHAHAHAHAH!" said our protagonist, the little pink, talking creature named Pippi (Clefairy) who was nearby. "THAT WAS TOTALLY SUPER FUNNY!" Pippi was small, but rather fat for a normal Pippi. He had little light-brown ears coming out of his head.

    "What?" asked the Poppo. "You mean you did this?"

    "That's right, you fool," said Pippi, "with my Metronome attack, that is!"

    "Metronome?!" yelled Poppo in astonishment. "Do you know how rare that is to use something like an Ice Beam with Metronome? You're lucky!"

    "Why thank you," said Pippi, "but I still hate you."

    "Anyway," said the Poppo, brushing himself off, "you better not do that again!"

    "Oh, shut up!" yelled Pippi.

    "You want a piece of me?" yelled Poppo. "Do ya?"

    "Yeah, I do!"

    "Well let's see you fight, fatso!"

    "That," said the Pippi, "is where I draw the line! No mercy from me, buster! LET'S GO!"

    >DING!< And here was Round 1 of the Pokemon battle. Poppo began with a gust attack while Pippi began to use a Metronome. Pippi started waving his fingers as the little tornado cause by the Poppo was headed towards him. Suddenly, BOOM! Pippi exploded! The Explosion wiped out the Poppo, and he ran away. Well, he tried to, but he just collapsed from that powerful attack. Meanwhile, Pippi had finally managed to pick himself up, though he was still blackened from his own Explosion attack. Apparently, the Metronome attack is so random, you never know which attack will be used, including a self-destructing attack!

    "[SIGH.] What to do...What to do..." said Pippi, as he walked through the forest, bored beyond belief. "I've gotta find something to do or I'll explode... yet again."

    So Pippi wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and wandered and...gee does this guy ever stop wandering? You see, he ran away from his trainer Red to find some funnier entertainment. Unfortunately, he didn't find the entertainment that he wanted, and so he was bored. Yes, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored...whoops, here I go again. So anyway, Pippi was walking through the forset when he saw...well he saw...well he saw...oh who am I kidding? I don't know what he saw! I guess he saw a...wait a minute, I know what he saw! Apparently he saw a comedian Pokemon who was at the beach area nearby. The comedian Pokemon wasn't on any stage, and he talked to his audience in a loud voice because he didn't feel like getting a microphone.

    "... And what's with Koiking (Magikarp)?" said a big, blue turtle that was known as a Kamex (Blastoise), the comedian. His actual body was blue, but the giant shell that he was in was brown on the back side and beige on the front one. "Why in the world do they even exist in this world? Is it to make others feel superior? I've seen a better challenge from a Gyarados! Well duh, because they're not Koiking!"

    The Pokemon crowd he was filled with laughter, and so they...laughed!

    "Thank you, thank you," said the Kamex, bowing before his Pokemon audience. "You're too kind."

    "Tell us another one!" yelled an orange mouse Pokemon known as Raichu.

    "Okay I will," said the grinning Kamex. "What's with with those Digda (Diglett)? They're fast enough to pop up and down in the ground at the speed of light, yet they can't even have enough time to pass a written essay!"

    "What do you mean?" said a passing Digda. Digda was a brown mole Pokemon, but all you could really see was its brown head because it always traveled in the ground. "Why doesn't somebody give me an essay so I can write it- in 10 seconds!"

    "As a matter of fact, I have just the test," said Kamex, handing Digda a written test. "You have 10 seconds to write what it's like to be a Digda. Ready? Begin!"

    So Digda began to think about what to write. It only took him about two seconds. Then he decided to write. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after the fifth second that he realized that he couldn't write because of the mere fact that he was basically a brown mole Pokemon that had no legs or hands!

    "HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN THE WHOLE TIME, DIDN'T YOU?" yelled an angry Digda that glared at the Kamex.

    The nervous Kamex began to sweat a little bit. "Well...I...uh..."


    "Amazing..." said Pippi.


    "Oh shut up!" shouted the Kamex, as he Mega Punched the Digda in the face.

    "OWWWW!" yelled Digda. Then he recovered. "Oh, so that's your game, eh? Well, I may be handless, but they don't call me DigaDiga-Tough Guy for nothing!"

    "They don't call you DigaDiga-Tough Guy at all," the Kamex pointed out.

    "Okay, it's on, Turtle Boy!" shouted the Digda.

    The crowd of Pokiman gathered around the two of them, including Pippi. (Oops, did I say Pokiman? Sorry about that. STUPID TITLE!) They started chanting, "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" (Okay, so, you get the picture.)

    "Wow, cool..."said Pippi.

    >DING!< Well, it all started out with a Hydro Cannon from Kamex. It would've defeated that Digda had it not burrowed underground. So what happened next was that while Kamex was recharging from the hard blast, Digda had managed to use a Fissure attack on the poor comedy turtle.


    Apparantly, everybody else got hit by the Fissure attack except Pippi and the Kamex, who managed to dodge the attack at the last minute.


    Kamex then began to jump repeatedly on the Digda, and it fainted. (One, two, three! And he's dooooooown!) All the other Pokemon began to weakly clap and chant and cheer for Kamex.

    "That was amazing," said Pippi. "Can you teach me how to do that?"

    "Well sure," said Kamex, "but you'll have to have a lot of training in order to battle like that."

    "No, not that," said Pippi. "That. I meant the comedian business. I'm good at puns, but not as good as those. Actually, they weren't really puns at all, but..."

    Kamex said, "Well, I'll tell you more about my comedian life when we get home."

    "Home?!" he asked.

    "My home," said Kamex. "Now let's go!"


    But just before they had a chance to walk two feet away, the ground below them gave way! Will this be the end of our story already? Find out on the next chapter of "Pokiman"!

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    Very nice! It's pretty funny! I didn't notice any spelling errors, it's a good story, it has great potential, and it's original. But it did seem a tad short, try to make the next chapter longer. I rate it four stars, keep up the good work!
    The qualifications for being a nerd are actually quite simple: all you have to do is be one. =D

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    Thanks, Supernerd! I'm not sure exactly when I'll be able to put the next chapter, though, since I'm also working on Yu-Gi-Oh! C as well as this story.
    Reminder from August 09, 2010- Name my future Reshiram "Griffin"...

    My Current HeartGold Team:

    If you want, look at Yu-Gi-Oh! C,Pokiman, and Naruto C, but they haven't exactly been updated recently. And they really need a lot of cleaning up anyway.

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    Yay! ^_^

    *shrugs at the random statement above*

    Anyhoo, an interesting (and quite funny too) fic MJC! I especially liked all the funny battles and the Digda trying to write an essay. =3

    Description was kinda vague but . . . meh. I'm not sure if this can be considered one of those fics that needs uber amounts of description for it to work.

    LaTeR dAyZ!

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    Well, last time, you remember, the talking Pippi from the manga "Pocket Monsters" was going to follow this comedian named Kamex to his home, so Kamex would teach him more about comedy. But, the ground below them began to give way! Actually, it did give way, but, still! What will happen now? Find out, now!

    Chapter 2- "Pippi's New Adventure!"

    Pippi and Kamex realized that they were inside a hole! Apparently, they were standing on that section of the ground for so long, they just fell. Luckilly though, the hole was only 3 feet deep, so they got out, and went on home. (Thought that the hole would be an important part of the story, didn't you?)

    Now anyway, the Kamex's home was apparently not its own shell. It was located in a lake. The home was a one story house that was basically a huge version of Kamex's shell. In the family room, there were pictures of Kamex getting many comedian-related rewards.

    "Wow," said Pippi.

    "That's nothing," said the Kamex. "I've got a trophy so big that no matter how far back the photographers zoom back, they still can't take a picture of it! It's in this closet."

    He went to a big, golden closet, and he opened the door. There stood a large, golden trohpy that was 8 feet tall. (Forgive me, people who use the metric system, but that's about 3 meters!) It's base's diameter was 7 feet.

    "WHOA," said Pippi.

    "Ya' like it?" asked the Kamex.

    "Yeah," said Pippi, "but, how'd you get it in that room?"

    "It wasn't easy," said the Kamex. "I pull a muscle every time I move it a centimeter! And, I had to push it underwater. Can you imagine that? Try pushing a 400-pound trophy under the surface while it's floating!" (400-pound trophies should normally float, right?)

    "So how'd you get it underwater?" asked Pippi.

    "Well," said the Kamex, "I asked my buddies to come and help me push it under."

    "Who are your friends?" asked Pippi.

    "They're Mister Odile and Mister Laglarge," said the Kamex. (Mister Feraligatr and Mister Swampert)

    "Mister Odile and Mister Laglare, eh," said Pippi.

    "Yep, and I'm Rex the Kamex," said the Kamex.

    "Ahhhh..." went Pippi.

    "Unfortunately," Rex Kamex went on, "even Odile and Laglare weren't enough help for me. So, we had to suck all the lakewater with a machine."

    "What kind of machine?" asked Pippi.

    "It was the Suck-The-Water-Out-Of-A-Body-Of-Water 3000," said Rex Kamex. "A really cool invention, it is. All ya' have to do is push a little red button and SUCKETY- SUCK SUCK. All of the water is sucked."

    "I see," said Pippi.

    "So anyway," said Rex, "after we got all of the water out of the lake, we had to put the actual trophy in. Now we couldn't just drop it. We were thinking of using a bulldozer to move the darn thing, when all of a sudden, that same Digda from before came along..."

    "So you know that Digda," said Pippi.

    "You betcha," said Rex the Kamex. "That Digda and I became mortal enemies after that day. For it was on that day that Digda had said,

    'Hey, whaddya think you're doing, buster?' "

    "So?" said Pippi.

    "So," said Rex Kamex, "he said that, and then I said, 'We're trying to put a 400-pound trophy in my house. Would you like to help us?'

    'Help us?!' he said. 'You guys are destroying my underground home!'

    'Destroying your home?!' I said. And then I said, 'How does emptying water and then lowering a trophy down to my home make us destroying your home?' "

    "And what did he say?" said Pippi.

    And Rex said, "Well then he said, 'You're machine is leaking water that's going thorugh the ground to MY house!'

    'Well Sor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ry,' said I.

    'Sorry?!' Digda said. 'Man, I'm gonna hurt you!'

    And then he had the nerve to use his Earthquake attack on he! After all, I barely put any water in his house."

    "Well it sounds like this is both of your faults," said Pippi.

    "And anyway," said Rex Kamex. "He caused an Earthquake attack that caused the trophy, which was on the edge of the cliff of where there used to be water, to knock the trophy off the cliff!"

    "Off the cliff?!" said Pippi. "Well what happened next?"

    "Can you please stop interruppting me?" shouted Rex Kamex.


    "Now anyway," said Rex Kamex. "The trophy was falling, right? And so it was gonna land right beside the door to my house! So Mister Odile and I began to rumble with that darn Digda as Mister Laglarge jumped off the cliff to grab the 400-pound trophy, even though he knew he couldn't hold it, or save himself from the fall even. Anyway, O and I were beating up the Digda, and what does that Digda do? A FISSURE ATTACK! That stupid mouthless, moronic mole used a FISSURE ATTACK! A FISSURE ATTACK! But we both jumped, and we dodged the attack. Laglarge and the trophy weren't hurt either. And if you thought that the Digda Dummy was finished, think again! It used Frustration! Can you believe it? FRUSTARTAION! So then, Odile and I used our Hydro Pump attacks and would've made Digda faint, but that idiot burrowed underground, and then when it got up, it used another Fissure attack! This time, that idiot's attack actually HIT US! THAT STUPID LITTLE DUMMY! IMAGINE THAT! WE GOT BEATEN BY A STUPID LITTLE MIDGET CALLED DIGDA!"

    "If Digda was so stupid," said Pippi, "then how come he won?"

    "I don't know," said Rex Kamex. "Anyway, he beat us, or so he thought. It turned out that O and I both were holding Focus Bands at the time, and we each had 1 HP left. However, the Fissure attack did push us to the edge of the cliff, and when we weakly got up, the ground below us gave way, and all three of us fell down the cliff! to make matters worse, we fell on Laglarge, and we all got pushed towards the trophy! Pippi, we had to use cructhes for three weeks after that moment."

    "Ouch," said Pippi, "but you never answered my question. How'd you get the trophy into your house?"

    "Oh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh..." said Rex Kamex. "I didn't. After I recovered, I had to build another room around the trophy, which connected to my house. Then I built some more rooms, and I put a sign on my door. And you can easily tell that it clearly says 'NO DIGDAS ALLOWED'!"

    "Yeah, I saw," said Pippi.

    "Now, rumor has it that Digda wants to challenge me to a battle in the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento*," said Rex Kamex, "but if that's the case, then Digda better say it to my face!" (*Pocket Monster Super Battle Tournament)

    "What's the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento?" asked Pippi.

    "WHAT?" exclaimed Rex Kamex. "You've never heard of the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento?"

    "Nope," said Pippi.


    "I've been training with this trainer named Red," said Pippi, "but I ran away from him in order to get some more laughs and become a comedian. But what's so special about the Poketto Monsutaa Batoru Toonamento?"

    "The Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento," said Rex Kamex.

    "Oh," said Pippi.

    "The Poketto Monutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento," said Rex, "is this special tournament held once a year where Pokemon apply to battle each other without the use of trainers! It's basically a bunch of wild Pokemon battling each other."

    "I see," said Pippi.

    "But," said Rex the Kamex, "the best part of the tournament in my opinion is that every halftime, there are comedian acts."

    "How many halftimes are there?" asked Pippi.

    "The tournament takes five days," said Rex, "with the first day having the preliminary rounds and then 64 Pokemon, the second day with 32 Pokemon, the third one with 16, the fourth one with 8, and the fifth one with 4 and then 2 Pokemon left. There are halftimes between an even number of battles on the fourth day, and between the semifinal and final rounds on the fifth day, making 2 halftimes. Does that answer your question?"

    "I think so," said Pippi, "but man, that is so confusing."

    "The comedians, during halftime, begin to tell a bunch of jokes, and things like that. And, the comedians are all Pokemon. There are NO HUMANS ALLOWED AT ALL! The comedian acts really beat noisy bands, don't you think? And also," said Rex, "if you want to battle in the Toonamento, you can't also be a comedian. If you want to be a comedian, then you can't battle. It's one or the other."

    "Where do I sign up to be a comedian?" asked Pippi.

    "Registration starts tommorrow," said Rex Kamex.

    "In that case," said Pippi, "I'm gonna-"

    Just then, someone came to the door, and KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, went the door.

    "Who is it?" asked Rex.

    "It's me, Digda," said the voice, "and I'm here with some of by buds to come and teach you a lesson!"

    Rex opened the door, and there was Digda with a Golone (Golem) and a Kentauros (Tauros). All three of them had polka dot bandanas on, and they looked like they meant business.

    As Pippi panicked, Kamex said, "GET OUT OF MY FACE, YOU HANDLESS HORROR! AND TAKE YOUR PALS, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, WITH YOU!" (I got the "handless horror" line from James, who called Seviper a "legless loser".)

    "Not without a fight!" shouted Digda. "Get 'em, boys!"

    "Well if it's a fight you want," shouted the Kamex, "then it's a fight you'll get, right Pippi? Pippi?"

    But Pippi was hiding for its life somewhere in Rex's house. "Uh-oh," said the outnumbered Rex, who didn't seem to notice the Digda, Golone, and Kentauros leaping up in the air... (Well, Digda can't leap, so it just headed towards Rex.)

    Find out what happens next time in... POKIMAN!

    (... though Pippi never really started a new adventure, now did he?)
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    This chapter is even more funny than the last one! I love how that hole was just three feet deep! I noticed a few slips of the keyboard, though. For instance:

    Quote Originally Posted by MJC CartoGuy
    Should be "Sorry."

    But don't worry about it, I make the smae mistakes in my stories. Anyway, put up the next chapter soon, I want to know how that battle turns out!
    The qualifications for being a nerd are actually quite simple: all you have to do is be one. =D

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    Hmmmm....this isn't exactly easy to review. Since it's a mindless comedy written purely for laughs (am I right?) the description doesn't seem neccessary. But the critic inside me is urging for more description, so I don't know what to say, and I'll just leave that point for now.

    The dialogue needs a bit of work. You use far too many adverbs than what's neccessary. Try to vary it a bit and add description.

    "he said she said he said she said" yada yada blah blah blah...

    That gets a bit tiring, so try this.

    Example: "Where do I sign up to be a comedian?" asked Pippi.

    "Registration starts tommorrow," said Rex Kamex.

    You could change it to: "Where do I sign up to be a comedian?" Pippi asked eagerly, rubbing his tiny paws together in ancipitation.

    "Registration starts tomorrow." Rex Kamex replied.

    See the difference? It makes the dialogue less dull to read. ^^

    You also need to add more description of what the characters are feeling themselves.

    "Not without a fight!" shouted Digda. "Get 'em, boys!"

    You could try...

    "Not without a fight!" shouted Digda, narrowing his eyes. "Get 'em, boys!"

    I may sound nitpicky but that was my first impression. Your spelling and grammar is, thankfully enough, sastificatory.


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    I'll use your advice, Scrap. Thank you for it. Also, I think I used Spell Check on the first chapter, but I didn't do it on this chapter, so that's why there would be spelling errors. Also, I'm gonna have to update this more often, since I updated this thread with Chapter 2 after finding my fic on Page 3 of the fanfictions!

    Sadly though, I don't know exactly when Chapter 3 will come.

    Oh well, thanks for the reviews!

    (By the way, I just erased the extra "r" from "Sorrry".)
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    My Current HeartGold Team:

    If you want, look at Yu-Gi-Oh! C,Pokiman, and Naruto C, but they haven't exactly been updated recently. And they really need a lot of cleaning up anyway.

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    No problem, I was happy to oblige. ^^ I'm glad you didn't think I was being a nitpicker.

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    I'm sorry guys, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again. For those of you who haven't reviewed yet, could you please review? In the meantime, until I get Chapter 3, for those of you who like Yu-Gi-Oh, you can look at my other fanfic.


    Here is Chapter 3:

    Well, last time, you remember, the talking Pippi from Pocket Monsters the manga had visited the home of Kamex, a comedian Blastoise. The home was located at the bottom of a lake, and it had air in it, by the way. There, Kamex explained how he knew the talking Digda from Chapter 1, and there was a rumor that Digda wanted to fight Kamex in the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento. Right after Kamex explained this, Digda came along with his friends, Golone and Kentauros, and they were ready to RUMBLE, literally! Pippi ran away, hiding, and while Kamex was wondering where he went, Digda and his buds charged toward the unexpecting turtle...





    The three Pokemon were too much for Rex Kamex, who kept losing HP second after second after second.

    Meanwhile, Pippi was hiding under a blue sofa, thinking over and over again that he aught to do something.

    Everybody was still doing their Frustration attacks, as Kamex was trying to endure the hits. He thought that it would be too wimpy to retreat inside his shell.

    Sadly, Kamex nearly fainted from the repeated attacks, until Pippi, who was still under the sofa, started moving his fingers once again.

    C'mon, something good, thought Pippi, still moving.

    Meanwhile, Kamex had less than 10 out of his 235 HP, when something finally happened. Pippi began Splashing!

    Oh, barnacles, thought Pippi.

    Kamex finally managed to move his cannons, and then he finally was able to unleash... a Hydro Cannon! The Hydro Cannon managed to make everyone except Kentauros lose all except 1 HP, and Kentauros lost 2 HP. (Close enough.)

    "Man," said Rex Kamex, weakly. "That was a killer, literally."

    "Yeah," said Digda. "I know what you mean."

    "Digdude," said Rex, "how did you and Go over there survive going underwater to get to my house? You know that Rock and Ground-type Pokemon are weak against water."

    "Yeah well," answered the tired Digda, "that's how tough we are. After losing my last battle, we trained hard to conquer our weakness against water."

    "Yet you still lost to my Hydro Cannon," replied Rex, who weakly got up.

    "Hey, I didn't lose to your stupid cannon the first time," said Digda. "You jumped on me! Multiple times!"

    "True dat," said Rex, "but now, Digda, O Dude of Disaster, can you and your boys go now?"

    "Does it look like we can?" Digda weakly shouted, trying to move.

    "Good point," said Rex Kamex.


    "THE POKETTO MONSUTAA SUUPAA BATORU TOONAMENTO!" shouted everyone, only weakly.

    "Hey Pippi," said Rex, "where'd you come from?"

    "The sofa," answered Pippi.

    "Why yes," answered Digda, slowly moving closer to Pippi. "I did want to fight this Kamex here in the Toonamento." Then he turned around to Rex. "But, I grew impatient, so I asked my buddies here to teach you a lesson, Rexy-Boy."

    "Rexy-boy?!" shouted Rex, instantly getting up.

    "Yeah, Rexy-boy," replied Digda, angrily, then turning back to Pippi, saying, "and if you ever try to stop me from hurting Rex, I'll hurt you too, you stupid, pink, pudgy pig!"

    "I'M A FAIRY!" shouted Pippi, "AND I'M ON A DIET!"

    "Since when?" asked Kentauros.

    "Since... I don't know," said Pippi. "Anyway, Digda, you're a dirty, dumb, dopey little dork from the planet Doofus."

    "Well your mother dresses you funny!" answered Digda.

    "YOU IDIOT, I'M NAKED!" shouted Pippi.

    "I'm no idiot!" said Digda.

    "Yeah, you're a super idiot!" shouted Pippi.

    "Ooooooooooooooh," went the other three Pokemon, watching.

    "THAT'S IT!" shouted Digda, who instantly regained all of his strength. "YOU'RE GOING DOWN, PUNK!"

    "Bring it on, weak-o," shouted Pippi, putting up his dukes.

    "Oh, I'll bring it, all right," said Digda, who charged towards Pippi.

    As they began killing each other with their attacks, the other three Pokemon watched.

    DING DING DING! Digda, once again, used Frustration. So, he began chasing Pippi until Pippi Mega Kicked him away! Then Pippi put his hands together and went, "KA...ME...HA...ME..."

    "Uh, Pippi," said Kamex. "Wrong cartoon."

    "Oh, sorry," said Pippi. (I just love a DBZ moment, don't you?)

    Meanwhile, Digda managed to get up and began doing another Frustration attack at Pippi! So, Pippi began to wave its fingers to do another Metronome attack.

    "Oh no you don't!" said Digda, charging towards Pippi. Fortunately for Pippi, Digda missed and ran into a wall.

    But Pippi could not focus on his attack because he watched Digda move out of the way, revealing a big crack in the wall. Pippi managed to restart his attack again, but what attack did he do? A Razor Leaf attack! But, right before started the attack, Digda unleashed an Earthquake attack! That idiot Digda unintentionally hit Rex, Golone, and Kentauros with his attack! This caused Pippi to lose his balance, causing him to not only lose HP but release his Razor Leaf attack not on Digda but at the crack in the wall that Digda made! Now this broke the section of the wall, causing it to go through. This caused water to flow in the house, causing a BIG, MASSIVE FLOOD! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, A FLOOD, BABY! The flood of water came in, without the fainted Pokemon knowing it.

    "OH NO!" shouted Digda, who was weak against water.

    The waters came and hit Digda and Pippi, the only ones who still had HP until the waters came, causing them to faint. All of the motionless Pokemon were dragged through the house. To make matters worse for the drowning losers, Rex's television came in contact with the floodwaters, causing an electric spark to be made, and it shocked the entire house! Not that it mattered, as everybody had already fainted anyway. Eventually, the entire house had been filled with water, and all the electric equipment exploded underwater. The underwater turtle shell home could not hold any more water, and so it burst, causing all of the Pokemon to fall out of the house and float up to the surface.

    They ended up in a field that was conveniently full of Max Revival gas, reviving the fainted Pokemon.

    "Wha... What happened?" asked Rex, after slowly opening his eyes. Then he looked at the lake, seeing the pieces of his blackened home floating on the surface (blackened because of the electric sparks). "My home... it's ruined!" Then, he turned ANGRY.


    His eyes turned red, and he grew big muscles on himself all of a sudden.

    "What? I didn't wreck your stupid home!" said Didga, "although I wanted too. It's the ugliest home I've ever seen!"

    "THEN WHO DID?" shouted Rex, stomping towards Digda with unstoppable anger. "HUH? WHO? HUH? WHO HUH? CAN YOU TELL ME?"

    "Yes. It was him," said Digda, pointing at Pippi.

    Then, everybody slowly turned their heads to Pippi.

    "Um, uh, oops," went Pippi, whose face turned red from embarrassment.

    Just then, steam started flowing out of Rex's nostrils.

    "PIPPI..." said Rex, "DID YOU DO THIS TO MY HOUSE?"

    "Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes..." said Pippi, weakly.

    "See, I'm not lying," said Digda.

    "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU NOW THAT YOU DESTROYED MY HOUSE?" said Rex Kamex, now marching towards Pippi.

    "No," said Pippi. "What?"

    "WELL," said Kamex, "I'M GONNA-"

    Ooh, we're out of time for the chapter! So, what'll happen to Pippi now that he destroyed Rex's house? And what will Digda do now? Find out what happens next in the fourth chapter of Pokiman!
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    First of all, if you hadn't already noticed, I put Chapter 3 in my edited last post. If you had read that already, then here's the next chapter.

    Last time on Pokiman, Pippi met Rex Kamex, a comedian, who had won lots of trophies. His most prized one, his biggest one, was the one that ended up causing Rex and a Digda to become mortal enemies. When Digda came along to Rex Kamex’s house, he brought along a Kentauros and a Golone with him. During the big battle of Pippi and Rex VS Digda, Kentauros and Golone, Pippi ended up destroying Rex Kamex’s house! And so…

    Chapter 4- “What’s He Gonna Do?”

    "PIPPI..." said Rex, "DID YOU DO THIS TO MY HOUSE?"

    "Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes..." said Pippi, weakly.

    "See, I'm not lying," said Digda.

    "DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU NOW THAT YOU DESTROYED MY HOUSE?" said Rex Kamex, now marching towards Pippi.

    "No," said Pippi. "What?"

    "WELL," said Kamex, "I'M GONNA…” he got out a remote control. “…PUSH THIS BUTTON!”

    He pushed a big red button, and then, all of the furniture and the pieces of the house all sank underwater. The furniture got together, and the pieces all stuck back together. The house was fixed!


    Everyone looked at the lake, trying to look at the house.

    “You see,” said Kamex, “my home was specially built so that whenever you push this big red button, the house comes back together again, ‘cause my house is the Turtle Shell Model 3000, with a Shell Remote 3000 to go with it! (Big red button will not function properly if house self destructs. Neither product is available in stores. Call 1-800-555-555-555-555-55555555555555555555555555 to buy a Turtle Shell Model 3000 or a Shell Remote 3000 now.)”

    Pippi, Kentauros, Digda, and Golone’s mouths dropped open. (Actually, Digda doesn’t have a mouth, but oh well.)

    “DARN IT!” shouted Digda. “I was hoping that Rex will be miserable because his house got flooded. Say , what ever happened to all that water in the house, anyway?”

    “Cool remote, Rex,” said the excited Pippi.

    “It’s not all good Pippi,” said Rex, “for when all of the pieces fit back together again, they closed in all of the water. I’m afraid my home’s not airless, anymore.”

    “Oh,” said Digda. “But can’t you punish that Pippi for destroying your house?”

    “After I fixed it back together?” replied Rex Kamex.


    “I told you, I’m a fairy!” shouted Pippi. “And, like I said before, I’m on a very promising diet! I only eat 14 hamburgers a day!”

    “Can you say ‘heart attack’, Pippi?” responded Digda.


    “THAT’S IT!” shouted the angry Digda, whose angry face turned red. “THAT IS IT! YOU HEAR ME, TURTLE BOY? I AM THROUGH BEING NICE!”

    “NICE?!” shouted Rex the Kamex back. “WHADDAYA MEAN NICE?”

    “SHUT UP, PUNK!” shouted Digda. “NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME, BUSTER!”

    “It’s Rex.”


    “Well look who’s talking,” said Rex, shaking his head.

    “Listen, you,” said Golone. “I’m a rock. I don’t like water-type Pokemon. So you better get out of my face right now!”

    “I’m not in your face,” said Rex.

    “Oh,” said Golone.


    “And anyway,” said Kentauros, “Pippi and you should just get out of our way, ‘cause we don’t like pink Pokemon.”

    “Yeah,” said Golone, “and we especially dislike fat pink Pokemon.”

    “SHUT UP, FOOLS!” shouted Pippi, pointing at Digda and his friends. “Kamex, teach that Digda and his stupid companions a lesson they’ll never forget!”

    “Why wouldn’t I?” responded Kamex, getting in his battle position.

    “Okay then,” said Pippi, narrowing his eyes. (Yes, I know, I didn’t make that quote up.) “I’ll fight too.”

    “We’re gonna fight as well,” said Kentauros, putting up his dukes. “Right, Golone?”

    “You know it,” said Golone.

    So, Digda, Golone, Kentauros, Pippi, and Rex all stood, ready to fight each other.

    “Then again,” said Digda, “it would be nice if I could crush you in the Toonamento, so, farewell, Rexy. C’mon guys.”

    So Digda, Kentauros, and Golone started leaving the area.

    “WAIT…” said Rex Kamex, getting confused. “YOU’RE LEAVING?”

    “Yeah,” said Digda. “We gotta go, but see you in the Toonamento, and remember that my name is Digda.”

    “And my name is Ken Kentauros,” said the Kentauros.

    “Yeah, and my name is Gordon the Golone,” said the Golone.

    So Digda burrowed underground, the Kentauros went toward a nearby plain, and the Golone walked by Pippi and said, “Pig.”

    “GET OUTTA HERE!” shouted Pippi, shaking his fist. The Golone just laughed to himself, and then went away.

    Just then, Rex Kamex shook his fist. “COME BACK HERE, DIGDA, YOU LITTLE COWARD!” he said. “EMPHASIS ON LITTLE!”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, Turtle Boy,” said Digda, from under the ground.

    So Digda and his buddies left the turtle and the pig- uh, er, I mean fairy, in the dust.

    “So what are we gonna do about your house?” asked Pippi, looking down into the lake again.

    “Well,” said Rex, “I’ll have to hire some dude to take all the water out of the lake, and then they would be able to take all the water out of my house. But until that time, we’re gonna need a place to stay for the night. You see,” he continued, “I can have a guy to fix the house, but it’ll take a whole night for that to happen. Then, we can go back home.”

    “I feel totally bad, Rex,” said Pippi, sighing. “I destroyed your house.”

    “That’s okay, little man,” said Rex. “You were only trying to hurt Digda. You were only trying to hurt Digda, weren’t you?”

    “Yeah,” said Pippi. (Just remember, Rex had fainted during the flood, so he didn’t actually see it coming.)

    “And anyway,” continued Rex, “you won’t be able to stay at my house yet, since you wouldn’t be able to breathe the water.”

    “So we can just go to a hotel to spend the night, right?” asked Pippi.

    “Yep,” said Rex, “and we can do that whole comedian registration first thing tomorrow.”

    “OH BOY!” shouted Pippi, jumping up and down in an incontrollable way.

    “But just remember,” Rex reminded, “that you can’t battle in the Toonamento if you end up being a comedian, and if you battle, you can’t be a comedian. Because you have to choose one or the other to participate, make sure you are signing the right list. You will have to use a permanent pen.”

    “All right, I’ll remember,” said Pippi, rolling his eyes, “but where should we stay at night? The Pokemon Center?”


    “Well,” said Pippi, “they couldn’t capture me, because I already belong to a trainer named Red, and so other trainers’ Poke Balls wouldn’t work on me.”

    “But you ran away,” said Rex, “so they can capture you, and you didn’t run away just so you could be captured again, now did you?”

    “No, I guess not,” said Pippi.

    “YOU GUESS?! YOU GUESS?!” yelled Rex. “Listen, Pippi. As you know, Poke Balls are what Pokemon Trainers use to capture Pokemon, and when a Trainer captures a Pokemon, another Trainer’s Poke Ball will not be able to capture you. But since you ran away, you were basically released, and so you are wild again. You’re free.”

    “Yeah, but,” said Pippi, “if the Trainer wants to capture you, they’d have to send out a Pokemon to weaken you first.”

    “But how do you know that the Trainer’s not gonna throw a Poke Ball first?” asked Rex. “Or how do you know that the Trainer who wants to capture you will use fully healed Pokemon to fight? Pokemon Centers restore Pokemon, you know.”

    “True,” said Pippi.


    “Okay then,” said Pippi. “We won’t use the Pokemon Center. Unless…”

    “Unless what?” asked Rex, curious.

    “Unless, we dress up as humans in disguise!” shouted Pippi.

    “You’re genius!” shouted Rex, shaking Pippi’s hand. “Except, how will we be able to get clothes?”

    “Does your house have some human clothes?” asked Pippi.

    “Well, yes,” answered Rex, “for Halloween. But they’re all wet.”

    “That’s okay then,” said Pippi.

    “And also,” said Rex, “I think you’re a little too small and too pink for a disguise. Why don’t I pretend to be your Trainer?”

    “OKAY THEN!” shouted Pippi, rubbing his paws together in anticipation. (That wasn’t one of my original quotes, either.) “LET’S DO IT!”

    “Okay then,” said Rex. “I’ll go down to my house and dive down to get my human costume. After drying the clothes, I’ll call someone to take the water out of my house, and then we can go to the Pokemon Center for rest. Okay?”

    “OKAY!” shouted Pippi.

    So Rex Kamex dived down underwater, getting some clothes for his disguise. Pippi was really excited, and he would’ve been happier if it wasn’t for what happened next.


    Pippi turned around, and to his horror, he saw three Pokemaniac Trainers staring at him, each with a Poke Ball in their hand.

    “Gyaaaah!” went Pippi, biting his nails in fright.

    “Wow,” said one of the Pokemaniacs. “A Pippi is a rare Pokemon to collect.”

    “Yeah,” said another, “and this one’s just standing here out in the open, screaming to be caught by one of us.”

    “It’s capture time,” said the very first Pokemaniac who spoke. “Hey, where’d it go?”

    “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi, as he was running away from the kids.

    “COME BACK HERE!” they shouted, running after him, still with their Poke Balls.

    Well this sure seems like an interesting place to stop typing. So, will Pippi be able to escape the trainers? And will Digda and his companions stop calling him a pig? And will I ever stop asking you questions that you don’t know the answer to yet? Find out all of these questions (except the last one) in the next chapter of Pokiman!
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    Last time, in this story, the talking Pippi from Pocket Monsters met up with Rex Kamex, a comedian turtle with a mortal enemy named Digda, who brought his friends, Kentauros and Golone, who came to fight Rex and Pippi. After a devastating battle, Pippi accidentally ended up destroying Rex’s underwater house! Luckily, Rex could fix it, but there was still water in his house. Anyway, Rex was gonna have somebody drain the water out, and so Rex and Pippi would stay at the Pokemon Center that night. But, Rex would have to disguise as a human in order to not get captured. As Rex dove into his home to get some wet clothing for his disguise, Pippi had gotten some problems of his own.

    Chapter 5- “The Night Before the SUPER BATTLES!”


    That was Pippi’s remark to the situation that he was in, as he was running from the three Pokemaniacs with their Poke Balls with them.

    “COME BACK, PIPPI!” shouted the maniacs, trying to look for the perfect time to throw their Poke Balls.

    “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi, running for his life and waving his arms.

    “GO!” went the three maniacs, who threw out their Poke Balls. Luckily for Pippi, the Balls were full, but that was only because the Poke Balls released Pokemon out of them.

    Three Lizardos (Charmeleons) came out of the Poke Balls. They were fierce lizard/dinosaur-like Pokemon with flames coming out of their red-orange tails.

    "GRRR!" they went, as Pippi decided to hide behind a rock.

    "Li, use your Iron Tail on that rock!" shouted the first maniac who spoke in the fourth chapter, whose name was (looks in the baby names book) Harry.

    And so Li the Lizardo's tail grew all silver, and the tail smashed through the rock like it was... well, something fragile. Anyway, Pippi, who was covering his head, uncovered his head to see an angry Li glaring down at him.

    "Um, uh, nice Lizardo," said Pippi, trembling.

    "Now Li, use your Flamethrower!" shouted Harry.

    "Prepare to faint, buddy!" shouted Li, preparing himself for the attack.

    "LOOK!" shouted Pippi, pointing behind Li. "IT'S THE CAT IN THE HAT!"

    "Where?" shouted an excited Li, turning his head.

    Now this gave Pippi enough time to escape. He ran away, only to bump into the bodies of Zar and Do, the other Lizardo.

    "ZAR!" shouted the second maniac who ever spoke, Larry. "USE YOUR FLAMETHROWER!"

    So while Li was looking around for the Cat in the Hat, Zar started breathing large flames on Pippi.


    "We're gonna get a Pippi! We're gonna get a Pippi!" sang Zar and Larry, dancing.

    Just then the other Pokemaniac, Barry, got out another Poke Ball and said, "Poke Ball, go!" He threw the Poke Ball towards Pippi, but it got burned up by Li and Zar's Flamethrowers!

    "Nobody captures Pippi except me," they both shouted.

    "OH YEAH?" shouted Barry back. "WELL WHY DON'T YOU SAY IT TO MY FACE!?"

    "You know what?" said Harry. "Forget our Pokemon. Let's fight ourselves!"

    "Yeah," said the other boys, who charged towards Harry.

    Soon, all of the boys began punching and kicking each other, and the only melee bigger than this one would have been when Digda and his buddies fought Rex and Pippi. Li, Zar, and Do, all watched their trainers in confusion. Then they looked at each other.

    "So, um, uh," said Li, "what do we do?"

    "I dunno," answered Do. "Wanna dance?"

    "OKAY!" shouted Zar and Li.

    So then the three Lizardo started tap dancing for absolutely no reason, whatsoever. They started singing in the same tune as before, "We're gonna dance our hearts out! We're gonna dance our hearts out! We're gonna dance our hearts out!"

    Pippi, not noticing his big chance to escape, just watched.

    "We're gonna dance our hearts out! We're gonna dance our heart's out! We're gonna dance our hearts AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH !"

    The three Lizardo would've continued dancing had it not been for the fact that they were hit by a gigantic Hydro Pump attack, and since their Pokemon type was weak against water, they fainted. The boys stopped fighting and looked.

    There was Rex Kamex, with a suitcase of clothing with him.

    "REX!" shouted Pippi. "My homeboy!"

    "Don't say that," said Rex.


    "AUGH!" shouted the maniacs. "IT'S A KAMEX!"

    The giant turtle started marching up to Harry, Larry, and Barry.

    "Um, uh," they went, and then pretended to look at their watches. "Ooh, would you look at the time! Gotta go!"

    They returned their Pokemon inside their Poke Balls and ran off.

    "Thanks, Rex," said Pippi, relieved.

    “No problem,” said the comedian turtle. “Okay, I’ve got my clothing. It was actually in the suitcase the entire time! None of the clothes got wet. And now, I shall show you the clothes. I already looked in the case after coming to the surface of the water.”

    “Well lay it on me, Brother,” said Pippi, whose heart was pounding.

    “Oooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,” said the confused Rex. “Here we go.”

    He opened the suitcase, which conveniently had all, and only, the clothes he desired. There was the traditional bushy-eyebrow-big-nose-and-moustache wear, a suit with a red bow tie with white polka dots on it, some cowboy boots, a black magician hat with a red stripe on it, and some blue jeans. No, it wouldn’t match, but, who cares, right? I mean, it’s not a real human, so it’s not a real fashion disaster, either! Am I right? Huh? Huh? Huh? Okay, sorry.

    "So... you’re gonna wear this?" said Pippi, looking through the clothing.

    "That's right," answered Rex, holding up the black hat. "Oh, and get this... I also found this pipe!" He got out a brown pipe.

    "So," said Pippi, "you're gonna smoke a pipe?"

    "Well," answered Kamex, "I wouldn't really smoke it. See, I'd fill it up with water, and then I'd put a straw through the part that a blow through. That way, when I blow threw the straw, I start blowing some bubbles! Cool, huh?"

    "No," answered Pippi.

    "Okay then," responded Rex, after a long silence. "Let's go then. To the Pokemon Center!"

    "YEAH! TO THE POKEMON CENTER, AND BEYOND!" shouted Pippi, pointing to the sky.

    "Dude, that's the third lame thing you've said," said Rex, annoyed.


    "Ah, I guess it's okay, Pippi. After all," said Rex, "it isn't really that lame. You can say whatever you want."


    Rex sighed.

    So, the two Pokemon went to the Pokemon Center. The nurse was known as Joi-san (Nurse Joey), a red-haired woman with relatives that have the same look as her.

    "May I help you?" asked Joi-san, as Rex and Pippi walked up to her desk.

    "Um er, yes," said Rex, using a fake voice. "My name is Rex Kame- OOF!"

    Pippi kicked him in the leg.

    "Are you okay?" asked Joi-san, not seeing Pippi.

    "Um, uh, yes, I am okay. Now listen," Rex responded. "My name is Rex Ka- um, er, Rex, ah, um... Oh, forget my name! Word on the street is that Pokemon Centers heal Pokemon. Is that not correct?"

    "You're new at this, aren't you?" said Joi.

    Rex straightened his glasses and responded, "Er, no, I mean, yes, I mean, ah who cares what I mean? I mean, yeah! That's it! I'm new! Yes! I am new! New I am! New am I! Am I new? Yes I am! I AM SO NEW, BABY- OOOF!"

    Now, Pippi kicked Rex in the stomach.

    "Knock it off!" Rex whispered.

    "Say Mister," started Joi, "exactly why are you so blue?"

    "Um, er, uh, ee, ooh," started Rex, sweating. "I, uh, I've got the blues! Yeah, that's it! The blues! I've got the blues! The blues I've got! The blues have me! Have I got the blues? Yes I do! YEEAAUUHH!" He shook his right fist in the air.

    "Then why are you so happy?" asked Joi-san.


    "WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!?!?!?" shouted Pippi, who jumped up and shouted in Rex's ear.

    "Don't you raise your voice at your Trainer, buddy!" shouted Rex, kicking Pippi in the stomach.

    "Oh my goodness!" shouted Joi. "How could that terrible Trainer abuse his Pokemon like that? And it's such a rare one, too!"

    "Yeah, how could you?" asked Pippi, grinning.

    Just then, a bunch of angry Trainers stormed up to Rex shouting how terrible of a Trainer he was.

    "I'm gonna call the police!" shouted Joi-san, picking up her cell phone.

    "NO, not Junsa (Jenny)!" shouted Rex, losing his balance from all the trainers.

    "Officer Junsa," started Joi, "we have a situation here. This poor Pippi here just got attacked by his own Trainer! He needs to be arrested immediately!"


    "Tell it to the judge, pal," said one of the Trainers.

    "Whoa," said Pippi.

    Just then, Junsa came. This policewoman was only a few meters away from the Pokemon Center. "All right, you," she said to Rex. "You're coming with me!"

    "B-B-But I'm not really a human being," said Rex. "I'm a Pokemon!"

    "A likely story," said Junsa, getting out her handcuffs from her blue uniform.

    "No, really, I am!" said Rex.

    "Remind me after you get out of jail to check you into the Funny Farm," said Junsa, cuffing Rex.

    "No, really! I really am a Pokemon," shouted Rex, "and I'd prove it to you by taking off my costume if you'd just uncuff me!"

    “Okay,” said Junsa, unlocking the cuffs. “At least that would explain why you have a blue face and blue ears sticking out of the top of them.”

    So Rex took off his costume, and everyone gasped, even Pippi, who had forgotten he wasn’t human.

    “It’s… a Kamex,” said Junsa.

    “But that would mean that the Pippi isn’t his,” said Joi. She got out a Poke Ball. “So, we can capture it!”

    “YEAH!” shouted everyone, including Junsa. They all got out their Poke Balls.

    “I think that’s our cue to run now,” said Pippi.

    “Ya’ think?” Rex replied.


    “COME BACK HERE!” shouted the humans.

    “I TOLD YOU GOING THERE WAS A BAD IDEA!” Rex reminded, heading for the hills.

    “Gee, it sure is a shame that we left all of our clothing at the Pokemon Center,” answered Pippi, running 50 miles an hour.

    “OMIGOSH! That reminds me!” shouted Rex. “In all the excitement about my clothing, I had forgotten to call the guy to drain the water out of my house!”

    “Y’ know, this reminds me of how I was running at the beginning of this chapter,” said Pippi.

    Well, now that he said that, I might as well end the chapter now. So, will our heroes ever get out of this mess? Will Digda ever get his revenge at the Suupaa Batoru Toonamento? And will I ever save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico? No, because I don’t have a car! Oh well, find out what happens next in the next chapter of… Pokiman!

    (Why haven’t you called Geico?)
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    Oh man, this is getting funnier and funnier! Sorry for not replying sooner. Anyway, spelling is good, grammar is good, plot is execellent, humor is fantastic... I'd say your weakest part would be the description (funny, that's my weakest part, too). Just keep working on it, the more you write, the better you'll get. And I love that Geico crack!
    The qualifications for being a nerd are actually quite simple: all you have to do is be one. =D

    Fizzy Bubbles Stuff

    Camouflage and Plushie Cubones made by team_magma93! *hugs 'em both*

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    Sweet Fic, Man!!!

    I won something. Click above to find out why.

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    Thank you!

    By the way, since Haloween is coming up, I'm considering doing some kind of special scary comedy chapter for this story and the other one, so it's probably going to come before Chapter 17.

    EDIT: Rats, I can't make a Haloween special for Pokiman. I'm sorry I haven't updated in over a month, so to make up for it I'm gonna give you the next chapter. It's pretty lengthy, but I hope you like it.

    Last time, in our story, we found out that Pippi, Rex, and Donny stayed at Bana Bana’s house, where the four of them told scary stories and saw a scary movie. This caused them to stay up late, but when they did get the chance to sleep, they were too nervous too! Therefore, when morning came, they were extremely tired, and since Donny was the one that was most tired, he didn’t go with the others back to the stadium. Rex somehow managed to make it to the next round of the comedian tournament, but Digda lost to Purin. And now, it’s time for Pippi’s match!

    Chapter 17- “It’s Ratman, Man!”

    “Whoooo iiiis this Ratmaaahn Ratta?!” Pippi asked in fright. Unfortunately for him, his tiredness spell came back. (Tiredness doesn’t go away without a fight, you see…)

    Bana Bana, who was not afraid of the Pokemon, replied, “I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of him. I’m sorry.”

    “Ah’m dooooomed…” moaned the tired Pippi, crying while looking down at the floor.

    “Now now, Pippi,” said Bana Bana, “there’s no need to shed tears on account of some Pokemon that you don’t know. And besides, Pippi, that movie was just a movie. This might not even me the same Ratta.”

    “Tooooo late! Ah’m too scared!” cried Pippi, shaking and crying. Then he immediately stopped and turned to look at Bana Bana. “Heeh, do you think hee takes whiiite flags?”

    “You can’t surrender, Pippi,” said Bana Bana.

    “Bu… Buh I can’t fight…” said Pippi. “Aye gotta escape…” He looked to the left, to the right, to the ceiling, and to the floor. “Ah don’ see any hidden camera. Maybe theeyh wa’ sayin’ that beeecause theyh didn’ wan’ anyone to leeeeave.”

    Pippi didn’t notice Bana Bana laughing an evil grin. “Heh heh heh heh…”

    “Now’s my chance to escaaape!” said Pippi. “See ya, Bana!”

    He started to run, but for some strange reason, Bana Bana chased after him.

    “Eh?” he said.

    Suddenly, a few seconds after the mini-chase continued, a tired, blue green figure walked inside the door that Pippi was headed out of. “Heeh, Pippi!” he said. “Ah’ve been lookin’ all over for yaaaah.” This Pokemon… was… Bana Bana?!”

    “HUH?!” said Pippi, looking confused. (Well, that was because he was confused, but still…) “Banah Banah?! Buh… you were jus behin’ mee…”

    “Whooo’s that?” said the Bana Bana in front of him, looking at the Bana Bana behind him.

    “Well… he’s you… uhhhh… Ah meeean… ehhhh… errr…” said Pippi, holding his head in confusion. “Which one of you is the reeeeealll Bana Bana?”

    “I am, Pippi!” said the one in front of him, yawning.

    “OOOV COOOOURSE!” said Pippi. “You’re the tiiiired one!” Then he turned around. “So whooo are you?”

    “And why are you two running?” asked the Bana Bana in front of him.

    “I was runnin’ from this place…” said Pippi. “I didn’t see any hidden cameraaaa…”

    “And do you know why, Pippi?” said the Bana Bana from behind.

    Pippi and Bana Bana were shocked as the mysterious figure slowly transformed into… a little white camcorder!!!???


    “It’s because…” said the thing. “… I am that hidden camera!”


    “What, you’ve never seen a talking camera before?”

    “Well… noooo,” said Pippi. “You know, you’re not very hiiiiddeeennn…”

    “Hey, you never found me anyway!” said the talking camera. “And besides, how do you expect to find a hidden camera? IT’S HIDDEN, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!”

    “Truuuue,” said Pippi.

    “Anyway,” said the camera. “I caught you pink handed! You do have pink hands, anyway. Anyway, I’m gonna force you to participate, you big pig!”

    “Buh he isn’ thaat biiiiggg…” Bana Bana pointed out.

    “SHUT UP, DINO!” shouted the camera as two mechanical arms with red rubber mechanical gloves for hands came out of the camera and grabbed Pippi.

    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi as the clutching hands lifted him up in the air.

    “You’re coming with me, punk!” yelled the camcorder, who carried Pippi away.

    Then he came right back.

    Bana Bana was so tired that he didn’t even have the motivation needed to rescue him. One of the camera’s hands let go of Pippi and pulled out a yoyo. “Look into the yoyooooo...You are getting veeeeeerryyyy sleeeepppyyy… veeeeeerrrryyyy sleeeeeeepyyyyy…” he said as he waved the yoyo from side to side.

    Now, the trick wasn’t actually supposed to work, since there wasn’t any kind of hypnotic swirly design thingy on it, but since Bana Bana was already extremely tired, he instantly fell asleep upon looking at the yoyo.

    “Wheeeereee arrre yoooou taaakin’ meeee?” said the yawning Pippi.

    “To the battling room for your match,” said the talking camcorder as it carried Pippi out the door.

    “Buuuuut ittt’s noooot myyyyy tiiiime tooo gooo out yet,” mentioned Pippi.

    “Well it iiiiiiiiis now!” said the camera.

    Meanwhile, the audience was already back in their seats as the fights already started starting.

    “Whaaaaaaaaa?!” said Pippi. “But that makes no seeeense! Ah jus’ looked at the poooosteeer a few minutes agoooo! And besides, nobody else even went to the pooosters!”

    “Time flies when you’re hanging with a hidden camera that disguises itself as a Pokemon, huh?” was the camera’s only reply.

    Pippi sighed.

    “AND THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH IS… MEGAN MEGANIUM!” shouted the Barrierd referee.

    A light green dinosaur Pokemon with a pink flower at the bottom of its neck was huffing in relief as she looked at her defeated opponent. The dusty Pokemon slowly walked over to its opponent, a Coil (Magnemite). Cody Coil consisted of a small silver sphere that had magnets growing out of its sides and a screw on its head. The fainted Pokemon had fought a good fight, but it just wasn’t strong enough against Megan Meganium.

    “You did well,” said Megan. “I didn’t think I would stand a chance against your electric attacks. I know that I am a grass type and that my type does well against electric types like you, but you’re one of a kind. Thank you for a good match…”

    Cody was carried out on a stretcher by Barrierds A through C. Megan walked out of the other side of the door. She had just made it out of the door when Pippi’s personal stalking camera flew by her. She turned to look at them as they went to the Barrierd referee.

    “This guy had tried to sneak away from the stadium,” explained the camcorder. “Let’s have him battle his opponent now. Should we try to bring his health back to normal?”

    “Nah, I’ve seen this one,” said the Barrierd. “He’s a loser. Even if we did do that, he’d still do pretty bad.”

    “But still, he’d do better healed,” mentioned the camcorder.

    “Who cares?” said the ref. “He doesn’t stand a chance against his opponent. Apparently it’s Ratman.”

    “Isn’t Ratman from that organization?” asked the camcorder.

    “Yes, and that is how he has become so strong,” the Barrierd replied.

    “Then he really is doomed,” said the camcorder. “Oh well. My problem it isn’t!”

    “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” went Pippi, as he automatically fell asleep upon hearing the words “this guy”.

    The camera noticed and said, “Um, hey. Would you like to do the honors?”

    “It’ll be my pleasure,” said the ref. Then he stretched out his hand and violently slapped Pippi in the face. “WAKE UP, YOU FOOOOOOL!”

    “Kyaaaaaaaaaaah!” shouted Pippi. “Wha was that for?”

    “You’re up next, you idiot!” said the Barrierd.

    “I still don’t belieeeeeve it’s my turn alreeeeeadddyyy!” mentioned Pippi.

    “Well I do!”

    Everyone turned around to see a brown rat Pokemon walk by. Well, his face was brown, but his body was beige. This, my friends, was Ratman.

    “RATMAN!” said the Barrierd.

    “Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” shouted Pippi.

    The audience, who had been laughing at Pippi getting slapped (They had nothing else to do, as there were no matches going on. Nobody really seemed to notice them.) had now started to cheer Ratman!

    “Isn’t he the coolest thing, Grampa?” said Gretel Dicolo.

    “Yeah, that pig doesn’t stand a chance!” mentioned that Bakuphoon from before. (You know, the Typhlosion.)

    “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!” shouted Pippi.

    “Well, gotta go!” said the camera as he dropped Pippi and flew off.

    “Ow!” said Pippi.

    The camera continued going. “This is Cameron the Camcorder, and I’m outta heeeeeeeeeeeere!”

    “Y’know, the thing that I’ve been wondering,” the referee said, “was where all you’re stuff was?”

    “I didn’t want to risk it getting dirty from battle,” said Ratman. “That’s why I left my helmet, goggles, cape, and rat mobile back at home.”

    “What, is the rat mobile your ride or somethiiiiing?” asked Pippi the tired one.

    “Yup,” said Ratman. “So, Pippi, are you ready to rumble?”

    “Absolu… [Yaaaaaaaawn.] … tely not!” cried Pippi.

    “Well toooooooooooooooooooo bad!” said Ratman and the Barrierd referee in unison.

    “Since you don’t look like you’re able to move, I’m going to use my psychic powers to put you back into the battle room. And this time,” said the referee, lifting up his hands, “don’t break the room in the process! We just finished rerererebuilding it!”

    As a blue substance began to surround the referee’s hands, Pippi felt his body floating upward. “Whoooooaaaaa!” Suddenly, he felt himself flying into the room (right after the Barrierd used its powers to open up the door).

    “I’m a Psychic type!” said the referee. “And I’m proud of it, too!”

    By the time that Pippi did, Ratman had made it into the room.

    The crowd went wild upon hearing Ratman’s name. Everybody cheered, even the ref! Well, everyone except for Pippi, Lou Dicolo (who grew tired of playing Emerald and started playing Donkey Kong Country 3…), Rex Kamex, and Pippi. Yes, folks, even Ratman was clapping for himself.


    “Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo!” cried the audience as Pippi turned to look at them.

    “Hey, make up your miiiiiinds!” he shouted. “Ar’ you gonna cheer for me or not!? Stop boooooing me!”

    Well, the audience listened to Pippi, only they now started saying names that rhymed with “boo”, like “new”, “crew”, “clue”, “shoe”, “clue”, “too”, “glue”, and, well, you get the idea.

    The ref waved his flag. (I don’t know why he just started using it.) “ONE FOR THE SISTER, TWO FOR THE BROTHER, THREE FOR THE PARENTS AND KILL EACH OTHER!”

    “Super Ratman! AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” screamed the rat as he started running up to Pippi.

    Half of Pippi was tired, and the other half of Pippi was scared of all Rattas due to the movie. So, this was his response to the particular situation that he was particularly in, particularly, of course: “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA- [Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn] –AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    “It’s time foooooor… THE SUPER RATMAN RATTA DOUBLE TEAM ATTACK OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! KAGEBUNSHIN NO JUTSUUUUUU! (Shadow Clone Jutsu, which is a Naruto art.) ” The rat began to move rapidly, and suddenly, copies of himself spread all around the battling room! “Which Ratman’s different, Pippi? KYAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!”

    (What are you, evil, Ratman?)

    Pippi looked around, noticing all the clones, but he couldn’t tell which Ratman was the reeeeeaaal Ratman?

    “This is baaaaad!” he said.

    “GET HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!” shouted the original Ratman, but since Pippi couldn’t tell which one it was, it didn’t matter who said it!

    “GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” went all the Ratman, (or should I say, Ratmen?) as they ran up to Pippi.


    The problem was that there were actually 20 clones of Ratman, so there were 21 of them that were off to attack Pippi. They pounced on him, and the Ratmen and Pippi got in an anime dust cloud. Pippi couldn’t face Ratman even if he was completely awake, so he couldn’t face 21 of them while he was tired!

    Everyone cheered as the animated giant cloud of dust continued moving because it was animated! The Barrierd referee just said, “He’s finished.”

    Suddenly, the action stopped. The dust slowly started to clear up. The audience stopped cheering for a while.

    “Well, I guess that’s it then,” said Hansel Dicolo.

    “Of course Ratman won, he’s part of that superhero organization!” mentioned Gretel. “Go Ratmaaaaaaaaaan!”

    A steel bird Pokemon named Eamudo (or Skarmory) said, “Hey, weren’t some of those comedians part of that group too?”

    “That’s the rumor,” mentioned Gorgon Golone.

    Finally, all of the dust cleared. Ratman was only covered in a little bit of dust, and he said, “That should do it… What?”

    “HUUUUUUUUUUH?!” cried the audience as they saw what had been covered before.

    Well, Pippi was hurt, but so were the clones. The exhausted fakes were lying on the ground in pain, but this wasn’t Pippi’s fault. Apparently, in the dust cloud, the clones accidentally hurt themselves more than Pippi!

    As Ratman, whose jaw was dropped, stood there from the shock of it all, Pippi slowly waved his fingers, hoping he could get something good so he could end the battle quickly. Well, he got something good, but it didn’t end the battle quickly. Pippi slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. He used the move Rest.


    The Rest move was very convenient for Pippi. It’s effect was to cause the Pokemon to fall into a deep sleep so that he could regain his health. It was also the move that he used during the battle with Donny Lizardon.

    The clones disappeared as Ratman began to pull himself together. “Okay… I can do this…” he said, shaking. “It’s no problem… I just messed things up… I can still beat this guy…”

    The Rest attack would last for a few minutes.

    “It’s time I take things to the next level,” continued Ratman. “I’m going to unleash the moves I learned at that organization! It’s time to unleash my FULL POWER!”

    Meanwhile, the comedian Purin was in the audience, looking at the battle. He had that I-know-what-this-guy’s-talking-about face, but why?

    “GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…” said Ratman, as he began to shake. He was using the Focus Energy technique, where he would power up in order for his next attack to become more powerful.

    The crowd began chanting. “RATMAN! RATMAN! RATMAN! RATMAN! RATMAN! RATMAN!”

    Pippi was in such deep a sleep that he didn’t hear them.

    “URRR… URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~! !!” went Ratman as he continued to power up.

    The crowd continued cheering as Pippi continued sleeping.


    Meanwhile, an orange creature was flying through the sky…


    Yesiree, folks, you see, Donny had managed to sleep through Rex’s match, and so he flew to the Toonamento stadium in order to see what he had missed. His main goal was to cheer Pippi on because he felt that by now Rex’s match had ended. He was right.

    Unfortunately for him, he was still a little bit tired. “Ah’ hope ah’ didn’ miss much,” he said. As you can see, he was almost completely recharged. Luckily for him, he was a Flying type, so he could just fly over the stadium instead of just going through the doors.

    “I’M FINISHED!” shouted Ratta. His body wasn’t filled with any dust anymore, and he looked good as new. He even had little muscles on his body, which was also shiny. “NOW MY NEXT ATTACK IS GONNA BE SUPER STRONG! AND NOW IT’S TIME FOR MY SUPER SPECIAL RATMAN THE RATTA BURROW-UNDERGROUND-AND-STRIKE-MY-OPPONENT TECHNIQUE, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS… DIG! JERANIMOOOOOO!”

    He dove into the ground, and even though it would mess up his clean body, he didn’t care. He was a rat, after all. Anyway, the audience became silent as they watched the creature submerge under the ground. Pippi had just finally managed to open his eyes.

    Um, about Pippi, he was now fully charged as well! “I’m not tired anymore!” he said. “And this time, I’m not gonna be in a few minutes like last time, either!!! Eh?”

    He looked around, and he noticed that Ratman wasn’t there.

    “Hey, he must’ve chickened out and ran away!” he said. “I’m saved!”

    “Um, dude?” called the Barrierd referee. “That’s against the rules, idiot!”

    “Oh yeah,” said Pippi. “Then where did he go? Hey, maybe he’s hiding somewhere! Then I’d better hide from him!” It was then that he noticed the deep hole that was underground. “Hey, I know! I’ll just hide in this hole!”

    Pippi, had it ever occurred to you that maybe Ratman was in the hole you were talking about? Well, obviously not, because he dove in to hide himself. Some of the audience members snickered at this due to the fact that they knew what was going on. (In fact, I’ll bet you guys are snickering as well. Hmm…) Pippi noticed that the hole had a path, but he was still dense to the fact that somebody was already in there! He continued crawling through. Meanwhile…


    Ratman shot up through another area of the ground. “AHA!” he cried as he flew up. When he landed, he noticed that Pippi had disappeared. “Huh? Where did he go?” Then he turned to the audience. “Did any of you see which way that Pippi went?” Then he turned back at the hole. “I’ll bet that Pippi woke up and went in after me! Yeah, that’s right! I’d better go follow him!”

    As he went over to the original hole, which we’ll call Hole #1, Pippi, who was too deep to hear a word that Ratman was saying, continued crawling through the underground path until he came out of the second hole, which we’ll call Hole #2. He still couldn’t find Ratman, and so he went back into Hole #1 so he could continue hiding until he could come up with a plan (which he couldn’t because he was scared of him anyway).

    Ratman came out of Hole #2 and figured that Pippi wasn’t in the hole, but since he figured that Pippi was still underground somewhere in some new path, he decided to make a new hole and search for him down there. After digging a Hole #3, he used his Double Team attack, and with only two clones this time, the original went down Hole #3 while the others went back through Hole #2 to look for any alternate paths that they didn’t come across before. (Confusing, huh?)

    Pippi heard a noise coming from the hole that he didn’t come through, so he went back out Hole #1, where he started, so he could get out of the way.

    Anyway, it turned out that there was a small alternate path that nobody, not even Pippi, noticed, so Clone #1 dug through it to see if Pippi was there while Clone #2 continued going through the original hole to see if Pippi was there. The newly discovered path was a small area that was right in the middle of the original pathway.

    Meanwhile, the original Ratman dug through his Hole #3 while Pippi decided to use his Metronome attack, hoping he could get some kind of attack that could make him invisible. He waved his fingers, and since everybody was in their holes, he had time to use the selected attack, which was Transform. His body began to change until he ended up becoming a copy of Ratman! He had all the same features of Ratman, which made things even more confusing!

    The original Ratman continued digging until his path collided with the path of Clone #1. When they realized where everything went, they sought out to find Clone #2. Therefore, they went to the pathway of the original hole.

    Pippi noticed the new hole that was out, and so he decided to go through Hole #3.

    When Clone #2 ended up coming out of Hole #1, he noticed that Pippi wasn’t there, so he went through Hole #3 to tell the original Ratman that Pippi wasn’t there.

    At the same time, Donny Lizardon landed in the rows of seats where the audience was. “Who’s battling?” he asked. “Is it Pippi?”

    “Yeah,” mentioned the Eamudo bird. “He’s up against the famous Ratman Ratta!”

    “Egad!” said Donny. “We watched a scary movie about a Ratta! I hope Pippi isn’t intimidated by this guy!”

    Well, Donny Lizardon, he was.

    Anyway, Ratman and Clone #1 decided to split up to search for Clone #2 since by now, Clone #1 realized that Clone #2 went out Hole #1.

    Clone #2 found Pippi. Pippi gasped, thinking this was the real Ratman, and Clone #2, who wasn’t sure and didn’t care why he gasped, thought Pippi was the real Ratman. So they both thought that the other person was the other Ratman.

    “Ratman!” cried Pippi.

    “What are you talking about?” said Clone #2. “You’re Ratman! I’m just a copy of you!”

    Pippi, confused as he was, remembered that he was Ratman, and he said, how in Ratman’s voice, “Um, uh, right! Of course! I knew that! I was just seeing if you knew!”

    “Listen,” said Clone #2, not noticing that the original voice wasn’t Ratman’s, said, “I couldn’t find Pippi anywhere. Let’s go look for that other clone and see if he found him.”

    Pippi was worried that perhaps the real Ratman would be with that “other clone”, but he answered, “Um, okay then.”

    “Wait,” said Clone #2. “You’re not that other clone, are you?”

    Pippi, realizing that he was a clone, but a different one, said, “Um, nope! I am the real Ratman!”

    They went through the pathway of Hole #3, and then they decided, when they got to the intersection, that they would Dig upward. (After all, All three paths connected now.) So Pippi and Clone #2 dup upward until they reached the surface, and they crawled out of… yep, you guessed it… Hole #4!

    By the time they were out, the reeeeeeeeal Ratman, not to mention Clone #1 were out. Those two turned to look at the second clone and Pippi, and they were instantly confused.

    “Hey Ratman,” Clone #1 said to the true Ratman, “Weren’t there only two clones of you?”

    “Yeah,” said Ratman.

    “Hey!” said Clone #2. “I have the real Ratman right here!”

    “What are you talking about?” said Ratman. “I’m Ratman!”

    This is the real Ratman!” said Clone #2, pointing at Pippi. “Right, Ratman?”

    I’m Ratman!” cried Ratman.

    Meanwhile, Pippi was now scared because he saw three Ratmans. He realized that the other guy who said he was Ratman was the real Ratman, and he instantly knew that he was in trouble.

    “Why are you sweating, Ratman?” asked Clone #2 as he saw Pippi sweat.

    “It’s because he’s an impostor!” declared Clone #1.

    “I… I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” cried Pippi. He instantly transformed back into his original self. HE’S THE REAL RATMAN! I CAN’T LIE! I’M PIPPI!”

    The audience, referee, and the Rattas gasped. So did Donny. Meanwhile, Lou Dicolo was playing his Game Boy as Bana Bana and Rex Kamex were sleeping…

    Man, this chapter is getting too long! So, what will happen to Pippi now that he confessed? And will Donny Lizardon be able to help him? Will somebody clean up these holes? Find out, in the next chapter!!!!!!

    (And I hope you guys weren't confused by that clone and hole stuff...)

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    Well, it's obvious what's going to happen, but how that happens, I have no idea.

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    Yeah, that's what I always think when I'm watching a TV show- not does the good guy beat the bad guy, but how they do it. (Hikaru no Go is the only show and manga where you don't know what the outcome of the games are...)

    Well, last time, you recall, while Pippi’s hidden camera forced Pippi to stay in the Toonamento, it hypnotized Bana Bana, causing him to sleep. At the same time, a semi-tired Donny Lizardon flew to the stadium to see Pippi’s match. Soon, the battle came, and it was against a Ratta (Raticate) named Ratman, who was apparently part of some group, but what was that group? Anyway, after using the Rest attack, Pippi noticed that Ratman was gone, so he hid in the newly discovered hole that he saw after waking up. During a miniature game of Hide and Seek, Ratman created two clones of himself to help him find Pippi. Pippi Transformed into Ratman during the battle and was mistaken for the real Ratman by Ratman Clone #2. As Clone #1 accompanied the real Ratman at the surface of the ground while Pippi and the other clone showed up too, their was questioning over which Pokemon was really Ratman, but Pippi couldn’t help but reveal that the other guy was the real Ratman…

    Chapter 18- “The Battle Ends! Ratman’s Last Stand!”

    Pippi was still sweating over what he had just done. By confessing the truth, he was face to face with two Ratman clones and the original Ratman. He also had to watch out for the four uncovered holes that were on the ground that were the entrances and exits for the tunnel below.

    “Shoot, and I was ready to ask questions to the two of you that only the reeeeeeeeal Ratman would’ve known,” said Clone #2, turning to Pippi. “You little liar!”

    “Hey, I’m not that smaller than you!” argued Pippi.

    “But you’re still littler!” mentioned Ratman the original. “And don’t even think of trying to imitate me, the real McCoy!”

    “Who is this McCoy person, anyway?” asked Clone #2.

    “NOW, PIPPI, YOU SHALL PAY!” cried Clone #1. “GET HIIIIIIM!”

    “Hold on a minute, boys,” said Ratman, walking over to the little chubby pink Pokemon. “Let me handle this one. You guys can just go watch in a corner or something. You’ve done your job.”

    “Okay,” said Clone #2, “but can I at least slap him or something? I mean, he’s right here beside me- HUH?”

    He turned at Pippi and noticed that he was gone!


    “Good idea,” said Ratman. “After him!”

    The two Ratman clones dove into Hole #4, the hole that #1 was talking about.

    “Pippi!” cried Donny.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi as he ran through the tunnel. “I HOPE THEY DON’T FIND MEEEEEE!”

    Well, Pippi, perhaps you should have thought about that before you started screaming like the coward that you were. You see folks, Pippi’s voice carried through the tunnel so the Ratman clones could easily tell which hole he was going through. It was Hole #3, the hole that was farthest away from the other holes.

    Here’s a little basic map of the holes, which represent O. (Ignore the lines; for some reason when I tried to space them they didn't work.)


    The three holes on the bottom, form left to right, are Holes #1, #4, the hole that was in the upper bottom, and #2. Remember, Hole #4 was basically where all the tunnels met each other. Pippi was traveling through the tunnel that led to Hole #3, the hole at the top. Ratman was basically at the entrance of Hole #4. The clones ran to where Pippi was headed. Pippi went up at the surface because he thought that all three Ratmen were chasing him.

    When he got out of Hole #3, he was surprised to see that Ratman was running up to him. He could hear the other two Ratmen, the clones, climing toward him.

    “I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” he said.

    When he got out of the hole, he headed straight for the exit door that was closest to him (since there were two doors for each opponent to walk in). As he got out, he noticed that something was wrong.

    “Where’s the door?” he said. “There used to be a door here! It’s gone!” He looked at the opposite direction. “The other door’s gone, too! There’s just some glass wall where the door used to be! What happened?!”

    “Haven’t you figured it out yet?” said Ratman, who stopped running. “It’s been gone, and so has the first door. Man, those doors have been disappearing at the Barrierds’ wills during the actual battles so that nobody could escape!”

    “Wow, I never really noticed that,” said Pippi, who stopped feeling nervous. Suddenly…


    “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” cried Pippi as the clones, which came out of the hole, painfully Slashed him while Pippi had his back turned because he was looking at the missing nearby door.

    “Nice one, boys!” said Ratman. “I’ll handle things now. Thank you for all your hard work. See ya.”

    “Don’t forget to write!” said Clone #1. Suddenly the two clones disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

    Then Ratman turned his head away from the spot where the clones were and at Pippi, who chuckled nervously.

    “Pippi,” said Ratman, “I haven’t got but one simple thing to say. YOU’RE FINISHED.

    Those words were Pippi’s worst nightmare, because it just so happened that the Ratta from the movie used those words as its favorite expression. “GAAAAAAAAAAAH!” he shouted. “MUST GO! GAAH!”

    He made a run for it. “Come back, Pippi!” shouted Ratman as he dashed off. The two of them started running around the battlefield as the audience laughed.

    “ATTACK OF THE VICIOUS RATTA! ATTACK OF THE VICIOUS RATTA!” shouted Pippi, reciting the name of the scary movie in fear.

    Donny noticed Pippi and recognized the scene that was going on in the battlefield. “Why, this was just like when I was battling Pippi,” he said. “HEY PIPPI!”

    While running, Pippi turned his head to find the voice. Unfortunately, by turning his head while at the same time turning from a corner, Pippi couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from. “Huh?!”

    “OVER HERE!” Donny called.

    “WHERE’S HERE?!” cried the confused Pippi.


    “Yeah,” said Pippi, “whoever you are. Wait a minute! Donny, is that you?”


    Pippi tried to think, but it was hard for a fat creature like him to run while thinking of a movie. To make matters worse for him, he couldn’t think of any funny bloopers. Apparently, the movie was done quite well, but it didn’t matter to him whether he could think of any or not.

    “YOU’RE RIGHT, DONNY LIZARDON!” shouted Pippi, as the audience looked at each other wondering what the heck these two were talking about. “I’M NOT AFRAID OF RATTAS ANYMORE!” He continued running, but soon, Ratman stopped without him noticing. It was clear to the Ratta that they were running in a pattern, so he waited for Pippi to run all the way around the field until he turned around. Pippi didn’t even notice that the Pokemon he was running from was right in front of him. When he stopped and saw the turning Ratman, he said, “But I’m still afraid of this Ratta.”

    “You’re gonna pay for running away, Pippi!” roared Ratman.

    “Hey, that rhymed!” said the exciting Pippi.

    “SHUT UP AND FEAR ME! I AM RATMAN! HEAR ME ROAR!” cried Ratman. “ROOOOOOOOOOOOAR!” (Actually, that wasn’t the actual Roar attack, but still…)

    “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” cried Pippi, who started running around him and then away.


    Pippi continued running. He didn’t care where he went as long as he went AWAY! He closed his eyes as he ran, and that was shy he didn’t see where he was going. Therefore, he didn’t notice that he was headed directly for Hole #3…

    “HERE GOES! FULL POWER SLASH ATTACK!” cried Ratman, who lifted up his right hand, which had giant claws all of a sudden.

    “HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Pippi cried as he continued running. “GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- HUH? WHOOAAH!”

    Those last few screams were of him falling into the hole in his path. Ratman didn’t have time to notice this as he swung his arm down. By missing Pippi, he accidentally tripped and slashed the hard glass wall that was nearby. It hurt.

    Ratman looked at the wounds on his claws and flew up into the air going, “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW- OOF!” His head hit the glass ceiling, causing him to fall to the ground. “My power! Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!” His body hit the ground, and that caused him to lose the rest of his HP. Of course, he couldn’t go on any longer.

    Pippi rose up out of the hole when he realized that he fell. He got out when he thought the coast was clear, and he confirmed these thoughts when he saw Ratman. The coast really was clear- well, sort of. Ratman was there in front of him, but this was a fainted Ratman, so it was no threat to him.

    “Uh… Ratman?”

    “Uhhhhhhhhh…” moaned Ratman as his eyes consisted of spinning swirls due to his dizziness.

    Suddenly, the doors reappeared as the Barrierd referee cried, “Ratman the Ratta is unable to battle. Because of this, we have our eighth finalist to the Toonamento as Pippi is our winner!”

    The audience cheered in excitement as Pippi stood there in confusion. Actually, Donny was the only one that was cheering for Pippi. The rest of the Pokemon were disappointed that Ratman lost, and they only cheered and clapped because they were bored.

    Meanwhile, Lou Dicolo’s Game Boy turned off because it went on strike for having been played so much without any word of gratitude from its Runpapa owner. It was too late for a thank you now.

    “Congratulations, Pippi, you won!” shouted Donny in excitement. “And I’m proud of myself, too! I don’t feel tired anymore! I think I can make it the rest of the day without having an actual nap!” He spoke too soon, as he suddenly collapsed in tiredness and started snoring. He was never in a seat, and so he was sleeping on the steps that he was on.

    Pippi instantly ran out of the room as Ratman was being carried on a stretcher. Suddenly, due to the damage of the battling room from Ratman flying into it, the room, yes, you guess it, collapsed once again.

    “You know, why don’t we just leave it down?” said the Barrierd referee.

    “Then somebody’ll just run away!” mentioned Barrierd B.

    “Oh yeah,” said the ref.

    Pippi managed to hear those words as he was out, and he realized that all he had to do to get out of the next battle was break the room, which he figured would be rebuilt, and then make a real run for it…

    “Besides,” continued B, “we have to clean up the glass, anyway.”

    “That’s true,” said the Barrierd referee. “That’s true.”

    Pippi couldn’t decide whether to be with Donny, Rex, or Bana Bana, who were all sleeping. “I think I’ll go check up with Bana Bana,” he finally said. “I haven’t seen him in a while, and it looks like Rex Kamex is still asleep.”

    He then ran all the way over to the hallway where Bana Bana was. He made it just as soon as Bana Bana opened his blue green eyes. “Huh… what?” he said. “Pippi?” He got up and looked at him. “It is you! Hey, how did your match go? You didn’t lose, did you? Is that why you’re covered in so much dirt?”

    “It’s a long story, but I won,” said Pippi. “You’re sounding better.”

    “Yeah, that nap made me completely recharged,” Bana Bana said. “I don’t feel tired at all.”

    “That’s great!” said Pippi. “But Rex Kamex is still sleeping. Oh, and Donny Lizardon came here, but he slept too.”

    “Donny Lizardon?” said Bana Bana. “Gee… oh yeah, so who was your opponent?”

    “A Ratta named Ratman,” mentioned Pippi.

    “Ratman?!” said Bana Bana. “You mean that dude from that Pokemon organization where they fight crime and…”

    “You’ve heard of that organization?” said Pippi. “Yeah, he’s from there. What else do you know about it?”

    “Well, I don’t really remember much except that it’s a Pokemon-made super-hero organization where the Pokemon fight crime,” Bana Bana told him, “but it’s hard to know who all of the people are that are in it unless you’re in it yourself.”

    “I heard that some of the comedian Pokemon were in it, too,” said Pippi. “Is Rex is it?”

    “Doubt it,” said Bana Bana, “because he would’ve told me. He probably wouldn’t be hanging with you if he was because he would be out fighting crime, unless of course it was his day off.”

    “Let’s see… maybe Digda and Purin are from that organization,” said Pippi. “Well, maybe not Digda, but then again, that could explain why he would be with Gordon and Ken. They might be in it with him.”

    “You mean those buddies of Digda?” asked Bana Bana. “I doubt they’re in it.”

    “Yeah, but there’s still that Purin…” said Pippi.

    “If he was in it, these could be his days off or something,” said Bana Bana. “But about Rex Kamex, no, I still don’t think he’s in that group. Why don’t we ask him, just in case?”

    “Okay,” said Pippi. “Maybe he just woke up. Donny just fell asleep.”

    So they went back on the comedian stage where Rex Kamex was still sleeping. Once again, he woke up as soon as they came by (because a cheering crowd doesn’t seem to disturb him or Donny at all). He got up and said, “Hey, you guys! Did I just doze off or something?”

    “Yeah,” said Bana Bana, “but how do you feel now? I’m completely recharged. What about you?”

    “I feel completely recharged as well,” said Rex. “Hey Pippi, did Donny ever show up?”

    “Yeah, but he fell asleep as well,” said Pippi.


    “What?!” cried Pippi. “I, uh, guess I am! No wait, I knew that already…”

    “I didn’t even notice that,” said Bana Bana. “Wow…”


    “We’d better go then,” said Rex. “Bye, Pippi!”

    “Yeah, see ya’,” Bana Bana said. Pippi told them where Donny was, and they were off.

    As the two Pokemon went to Donny, seven other Pokemon came up. The Barrierd referee, who was already on a stage, said through a microphone, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I REINTRODUCE TO YOU, THE EIGHT, THE ONLY… MEGAN MEGANIUM… LARRY LAGLARGE (Swampert)… GORDON GOLONE… GRUMPY GRUMPIG BOOPIG… URSA RINGUMA (Ursaring)… HARRIET THE KOIKING (Magikarp)… DIGDA THE DIGDA AND… PIPPIIIIIIIIIIII!”

    Once again, the audience cheered as the other seven Pokemon bowed to them.

    Megan Meganium was the same Meganium from before, which was why her name was Megan.

    Larry Laglarge was a giant blue creature with semi-large fins and giant ears.

    Gordon Golone was Digda’s pal…

    Grumpy Grumpig was the gray and purple pig who stood on two legs showed no mercy.

    Ursa was a giant brown Ringuma bear that had a yellow ring on its stomach.

    Harriet was the Koiking that ironically did so well in order to give all Koikings everywhere a good name.

    Digda, of course, was the same Digda that was terrorizing Rex Kamex before (though it sounds more like they terrorized each other than just one to the other).

    Pippi was… well, our protagonist.

    And MJC CartoGuy was, and still is, the writer of this story, and he had, and still has, a message for you: to find out some more information about the eight finalists (or at least the ones you don’t really know), be sure to read the next chapter of “Pokiman” when it comes out, you hear? Later!

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    As a holiday/Christmas present, I'm giving you a chapter in each of my fanfics! I'm updating this one first. Now here's... Chapter 19!

    Well, last time, you recall, after Donny Lizardon managed to get rid of Pippi’s fear of Rattas (even though he still feared Ratman), Pippi won his match by yet another fluke. Afterward, he went to get Bana Bana, who woke up. They went to visit Rex Kamex, who also woke up. Bana Bana and Rex went to go get Donny as Ruu-sama, the Ruujura from before (I forgot that I had given her a name), announced the eight Pokemon survivors of this years Poketto Monsutaa Batoru Toonamento.

    Or should I say, the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento? Anyway, let’s see what happens next…

    Chapter 19- “The Eight Finalists of the Toonamento!”

    This was how the Toonamento took place…

    For a little recap, There were 128 Pokemon that originally participated in the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento. It wasn’t limited to certain Pokemon as long as you weren’t what was known as a legendary. There were 20 comedians in the Toonamento as well. This year, there would be a comedian tournament, and so Rex Kamex and Digda entered it. Digda had also entered the regular Toonamento with Pippi, who never even wanted to battle in the first place, fearing his defeat.

    Rex had originally said that the schedule would be this: Day 1 having the preliminary rounds and then the remaining 64 Pokemon battling, Day 2 with the 32, Day 3 with the 16, the fourth one with 8 battling, and then the final one with 4 and then the remaining two duking it out. There were supposed to be halftimes on the fourth and fifth day, but he wasn’t expecting to have the comedian halftimes to be a tournament itself, and that was due to the fact that this would be the last year that the Toonamento would be held in that area.

    Rex Kamex had made it past the original 20 and made it to the top 8. After beating Bolby, he made it to the top four, and beating Johnny Wanriki, he made it to the top two finalists against a Purin.

    Meanwhile, Pippi had faced and beaten Dawgasu the rapping Dogasu in the preliminary rounds. This brought the competition down from 128 Pokemon to merely 64. Next, he faced Donny Lizardon, the friend of Rex and Bana Bana Fushigibana. With 32 Pokemon left, he faced Roberto the Pigeot, and when the competition got down to 16, he next faced Ratman the Ratta. After the battles of that round, there were only eight Pokemon left, including him and Digda.


    Once again, the audience cheered as the other seven Pokemon bowed to them.

    Megan Meganium was the same Meganium from before, which was why her name was Megan.

    Larry Laglarge was a giant blue creature with semi-large fins and giant ears.

    Gordon Golone was Digda’s pal…

    Grumpy Grumpig was the gray and purple pig who stood on two legs showed no mercy.

    Ursa was a giant brown Ringuma bear that had a yellow ring on its stomach.

    Harriet was the Koiking that ironically did so well in order to give all Koikings everywhere a good name.

    Digda, of course, was the same Digda that was terrorizing Rex Kamex before (though it sounds more like they terrorized each other than just one to the other).

    Pippi was… well, our protagonist.

    And these Pokemon were the eight that remained in the Toonamento.

    (I basically told you nearly everything in this story so far, huh?) Anyway, Pippi looked in awe at the remainders. Then again, so did everyone else.

    “Hmph, so you made it Pippi,” said Digda, glaring at him with a wicked smile on his face. (Well, if he had a mouth, you could notice that he was smiling.) “Those matches of yours… I’m surprised you did manage to make it here. I’m gonna beat you up… and then, I’M GONNA BEAT UP REX KAMEX!”

    You would think that he would beat up Donny and Bana Bana, but they were basically neutral in the whole conflict.

    “Hey Megan,” said Larry Laglarge, speaking in an Austrailian accent, “Look here! It’s that Pippi fellow we were talking about earlier! Oy thought it was amazing how he outsmarted Ratman!” (By the way, I’m not trying to stereotype his accent, since I’m sure that Austrailians don’t speak that way, but I want you to get the point of how he does speak.

    “Yeah,” said Megan, looking at Pippi. “It is you. Hi, Pippi!”

    “Hi!” said Pippi, blushing. (No, not from love.)

    The audience continued cheering as Harriet the Koiking said, “Well… this looks like an awesome bunch. I’m gonna be honored to be fighting you!”

    “Hey hey hey!” said Golone to Harriet. “Now even though you beat my buddy Ken Kentauros, I’m not gonna be afraid of you if we have to face each other!”

    “I’ll accept your challenge then,” said Harriet.

    “So Barrierd,” said Pippi, turning over to the referee, “when will we find out who we’ll be facing?”

    “Why, tomorrow,” replied the Barrierd.

    “Yep,” said the Ruujura, Ruu-sama. “We’ve had enough battling for today. Now you guys can go home and rest. By the end of tomorrow’s matches, only two of you guys’ll remain.”

    “I see…” said Pippi.

    Ruu-sama took the microphone away from the Barrierd referee. “WELL… THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY, FOLKS! COME BACK HERE TOMMORROW FOR THE FOURTH DAY OF THE TOONAMENTO!”

    The crowd ROARED in excitement upon hearing this news.


    “That’s your cue to go,” whispered the referee to the eight Pokemon.


    Well, they weren’t actually, as you could still get some refreshments. Specials today were some more pizza and some fresh water.

    “Wake up, Donny Lizardon!” cried Rex as he was shaking his orange dragon friend. “Please…”

    “Can you cut it with the drama already?” cried Donny, opening his eyes. “I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m awake!”

    Bana Bana sighed. “Well, it’s good to see that you are awake, but are you tired still?”

    “Let’s see now,” said Donny. “I sleep until I awake from the shaking of my body due to you guys shaking it to wake me up and you ask me if I’m awake?!”

    “Perhaps,” said Rex.

    “ARRRRRGH!” went Donny, lifting up his body.

    “Well, we know how he isn’t fully recharged as we are,” said Rex. “He’s all mean and cranky.”

    “Hey wait a minute,” said Donny. “You’re fully recharged already?”

    “And you aren’t!” complained Rex. “Man, Donny, you can’t keep doing this chapter after chapter!”

    “Anyway, guys,” said Bana Bana, trying to change the subject, “let’s go get Pippi. It’s time to go.”

    “Yeah,” said Donny. Then he said, “Hey wait a minute. Pippi won. I gotta go congratulate him!”

    “You go ahead,” said Rex. “I’ve gotta see something about that Laglarge. I didn’t hear his name before.”

    “And I’ve gotta see something about that Megan Meganium,” said Bana Bana. “I mean, she looks familiar, but I’m not sure if that’s the Megan I know or some other one.”

    “Well, I’d better go congratulate him,” said Donny. “After all, I did say it to him before, but I want to do it again now that I’m not as tired and I can say it to him in person.”

    “Well, we’d better go then,” said Rex Kamex.

    “There’s still one thing that puzzles me,” said Donny Lizardon.

    “And what’s that, Don?” asked Bana Bana.

    “Does anybody know why the battling room collapsed?”

    Rex turned around to look at the mess. “Wow, I’ve been so used to it being shattered that the collapse didn’t even surprise me this time.”

    “It wasn’t like that during Pippi’s battle,” said Donny. “I saw.”

    “Well, let’s go get Pippi,” said Bana Bana.

    Shortly after all of the members of the Pokemon audience had left, Pippi and the other seven finalists were on the ruins of the battling field. Pippi had just finished eating a hamburger that he got a little while ago.

    “Mmm,” said Pippi, licking his lips. “Nothing like a good hamburger to brighten your day!”

    “Not to mention the pork they serve,” mentioned Megan.

    “Y’know, I’ve got a bad feeling that I know where they get the porky material to make that pork,” said Grumpy from far away.

    “Gee, mates, it sure is nice to be one of the eight finalists,” said Larry. “Can you believe that we’ve actually made it this far?”

    “I can’t,” said Harriet, “but I sure am happy about it.”


    “You’re sure so sure of yourself today,” said Digda, snickering.

    “Yeah, how do you know that you won’t face one of us?” said Golone.


    “Is that so, Pippi?”

    Pippi turned around to see an angry Grumpy Grumpig marching over to him. “And just how will you manage to get past me in the first round?”

    “How do you know you’re gonna face him?” said Megan.

    Grumpig stopped. “Uhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know, but I have the feeling that it’s gonna be us two, Pippi,” he finally said after thinking a minute. With that, he walked out of the stadium and left.

    “It doesn’t look like this Boopig is in a good mood, guys,” said another Pokemon.

    Megan turned around to look at him. “Why’s that, Ursa?”

    “The sound of the tone of his voice showed that he didn’t really look interested in loosing for some reason,” said Ursa Ringuma. “After all, that’s why he’s called ‘Grumpy’, right?”

    “HEY, GUYS!”

    Everyone turned to look at the dirrection where the voice was coming from. The voice turned out to be Rex’s, and he was accompanied by Donny and Bana Bana.

    Rex took one look at Laglarge and said, “HEY… IT IS YOU!”

    “Eh?” said Pippi.

    “Wow, it’s really you!” said Rex Kamex. “Mister Larry Laglarge!”

    “And Megan,” said Bana Bana.

    “I didn’t know you would be here, Larry,” Rex stated.

    “What are ya’ talkin’ about, mate?” said Larry. “Didn’t you get my message?”

    Rex blinked in confusion. “Message?!” he said. “What message?”

    “I am totally lost,” said Digda, sighing.

    “Rexinator,” cried Larry Laglarge, “when I first entered the Toonamento, I didn’t know that you would be participating, so when I found out that you were a comedian in the tournament, I left ya’ a message the following night of the Toonamento. I couldn’t get to ya’ because of the Pokemon crowd, you know.”

    “Sorry, Mister Laglare,” said Rex Kamex, “but I haven’t been to your house since Pippi accidentally flooded it!”

    “PWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” cried Harriet and Larry in laughter. Megan was snickering as well, but when Bana Bana glared at her she stopped.

    “What?” said Ursa. “This Pippi? Well how did that happen?”

    “Well it all started when Digda and I got in a fight with Pippi and Rex,” mentioned Gordon Golone. “Our friend Kentauros was there as well. And so Pippi destroyed the house in the middle of the battle and it was very very very very very very funny fo’ sho’!”

    “Yeah, and I’d be still laughing about it had it not been for that Rex fixing that house easily with his remote control!” groaned Digda.

    “Don’t forget meeeeeeee~~~!” sang Bana Bana, smiling happily. “I helped too, but you weren’t there.”

    “Yeah, I saw you,” said Digda. “I came back from the lottery.”

    “Well it sounds to me that you guys lead some interesting lives,” mentioned Ursa. “Ahem. Well, it is time for me to get going. Good-bye, guys. See you six in the next Toonamento round.” He started walking off before turning his head back. “And good luck, Rex, against that Purin opponent of yours. I hear he’s really tough.”

    “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…” said Digda. “He had to remind me of that pink loser! I mean, that other pink loser!”

    “Hey, are you implying something?” demanded Pippi.

    “We’d better go too,” said Gordon. “C’mon, Pippi, let’s see how Ken’s doing?”

    “He’s still in the hospital?” said Donny. “Wow, Harriet, you’ve beaten him good.”

    “Yes, and I’d do it again, too!” said Harriet with fire in her eyes.

    “Well anybody that messes with him messes with us!” shouted Digda as they left. “Now you better hope you don’t have to face us tomorrow!”

    “And Pippi,” Golone continued, “you’d better hope that you don’t have to face us either!” Then they left as well.

    Therefore, the only people that were now in that area were Pippi, Rex, Bana Bana, Donny, Harriet, Megan, and Larry.

    “So Bana Bana,” said Rex, “how do you know this Megan character?”

    “I made friends with her a while back,” said Bana Bana. “Now this was waaaaaaaaay before I met Pippi.”

    “We’ve been very good friends,” said Megan. “We’re best friends. Right Bana Bana?”

    “Yup!” said Bana Bana, grinning.

    “Sounds to me like they’re more than just friends,” Pippi whispered to Donny.

    “I know, right?” whispered Donny back. “I mean, it’s so obvious, right?”

    “What are you Pokemon mates whispering about?” said Larry in a low tone.

    Pippi and Donny blushed and said, “Nothing!”

    “Well, that’s my cue to go,” said Harriet. “Actually, I don’t have any cue, but I’d better go anyway.” With that, she flopped away. Now there were only six people there.

    “So, what should we do for tonight?” said Donny.

    “Yeah, where am I gonna sleep?” asked Pippi.

    “Why don’t you sleep at Rex’s house,” said Bana Bana. “After all, I helped you guys fix it, and I didn’t mean to do it in vain.”

    “Well I am NOT going near no house that’s underwater!” shouted Donny, shaking his head.

    “You can sleep at my house again, Donny, if you want to!” said Bana Bana. Then he turned to Megan. “Megan, do you wanna stay at my house tonight?”

    “Okay, sure!” said Megan. “It’ll be a sleep over!”

    “The last time we did this,” reminded Donny, “we saw a horror movie and couldn’t sleep the whole night.”

    “Hey, is it okay if I stay with you, Rex, for the night?” asked Larry.

    “Why is that, Larry?”

    “Oh, no reason,” said Larry. “I just thought that it would be cool if I was in a sleepover as well.”

    “Okay then!” said Rex.

    “Then it’s settled!” said Donny. “Rexinator, you take Larry and Pippi to your house for tonight, and I’ll chill with Megan and Bana Bana!”

    “Fine with me!” said Pippi. “Good-bye, you guys! Nice meeting you, Megan!”

    “Bye!” said Bana Bana, Donny, and Megan. The two groups left the Toonamento and split up in two directions after that.

    Well, the Rex did a few final adjustments to the house, and then it was completely ready for usage. That night, Pippi and Larry sat with Rex to discuss the next day.

    “I’ve divided my seven potential opponents into three groups!” said Pippi. “You should do the same, Larry. They are for who I’d want to face, who I wouldn’t want to face, and who I wouldn’t mind facing that much!”

    “I see,” said Larry.

    “Hmm,” said Pippi, thinking aloud. “I know for a fact that I’d want to face Digda or that Golone. I don’t really want to face Megan or you because you’re all friendly. So that leaves Harriet, Ursa, and Grumpy Grumpig.”

    “Well I can’t really think of who I wouldn’t want to face in the first round except for Harriet,” said Larry. “She scares me a little, even for a Koiking.”

    “Yeah,” said Pippi. “I’ll mentally put her on the not face list.”

    “As for who I also want to face,” continued Larry, “I doubt I’d want to face you or Megan. I don’t have any preferences for who I’d want to face. I have no opinions on Grumpy and Ursa. Then again, maybe I would want to teach Digda and Golone a lesson.”

    “Speaking of Ursa, I haven’t seen how he fought,” said Rex Kamex. “I’ve never really noticed him. He didn’t really stand out to me, and I watched as many battles as I could.”

    “Yup, mates,” said Larry. “Ursa can be a mysterious one. I don’t really know much about him, but rumor has it that he’s in that superhero organization. I’m thinking of joining it myself, and so is our friend, Odie Odile.”

    “I wonder if Megan wants to do it too,” said Pippi.

    “Well, it’s time for bed!” said Rex. “We don’t want to stay up late like last time.”

    “But do any of you guys know anymore information on this organization?” said Pippi.

    “No I don’t, Pippi,” said Rex.

    “I’m sorry, mate,” said Larry, “but me neither.”

    Meanwhile, Bana Bana and Donny were talking with Megan. “I don’t really know much about my opponents,” said Megan. “I guess I wouldn’t mind facing Ursa and Grumpy. I’ve made friends with Pippi and Larry. I’ve got a type advantage against Digda and Gordon. Now who’s left?”

    “Harriet, that Koiking,” said Donny, “and she’s pretty tough. I wonder if anyone wants to face her?”

    “Yeah, Megan, you’d better not face her,” said Bana Bana.

    “Well we’d better go to bed,” said Megan. “We can talk about this more in the morning.”

    “Yeah, I gotta get some more sleep,” said Donny. “If I don’t wake up on time tomorrow, go on without me. I’m gonna get a little bit more extra sleep tonight.”

    “Okay,” said Double Bana. (Wait… Double Bana?!)

    At the same time, Grumpy didn’t really care who he would face, and neither did Harriet and Ursa. Meanwhile, Digda and Gordon were staying with Ken for the night. They were discussing their opponents with the Kentauros.

    “Do not face Harriet,” the Kentauros weakly said, “unless you want to end up looking like this. Look… the Toonamento started days ago and I’ll still like this. You all should do fine against a Laglarge. You should be able to beat Megan as well. Heck, you all can take anybody in this thing!”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” said Digda. “We’ll crush ‘em!”

    “Championship, here we come!” cried Golone.

    “Hey Gordon,” said Digda, “if we end up facing each other, let’s have an honorable battle, okay?”

    “You betcha’!” said Gorgon. “But I hope that doesn’t happen.”

    “Me neither,” said Digda.

    Okay, so everybody slept for the night. Visions of sugarplums danced in Pippi’s head as he slept. (It’s always about food, isn’t it, Pippi?) Soon, the day of the next few battles came. Actually, it was the next day.

    “Snnnnnoooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh …” went Pippi as he continued snoring. He was having the most peaceful sleep in his whole li-


    “WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY?!” shouted Pippi as he flew up into the air.

    “I KNOW… CHINA!” shouted Larry as he instantly got up.

    “Wake up, guys,” said Rex, walking over to them in Rex’s room (since all three of them were in there).

    “Rex,” said Pippi, “that’s a killer alarm clock… literally!”

    “Hey, nobody died, Pippi,” mentioned Rex. “Besides, we don’t wanna be late, do we?”

    “I guess not,” said Pippi, yawning a little. Then he said, “All right, I’m ready!”

    “Who are you, Spongebob?” said Larry, laughing.

    “To the Toonamento!” shouted Pippi, pointing in the Toonamento’s direction through a window. “AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!”

    “Maybe we should just skip the Toonamento and go to China,” said Larry.

    “Or Australia, since that’s where you’re from or whatever,” said Rex.

    Meanwhile, at Bana Bana’s house…


    “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! THE MUFFIN MAN!” cried Donny as he instantly got up.

    “You gotta love that muffin man,” said Megan, yawning. “But Bana Bana, that’s a pretty nice Poppo-shaped alarm clock that you have there.”

    “Yes, it’s one of a kind,” mentioned Bana Bana. (Actually, Ash has one…)

    “So…” said Donny, “… LET’S GO!”


    Bana Bana and Donny stared at her.

    “What?” she said. “I like to conga.”

    So they set off to the Toonamento stadium. Rex and co. were already there, and they met them Bana Bana and his company instantly.

    “Ready to do this, mates?” said Larry.

    “You bet!” said Megan.


    To be honest, they were a little late going there. They had come so late that nobody was able to ask them for any autographs or things like that. It was instantly time for the Toonamento.

    “Okay,” said the Barrierd referee, holding a clear bucket. “In this bucket, I have eight little balls! Each of you, draw a ball, NOOOOW!”

    The eight Pokemon took a white ball, but they were all plain with nothing on them.

    “Now…” said the referee, “…SHAZAAAAAAM!” He moved his fingers, and on each ball, some of the white cleared off to reveal the numbers 1 through 8. “Now, everyone, show your balls! I shall tell you who will face who!”

    Everyone lifted their balls up, and the ref continued. (Hey wait a minute. Digda and Harriet can’t even really hold their balls. PLOT HOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!)

    “I’ve got 7!” said Digda.

    “I’ve got 6!” said Megan.

    “I have 8!” said Grumpy.

    “Mine is 4,” said Larry.

    “Well I possess ball 5,” mentioned Ursa.

    “I’ve got the second one,” said Harriet.

    “Well mine is the third one,” said Gordon.

    “I’m #1!” said Pippi, proud to be… well, Number One.

    “Then it’s settled!” said Barrierd. “Now this is how it’s gonna work. One will face Two, Three will face Four, Five will face Six, and… well, you get the idea. So, these will be the matches, in this order…

    Number One: PIPPI VS HARRIET,

    Number Two: GORDON VS LARRY,

    Number Three: URSA VS MEGAN, and


    Everyone looked at their opponents. “You, eh?” said Ursa to Megan.

    “This should be easy,” said Larry, grinning.

    “You wish!” Gordon responded.

    Digda and Grumpy glared at each other as Megan looked happily at Ursa. Meanwhile, Harriet glared at the shocked Pippi.


    Well, Pippi, that’s the way it goes… So, now that everybody knows who they’ll be facing, how will things go for Pippi? Will he be able to win this match as well as the other ones? And how will the others do against their matches?! Find out, in the next exciting chapter of… “Pokimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan”!!!

    Oh yes, and the battling room was fixed again…

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    I had a reply about this, but I forgot. Oh well. The basic thing is that you rock, but you need to have Pippi start doing some real battling for once. I don't mean he should turn into a fighting machine, but he can't keep winning by flukes. That's not good for the audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seijiro Mafun&#233;
    I had a reply about this, but I forgot. Oh well. The basic thing is that you rock, but you need to have Pippi start doing some real battling for once. I don't mean he should turn into a fighting machine, but he can't keep winning by flukes. That's not good for the audience.
    I know that Pippi has been winning all of his battles by flukes. I'm not going to change the outcome of any of Pippi's next battles, but don't worry. I'm not going to forget at all how Pippi's managed to breeze through the Toonamento (since he really shouldn't have even made it past the preliminaries), and Pippi will pay for what he's done. Pippi's mainly been relying on Metronome for his battles, and     Spoiler:

    Quote Originally Posted by RaZoR LeAf
    You have read the rules haven't you? The one that says don't put smilies in fics? I'd edit them out of all your posts, but I really can't be bothered to go through them all.

    It\'s very scripty, with just lines and lines of dialouge and no idea what's going on in between. Writing everything in Caps Lock and bold doesn't really display shouting as much as describing what the person is doing in the sitatuion, how they are acting and such.
    Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Those were to mainly help you remember what each Pokemon was, even with the American name beside it. I'll get rid of them though.


    Well, last time, you recall, Pippi made it in the Top Eight in the Toonamento, and he met the finalists. They were Digda, Ursa, Gordon, Grumpy, and Harriet. Rex Kamex was already friends with Larry Laglarge, the one from the second chapter, and Bana Bana was friends with Megan. Therefore, they… well, knew each other… Anyway, soon, the morning of the next few battles of the Toonamento came. Gordon had to face Larry, Ursa and Megan had to face each other, and Digda was pitted against Grumpy Grumpig. Those matches would have to wait because now it’s time for… PIPPI’S MATCH WITH HARRIET THE KOIKING! Can Pippi win? If so, then how will he do it?

    Chapter 20- “Pippi VS The Incredibly Strong Harriet the Koiking!!??”

    “Everybody, put your balls away,” said the Barrierd referee. “As for Pippi and Harriet, you two duke it out or whatever.”

    “What do we do with the balls?” asked Digda, looking around. “I don’t see a trash can anywhere.”

    “Oh yeah, you can eat them!” mentioned the Barrierd referee, beaming up. Everyone turned to look at him. “That’s right, folks, they’re edible!”

    Everyone turned to look at their edibles. (Even Pippi looked, only he was trembling from his match.) Hesitantly, they tossed their numbered balls up in the air and into their mouths. Harriet and Megan all bent over to get their balls that were on the ground. Digda didn’t eat his, so Gordon took it without his permission (not that Digda really cared or anything).

    Suddenly, after everybody began chewing their balls and swallowing them, their eyes widened. The Barrierd referee grinned as he saw their faces, especially when everybody’s faces turned a bright red and they jumped up into the air.


    As soon as they landed, the entire Pokemon audience, minus Rex, Donny, Bana Bana, and some other random Pokemon collapsed with laughter. Even the Barrierd referee was kicking his legs as he was lying on the ground in laughs.

    “WAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! THAT ONE GETS PEOPLE EVERY TIME! GYAAAAAHAHAAAA!” cried the Barrierd referee as tears flew out of his face like the fire that came before. “I FREAKING KILL MYSELF!”

    Suddenly, smoke shot out of Grumpy Grumpig’s nostrils. (He did breathe fire, after all.) He clenched his fists as he walked over to the referee, saying, “Well then… you’re not gonna be the only one who’s gonna kill yourself if you don’t watch it.”

    “Hah… Hah… Hah…” Pippi breathed as a few tears were coming out of his eyes from the pain. “That tasted terrible. It was too spicy.”

    “I can’t believe ya’, mate!” complained Larry Laglarge as he shook his right fist in the air. “Are you tellin’ us that you’re the one responsible for all this?”

    The Barrierd referee giggled as he slowly got up to see Larry marching over to him with Grumpy. The Barrierd slightly covered his mouth with his hand, looked over at Larry, Grumpy, and then to the ground and said, “Tee hee hee… maybe…”

    And that, folks, was the crack that broke the mother’s back! Grumpy snapped, causing him to hold his fist back and wind it up like someone doing one of those wild pitches in a baseball game on a cartoon, saying, “THAT’S… IT! YOU’RE MINE, REFEE BOY! FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    As Grumpy Grumpig rapidly threw his fist at the giggling mime Pokemon, he suddenly felt a large halt in his body. He turned to look at the arm he was moving to see that it was stopped and held by a large brown hand with claws. This hand belonged to Ursa.

    “Not right now, Grumpy,” the Pokemon said in a calm voice. Ursa let go of his hand and looked at both Grumpy and Larry. “Now, brothers, let us just continue with the Toonamento like the audience wanted. So they were a little sidetracked by what happened just now, but so what?”


    “He’s got a point there,” muttered Megan as she nodded a yes.

    The Barrierd referee laughed and then finally said, “Okay, let’s get on with it then.”

    “C’mon now, guys,” said Bana Bana, shaking as he turned to his friends. “We’d better go find our seats. I can’t sit here and try to dodge eight rapid flames again.”

    “You’re right then,” said Rex. “Let’s go. Bye, Pippi!”

    “Good-bye, Rex!” said Pippi as he cheerfully waved a good-bye. After their other friends and them waved their good-byes, Rex and his crew set off.

    Pippi happily marched around to get inside the battling room, which was rebuilt yet again (man, this is getting old). He opened and went inside the same door, as usual, and he closed it, humming a random and stupid tune in the process. The Barrierd referee went on the stage as Pippi’s opponent came in the room from the other door.


    The crowd instantly booed at Pippi as he shouted out loud, “What?! I am not a pig!” Then he cheered up. “Oh well! At least they said my name first this time. Now who was I battling again?”

    He suddenly looked at his opponent as the referee said, “AND IN THIS OTHER CORNER, WEIGHING AN AVERAGE OF TWENTY-TWO POUNDS… WE HAVE… HARRIET THE KOIQUEEN!”

    “It’s Koiking!” said Harriet. “But then again, that sounds like a good nickname for me.” The crowd cheered an earsplitting cry as several Pokemon held up posters with poorly-drawn pictures of Harriet on them.

    Pippi’s eyes rewidened as he gulped and said, “Oh yeah… it’s her.”

    The referee waved down his flag and said, “AHEM. NOW… BEGIN!”

    Pippi’s teeth clattered as he ducked for cover, waiting for Harriet’s first killer move, but to his surprise, nothing came. He slowly opened one of his closed eyes at Harriet, noticing that she wasn’t moving at all. Rather, she was simply looking at him.

    “Well, Pippi?” said Harriet. “Aren’t you gonna do something?”

    Pippi slowly got out of his ducking position and said one of the stupidest responses, “What do you mean?”


    The audience began to mumble amongst themselves about some random negative comments about Pippi as the pink protagonist clenched his fists and said, “You know what? You’re right! I’ve gotten to be one of the eight surviving members of the Toonamento! I’ve managed to get through tough competitions with my awesome powers and mighty strength!”

    (Oh puh-leeeaaase, fluke boy.)

    “I’m through running away from my opponents!” Pippi continued as he wore a serious and dark expression on his face. “I’m ready… I’m ready to win! I’M READY TO KILL!”

    “Hey! That’s exactly what I said!” said Donny, happily.

    [Insert heroic pre-battle music here.] Pippi glared a death glare to the Koiking. “HARRIET… LET’S DO THIS!”

    Harriet smiled as she heard those words. “Okay then,” she said, happily yet still determined to win the match.

    The audience grinned, for they knew that a great battle was coming.

    “Put ‘em up, Harriet! Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up! Put ‘em up!” cried Pippi as he started jumping up and down in his place, shooting his fists everywhere.

    Harriet’s mouth dropped open as she saw what she… well, saw. (Hey, isn’t Saw a movie? Why, yes it is!) The audience also did the same thing as they each thought, What the barnacle is this?

    “C’mon, Harriet! Show me what you’ve got! I ain’t scared of you!” shouted Pippi as he continued jumping down like an idiot. (Wait, he was an idiot.) The audience started yelling at the screen.





    “FO SHIZZLE, YO!” (Heh heh… more slang after the line from above.)


    Harriet began to shake as she looked at Pippi. “Hundreds of people have come to watch the Toonamento… I’ve participated in the Toonamento… And I have to waste my awesome, incredible, and mighty strength on this PIIIIIIIIIG?!” Now it was Harriet’s turn to snap; for she rapidly flopped towards Pippi, who instantly stopped what he was doing and went,

    “Never mind! Fighting bad! Running good!”

    He started to run, but unlike his previous opponents (I think), Harriet’s speed was greater than his. As the two Pokemon ran around and around the battling room, both battlers could tell that Harriet’s speed was causing the gap between the two to decrease until-


    “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi as Harriet’s Tackle attack sent him flying towards the wall. Pippi instantly crashed into the wall, causing a little bit of shaking.

    “You’re a disgrace to the Toonamento, Pippi!” Harriet shouted as Pippi slid down.

    “YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” the crowd cried as they saw Pippi on the ground. However, unlike Roberto, Pippi still had energy left.

    This is bad, thought Pippi as he lay on the hard ground, but if I stay down here and play fainted, they’ll just end the battle early and I’ll go home! I’d want to fight Digda, but I’ve been waiting too long. I’m gonna just lie here and end this now.

    Pippi silently lay on the ground, waiting for the referee to say that because Pippi was “unable to battle” Harriet would win. He continued waiting, and he was so patient and preoccupied on what he was hoping for that he did not notice that Harriet was silently flopping over to him.


    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Pippi flew into the air, unexpectedly, after Harriet hit him with another Tackle attack that used a different noise.


    The audience gasped happily as they saw Pippi being treated this way.


    Pippi lay down again, thinking, Hey! Maybe she’ll think I’ll have fainted this time!

    But he was wrong; Pippi had not fallen for that trick that time either, and so she hit him with another Tackle attack, sending him flying across the room.


    “Remarkable,” said Ursa. He and the other finalists were sitting on the comedian stage, watching the fight.

    Pippi managed to get up again. Realizing that pretending to be down would only guarantee that he was a target, he said, “All right then.”

    Harriet looked up to the sky and laughed. “Ha ha ha ha haaaa! Folks, this is a bad example since we’re dealing with this Pippi here, but DO NOT underestimate the strength of a Koiking.”

    Pippi clenched his fists. Breathing heavily from exhaustion, he said, “Well… as strong as you are, a Koiking’s a Koiking… and I’m gonna beat you!”

    Harriet laughed again. “Of all people, you think YOU can beat ME?!”

    “I know I can beat you!” said Pippi. “Koikings will always be weak, and so there’s no way I can lose to a Koiking like you.”

    “That’s what that Kentauros thought as well,” reminded Harriet. “That’s what all my other opponents had said as well.”

    “Well I’m not them!” shouted Pippi as he shook in anger.

    “WHO CARES, PIPPI!??” shouted Harriet. Then she lowered her tone. “Then again, you do have a point there. You’re not like them. My other opponents had brains.”

    “Ooooooooooooooooooh,” went the majority of the audience as they slowly turned over to Pippi.

    Pippi continued shaking. “Why… you… little…”

    “EAT THIS, FOOL!” shouted Harriet as she opened her mouth wide to let some more bright orange flames stream out of her mouth.

    “Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!” screamed Pippi like a girl as he tried to run away from the flames. Unfortunately, he tripped on a rock. Without any time for a Metronome attack, he was about to get hit by the flames when suddenly…

    No wait, yeah, he got hit by the flames.

    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!” he cried as he was being shot down by the fiery fire known as a... fire.


    The now brown-colored Pippi slowly lifted his body up from the ground. He slowly brushed himself off as he weakly said, “Harriet… you’re not… gonna win.”

    “Yes I am!” Harriet quickly shouted as she, once again, used her “Flamethrower attack” at Pippi. Screaming loudly, Pippi fell.

    “Then again, maybe you do have a point there…” Pippi managed to moan. “Do you take white flags?”

    “No, but I take cash,” said Harriet, “but that’s not important right now! Why don’t you surrender, Pippi? Oh that’s right, you can’t! You know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THE TOONAMENTO! SURRENDER DOESN’T EXIST HERE!”

    “You tell ‘im, Harriet!” a Pokemon shouted as the Poke-crowd cheered and shouted with joy.

    Pippi, who lay on the ground, slowly got up again. (Wait, that sentence contradicts itself!) While Harriet was bowing a little, Pippi began to wave his little fingers. Slowly, members of the Pokemon audience began to notice this little problem.

    “Harriet! Watch out!” they said, but their voices were being drowned out by the Pokemon who were still cheering. They shouted louder and louder until more Pokemon noticed and said the same thing.

    Harriet finally realized what was going on when about 75% of the crowd had found out what had happened and started shouting at her to get her attention. (Well, the cheering Pokemon were also getting her attention, but you get what I mean.) “Huh?” she said after turning around to look at where Pippi was, but to her surprise Pippi was nowhere to be seen. All there was on the ground was an empty space where Pippi used to be. As the Pokemon crowd gasped upon noticing where Pippi did go, Harriet shouted, “Where’d he go?”

    “Up here, Harriet!” shouted Pippi as he began zooming into the air. Once again, he had those little wings that were supporting him as he flew freely into the air.

    “A FLY ATTACK!?” said Harriet. “NO WAY!”

    “Yes way, bub!” Pippi replied. Realizing that getting Harriet while her back was turned wouldn’t work because the crowd noticed, he yelled at her to get her attention as well. That was why Harriet did manage to find Pippi. As soon as Pippi was directly above Harriet, he shot downward. “YOU’RE MINE, HARRIET! AND I DON’T MEAN AS A VALENTINE, EITHER!”

    “Eat flames, pork-o!” cried Harriet as she blew out some more orange flames upward. The flames shot up in a vertical direction toward the flying Pippi.

    Pippi, who noticed the flames, screamed, “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” He instantly changed his course and tilted a little bit to his left. This caused the spinning body of his to lean away from the path of the flames that were coming upward at him.

    Unfortunately though, doing that caused him to mess up his flight because he couldn’t concentrate and scream at the same time! Therefore, when he dodged the flames, he found himself looking upward at the ceiling. He noticed that the flames shot through the glass at the top and melted a hole in the ceiling. Pippi gasped as he realized that the flames could’ve been burning him right now, and then he realized that he was upside down from all the excess turning he did. Noticing that he was facing the wrong direction, he had trouble figuring out which way to turn to move to a safer place. He didn’t have to worry about that for long though. That was because his wings disappeared shortly afterward.

    “Noooooooooooooooooooo!” the pink, pudgy Pippi cried as he soared down. (Oh well, at least he didn’t go down in flames…)

    “Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” the Koiking said.


    Pippi moaned after landing face first on the cold, hard ground that was the battlefields. The landing spot he was in was right beside his opponent, Harriet. He was in pain, but he wasn’t defeated just yet. Meanwhile, Harriet was still laughing.

    At the same time, some of the humans that were chasing Rex and Pippi a while back took a look at the trees and the area that was near the Toonamento stadium. However though, they did not realize that there was activity going on at the stadium.

    “You think the nuclear war is over, Junsa?” a man asked the police officer Junsa, but she just stood in silence...

    “Ya see, Pippi?!” she said after she finished with the laughie-laughie. “This is exactly why you cannot defeat me in a Pokemon battle!”

    Pippi continued lying on the ground. This is bad, he said. I’ve got to put an end to this battle and I’ve got to do it now, but how… How?

    With his wings gone, he couldn’t fly, but he finally began to wave his fingers again as Harriet said, “Time to finish this. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    Once again, she breathed fire, but at the same time she did that, Pippi shot up in the air with a huge burst of water flowing out of his mouth! The Hydro Pump that Pippi caused just happened to be aimed at the ground, so the pressure of the water forced Pippi up in the air, making him airborne! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

    “What?” said Harriet as the fire she breathed disappeared into the pouring shower of water.

    After flying into the air, Pippi’s water attack stopped working, so he had to think fast. Suddenly, he had an idea.

    “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” he shouted as orange flames exited down from his mouth. He too was able to unleash a “Flamethrower attack” at his opponent, and this caused Harriet to unleash a Flamethrower attack upward.

    Okay. So one flame was going up from the ground to Pippi, and the other one was coming down from the ceiling to Harriet. You know what that means, right? The flames collided into each other, causing a big and bright explosion. In other words,


    Everyone watched as the gigantic sheet of orange flame and explosion filled up the entire battling room. Gray smoke came out of the hole in the ceiling as well. Suddenly this caused all the glass to shatter melt. The glass that melted fell on the ground while the rest of the shattered glass flew at the audience.

    “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” they shouted as they ducked from the explosion and the flying glass.

    Digda was laughing as the other five audience finalists were ducking as well. Lou Dicolo yawned as everyone else continued screaming. Anyway, smoke filled the stadium at the same time. Meanwhile, back at the area where the humans were…

    “Nope! The war is still on! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!” Officer Junsa cried as she and the other people saw the smoke. With that, the screaming humans ran off in different directions.

    Back at the stadium, the smoke showed zero visibility. “Where’s Pippi and Harriet?” said Rex Kamex between coughs from all the smoke.

    “I… I’m not sure,” said Bana Bana as he coughed. “After all, I can’t see anything in this smoke. What are we gonna do?”

    “Hey… I think the smoke is clearing,” Donny finally said as the smoke brightened up a little.

    This was true, for the smoke didn’t feel as thick as it once was, and it was slightly easier to make out your surroundings than before. Slowly, Rex was able to see Bana Bana and Donny, then the people in the row in front of them, then more people and more people, and finally the battlefield. Yesiree, folks, finally the smoke had cleared enough to see what was happening. So, what was happening?

    It turned out that Pippi and Harriet had both survived that explosion. Both of them were breathing heavily as blood was coming out of their mouths and spreading over their bodies. Cuts were opening up as both of them looked half-dead.

    Okay, I lied. So sue me.

    What really happened was that Pippi and Harriet did survive the explosion, but just barely. They were both covered in dust and not blood. (Hey, I never said that this story was rated PG because it was gory! They were standing on the ground because Pippi had recently landed from that explosion.

    Pippi was still breathing heavily, but he said, “Hey… you’re pretty good.”

    “Thank you,” said Harriet, also huffing and puffing (but not to blow anybody’s house down). “You… are not.”

    The audience had survived as well. Not only that, the other six finalists and the referee were fine, and so were the other Barrierds and Ruu-sama, who were nearby.

    “Crikey (or whatever that Australian word is,” said the Laglarge. “What is going on there, mates?”

    Harriet began to regain her strength a little as she said, “You know, Pippi, I’m actually proud that I’ve gotten this far in the Toonamento. Do you know why I’ve come here today?”

    Pippi continued huffing and puffing.

    “It’s because I wanted to show the world what Koikings can really do! Koikings have always been the underdog in Pokemon battles.”

    “That’s not true,” said Pippi. “I’ve… once heard that Koikings once used to be strong and then just weakened.”

    “Koikings are not weak,” said Harriet. “I have come here to show everyone that. I refuse to lose in this match. I am going to represent all Koikings everywhere when I defeat you in battle so I can become one step closer to being the first Koiking ever to win the Toonamento! I can do it! You hear me?”

    But Pippi wasn’t listening at the moment because he once again began to wave his fingers. Afterward, it looked like some of the sunlight began to glow and grow towards Pippi, but Harriet did not notice this.

    “I am going to beat you up, Pippi! You know why? Because I am a strong Pokemon and you are a weak one! I’m gonna win! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna-“

    “OH SHUT UP, KOIKIIIIIIIIIIING!” Pippi cried as he fired a yellow-green energy beam from his mouth. This energy was the Solar Beam attack, and while Harriet was talking, Pippi managed to gather enough sunlight to fire the beam at Harriet.

    Harriet cried, “Whoa!” She then flopped over to her fight and dodged the beam of light. Since the beam didn’t stop, it continued going until it came upon the Barrierd referee, the next person in the beam’s path.

    “Huh?!” shouted Pippi.

    “GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” the referee cried as the Barrierd got hit by the blast. It forced him to fly back behind the curtains of the comedian stage.

    Noticing this, Pippi blushed and said, “Sorry!”

    Recovering from the blast, the referee said, “Why you!”

    He rushed over to the battlefield after Pippi, but Harriet jumped in front of the referee and said, “Stop!”

    The referee skidded to a stop and asked, “But why, Harriet?”

    “Because,” Harriet answered, “I’m gonna get him for you!”

    Meanwhile, after Pippi was looked at the two Pokemon talking he then realized something important. Hey, he thought, while they’re distracted, I could run away! I may have been wiped out of a lot of my strength… but I still have enough energy to get outta here!

    And that was that. Pippi dashed for it. As soon as he did that, it caught the Barrierd referee’s eye. “Hm? Hey! Come back here!”

    “Huh?” went Harriet before turning around to see Pippi. When she did see him start to run off, she went, “Hey!”

    “Pippi’s leaving us?!” exclaimed Donny as he watched Pippi run.

    “WAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!” laughed Digda as he saw what was happening. “CHICKEN!!!”

    “We’ve got to go after him!” the Barrierd referee yelled. Pippi ignored him and began to run.

    “Darn it!” shouted Harriet. “Pippi, do you think you’re going to get away with this?”

    “This is a pretty bad situation,” said Ursa as he watched.

    Gordon scratched his head. “How did he get this far into the Toonamento?”

    “He won’t get very far from here,” grunted Grumpy to Golone. “If Harriet doesn’t get him, his camcorder will.”

    “GET HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM!” shouted the audience as they saw Harriet and the Barrierd referee begin to sprint after him.

    “FWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” cried Pippi as he was now running for his life.

    “Pippi!” cried Donny, Rex, and Bana Bana.

    At the same time, Barrierds A through C led Ruu-sama over to Pippi. Meanwhile, high above the sky, Cameron the White Camcorder noticed the drama that was happening bellowing and began to wonder which method of capturing Pippi would provide the most entertainment for him.

    “Poor Pippi,” it said. “Has it forgotten that I’ve been watching it the whole time?”

    Obviously so, since Pippi was still running. So, with Harriet, the Barrierd referee, Barrierd A, Barrierd B, Barrierd C, and Ruu-sama on his tail, will Pippi be able to escape the Toonamento? Or will Harriet win the match instead? Find out, in the next chapter of my fan fiction! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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    You have read the rules haven't you? The one that says don't put smilies in fics? I'd edit them out of all your posts, but I really can't be bothered to go through them all.

    It\'s very scripty, with just lines and lines of dialouge and no idea what's going on in between. Writing everything in Caps Lock and bold doesn't really display shouting as much as describing what the person is doing in the sitatuion, how they are acting and such.

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    Aaaaaaaand here we go again! Nice chapter. Really was something unexpected.

    Now to wait four to six weeks for the next chapter.

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    Oh, the irony. I was gonna update this fanfic earlier than usual to contracict what you said, and what did I do? Update this story a month later! I'm sorry guys, but I've been busy lately. (Then again, I wasn't that busy...) But anyway, heeeeeeeeeere's the next chapter!

    Last time, you recall, Pippi went up against Harriet the strong Koiking in the Poketto Monsutaa Suupaa Batoru Toonamento. After a freakish start of the battle, Pippi accidentally hit the Barrierd referee with a Solar Beam attack and the entire battling room exploded due to Pippi and Harriet’s fire attacks. The referee was angered from his hit and began to chase Pippi after Pippi realized that nothing was stopping him from escaping now that the room was gone. Harriet went after him, of course, and so did Ruu-sama and Barrierds A through C. To make matters worse, Cameron the camcorder also spotted Pippi fleeing from his match and said,

    “Poor Pippi. Has it forgotten that I’ve been watching it the whole time?”

    So what will Pippi do now? Well, I know what you’ll do now. You’re going to read this story! That’s what! Here we goooooooo…

    Chapter 21- “Run, Pippi, Run!”

    “I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HEEEEEEEERE!” Pippi exclaimed as he was flapping his arms, fleeing for his freakin’ life.

    “Oh no!” said Donny Lizardon. “Pippi!”

    “I had fun in this Toonamento (sort of), and I really wanted to fight Digda,” said Pippi as he ran, “but considering the fact that I cannot beat Harriet to beat him, I’ll just forget about this and run away.”

    “I’M GONNA CREAM HIM!!!” grunted Harriet as she flopped towards him along with everybody else who was running after him. “HOW IN THE WORLD DO KOIKINGS GET STEREOTYPED AS WEAKLINGS WHEN THERE ARE POKEMON LIKE PIPPI IN THIS WORLD?!”*

    (* Actually, my original idea for this line came from the similar line in Satoshi’s signature.)

    “I’m almost there!” Pippi cried happily as he found a set of double doors ahead of him. Some of the audience members watched as he was starting to go through the doors.

    However, before he could make it through those doors, a white object landed in front of him.

    “Going somewhere, Pippi?” said Cameron the flying camcorder as Pippi gasped and skidded to a stop a few inches from it.

    “Great Scott (whoever he is)!” yelled Pippi upon seeing this antagonist of before. “It’s you! Outta my way, camcorder, I’m trying to escape!”

    He held his fist back as Cameron said, “What?”

    Before Pippi could throw his fist at the camcorder, he suddenly felt a sudden chill in that fist. Upon looking at it, he saw that it was surrounded by a blue aura. For some reason, he couldn’t move his hand at all! It felt like it was heavy or at least stuck in some kind of invisible contraption that wouldn’t let him move his hand!

    Looking back, he saw that the Barrierds and Ruu-sama had their hands held in front of them, also with blue auras. Their eyes also glowed red as they were concentrating on something important. “Can’t move your fist, can ya’ Pippi?” said the Barrierd referee. “Feel the power of Psychic attacks!”


    Pippi gasped as Cameron stretched out its arms and grabbed him, saying, “I’ll get him for ya’, Harriet. Let’s go, Pippi!”

    “KYAAAAAAH!” shouted Pippi as Cameron carried him up a few feet in the air.

    “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” went most of the Pokemon audience as Pippi was crying from the shock, his arms flying up and down also due to the shock. He didn’t know what to do, but nobody cared except for his friends.

    Hey wait a minute… did he just flap both of his arms?

    Wow, I’m mobile! Pippi realized.

    Apparently after Pippi was grabbed by Cameron, the Barrierds and Ruu-sama lifted their powers off of Pippi, causing him to be able to move his arm around.

    This gives me an idea, Pippi thought as he waved his arms discretely.

    “I’m ready to defeat you, Pippi!” shouted Harriet. “I did not come through this Toonamento to face opponents like you. All my life I was told by my family how bad Koikings were considered until they evolved into mighty Gyaradoses. That was when I realized that enough was enough and that I had to change my life and become stronger! I was going to prove to everyone how strong Magikarps were. Get ready to lose, Pippi! Get ready to lo-“

    “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!” screeched Cameron as he was hit by the sudden Ice Beam attack that came out of Pippi’s hands. The cold blast forced the camcorder to let go of Pippi and fall to the ground. The others stood still from the shock of what just happened so they didn’t save it or Pippi. As soon as Cameron landed on the ground, it shattered into little tiny pieces.


    “CAAAAAAAAMEROOOOOOOON!” cried Barrierds A through C. Then they turned from the newly made scrap pile to look at Pippi with bright, glaring eyes.

    “Whoops,” said Pippi, covering his mouth after landing. “Well… at least my camera problem’s over… heh heh heh…”

    “PIPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” screamed the Barrierd referee as Barrierds A, B, and C fainted from the shock. At the same time, Ruu-sama also fell over from what happened.

    “Darn you, Pippi!” shouted Harriet before looking at the pile of camcorder dust. “Huh?”

    Suddenly, the black particles began to jiggle and shake a little. The smoke and steam that was coming off of it faded away as the pile began to lighten and rise. Everyone watched in amazement as the pieces of the camcorder came back together!

    “OH SHOOT!” shouted Pippi. “NOW I’VE GOT NOTHING!”

    “It’s alive!” shouted Harriet. “Let’s rejoice!”

    “Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!” laughed the camcorder as it became completed. No, it wasn’t evil, but it said, “Didn’t I tell you? No, I guess I didn’t. Remember how I said that I was Cameron the Camcorder?”

    “Yeah,” said the confused Pippi.

    “Well,” said Cameron, “I LIED, YOU FOOL! I’m Cameron the Immortal Camcorder! I can never be destroyed!”

    “Oh yeah, I remember that feature in the camcorder catalog,” said the referee, stroking his chin as Harriet grinned a little.

    “Har har har!” shouted Digda from where he was. “Ya see, Pippi? That’s what you get!”

    “Pippi…” said Rex, biting his nails from his scare.

    “So you see, Pippi,” said Cameron, “I cannot be defeated! You cannot defeat me!!! OOF!”

    “SHUT UP, CAMCORDER!” Harriet cried as she leaped up and charged into him.

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Cam cried.

    “THIS IS MY BATTLE!” shouted Harriet as they landed. The camcorder broke again.

    Pippi glared at her and pointed to the Barrierd that was still standing. “Well why don’t you tell that to the referee!?”

    “You shut up too, Pippi!” cried Harriet.

    “No way, Jose!”

    “It’s Harriet, you idiot!”

    “I’M NO IDIOT!”

    “Okay then, people,” said the referee, jumping in between them. “Shall we continue with the battle?”

    “Yes, let’s go back to the area with the battling room,” said Harriet.

    Pippi gulped again. (He did it before, didn’t he?) “Oh no! She’s gonna murder me if we continue the battle!”

    “And that’s a problem because…?” Barrierd said sarcastically.

    Pippi rolled his eyes. “Forget it,” said Pippi. “Forget about this, I forfeit.”

    “YOU CAN’T FORFEIT!” shouted the Barrierd referee. “THAT’S AGAINST THE RULES!”

    “Well who’s gonna stop me?” said Pippi with an evil look in his eyes.

    “I am!” shouted Harriet.

    “And me too!” said Cameron, who just finished regenerating.

    “What did I tell ya, Cammy?” said Harriet.

    “Well, let’s go then,” said the referee. “Pippi! You’re coming with us!”

    “AS IF, YOU GUYS!” shouted Pippi as he turned toward the exit to run. Unfortunately though, he tripped as soon as he started. “Oof!”

    “JUMP HIM!” shouted Cam as an angry Harriet leaped onto the fallen Pippi. The Barrierd laughed as she charged.

    “Oof! Oof! Ah! Oof! Arrrrrgh!” shouted Pippi as he was being trampled in a way.

    Suddenly, the Barrierd referee’s eyes widened in excitement. “YES!” he shouted. “HARRIET’S GONNA WIN! HARRIET’S GONNA WIN!”

    “You said it, mime boy,” said Cameron as it focused its camera on Pippi.

    “SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” shouted Pippi as he continued being jumped on by Harriet.

    “You’re gonna lose, Pippi!” shouted Harriet.


    “Are you being biased?” said the giggling camcorder.


    “Mercy Harriet! Mercy! Please stop beating me up, Harriet!” begged Pippi as he was being thrashed. “Puh-leeeeeeeease? I’ll be your best friend!”

    Suddenly, the referee started dancing. “YES, SHE’S GONNA WIN, SHE’S GONNA WIN! HARRIET IS GONNA WIN!” The wide-eyed Barrierd referee turned to Cameron, who instantly said,

    “Whoa there, Barrierd, calm down. I mean, it’s cool and all that Pippi’s gonna win, but-“

    “DANCE WITH ME!” exclaimed the Barrierd referee. At the same time, Pippi managed to roll out of Harriet’s path of pain.

    “Yikes!” cried Cameron as the ref leaped up and pulled him down at him. As soon as the ref landed, he spun around, Cam in his hands as Pippi tried to crawl away from the raging Harriet. Suddenly, in all his excitement, Barrierd jumped up again and hurled the camcorder down at the ground.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that Harriet was right in the path of the camcorder?

    “AAAAAAAAAAAUGH!” shouted Harriet as the camcorder landed on her side (because Koikings are almost always on their side when they’re on land, right?). Not that Cameron was broken, but sparks came out of its camcorderly body, and as you’ve probably known, sparks are electric. The electrical sparks automatically came in contact with Harriet, causing her to scream again from being shocked. “EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

    The exhausted Pippi watched as electrical sparks surged through the screaming Harriet, and his jaw dropped after the sparks disappeared as he heard the Koiking cry one last time. No, she didn’t die, but she was almost knocked out.

    Pippi, who had about 1 HP left, slowly managed to get up and walk over to Harriet. “Er… Harriet?”

    “Whoopsie!” the referee slowly uttered as he blushed.

    Pippi quietly and gently lifted his hand up to touch Harriet, who was now pitch black due to the shock. Cameron was black too, and smoke was floating out of it like it was a grill. Pippi tapped Harriet lightly, and she instantly fell over in defeat.

    The Barrierd looked at the swirls in her eyes and sighed. He turned to the staring audience. “Well guys,” he said, “I’m afraid that due to what I caused, Harriet is unable to battle. The winner of this match is… [Gulp]… Pippi…”

    “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” most of the audience shouted.

    Suddenly, all of the dirt and dust flowed off of Pippi’s body, and he immediately gained all of his strength and cried, “I WON? OH BABY! I BEAT HARRIET THE KOIKING!”

    “OH COME ON!” cried the referee as Pippi ran up to hug him. “I’M THE ONE THAT CAUSED HARRIET TO FALL!”

    “No it wasn’t!” said Pippi. “I was the one who finally knocked her out!”

    “All you did was tap her lightly!”

    “But it worked, didn’t it?” Pippi cried.

    “Good work, Pippi!” Rex exclaimed as Bana Bana and Donny couldn’t believe their eyes.

    “Yes! Pippi won!” shouted Digda. “Now we can beat him!”

    “That was an irremarkable battle if I do say so myself,” Ursa said, sighing. “Well, Harriet did an acceptable job, but that Pippi opponent did not do so well. The only reason he was able to wound Harriet so badly was because of his fire and Metronome attacks.”

    “I’ve never seen a battle dis devastating in all my life, mates,” Larry Laglarge exclaimed, shocked.

    The Golone chuckled. “You get ready, Larry,” he warned him. “We’re up next.”

    Larrry sat upward from his original slouching position in his seat. “Oh! Right,” he said.

    The referee shouted, “THE WINNER OF THE FOLLOWING BATTLE SHALL FACE PIPPI LATER ON IN THE TOONAMENTO!” Then he uttered under his breath, “And hopefully beat him, too…”

    The general audience booed at Pippi and started crying, “DOWN WITH PIPPI! DOWN WITH PIPPI! DOWN WITH PIPPI! DOWN WITH PIPPI!”

    “Shut up!” shouted Pippi as he walked back over to the other six members of the finalist audience and sat in his seat. The six Pokemon looked at him as he walked over, but only Larry and Megan congratulated him.

    At the same time, the Barrierd referee was carrying Harriet and Cameron away in a stretcher. (Hey, camcorders are people too!) When he came back from the Pokemon hospital area in the Toonamento stadium, he shouted to the audience, “AND NOW WE SHALL HAVE OUR SECOND BATTLE OF THE ROUND!” He turned to the finalists. “WILL THE NEXT TWO BATTLERS MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE BATTLEFIELD?”

    Larry and Golone got up out of their seats and walked over to the battlefield. The field was still damaged from the previous battle’s explosion, but the two Pokemon got to their places.

    “I sure hope Larry wins this!” Pippi said to the four remaining Pokemon. “He’s my new friend!”

    Digda turned to him, grinning somehow. (He doesn’t have a mouth, remember?) “You do realize that if he wins you’ll have to face him in the next round, right?”

    Pippi gulped. “I never thought about that! Even though he is my friend, I can’t expect him to show any mercy on me!”

    “Complaining, complaining, complaining,” grunted Boopig. “Pippi, do you ever stop complaining about the opponents you’re facing?”

    “Aren’t you complaining right now?” Digda said as he snickered.

    “Shut up, Digda!” said Grumpy. “Don’t forget, I’m gonna beat you in the battle after the next one after this one.”

    “Well see,” Digda said as he snickered again.

    The Barrierd referee saw that the two Pokemon were in their places and said, “IN THIS CORNER, WEIGHING AN AVERAGE OF 662 POUNDS, WE HAVE… GORDON THE GOLONE!”

    The audience roared as Gordon bowed to them. Larry rolled his eyes.


    “Go Larryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Rex screamed at the top of his lungs. Donny and Bana Bana clapped with him. Pippi hesitantly cheered, knowing that he didn’t want to face Larry but that he didn’t want him to lose, either.

    “NOW…” said the referee, “… BEGIN!”

    “This’ll be an easy match!” shouted Larry Laglarge as Gordon started running towards him. “I’m a Water-type Pokemon, and my attacks’ll crush my Rock Pokemon opponent. Are ya’ ready for dis, mate?”

    He then opened his mouth wide, took a deep breath, and exhaled, sending a huge flood of water out of his mouth! The blue liquid hit Gordon dead on, and the Hydro Pump blast covered Gordon completely.

    “Heh heh heh…” said Larry, grinning as he continued attacking. “That about does it… huh?”

    Suddenly, out of the blue (literally!), an angry Gordon Golone flew out of the water and rammed into Larry, causing the Laglarge to stop firing and fly straight into the air.

    “CRIIIIIIIIIIIICKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!” he shouted as everyone watched the little dot in the sky known as him fly away. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…”

    Now the Barrierd referee’s jaw dropped as he saw what had happened. For a few seconds, nobody did anything. Then suddenly, they heard a sound.

    “…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” It was the sound of Larry Laglarge, the dot in the sky that was seen on the other side of the Toonamento stadium. Everyone watched as the dot began to grow bigger and bigger until it was clearly a Laglarge that landed back on the battlefield with a large, loud thud.


    For a few seconds, Larry lay on his stomach on the ground as the Barrierd referee’s jaw was still dropped. Then, he weakly got up, brushed himself off and said, “Wow… you’re pretty tough. Not only did you survive my attack, you went through it and attacked me!”

    “I’m more enduring than the average Golone, you know,” Gordon bragged.

    “You go, Gordon!” shouted Digda. “Woohoo!”

    “I think I flew all away around the whole world,” said Larry. “That was some, Take Down you gave me, mate.”


    “Oh really?” said the Laglarge, waving his finger at him.

    “Really, mate!” said Gordon.

    “Hey!” Larry said as he jumped up and down like he was throwing a tantrum. “Stop using my own accent against me, you freak!”

    “Ooh, this is gonna be good,” said Digda.

    “Let’s end this,” hissed Larry as steam shot out of his nostrils.

    Gordon chuckled. “Don’t you mean, ‘Let’s end this, mate?’”

    “That’s it, Rocky Boy!” shouted Larry. “You’re going down!”

    “Yeah, I’ll go down in history from beating up you!” Gordon shouted. “And I can say ‘mate’ whenever I want to! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate! Mate!”

    Larry gasped at what Gordon was doing. “I outta…” Suddenly, the Golone turned to the audience.

    “Come on, say it with me, everybody!” Gordon shouted. “Mate, mate, mate!”

    Suddenly, practically the whole audience began chanting, “MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE! MATE!”

    Larry turned red and started shaking, angrily. (Insert that famous sound of a sizzling pot here.) “At least I can get a mate!”

    “And I can’t?” shouted Gordon.

    “Son, nobody can get a girl from repeating the same word over and over and over again!”

    “What are you gonna do about it, punk?” shouted Gordon.

    “I’m gonna teach you a lesson!” Larry cried. “Here it comes!”

    Gordon laughed.

    “1+1=2,” Larry explained to him. “Okay, that was the lesson. Now I’m gonna beat you up and end the match!”

    “This match won’t end now,” said Gordon.

    “And why’s that?”

    “Well,” Gordon explained, “this match won’t end now because… it’s the end of the chapter!!!”

    “Huh?” Larry said.

    Sorry, folks, it’s true. Find out what happens next in the next chapter of this story!!!

    NOTE: I hope I didn't offend any Austrailians in the making of this chapter.

    Reminder from August 09, 2010- Name my future Reshiram "Griffin"...

    My Current HeartGold Team:

    If you want, look at Yu-Gi-Oh! C,Pokiman, and Naruto C, but they haven't exactly been updated recently. And they really need a lot of cleaning up anyway.

    STILL REJECTING PMs. SORRY. (No offense to anyone.)

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    WHEE! Fun antics! And Pippi won!

    I won something. Click above to find out why.

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    Hi, remember me?

    Man, my updating is getting worse and worse. I'm really sorry, you guys. With summer coming, I should update more, but...

    Anyway, here is Chapter 22.

    Well, last time, you recall, Pippi had, once again, beat Harriet due to a fluke. (Wow, five commas in one sentence!) So, it was time for the next battle- Larry VS Gordon. Larry had tried using a Hydro Pump attack on Gordon, only to have it fail on him and get hit by Gordon’s Take Down attack. Afterwards, Gordon began to make fun of Larry’s Australian accent, and he even got the whole audience to tick-tock Larry off by chanting “mate” over and over again. Therefore, Larry snapped, and then this chapter came…

    Chapter 22- “The Great Battles of Larry and Megan”


    Larry charged up to Gordon as the audience began laughing at him.

    “Can’t catch me, I’m the Golone gingerbread man!” cried Gordon who began to flee from the angry Larry. Gordon picked up speed as he ran around the battlefield, laughing goofily.

    Pippi’s eyes rolled around in a circle as he watched the two of them race around and around and around and around and around and around. This reminds me of how I was fleeing from Donny Lizardon at the beginning of our battle, he thought.

    Larry’s eyes glowed red as Gordon still continued to not take him seriously. As the two of them continued dashing around and around the field, they started making footprint tracks that they began running back over.

    Gordon looked back at Larry and said, “Come on and get me, mate!”

    “SHUT UP!” cried Larry in an ear-piercing tone. “TAKE THIS, PUNK MATE! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” He opened his mouth and shot a large gush of water out at Gordon. The water hit him dead on, but Gordon turned around and said,

    “Didn’t I tell you that that wouldn’t work on me?!”

    “IT’LL WORK ON YOU EVENTUALLY, RIGHT?!” Larry roared as they were still running.

    “Face it, Lar-Bear!” said the dashing Golone. “I’m tough and enduring! Suck it up, matey!”


    “I don’t have anything to suck up!”


    “Well crickey to that!” said Gordon in a sarcastic tone.

    “YA’ KNOW,” continued the running Larry, “YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BEAT ME IF YOU KEEP ON RUNNING!”

    “Okay then!” said Golone who refrained from running and making those footprints in his footprints. The Laglarge stopped as well. “We’ll fight then.” He turned to the audience. “What do you think of that, everybody?!?!????”

    “HOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” screamed the entire audience upon hearing those words.

    “Put ‘em up, mate!” said Larry. “I’ll make a mess outta ya’!”

    “It’s nice to hear you talk in a softer volume!” said the grinning Golone.

    “Quit talking smack, punk!” said Larry.

    “Look who’s talking, mate!” said the happy Gordon, smiling and waving his finger at him. “It’s amazing how a water Pokemon like you can be so hot headed. I wonder, are there flames or a bunch of water in that place in your head where your brain’s supposed to be?”

    “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” chanted the audience as many Pokemon began saying, “He played you,” and, “You got slayed, Laglarge.”

    “Ya wanna say that again, mate?!” said Larry.

    “Why, you didn’t hear me the first time?” said Gordon. “I thought with those fat ears you could hear everything!”

    “You’re an idiot, mate!”

    “Your mama.”

    “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the audience screamed as some of them fell back in laughter. Pippi just gasped.

    “And speaking of her,” continued the insulting Golone, “your mama’s so fat, she became the star of Big Momma’s House 3!”

    “OOOOOHOOOOHOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH!” the audience roared. Pokemon began whistling and spitting juice out of their mouths from their laughter. Some laughed so hard that they cried.

    “And your mama’s so stupid,” Gordon continued, “went she went to go get brain surgery, the doctor sent her away and said, ‘We'll give you the brain surgery if you come back with a brain!’”

    “Larry, don’t let him talk to you that way!” cried Rex Kamex.

    “I hear ya’, mate!” cried Larry back at the turtle. “I’m gonna kick this Golone’s-“


    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugh!” shouted Larry as he was thrown into the air by the force of Golone’s surprise attack. As Larry was in the sky, he looked down to see a brown rocky boulder that was spinning around. This, my friends, was Gordon’s Rollout attack.

    “Daaaaaaaaang!” shouted Donny Lizardon.

    “Hahaaaaa!” shouted Digda to Larry. “Now you’ve done it, you fool! You’ll never be able to survive my friend’s Rollout attack; it gets more powerful with every turn!”

    With a thud, Larry landed back on the ground. Gordon was still a rolling ball, powering up for his next Rollout attack.

    “Watch out, Larry!” cried Pippi. Then he put his hands over his eyes and said, “I can’t watch!”

    “You’re gonna have to watch, Pippi,” said Digda. “This is just a sneak preview of what you’re gonna have to face in the next round!”

    Pippi uncovered his covered eyes and said, “Are you saying that Larry can’t win?”

    “No, but I was implying just that,” said Digda. “After all, he can’t win, and he won’t win, because… well, he can’t win.”

    “Sure he will,” Pippi said back. “Larry’s gonna kick that Golone’s-“


    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugh!” shouted Larry as he was thrown into the air by the force of Golone’s surprise attack.

    “Horray for de-ja-vu!” shouted Digda. “Golone got hit by Rollout again!”

    And it was true. The bowling ball known as Golone flew into Larry, causing him to fly into the air, yet again.

    “As I was saying,” said Pippi, “Larry’s gonna kick that Golone’s-“


    “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” Larry cried as Golone collided into him after he landed. To make matters worse, this one hurt more than the second one, which hurt more than the first one! Then again, if you were paying attention, you would’ve remembered Gordon saying how his attack increased power. And, if you were really paying attention, you would’ve remembered that Digda said it, not Gordon. And if you were really really paying attention, you would realize that I should stop babbling about paying attention and focus on the battle. And if you were really really really paying atten-

    >gets hit by brick thrown by reader<


    Okay, back to the story!

    Finally, Larry landed, but Digda was still rolling! After all, he started rolling with laughter when Larry flew up in the sky after getting hit the third time. Oh yeah, and that Golone creature was still rolling too.

    “Ready for de-ja-vu 2???” said Digda. “Oh wait… it’s already happened! Ahahahahahaaaaaa!”

    “As I was saying, yet again,” said Pippi, “Larry’s gonna-“

    “DON’T SAY IT!” shouted Megan the Meganium. “Every time you say it, Larry’s gonna get hit!”

    “Well how’s my saying that gonna affect the battle?” Pippi asked her.

    “It’s kind of a running gag of irony and repetition type of thing that is written in this story as a last-ditch effort to entertain the audience,” Ursa explained in his calm, serious, formal voice.

    “Go get ‘em, you lovable Laglarge, you!” Megan cried.

    “Wait,” said Ursa. “Not that I have anything against him, but what exactly is special about him, anyway?”

    The Meganium shrugged. “I don’t know,” she confessed to the tall bear named Ursa. “I guess I just like alliteration.”

    “And yet another last-ditch effort to entertain the audience,” said Ursa. “What is that CartoGuy thinking?”

    “I’m not sure,” said Megan.

    “C’mon, you guys,” said Pippi. “Let’s just forget about that nonsense and focus on your battle!”

    “Yeah, you fools,” said Grumpy. “Get over there already!”

    “Yeah, what are you waiting for?” the Golone then said.

    “WHAT?!” Megan said, turning to the Gordon, who was standing in front of her and the other participants.

    “Hey,” said Ursa, “Gordon, exactly what are you doing here? What about your battle?”

    Digda sighed, “Uh, while you guys were babbling on about alliteration and junk, Gordon here finished his Rollout attack and beat the nacho cheese out of Larry King Live over there.”

    “Nacho cheese?!” Ursa said.

    “I like nachos,” said Digda. “Shoot me.”

    And it was true. Well, yes, the nacho thing, but also the fact that the battle was indeed over. Everyone looked at Larry Laglarge, the Laglarge that was lying on the battlefield moaning… moaning for help… moaning for love… moaning for someone to smack Gordon for freakin’ beating him!

    “Hmm, that explained why the audience cheered and the Barrierd referee said that Larry was unable to battle and that Gordon won,” Megan said, thinking aloud.

    “And that explained why I’ve been done crying over Larry’s defeat,” Pippi explained further.

    “Okay, I know we didn’t talk that long,” said Ursa, waving his hands in disagreement.

    “Time flies when you’re having a random conversation,” Gordon explained, “or doing those Where’s Waldo books. And by the way, I still haven’t found him.”

    “FOR THE LAST TIME,” cried the Barrierd referee with a loudspeaker that he got for convenience of the paragraph, “MEGAN MEGANIUM AND URSA THE RINGUMA, GET OVER HERE AND FIGHT!”

    “Well,” said Ursa, getting up out of his seat, “I guess it really is time for us to rumble.”

    “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…” the audience chanted.

    “Hey, how could you hear me?” said Ursa.

    Meanwhile, Rex Kamex and Donny Lizardon rushed down the stairs and over to Larry Laglarge, who was now being carried on a stretcher by other Barrierds.

    “Are you okay?” Rex said.

    “Don’t you think that’s the stupidest thing you could say to the poor thing?” Lizardon said, criticizing Kamex. “Why, the Pokemon’s on a freaking stretcher, for crying out loud! He lost to his opponent in the Toonamento! Does he look like he’s okay?

    “Stop rubbin’ it in, mate…” Larry moaned as he was being carried away.

    Meanwhile again, Megan and Ursa made it to the battlefield.

    “IN THIS CORNER,” the referee cried, “WEIGHING 221.6 POUNDS, WE HAVE… MEGAN MEGANIUM!!!”

    The crowd cheered as Megan bowed. (By the way, I don’t know why the referee keeps saying “corner”, because the two Pokemon participants are on different sides of the battlefield, not corners.)


    You know the drill, the crowd cheered, and the Ringuma bowed, yadda yadda yadda. Now let’s get onto the battle shall we?

    “NOW…” said the referee, “ON YOUR MARKS… GET SET… BEGIN!”

    “Well, here we go,” said Ursa, flexing his muscles and getting ready for the battle.

    Meanwhile, Megan the Meganium began to kick dirt back with her front legs, alternating with her left leg and her right leg. Her next maneuver was charging up to Ursa because, well, that was her opponent.

    “Oh geez,” said Ursa.

    Megan made contact with Ursa, but just before she did that Ursa lifted his right hand up and put it in front of the Pokemon’s face, causing her to keep moving but only in place, like she was running on a treadmill.

    “Whooooooooaaaaaa!” cried Pippi, who couldn’t help but stay to watch the battle. “That Ringuma is one tough cookie.”

    “Which is why he made it to the top eight, you mooo-rooon,” Gordon sarcastically remarked.

    “Shut uuuup,” Pippi said in an annoyed tone.

    “Then again,” said Digda, “that Megan made it with us, so I doubt she’d go down that easily.”

    Well, Megan than grinned as she stopped running in place.

    “Mmm?” Ursa said, noticing this.

    Suddenly, two brown whip-like vines rose out of the red flower around Megan’s neck and slapped Ursa, forcing him too fall backward and go,


    This whip-like vine attack was called the Vine Whip. Suddenly, Megan Meganium leaped in to the air and landed on the wounded Ursa. This caused her to go Tasmanian devil on him and start beating the bear Pokemon up. She roared and the two of them got into an anime dust cloud. You could easily hear the wihps slashing Ursa from within the cloud of dust and fighting.

    “Oooooooooooooooooooh…” the audience chanted in amazement.

    “Hang in there, Meganium!” shouted Bana Bana.

    “Whooooaaa…” said Pippi.

    And so the two Pokemon kept fighting. Meanwhile, Rex Kamex and Donny Lizardon were in the same hospital room that Donny Lizardon was in before. It was this hospital room where Larry Laglarge was resting and sleeping now.

    The giant blue turtle sighed. “It’s no use… Digda and his friend are too powerful. And to think Pippi’s gonna fight him next.”

    “The Golone?” said Donny. “Meh, I’m sure Pippi can beat him, but c’mon, you sure that this will work? This whole conflict with you and Digda?”

    “What do you mean?” asked Rex Kamex.

    “Well,” said Donny, “frankly, I really don’t see how this can be solved. I mean, so what if Digda gets beaten by Pippi, or vise versa? Either way, his conflict with you will not be solved. I mean, no matter what happens in the Toonamento, the only way that your conflict with Digda will be solved is if you talk things over with him.”

    “He made my buddies and I wear crutches, remember?” Rex complained.

    “You’ve told me the story already,” Donny said as he laughed. “You said that Digda said that the reason Digda attacked you was because you were leaking water into his home.”

    “It’s just a little water!” said Rex. “I thought you would agree with me!”

    “I’m a Fire-type Pokemon!” reminded Donny. “In my book, what you consider to be a little bit of water is the same amount as the water in the Lake of Rage, the famous lake in the region of Johto!”

    “And anyway,” said Rex, “you’re the one that’s been telling me to try and get along with Digda, and then in your match with Pippi, you practically tried to kill him!”

    “But that was before he was my friend!”

    “Regardless!” shouted Rex Kamex. “Why is it okay that you can get all hyper with your opponent yet I can’t beat up Digda?”

    “Because if I’m nice in the Toonamento,” said Donny, smiling on the outside but feeling a little bit angry on the inside, “then my opponent would beat me. Isn’t the point of a Pokemon battle to win, especially in a tournament, especially the Toonamento?”

    Rex clenched his right fist. “Are you saying that it’s okay to battle wildly in a tournament or official Pokemon battle but not outside of that?”

    “Well yeah,” said Donny. “I mean, if you don’t battle in the Toonamento, your opponent will beat you up! And you didn’t participate in the battling section of the Toonamento, so you can’t battle Digda.”

    “All battling in the Toonamento will do is take our problems from home inside the stadium!” said Rex. “It’s just an outside conflict taking place in an official tournament!”

    Donny thought for a moment. “True… but then again, the audience loves that.”

    “So then,” Rex continued, “what do you suppose I do?”

    Donny thought again, and then he answered, “Give me the money required for me to make a year-long subscription to Pokemon Battles Illustrated Monthly.”

    Rex stared at him, and a dark shadow seemed to appear on his face, between his eyes. (You know how it is in anime cartoons where somebody’s angry and they have that dark shadow in the middle of their face, between their eyes? Yeah, that’s it. Yeah.)

    “What?” said Donny. “I like that magazine.”


    “Oh, it won’t,” said Donny. “Then again, I suppose I could share it with you.”

    Rex growled a little and said in a nice-sounding voice, “Donny… do you want my opinion of what a little bit of water is like?”

    Donny looked at him, gulped slowly, and replied, “Nope… not really.”

    “Good,” said Rex, aiming the white cannons coming out of his brown shell at Donny, “because I’m about to show you what a lot of water is like!”

    Donny’s eyes widened while his pupils shrunk. “Oh dear…”

    The chase began.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” shouted Donny as he ran out of the hospital room.

    “Come back here!” shouted Rex Kamex as he was running after Donny to jump him, spray him with water, and all that stuff.

    … Yeah. You know, you’d think that Donny would fly away from Rex, but…

    Anyway, the two of them dashed out of the hospital area. Donny ran back outside to the stadium, hoping that someone would notice Rex chasing him and get him help.

    Meanwhile, Ursa and Megan were out of their dust cloud, but they were covered in dust themselves. Both Pokemon were breathing heavily as they were staring each other down. The audience continued watching to see if one of the Pokemon would fall. Suddenly, an exhausted Megan slowly sent her brown Vine Whip vines over to Ursa in an attempt to hit him. When Ursa noticed this, he cringed, and the vines lightly hit him. Megan was too tired to do anymore damage, but she did manage to wrap her vines around his body.

    This is bad, thought Ursa, huffing. What do I do?

    Suddenly, he noticed Donny Lizardon being chased by Rex Kamex. Megan noticed this as well, and the two Pokemon looked at the other two Pokemon running around. The audience quickly glanced at Rex and Donny and then looked back at the two battlers.

    “Hey, they’re back,” said Pippi, “but why are they chasing each other?”

    It’s that Kamex, Ursa thought, and that Lizardon! Donny, I believe his name was! And he’s being chased by the Kamex. Donny looks like he needs help! He has made me realize what to do…

    Suddenly, Ursa turned to his Meganium, opened his mouth, and spit orange flames out of his mouth. Since Meganium had Ursa tied up to her, her tired body couldn’t undo the vines, so the fire hit her body head on.

    “Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” she screamed dramatically as the scorching flames flew threw her tired body. “Nooooooooooooooooooooo!”

    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Megan, the flames stopped coming out of the brown bear Pokemon’s mouth. With swirls in her eyes, the green Pokemon known as the Meganium slowly tipped over until collapsing completely.

    “Owww…” she said in a low monotone.

    “What Donny Lizardon made me realize,” said Ursa, “was that I could use my fire attack! As a Fire type, he reminded me of that fireball thing that I ate before, so I used it’s powers to unleash a fire attack on Meganium, and since she’s a Grass-type, she was weak to fire. Therefore, I was able to defeat her easily. I was tired anyway.”


    The crowd cheered (of course), and Donny and Rex stopped running to look at Megan.

    “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Pippi cried. “Ursa, that was my new best friend you just defeated!”

    “All’s fair in love and war!” reminded Golone.

    “What does that have to do with anything?” Pippi asked him in an annoyed tone.

    Golone paused and then said, “Um, well… you like your friends, right?”

    Pippi glared at him.

    “Okay, okay!” Golone said, waving his hands. “I just like saying that saying!”

    “Since when?” Digda asked, laughing.

    “Since right now,” said the Golone named Gordon.

    Pippi got out of his seat and ran to Megan. “I’d better go see how she’s doing!”

    Bana Bana also went to Megan as he was going down the stairs of the stadium. He managed to get to her just as Pippi, Rex, and Donny made it to her. “Are you okay, Megan?” he asked her as he finally reached her.

    Donny Lizardon sighed. “Must we go over this every time a Pokemon faints, people? Does this Pokemon look like she’s okay?”

    With that, some Barrierds carried the Meganium away on a stretcher as well.

    “I’m gonna go over to her,” said Bana Bana.

    “I’m gonna follow you and then check on Larry,” Rex said.

    “You do that,” said Donny, hoping the turtle would forget about their little chase. “I’ll stay right here. I mean, I’ll go back to our seats so nobody will take them.”

    “Who would bother to come this late to the Toonamento?” asked Rex.

    “It doesn’t matter who comes if they come, right?” said Donny.

    “I guess I’ll join you guys,” said Pippi, looking at Rex and Bana Bana. “Just for a brief moment, and then I’ll come back.

    And so, Pippi, Rex, and Bana Bana followed Megan the Meganium to her hospital room while Donny stayed behind. Ursa sat down in his seat with Grumpy, Digda, and Gordon. Digda and Grumpy stood up. It was time for their battle.


    “Well… this is it,” said Digda. He turned to Grumpy. “I’m gonna give you something to grumble about. My victory!”

    “If you’re so confident,” Grumpy responded, “then let’s go then. We’re up.”

    Heh, it looks like there’s a pig I’m gonna have to defeat before Pippi, Digda thought as he laughed to himself.

    Well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to stop right there. So, will Digda defeat Grumpy Grumpig? And even if he does, will it be an easy victory? And after that, will Pippi be able to defeat Gordon the Golone? Find out in the next chapter!

    (Okay, now to read some of that Pokemon Battles Illustrated that Donny Lizardon was talking about…)

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