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    Default lightspeed graphics

    Welcome to my booth of luscious gifts. Being on vacation can get quite boring, especially when nothing is going on. So I decided to start up this small shop of banners and trainer cards to kill some time. There may be a chance more items will be added in the future. Who knows! Grab a ticket, wait in line and request away.


    1. Follow all Fan Art Shop and General SPPF rules.
    2. Follow the forms correctly so I can do your request.
    3. Provide large images and direct link them please.
    4. You can only request one item every 24 hours.
    5. Be specific with your request as I won't do edits.

    Waiting List

    1. PikaPal_Lyra
    2. ~*Scyther*~
    3. empty
    4. empty
    5. empty

    Examples & Forms


    We are experiencing some turbulence.
    Image(s): (max 3)
    Subtext: (optional)

    Trainer Cards

    Are we goin' lightspeed?
    Trainer Name:
    Friend Code: (optional)
    Trainer Sprite:
    Team: (max 6)

    Notes regarding Trainer Cards
    a. For "color/background", you can choose a solid color scheme for your card as shown in examples 1 and 2 or you can choose a background as in example 3. However if you choose a background, you must provide the background.
    b. Regarding "team", you may give them an item as shown in example 1. You may also have nicknames above them as in example 2. You may have both options. Place all the info next to that Pokémon.
    c. As for "trainer sprite", I can put a custom sprite for you but you must provide it too!
    d. Regarding "badges", please choose one region and how many badges were obtanied?

    More things may be added here soon but you can request a blinkie, text userbar, different style banner, avatar signature, or a team banner from this shop:

    Thank you visiting and please come again!
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