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Thread: Death Note shippings

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    Default Death Note shippings

    Hello everybody! I just thought I'd see your thoughts on Death Note shippings. Personally, I ship MelloxMatt and the occasional NearxMello. I also adore LxMatsuda. Weird, but I thought it'd be interesting.

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    I haven't seen Death Note, but it looks interesting. :-)
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    I used to ship Mello x Near because I liked how they were exact opposites; Mello was more social and took action immediately without thinking, whereas Near was withdrawn from society and always thought things through. I just loved how different they were and I liked that Near really cared about Mello as seen at the end of the story. I still ship Light x Misa even though it's been years since I read the manga. I just thought they were perfect for each other because they were opposites too.

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